560cc moderate plus overs! Now in booby land :)

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I'm 33 and 5"9, 121lb. For as long as I can...

I'm 33 and 5"9, 121lb.
For as long as I can remember I have hated my nonexistent boobs! When I had my gorgeous 3 boys I didn't hesitate to breast feed them ( my youngest till he was 3! ) so I was left with what I can discribe as dog ears! I can make them look ok in a bra but when they are free I hate them.

So I decided now my boys are older it's time I did something about it. I have had a consultation with Transform but decided against them as I'd have to travel to London for the op and I also like the thought of having them done at a hospital. I have opted for the Nuffield in Chandlers Ford. I have an appointment with Ian Whitworth On the 22nd June who has from what I've researched great experience and reviews/ qualifications. And also appears to like the natural look.

I have not quite decided on a size yet but have made some rice boobies to try out I'm thinking 400cc but not sure if I'd have to have high profile as I'm pretty small up top!

I can't wait it seems so far away but I have provisionally booked my surgery for 28/7/15 so I can have as long as possible before I go back to work as I work in a school kitchen it's pretty hectic with lots of physical stuff! So until then good luck all you lovely ladies who are reading this will update when I have more info x

Pre BA photos

Thought I'd add a few photos of now to compare with after I finally get my new girls!

Wish boobs!

Here are some pics of what I'd like.

Change of username!

After reviewing hundreds reviews thought I should change my username now I had added photos!


So after trawling reviews on every web page I could find I started getting really worried. May people say that surgeons refuse to operate on people who smoke and they have to give up 6 weeks pre BA and 2 weeks post. So to put my mind at rest as my appointment isn't for 12 days and then I wouldn't have 6 weeks before op to give up if he was one of those surgeons, I called his secretary who assured me he wouldn't refuse but she would advise me to cut down/ stop due to healing post BA. Do any of you lovely ladies have any experience of this? X


So I'm getting myself worked up my 1st consultant appointment isn't until 22nd June and I have precisionly booked my surgery for 27th July. Is this enough time for everything to be done with the surgeon? Choosing size, tests etc. Has anyone else had experience of this, first meeting 1 mth prior to surgery ???

Rice sizes 450cc!

Hi thought I'd post a few pics of trying on rice sizers in 450cc. What do you ladies think? Should I go bigger as I hear you lose some cc if you go under muscle also is it true rice sizers look bigger than implants? X

Date confirmed 27th July am sooooo excited!

I finally got to meet my surgeon today he was lovely and really informative. As I had already done a ton of research and made my rice sizers I took them with me. He agreed on the size of 450cc but in all my excitement I forgot to check whether he would be going under or over muscle doh! I have an appointment one week before to double check sizers and do
blood test etc so must remember to ask then. 5 weeks today I will be joining the big boobie club and I can't wait. Hope all of you lovely ladies are getting on well with your new ladies xx

More wish pics :)

2nd appointment with Mr Whitworth tomorrow!

Yay my 2nd appointment with my surgeon is tomorrow:) so happy, perhaps when he measures me and I get to try on some implants with and without clothes it will stop me stressing! I literally spend hours on here researching boobs can't decide what size, but hoping Mr Whitworth will help me out. We decided in the 400cc range On my last appointment I like 450cc but now I'm wandering if I should go up to 500cc as I don't want to regret them at all once I finally get them ooohhh it's so confusing isn't it? X

2nd consultation and pre op!

Hello ladies. So today I had my 2nd consultation with my surgeon. I tried on sizers using implants instead of my rice sizers and have decided on 520cc. He wants to do mod plus overs as my dog ears need filling up and overs will do that better. I was fine In the consultation but when I got home I got upset as all the reviews I have read and liked are high profile so I was confused I have since had a chat withy hubby who convinced me my surgeon knows best and has been doing his job for 15 years so knows what he's talking about. So I visited a lot of reviews with mod plus ladies and was pleasantly pleased! So all there is to do know is wait! Arrrgggghhh I could burst 3 weeks till I enter the sacred booby land !!

Pics of trying on sizers!

SOS ladies x

Calling all mod plus ladies please can you help me? I'm really unsure of mod plus I was so determined I wanted high profile that I'm totally thrown now my surgeon wants to go mod plus. Do they make you feel wide? How much lower do they sit to high profile, I really need some reassurance ladies, also my hubby prefers mod plus look too so I don't think I can persuade either of them xx

New wish pics :)

Having scoured real self for reviews on Miderate plus implants I have found my new wish boobs! Think I was just having a wobbly yesterday must trust the surgeon ( need to repeat that to my self daily!) x

New wish pics

More new wish pics x

More wish pics

Some pre BA photos in a non padded bra

2 weeks to go!

So I thought I had my mind made up on size and was all ready, I have bought everything I need and starting tidying deep cleaning etc in preparation. Until my friend came round for a catch up and I showed her my sizer pics, she thinks the 620s would be a better size for me and thinks they will even me out more! Now I'm so confused I have gone from wanting 450 tried at home with rice sizers to 520 at my appointment now am doubting my decision. I called my surgeons secretary and she was a bit funny with me saying that they were a lot of money and she didn't think she could order multiple sizes and did I want to have another sizing appointment on my op date and move my op back a week!!!! I was horrified I can't wait another week apart from the fact I am soooo ready for this I need to allow enough time before I go back to work ( I carry and lift a lot of heavy stuff and use my arms a lot in my job) I told her it was fine I would stick to my date of the 27th and if my surgeon agreed to slightly bigger 560 I would go for it but if he didn't I'd stick to 520.
Today I phoned her back and yay! She said she'd order both and I could decide on the day thank goodness. What do you ladies think 520 or bigger? I know I didn't try in 560 do you think they'd be much bigger? I really felt 620 felt too big I'm so confused, any input would be so helpful xxx

10 days to go!

