Mom of 3, Tired of Busting my Butt in the Gym & Eating Healthy with a Flabby Middle to Show for It! Hampstead, NH

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I fell in love with exercise at 13 years old and...

I fell in love with exercise at 13 years old and joined the military because of that passion. Currently, I'm lucky if I can get to the gym 3 times a week due to my work, having an infant & breastfeeding. But even when I was going 5 days a week, everything gets squished into my midsection- belly and back, really depressing my hard work & dedication.
Tired of it, I decided it was time for something for me. I researched everything, looking for something non-invasive, had good reviews, that I could do while breastfeeding AND only require one session, because I currently live at least 2 hours from real civilization. I fell upon SculpSure.
Had the procedure done 2 days ago on my abdomen and my bra line.
On my abdomen, it felt like early labor contractions. The heat stung but it wasn't unbearable then the cooling felt good. The nurse spoke to me to distract me, this helped a little. The heat cycles on my back felt like cramps, once again, bearable.
2 days later, I feel like I'm a bit swollen and very sore. Like a hardcore ab workout was done. I did workout the following day without any discomfort. I feel absolutely fine, aside from the tenderness.
Can't wait to see the results and post some progress pictures!

Feeling swollen- 6 days post

I just wore the same jeans I wore the day of the treatment & they fit me tighter.
I'm hoping this bloated feeling is part of it.

2 weeks...still fluffy

I'm starting to get discouraged because I've seen other reviewers post 2 weeks updates with significant results. Yet, here I am 2 weeks post still fat! I'm judging by how my pants fit me which is snugger than before. I've been watching what I eat more so than before, drinking plenty of water & exercising. What's going on?!
Still feel some tenderness too

8 weeks today

I'll let y'all be the judge. Am I stupid for already paying to have another session dinner on Monday?

Feeling really stupid for spending more $$$

I spent an additional $2,750 to get another treatment, thinking I just needed more to see a difference.
I'm so angry. That's close to $5k that I could've invested in my wedding!!!

And regular exercise!!!

Oh and I started exercising 4 days a week!!!
Strength training class 2x's & trailing running another & sprint running the other
Connie Cammilleri

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