Starting the Invisalign Journey - Hamilton, OH

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Hello! I am eagerly waiting for my first set of...

I am eagerly waiting for my first set of Invisalign to come in. It seems like I have waited my whole life for the moment to take the plunge and get braces. I have had horrible teeth for as long as I can remember. It never affected me much, however I still wanted strait teeth. My family could never afford proper ortho care so I just lived with my situation. After getting married this past fall and switching to a new insurance plan I am finally able to take this leap!

I am currently waiting for my first try. I took impressions about 4 weeks ago and they are do in anytime. Honestly, I am overgenerous. I have read good and bad experiences. I don't have a great pain tolerance so I am curious how I am feel. I believe putting my experiences on here will make it easier.

I will update as soon as I get my first set and post photos soon! Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. My first tray will be here soon!!


Getting My Invisalign Today, Finally!

Officially going today to get my first trays of Invisalign. I am incredibly nervous and a little excited at the same time. I believe they will be placing the buttons on today and I will wait to put the first tray in on Friday night.
I also finally have a photo to include -

Week 1 Update

I am almost to my one week mark with my new Invisalign - phew!

Truth is, they have not been bad at all. I read so many reviews and opinions from others that I was honestly worried about the discomfort I was about to face. I had my attachments put on last Wednesday and waited until last Thursday night to put my first tray in (I really wanted Indian food and was waiting till after that meal to put them in!) I had about 16 buttons on my upper and lower teeth. Those were a little weird to get used to and I can see them slightly. That Thursday night I saw in my living room and put my trays in and then practiced removing them a few times. It was weird - but I rather practice removing the trays before my teeth were sore. I would highly recommend this when you get your first set!
I took 2 pain killers and went to bed. I woke up and was only a little sore. I mean, on a scale of 1-10 maybe a 1.5! Taking them out for breakfast and coffee was not bad either (so glad I practiced!)
The weekend was the same situation. Very little soreness. Some of my teeth has already move a little because I can tell a difference in my bite.

All in all - not bad. Who knows- next week could be a total nightmare. My only annoyance is removing them to eat/drink. I feel a little awkward taking my teeth cleaning it to the bathroom at restaurants. I am still getting used to having plastic in my mouth - I think that is the worse part honestly.

I will update again next week. Any suggestions on cleaning them? I use my toothbrush and toothpaste twice a day and scrub them. They still have a funky-morning breath odor on them. Nothing terrible, but a little gross.

Total Upper Aligners - 38
Total Bottom Aligners - 28



Perhaps a few of you could provide some advice. I have noticed over the past 4-5 mornings I wake up a little sore and I believe it's because I am clinching my teeth at night. I don't think I had this problem before. All I know is that when I wake up in the morning I feel a sense of relief from my mouth, as if I have eased up on the clinching.

Anyone else dealing/dealt with this? If so.. any advice?


Quick Update - Tray 4

I am almost at the conclution of my 4th tray. I put my 5th set in this week. So far, not to much of a change. I have noticed that my one major gap is getting better (making room for the back tooth) and the opposite side growing in gaps as well. I can really tell a difference when I floss.. the flosser glides right through with no issues.

I have not experienced much discomfort or anything along those lines. I must say, when I first started I was nervous because I read horror stories of "feeling like your ripping your teeth out".. scared me to death!

Needless to day, I am barely sore for 2 days then I am fine. Its such a relief. If my who treatment is like this then I'll be able to deal with it.

Currently about to start set 5 of 38 for top and 5 of 28 for bottom.. progress...

Spelling Errors... oops

conclusion.. apparently I can't spell! LOL
Cincinnati Dentist

So far, I am very pleased with my Dentist/Orthodontist. They are fairly new to the area and came highly recommended. I have had about 4 ortho consults over the past three years and they are the first to approve me for Invisalign.

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