So I'm eagerly awaiting my transition to a fuller bodied woman and I can't wait! I took some before photos today some in my 2 cup + bra and some with no bra as I have none with out padding!

Oops photos didn't upload

Photos not posting

Final week going so quick ! :)

Yay 6 days to go! All paid ( thank mum) So excited:) my surgeons secretary phoned to say she had checked the list for mon and I didn't need to go in at 7:30 but should come at 9am instead:( oh no more time to panic at home as I can't imagine getting much sleep sun night. Hope all of you lovely ladies are doing well x

5 more sleeps! :)

So only 5 more sleeps to go! I feel like I used to when I was little waiting for Father Christmas to visit!! So am a bit confused about when to start taking arnica and bromelaine ( not sure if that's spelt right) any suggestions as my ps didn't really mention taking them. Hope you are all recovering well and if not had yours yet like me hope you are all prepared :) x

Agghhh 2 more sleeps !

So I have managed to keep busy with my boys to take my mind off of worrying about absolutely everything? I'm a massive worrier at the best of times. Couldn't believe I came home from a lovely day out with my boys to a letter from the secretary of my surgeon saying that my consultate fee is outstanding!! :( my mum paid at our last appoint with a cheque so I got her to check her bank and it's not been taken out! Now I'm stressing out, I can't get in touch with his Sectetary as its sat and the next time I will be able to is mon which is my op day!! I'm really hoping it's a mistake and he just hasn't banked it, lost it or there's been crossed wires . I'm dreading it's going to hold up my op. I really didn't need this I'm so close and can't have anything hold it up now xx

1 more sleep to go!

Well here I am on the final count down hours now not days woo hoo! When I think back to all the names I was called growing up ( I developed very late, and stopped pretty soon after starting! ) 2 backs, pancake and ironing board and my personal worst " you look like a boy " were there favourite taunts but now finally I am going to be able to look in the mirror and like what I see, womanly curves and I can't wait. I have been cleaning like a crazy woman now just a few toiletries left and I'm all packed. I'd like to say a massive thank you to all of you lovely ladies that have got me thorough these past months waiting I couldn't have done it with out your support and encouragement your advice and kind words. Will update as soon as I can xxx

2 hrs to go! Nervous and excited x

Well I'd like to say thank you to my little ladies you have served me well over the years feeding my 3 healthy boys but now you are due an upgrade! In a few hours you will have a new lease of life :) xx

Ta da! And the twins were born:) ecstatically happy !!

Hi lovely ladies, well here I am in booby land and I must say I think I will move in! It's fabulous.

Can't stop looking at them. Feel like I've done rounds with Rocky Balboa but hey it's worth it. I have drains in that they remove tomorrow morning.

I arrived at 8:45 and was shown to my room at 9:00. It is lovely but very hot. I had a lovely chat with a nurse who after I had been told I only needed to shower in soap at my pre op appointment insisted I have another with hibiscus wash that I have heard many of you ladies mention. It feels horrid in your hair though. I had to out stockings on and My surgeon came in to have a chat asked if there were any questions and told me to wear my bra 24 hrs for 2 weeks but said some ladies like to wear them longer as they feel more protective. He agreed to 560 cc said they would look great for my height he took some pre op photos and was off, next my Anaesthetist came down to explain what would happen.

At 10:00 am I walked down the corridor and was taken into a room where they put lots of monitors on me and a canular in my arm then explained I would feel a bit drunk and sleepy they asked me what I would be doing if I were at home at wam next thing I know it's 2 hrs later (12:00) and I'm being bought round.

Can't believe it! My mouth was dry so I was allowed to sip water and they checked my blood pressure temperature and drains and incisions and bought me back to my room where my mum was waiting bless her she had gone home and come back again. I am being well looked after lots of fluids and my blood pressure, drains, incisions and temperature are check regularly probably every 1-2 hrs. I managed to eat some soup after a few hours post op and had half a jacket potato for dinner with tuna and yogurt honey and granola for pud I don't really do puds but though I could do with the sugar! My Ps has checked on me and is pleased. I have to come back in a week for a check up. I honestly thought i would be in more pain but it's now 9:30 and I haven't had any pain relief for a while. If I try to stretch to reach something it pulls and laughing is tricky lol I think the key is to limit movement for a few hours I have managed to go to the toilet although it's tricky to balance my drains I'm one hand and climb out of bed( I don't like to keep buzzing people, I hate feeling so helpless :( ) so I must get some rest as I was up at 5:30 to ensure I got my last black coffee in ! I hope you are all doing well will update tomorrow. Xxx

Day 2 post boobies!

