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Hi everyone - my name is Stephanie 37, about...

Hi everyone - my name is Stephanie 37, about 140lbs and mother of 3 (19, 8,8) yes twins.. I have ALOT of stretch marks on my stomach, excess skin and lots of wrinkling and I HATE it... I know a lot of people say love your body, you created children, etc etc but I just can't.. I hate getting changed in front of my husband, always turn when changing in the gym, hate looking at myself naked and God forbid my husband touches me there.. 6 years ago I went to see a PS about getting this taken care of but I just couldn't justify the cost... Now 6 years later I have finally had enough. Went back to the same PS last Monday for consult - tummy tuck and Lipo on flanks. Called today and booked the surgery for September 13th - aweeeee... No turning back now... I am excited but mostly scared... Any advise anyone could give me for preparing, healing, still taking care of family after - would be greatly appreciated. I just found this group online and I think it's exactly what I need. I look forward to getting lots of information from you ladies. Thank you in advance...


My current tummy

TT Scar

Hi I would love to see people's scar pics from after surgery... My TT surgery is in less than a month and I'm excited but also nervous about the scar - even though anything will be better than what I have now.... Looking forward to having all the stretch marks removed.. Thanks in advance everyone...

3 1/2 weeks till TT day

So excited but so nervous at the same time... Wish these strange surgery dreams would go away... And For some reason the last few weeks I haven't minded really when my husband looks at my stomach / because I know it's going to be GONE real soon... Already looking forward to our beach vacation in January and HOPEFULLY I can few good in a 2 piece and throw out my 1 pieces eeeek

Getting close

Just 4 days away from surgery... Recliner all set up and ready to sleep in.. Lots of anxiety but excited

7 days post op

Well it's been a week since my TT and Lipo of flanks.. This was my first time being put under or having any sort of surgery... It was the strangest feeling ever and when I woke up I had no clue what happened... I threw up for about 2 hours post op and it hurt like hell. By day 3 I was getting some pretty bad cramping - like horrible period cramps and that lasted about 2 days... On day 5 I was feeling ok except for the drain sites which were stinging soooo bad I called my ps and booked to go into see him the next day which was yesterday... I went in and he moved things around a little and it was like night and day - pain all gone... I have the binder on and have not removed it at all so I have no clue what it looks like under there. I go to see my ps on Thursday to have the drains removed so maybe I'll get a look then. I have gone between being happy I did this to totally regretting it (during the painful times) and every emotion in between... It's been like a roller coaster so far.. Today I am happy I did it lol...

Amazed at the changes

I am 2 weeks PO and already soooo happy with the changes... My friends keep telling me to start shopping for a 2 piece bathing suit... I have not worn a 2 piece in about 18 years so I'm not sure about that.. It's one thing to take care of the physical issues - but a whole other ball game with the mental aspect...

So happy

My before and after at 5 weeks... Feeling great and can officially say to myself that I look great...

2 piece shopping

5 1/2 weeks PO - first time wearing a 2 piece in almost 18 years... Pretty emotional - I look at the photos and don't even feel like it's me...

7 week update

So it's been 7 weeks and I feel great... started back at the gym about a week ago and I'm slowly getting back to where I was... I used to be able to run for 40 mins straight but now I get to 10 and have to stop so it's going to take me a little bit to work my way back... bought 3 bathing suits last week as we just booked a trip to the Caribbean in January. This is one of them. I have not worn a 2 piece in 19 years so it's pretty emotional... my scar - I massage everyday still with a gel my PS gave me and yesterday I bought Bio Oil to see if that helps... has anyone ever used that? My belly button is starting to not look as stretched which is great.. when I get undressed I see my husband looking at me like he has never done before and it makes me feel so good... he has always said I was beautiful no matter what but I didn't feel it - until now. This was the best decision I have ever made - aside from marrying him and having my kids that is lol... oh and last night I slept on my stomach for the first time since before surgery... felt so good. That's how I usually sleep so I was pretty excited

Loving life

4 months post op and for the first time in 19 years I feel amazing. For the first time in my life I feel free and love myself... this was me last week in Mexico - loving myself and life
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