Hi ladies. I'm home :) didn't get a lot of sleep, I'm not a back sleeper and I was so hot in hospital I ended up in a blanket think all of my adrenalin kept me awake was so restless couldn't even relax and watch anything just sent hrs flicking through channels. It's funny it's it I thought I'd love the peace ( not that with all the buzzers going off it was peaceful but you know no one shouting "mum" every few mins ) but I couldn't wait to get home and see my boys. I had my breakfast at 8:00 and a well needed tea and then waited to be checked over and have my drains removed which I couldn't wait for as they were horrible to look at. My throat was really sore ( they did warn me of this from the breathing tube they use when your under) the drains felt really odd being removed hard to put into words but I felt much better being able to move about without having to detach them from the bed and carry them to the toilet ( I didn't want to keep buzzing for a nurse as I felt a pain) I wasn't bleeding when they were removed which was a relief my incisions looked good apparently as I still haven't looked at them so I was able to get dressed and wait to be picked up. The drive home wasn't too bad and I haven't felt sick which is great. My hubby drove really slowly which is a first! When I got home I was propped up with tons of pillows had a cup of tea then had to go to bed as I couldn't keep my eyes open. After a 3 hour now I felt a bit more human still keeping up with my pain killers and icing lots but feel really swollen in my belly haven't been able to go so am now drinking lots of water and trying prune juice to see if that help will try stool softener tonight wish me luck. Well I'm gonna go rest up update soon. Hope you are all preparing and recovering well can't wait to see your update. I only managed 1 photo with a bra on this morning as I can't sit around I front of my 3 teenagers in my bra! Will take soon more later xxx

Day 2 post op!

Day 2 more pics x

Have had a rest and apart from feeling bloated and sluggish feel great. My hubby gave me a strip wash so I feel fresh which always helps when your feeling out of sorts. I'm not enjoying the stockings I have been told to wear for a week but I suppose I should! I've just had another proper look in the mirror now all my boys have gone upstairs and I'm amazed I can't believe their mine they are gorgeous so in love it's mad!

Day 3 post op feeling a little down :(

Hi real self family. Hope you are all well. After a very uncomfortable night of not much sleep I decided to stop taking my codeine phosphate I was given from the hospital it was really causing me discomfort as I was swollen and bunged up. I have been keeping my fluids up and the prune juice finally worked! I still feel ever so full and not at all hungry have any of you felt like that? My hubby keeps trying to fed me but I can't face anything yet today. My boobs are still quite numb I am icing them and have some feeling in my nipples but not a lot. I still feel quite sleepy but that's probably due to not sleeping a lot at night. I get terrible back ache in my lower back sleeping upright even with tons of pillows will this ease or do you get used to it? I'm so glad I have your ladies for support as some of my friends and family can't really understand why I got my BA and they don't really seen interested now I have had my boobs done. My hubby is so squimish he hasn't really looked at them and they aren't bruised or hideous looking but he says he wants to wait until they drop etc which could be ages couldn't it? I thought he would be more interested now the drains are out, I showed him my pictures as he hasn't really seen them out of my bra! oh well I love them so I suppose he will in time. Happy healing ladies xx

Thank you girls x

Hi girls thanks so much you really cheered me up. It's funny isn't it I've read so many reviews on the run up to my op about the emotional side of it but until you are going through it you don't really know I half expected to feel awful around the 3 day mark yet it still came as a shock to me. I can't tell my hubby as he will just say I wanted this done and not understand like you lovely ladies. I have started taking my codeine phosphate again as the pain in my incisions is quite bad but I don't think i will take it as often. It's driving me mad sitting around I keep walking about aimlessly as when I try to do anything I feel worse and tell myself to go and sit back down. It's funny though because when I have to do all the housework I moan to myself about it but now i can't I miss it, crazy I know I should make the most of it! Have you been out of the house? Maybe I should go out it might make me feel better. So glad of all your support ans knowing you are all in the same position is reassuring. well I'm sure this mood will pass :) I do definitely notice my boobs are softer today not to look at but they do feel less melon like :) xxx

Wrong post dates oopps!

I think the meds have muddled my brain! All my post op 2 pics are 1 day post and post op 3 day pics are post 2 days! I can't edit that can I? Xx

Some pics to cheer me up :)

So, it's 3:50 am and I woke up terrible back pain and this sort of fullness feeling kinda warming and odd so thought I'd walk around the house for a bit and check in on you all x

Day 4 post feeling better :)

Hi ladies, well I woke up this morning ( after my early morning pain where I had to get up and walk around ) and felt a lot lot better. I definitely have more arm movement and was able to have a shallow bath and shave my legs! Yay I was starting to feel like a yeti!! I was quite busy today but managed to sit in the garden with my mum for a bit before I had to pack my boys up for their week away with my dad. Do washing, tidying up etc. By dinner time I was exhausted totally over did it then had to sit in a car for an hour while we dropped them off. I was so sore I took my ice packs and v shape pillow along for the ride. I can definitely see improvement in the pain everyday so to all you ladies who are in the very early days hold on in there it does get better I promise! Will update pics tomorrow xx

Some pics :)

Hi real self ladies. I took my new ladies to the sea today with my hubby and our dog. I really needed to get out of the house and fancied being by the sea. We went for a slow walk no sunbathing but had a lovely day. Am still icing and have to use a pillow in the car as they get pretty sore. I find if I'm upright for a long time they get really heavy and painful but it was good to get out. I'm taking less painkillers but am still waking at night when they wear off. Trying to find a top to wear is challenging due to the wide straps on my surgical bra I'm sure I will find something in my wardrobe. Here are a few pics from the last few days. My hubby thinks they are dropping but I'm not sure I do know that I have to fasten my bra on the last clips now though as it feels like it's suffocating me so maybe that's a sign they are! What do you think? Hope you are all well and enjoying your girls xx

1 week post op appointment

Hi lovely ladies hope you are all doing great. I had my 1 week post op appointment today and was a bit sad my nurse from my op day was unable to do it as I really liked her, never mind I had the nurse who did my pre op and she was telling me last time I saw her, all about her daughter who had had one 5 years ago and how it totally transformed her confidence! Anyway back to the point, she didn't have much experience with BA so couldn't really answer my questions about my bra being super tight but she said she thought it probably should be. It leaves marks on me do yours do that? She took my tape off and I got to see my incisions for the first time they are quite red and sore but apparently healing well. My right isn't knitting together as well as the left so she had put some steri strips on it. I have to massage them with e45 cream. I can now shower but not sure if the strips would stay on it I did. I tried on one of my before bras it was a 34 b, 2 cup sizes bigger padded to the max and yay of cause it didn't fit :) I have donated all of my bras to my sister in law who like me had always wanted her boobs done but doesn't have the funds currently so she is in need of my padded bras and my chicken fillets I lived in !! Enjoy your ladies girls, u can't wait to feel less sore but least I'm getting out of the house now so it's not all pain xx

10 days post itching like mad!

Hi lovely ladies! I have been a bit more mobile this week have been shopping with my bestie but totally overdid it and spent yesterday paying for it I was so sore and uncomfortable. I also have this crazy itch it was just on my incisions but now all over my boobs! Also I feel bruised in between my boobs does anyone else feel that? It's not noticeable so must be internal but it's so painful. This surgical bra is driving me mad it's so tight I've had to pad out my incisions with gauze and panty liners but have to massage them with e45 cream which helps the itch and is suppose to help them heal. Hope you are all happy with your new additions and if you are still in the deciding/ waiting process, good luck it was definately worth it I totally love mine and they make me smile just looking in the mirror x

11 days post! Bra confusion!!

Yay the itch is less itchy since I started massaging with E45 cream recommended by my ps and the soreness in between my boobs is getting better thank goodness I was so uncomfortable. I can start wearing sports bras as of mon which is great as I'm off to visit my Aunties and Grandma by the sea with my family and I will be able to wear a few different tops as some of my sports bras have thinner straps. Do you know how supportive the sports bras need to be? I'm worried they may not be as supportive as my surgical bra can that cause any damage?? I may wear my surgical bra at night, oh i don't know what's for the best. I am also totally confused about what size sports bra to wear as I fit in a D and a DD but one of my DDs nearly zips up and another seems to small!! It must be a branding thing I suppose I will just need to try everyone in before I but rather than shop on line which I love to do especially when shopping tends to exhaust me at the moment all the getting changed and walking. I feel like an old lady!! X

2 week update :)

Hi real self ladies. I have been away visiting my relatives so missed updating at 2 weeks but here I am again reporting on my progress. So, up until a few days ago I was still really sore but I couldn't believe it happened my incisions stopped hurting!! Hooray I thought they would be sore forever. I abanded the post op bra in favour of a sports bra but after a day did not like the way it felt so went back to it they didn't feel safe strange I know! I did however persist with different sports bras and found one on sale which I love and is soooo comfy I keep washing it and wearing it again. I also found some for night wear that are kind of like crop tops really stretchy and comfy not supported but figured they would ok for sleeping. 2 nights ago I braved sleeping on my side it felt good but I was paranoid I would damage my new boobies and went back to back sleeping. Can sleeping on your side deform them or affect how they heal?? So I'm back home now but as I've been ultra busy with my kiddies am feeling it did s stupid stretch today that really pulled my left incision and I'm paying for it now :( My incisions are a lot smoother since I started massaging them but today I noticed what I thought was a scab that was coming off so I stupidly scratched it and now it's really sore think it at be a stitch so I've covered it up! That will teach me. Well here are a few photos from the last week. Hope you are happy with your new additions and if you are still deciding good luck. I'm so happy I decided to do this, it's so fabulous having a womanly shape now x

The pink comfy bra

This is the most comfy bra I have found its a pure simple gym found it in jd but they are on eBay I have ordered a black one too.

3 weeks with my new boobies! :)

Hi there beautiful ladies! So here I am at 3 weeks. I have definitely noticed changes they are becoming softer and squishy they push together now too with out it pulling on my incisions! My incisions are healing well. I can now sleep on my side comfortably. I have been wearing a soft bra at night which is like a crop top with little support and I think it has helped them drop! I wear supportive sports bras during the day but I find the width of the straps limits the clothing o can wear which is a pain but it will definitely be worth it. My hubby has come round to them too yay I knew he would they are gorgeous think he was scared he's hurt them! Hope you are all enjoying your new ladies and if you are at the beginning of your booby adventure I would definitely say it's worth all the emotional upheaval, pain and uncomfort as at 3 weeks they feel like part of me now rather than stuck in me xx

Pics that didn't upload

Boob greed is definitely real ladies!

Hi real self ladies, so I can't shake this feeling I went too small! Don't get me wrong they are definitely bigger than I started but I kinda got used to them swollen and now it has gone find myself disappointed of cause I can't express how I'm feeling to my hubby as they cost so much he would be livid. I like them without clothes on in pictures but when I look in the mirror they seem smaller each day, not sure if it's because I'm getting used to them ? I had a size 34d sports bra that a couple of weeks ago was too small but today I re tried it on and it fit I was gutted to think they'd shrunk! I'm not sure if normal bras will size the same as sports bras but they probably will. Also you can't really notice them in clothes I think if I bumped into someone I hadn't seen for a while they wouldnt even notice unless I told them or was wearing a bikini and as our weather in England is not great is unlikely ! I also met up with some work mates and one said " oh didn't you want bigger" totally gutted me :( do they shrink as they drop and fluff cos if they get any smaller I will be so sad. My incisions are getting there but I had to stick plaster on a few parts as they started to bleed which is concerning. On the plus side i don't take pain killers anymore and the infamous morning boob has gone:) the only pain I get is in my incisions if I over do it. Going to see my surgeon on mon for my one month post check. Here are a few pics to update I have included some for foxy78 who asked about my stretch marks. You can only see them close up and they are from pregnancy and breast feeding my 3 sons ( I had them all young first at 18 then 20 then 22) so my body suffered a bit. Hope you are all going well. So grateful for this site to vent and gain info from all of you beautiful girls think I'd go mad without you all xx

4 week post op with Ian Whitworth

Hi lovely ladies. Today I had my 4 week post op appointment with my surgeon, yay he is very pleased with them. I showed him how my right is smaller only slightly than my left and he said they tend to drop at different rates so was normal also I have noticed rippling on the inner parts of each boob I'm not sure if it's noticeable in pictures but I can feel it again he said it may be less obvious as they soften and it's the edge of the implants that I can feel which is kinda weird to touch! My right incision is being awkward and I've been covering it up as the scabby bits keep rubbing off and bleeding a bit on my bra. After a few days of plasters they are feeling better. My left incision is healing nicely. I'm allowed to sleep bra less now but not sure I will they don't feel safe enough lol! I can wear any bra as long as it's not underwired and he said they won't get any bigger now just softer so I might invest in some different bras yay I hate wearing these sports bras even though they are comfy they are harder to dress over. I'm allowed to walk my Ridgeback although I fear it may be painful I'll have to see how I get on. I'm not allowed to swim yet until my incisions heal more as they could get infected. My surgeon is so chilled and laid back and pretty much said treat them as normal! I'm feeling about 80% they get sore if I run or rush around or try to stretch too much but sure that will ease over time. My hubby is enjoying his new role of photographer! As I don't own a tripod I can't always get different angled shots on my own so it's his new job ;) I do adore them more each day and am so pleased I did this I need to keep looking at my before photos to remind myself what I used to look like as I'm so used to them also I need to stop obsessing over bigger boobs as my surgeon said he wouldn't of home any bigger and they are perfect and do you know what they are hugs to all of you so grateful to you all for your support xx

Updating price

I just realised the price I put at the top of my review was in pounds so have converted it into dollars x

Bra shopping!

After my 4 week post op appointment yesterday I decided I couldn't wait any longer to go and try on bras, bras that aren't sports bras!! So I was extremely excited I grabbed armfuls of bra ranging from 34d to 34 e and dashed into the changing room. The queue was so long but I bided my time still excited. i thought I'd work my way up the sizes do tried on the 34 d first but I looked at the bra and then my boobs then the bra again and for the first time ever thought to myself " that's not going to work" :) I tried it on anyway and was right they were spilling out everywhere. Next up was 34 dd but again I couldn't make my boob fit the cups! So last was 34 e which I nearly fell on the floor looking at. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be. I took a few pics but unfortunately didn't take any of the ones that didn't fit. I'm not sure about the fitting of the pink one as it seem to be gaping at the bottom the bit where the two cups meet in the middle. What do you ladies think is it because they are still dropping or the wrong size? So happy was I it took me a while to remember I couldn't have them as I'm not allowed to wear under wired bras till 3 months and to my disappointment the shop I went to didn't have anything in 34 e non wired. I had to leave empty handed so sports bras it is until i can find some somewhere else. But hey least I got to see them in a real bra. I have taken a pic of the rippling I can see and feel as on closer inspection of my previous photos realised you can only see it at a certain angle. Will update again soon with my progress. Hope you are all well and happy x

Mondors cord, and incision not healing :(

Hi ladies so I'm 30 days post today and I noticed a mondors cord a few days ago it's not bothering me as I've read lots of reviews where they go away on there own but thought I'd mention I had one for a progress report. So I thought my incisions were doing ok lefty is healing nicely only a small scab right at the end that you can't see but can feel but right had been giving me trouble it's the same side that wasn't healing at my post op appointment so had to be steri stripped ( it hadn't knitted properly) now the scan that had formed it have come off and are so sore and weeping on my bra. I tried covering it but it sticks to the gauze so i was unsure what to do so I called my surgeon secretary and she made me an appointment to see a nurse. The nurse said it is the dissolvable stitches pushing through and preventing it from healing so got a pair of tweezers and tugged it ( it didn't hurt but made me feel queasy knowing she was poking around with tweezers) she them trimmed it and put so iodine in it, apparently helps promote healing and covered it up. I have to leave it on for 2 days and then check it. My hospital and the staff have been amazing with my post op care so glad I chose them. Have any of you ladies had trouble with incision healing and his to prevent it? Xx

SOS incisions reopening!

So after my visit thurs to the nurse at the Nuffield I thought it would all be fine but no! that night the left incision I though was healing decide to open. Then last night I decided to take off the right dressing to see if the iodine had worked and within hours it was weeping yellow liquid. I went braless yesterday and today to try and air dry it but was conscious of it getting something in it. When I got out if bed this morning I felt disoriented like I'd been drinking ( I hadn't ) or if you have an ear infection that affects your balance. I decided to be on the safe side and called the Nuffield for advice and half an hour later was back in being examined. This time they took swabs and are going to send them off to see if I need antibiotics they covered them all both left and right incision openings and said it would be shower proof and to leave them in until I got my results from the swabs. I have just had a shower and all 3 dressing have fallen off and were saturated! I couldn't believe it and burst into tears :( they've only given me enough to change them once so have ordered some more as I can't keep going there to get them unless I need to be seen. I don't think they were put on correctly, I know it's an awkward place as it creases but my last one didn't have this problem. Well here I am after redoing the dressing wandering when this nightmare will be over. My hubby thinks I'm being melodramatic but he doesn't get it. I waited so long for this and now it's seems to be going wrong :( I was over the moon with my boobies and this has put a real dampen in my happiness. Here are a few pics they are not very clear but if any of your ladies have had similar would love to hear how you got on.

A little update

Hi lovely real self ladies. I have not had my results back from my swabs yet but it was bank holiday mon here yesterday and sun the day and I went in so hopefully I will hear tomorrow. My surgeon called though to apologise for not being contactable on sun which was very kind of him I didn't expect him to be. He offered to see me but I thought I'd leave it a week or so as there is no change. He said to keep it clean and air dry it when I'm at home. He said if it wasn't an infection it could be the dissolvable stitches playing up and once they have dissolved or come out it should heal so will have to see. He told me to give them a good wash in the shower which I was scared to do but did. I'm currently air drying them not sure if I will when u go to bed. My Incisions haven't got any worse which is good I have been cleaning them with salt water. My hubby was really sweet ( he does care :) ) and went out before I even woke up to get dressings and antiseptic. It looked like he came back with the whole chemist! He also bought scar strips but I've got to wait a while before I use them as I'm still weeping. I had to go back to work today, my boss was very kind and said to let her know if any of my work hurt bless her. I work in a busy school kitchen so a lot of lifting, stretching etc. I was hoping to be healed by now as we have just had 6 weeks off for the summer holidays but hey I seem to be really unlucky health wise! Well just checking in thank you all for all your support and kindness your really helping me through this blip x

Bet your sick of seeing my incisions!

Hi lovely ladies. Just a little pic update on my incision progress although they still look hideous they are improving. After air drying them yesterday and last night in bed( yes I braved it) I woke up to see a marked improvement! Although they are still red and angry looking they weren't weeping yay! I couldn't believe it. I was a bit dubious about re covering them for work but was worried I'd knock them so did as soon as I got home off they came and so did my bra I've kind got used to going braless at home they feel so free :) and yay still no weeping. I found the dressings that are the best to use are the soft breathable ones not the waterproof ones as they get all sweaty and too moist and cause them to weep bit dry out. I think j may have an allergy to some I tried yesterday as i have a funny red rash in my right boob where it came off. Here's some pics to compare progress. Thanks again for all of your lovelies ladies means a lot xx

Drying incisions didn't upload

Incisions update :)

Hi lovely ladies, So after waiting 5 days I thought I would chase my results up from my incision swabs. After calling my surgeons secretary she chased them up and I got a call back I found out that I did have an infection and am now in antibiotics. The prescription was a lot less than from my doctor must be because the Nuffield is a private hospital. I know it's going to be slow but at least they are starting to scab and will heal eventually. Thank you all for checking in on me and for all your kindness and support.

6 week up date :)

Good Evening you gorgeous ladies. I'm 6 weeks, well it's actually tomorrow but hey what's a day! I have just re read my entire review and realise "wow this booby adventure surely has had its ups and downs! " when i started out I had no idea how it would affect me emotionally as well as physically, no clue at all but even after it all and yes it's only been 6 weeks so I have a far way to go, I wouldn't go back for a second. I want to thank all of your wonderful ladies for all of yoyr support and kindness I really wouldn't have made it this far without you all so happy I found this site and all of you!! I'm really sorry if I've missed some of your comments I need to check my settings on my phone because I don't always know there has been a comment made on my review. So 6 weeks in I'm feeling great, my incisions are getting there slowly but there is definitely a marked improvement in them both although they are still very red and site looking the openings are closed which is a relief I must say thought they would never close. Just need to wait for the scabs to heal now but I'm feeling positive about them. My boobs are feeling more natural and from a distance look it too. I do have quite a big gap in between but I did start out with one and my ps said it probably would still be there. But hey a good bra can sort that out. I'm going braless at every opportunity. I only wear one at work! It'd really helping the dropping of lefty and helping my incisions too. I'm wondering if I will want to wear one again actually it's so much more comfy without but maybe when my incisions are less sore I will want to again. I love how they look in clothes even without a bra! Just need to cover my nipples! I can make the look huge in tight vests on less visable but I still find myself checking them out when I walk pass our hall mirror lol. My mondor cord disappeared and do you know what I couldn't even tell you when! Shows how observant I am doesn't it. :) My boss has been brilliant when she found out I was having problems healing she has insistent I do no heavy lifting etc so that's been really helpful as I don't want to go backwards with the whole healing process. The numbness under my nipples under each boob is still there, I wonder if the feeling will ever return? Any thoughts is it the nerves still reattaching or do you think it's permenant? I'm going to ask my ps on the 21st when I next see him. They are squishy and I can make a cleavage by pushing them together. Lefty seems to be less malleable than righty but only slightly. Looking forward to what the next few weeks will bring. Hope you are all doing well and those who are considering a Ba I would highly recommend sending happy vibes to all x

7 weeks :)

Hi ladies well it's been a week since I updated. yay 7 weeks in and I'm feeling much better. My incisions are finally closed, no more weeping! I have finished my antibiotics and will see my surgeon at 8 weeks so he can see how they are doing.
I had to keep them clean and covered them when I was at work but airdried them whilst I was at home and went braless. Today was the first day I didn't have to cover them as they have closed an no longer are weeping, my scab came off my right incision yesterday so yay I can now wear a bra all the time as it doesn't rub as much as it did. They are still slightly sore but definitely better. It felt like forever but thank goodness they seem to be on the mend and I can get on with appreciating my new boobies again!
My ripping is still there but I'm getting used to it can't wait to see if I can notice it in a normal bra or bikini but in not buying any until 3 months as they currently don't sit in a bra right and I want to get the size right. Most of my sports bras I was wearing at the beginning are too tight now but as I'm not paticually sporty won't replace them yet either. I'm living in my comfy bra that I slept in but don't need to now. I think now my incisions are healing I will try something a bit more supported though don't want them dropping to far.
I can sleep on both sides without any pain but haven't attempted to sleep on my front too scared I'll squish them!

I think they are dropping and going braless has helped my right boob to even up ( I think) with my left. They are a lot squishier and softer and bounce when i run which feels odd as ive never experienced it before!
It was my 7 year wedding anniversary yesterday so thought I'd try out some dressing up outfits, it did not go to plan most of them don't fit anymore
which is brilliant but means I need to buy more! One fits much better in the boob department and is now my favourite. Unfortunately my bunny girl outfit doesn't oh well if it did my boobs would look amazing in it.
Tmi probably but I feel much more confident with my hubby in the bedroom as I'm not avoiding certain positions which made my boobs disappear ( arms up, or boobs hanging down etc)
My nipples are almost back to normal but the lower parts of both are still numb which I've read is normal it doesn't bother me but feels a bit odd.
I hope you are all doing well I have been really enjoying reading all of your updates. Xx

8 week update :)

Hey you beautiful real self ladies! So yesterday was my 8 weeks post mark! Woo hoo can't believe it's been 8 weeks already I am soooo used to them that I don't obsess over them all of the time now, I do check them out on the mirror when there's no one in or when i walk past the hall mirror but they are not forefront of my mind like they were.
My incisions are definitely improving if they are seeing them for the first time you would think oh dear they look horrid but compared to what they did look like a few weeks ago they are sooo much better.

I hope they scar neatly not sure they will but here hoping.

I had my 2 month check up with my surgeon yesterday as he wanted to check on my progress due to my incisions infection and he was really pleased. He said that the infection had slowed down the healing process but was relieved that it had not spread to the implants he said he could feel scar tissue and if if had spread this would not be present. Phew what a relief!
He is also happy with them overall although I did raise concerns about my rippling it does seem to have got worse over the last few weeks. You can't see it if I'm not leaning over but I know it's there I can feel it and it bugs the hell out of me. It was making me really self conscious when naked but my hubby didn't even notice it! Typical man!! He said he thinks it will get less as the soften but I'm not convinced:( my surgeon just keep saying it's because I'm really thin! And he is convinced it will lessen but that I will be able to feel if just not see it! Ummm not she's how I feel about that. All I know is I'm so thankful I didn't go bigger as it would be a whole lot worse. I wonder if I put on weight whether it would lessen although I never was able to put weight on my boobs just my bum and hips so that wouldn't help! Any thoughts ladies??

I'm going to hold off bra shopping for another month to give my incisions more time to heal. And my surgeon says I can't wear underwired for another month too which I'm cool with.

On the plus side they are incredibly squishy and have dropped evenly and I think will look amazing in a normal bra can't wait to find out! The rippling isn't noticeable in a bra from most angles so that's good. I retried my bikini on but think that's a no go now as I could bearly do it up yay! Also my tankini that I take my boys swimming in is going to need replacing bit too revealing now. It was amazing to see the difference though. I've out before and after pics on for you to see the massive difference.

I love how they look in basic clothes like a vest top or 3/4 length sleeve casual top. Can't wait to buy some new clothes but a bit stretched at the moment shopping is gonna be a whole new experience I'm going to be able to buy clothes I never considered before due to lack of boobies can't wait to show them off :) I hope you are all doing great i love checking in on your all and reading your posts this site means the world to me xxx

Pics that didn't upload

9 weeks update with my new boobies!

Hi to all your gorgeous girlies. Well yesterday marked 9 weeks with my new big boobies!

I'm feeling great, I've decided not to let the ripple bother me as its only visable if I bend right over naked you can't see it in bras or clothes. As our weather here is not brilliant I have not tried any or bought any new bikinis yet so I'm not sure how it will look with them on but I'm hopeful i can find some.
My incisions are slowly looking better they are still rather red but seem to be getting better weekly.

I have been able to restart heavy duties at work as they don't pull anymore which is brilliant was feeling like other staff members would think I was being lazy! Most of them know i had it done but sometimes we have temps in and I'm not telling everyone! My uniform conceals them as its too big for me and kinda resembles a tent!!

I'm still sleeping bras less and it feels more and more normal to. I do still have my v pillow but my hubby complains so much I try not to.

I massage them every night with coco butter trying to eliminate anymore stretch marks! I started off with them so I'm not completely shocked I got a few more I'm not sure if they are the old ones that look new as they have been stetched more.

I do love the way they look ( apart from the ripple) they seem to have dropped evenly which is great. I'm still getting use to the feeling of them, it's hard to explain I know there's an implant in there of cause I knew that when I got the done but I still find it weird feeling it! I'm hoping over the next few months I will be able to feel it less. I know I started with very little breast tissue ( Apparently enough for overs) but all the same not much to see so I know it's completely normal for it to be all implant really but I can't wait for it to feel more natural . They are really squishy and soft now so maybe this is as natural as they will feel! I'm sure in time I will get used to the feel of them.

On a positive note I love how I can feel them bouncy when I walk to work! It's a brilliant feeling oh the little things or should I say big things :)

I have ordered some non wired bras from marks and spencer just to wear until next month when k will go and get measured I promised my self I would wait until 3 months to get measured. Not long now I did try on some a while ago so think I know my size but i can always send the back if they have changed.
Well that's me for now. Hope you are all feeling great xx

10 week update!

Hi gorgeous ladies. Well I've been pretty busy at work and with my kiddies. Made sure I've been checking in on your updates though! This site is so amazing I'm so grateful I found you all :)

My incisions are looking better by the week think they will take a long while to be pale but I'm sure they will get there.

I'm trying not to let my rippling bother me. It's so funny how picky I have become! I started with 2 sags of nothingness and now have beautiful full boobies that look great in clothes. I can make them look huge or not depending on my mood and I've not even bought a normal bra yet so I wonder what difference that will make. I've booked myself in to be fitted sun and can't wait to buy some new bras. I will be a couple of weeks of 3 months do you ladies think i could get underwired it should I wait??

I love how they look when I push them together they are so soft and malleable but they do have quite a large gap in the middle which I had when I started and was told will still have. You can't notice properly unless I lie down but I guess that's not a major issue.

The ripple is getting softer I can feel my implants on both insides of my boobs it started out quite hard but now is softer but definitely there I can see it too but my friend says I'm being silly and she doesn't think it's noticeable. I wonder whether it's because I'm looking down at them and have a better view of it than other people who look from the outside?

They are bouncy and I can sleep on both sides i tried belly sleeping again but was so paranoid I'd damage them it only lasted a few minutes!!

My stetch marks are still quite visable but hey I've already got a vast collection from pregnancy so never mind. I massage my boobies with co co butter daily so hopefully that will help.

I will post some bra pics when I ( hopefully) buy some on Sunday. Hope you all have a great week :) xx

Bra shopping 11 and weeks tomorrow update

Hey beautiful ladies hope you had a great weekend. So I finally got to go get fitted and go bra shopping today. It feels like I've been waiting forever for this day to come. I'm not quite 3 months but I really don't think a couple of weeks will make a massive difference. As before when I attempted to buy bras I realise it is quite a struggle to find bras that fit me but today as I was being measured and helped finding them it was a lot easier and a far more enjoyable experience. I went to M&S and the lady was lovely. She said they would sit differently to ...but was really struggling to find the words and didn't want to upset or offend me and say the words " real" so I helped her out and said "oh I know they will be different as they aren't real" she looked relieved bless her I know they are fake I don't find people using the words. Anyway she measured me as a 30 inch band so I have been wearing the wrong band forever! But she guessed an E and went off in search of non wired bras to start with. She came back empty handed and said they didn't do they size in non wired. So we moved on to wired. The 30 inch band didn't sit right so she upped it to 32. It's so funny how they look in different styles she didn't have any full bras in my size so bought in a range if different styles. One (the neon pink one in the pics ) didn't sit right at all which was a shame. But the others looked and felt fab. They feel so different to the sports and surgery bras I've been living in though so they will take a bit of getting used to. I was so happy to find they came as a match set to yay matching underwear it's been a while.
So one was a 32 F omg goes to show I will probably be different sizes in different styles and shops which is going to be time consuming but fun trying them on.
I was going to return some I ordered that were non wired so asked her to take a look to see what she thought of the fit. She took them out and said" oh these are from the our teen range" I was like omg teenagers are big busted these days I was never blessed at that age or ever lol. She suggested going down a band size and voila I know have non wired and wired bras so extaticly happy!

Trying to forget the rippling and enjoy them, my hubby really doesn't see what I see so maybe I'm being too picky.

My incisions are still really pink but that will take time I massage them daily so fingers crossed they fade with time.
Apart from that not much to report they are squishy and soft and I love them.
Thanks for checking in on me, you are all amazing xxx
Ian Whitworth

I researched a lot of surgeons before finally choosing Mr Ian Whitworth. I visited Transform but didn't get the right feeling so continued on my quest until I came across Mr Whitworth. He had a lovely manner had put me at ease about the whole process. He answered all of my questions and I had his secretary on speed dial for all of my questions I forgot to ask or needed reassuring about. He also was fine about my change of size a few weeks before my op. I also was seen really quickly as my decision to do it this year was fairly rushed due to work commitments but as I have wanted this since I was in my late teens once I raised the money it was all systems go. I'm so glad I didn't have to wait too long as the wait nearly drive me mad God knows what I would have been like if I had to wait any longer. He spend a long time withe trying on sizers and saw me before he did my op for the last minute chat. I woke up extatically happy with my results. Afterwards I was well looked after the hospital was like a hotel and the staff were amazing at the Nuffield. They checked on me constantly blood pressure temperature, pain relief and my drains. Mr Whitworth came to see me the following morning and was happy with the results and booked me in for a week check up to check healing. My first week appointment was with a nurse who was lovely she put steri strips on my right incision as it hadn't knitted as well as my left. After a few days it did. My 4 week appointment went well he said the result was perfect and I was healing nicely I will next see up at 3 months. He did an amazing job, I had no bruising outwardly and they looked a great shape straight after they were done. My incision are neat and I'm sure once they have healed won't be noticeable. Even after my troubles with my incisions healing at 1 month ( they reopened) the care from Me Whitworth and the staff at the Nuffield were amazing and saw me on the day i phoned and multiple time after to check on them. I would recommend him to anyone considering a BA in Hampshire England you won't regret it.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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