45yrs, 390cc PIP Textured Silicone, Under Muscle - Hamilton, NZ

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It's amazing what can change in 15years. If I...

It's amazing what can change in 15years.
If I could go back & chat to the 29yr old me, I'd have a few things to say that's for sure!!! Firstly... never let a man lower your self esteem... Secondly... don't get implants!!!
After some research & a ps recommendation we both left New Zealand & flew to Sydney to a top surgeon. There was no discussion of health risks or replacement time frames. Operation went well. But from day one I felt top heavy. He went larger than we discussed. Then the 2012 PIP nightmare happened. I never saw it on the news & didn't know I had PIP implants. Have had the past 3-4yrs with strange health issues that would come & go. Very sore hips & joints, achey muscles in neck, back, chest & arms, foggy brain, leaky gut symptoms, headaches, in somina, fatigue, very dry skin, sore & dry eyes.
All the visits to the doctor over the years & all tests would come back normal.
Then I started getting a burning sensation inside my breasts. Around the same time I saw a book online called 'The Naked Truth About Breast Implants'. I took this book to my doctor. She dismissively said 'I very much doubt it'. That was 1 month ago. I have since done my own research & have found support groups of A LOT of women who have illnesses from breast implants. I am appalled with the lack of support out there. Have been told NZ Govt/ACC won't assist & Australian Govt won't assist... and yet thousands of French & British women are getting their PIP implants removed because the Govts understand the injustice that has happened.
I'm currently researching NZ surgeons & I'm facing $15,000 operation cost (which I don't have), disfigurement of my breasts, years of detoxing the leeching silicone & chemicals & the costs of that), & fear of future health concerns. It was just not worth it!!!!
I know I'm not alone in my fight to regain my health from breast implant illness.
Please ACC/NZ Govt... help heal the NZ victims of this PIP injustice!!!

Chosen My Surgeon... Praying He Is As Good As He Seems

So... the last few years of health issues have left me feeling exhausted & disheartened in the medical profession being able to help me. I'm a person that ways up all the facts & am quite logical so I've been making sure I am fully informed. (Wish I'd been fully informed from my previous surgeon BEFORE getting implants)!!!
I joined a FB Breast Implant Illness support group of women who share information about proper implant removal & detoxing after explant...(1000's of women & 50ish joining per wk). This group has access to daily advice from leading surgeons who specialise in treating women with illnesses from their implants & they have a list of worldwide recommended surgeons who understand breast implant illness (BII) & how to treat it. Surgeons are added to this list based on getting excellent reviews & following proper removal protocols.
I also sort independant advice & information from these specialists who have been dealing with breast implant illness & implant removal for many decades.
Armed with this information, my husband & I met with a local recommended surgeon last week. Without doubt we left his appointment feeling like he cared about my situation & the outcome. He listened to my concerns & need for proper en-bloc removal with total capsulectomy to make sure all the PIP chemicals remain in the scar capsule. Although I felt like he doesn't quite understand the serious illnesses that are getting caused in MANY women from implants over time, I feel like he will do his best to get these toxic bags & ALL the scar capsule out of me (which will have leeched toxins & silicone in). And that it needs to be removed properly for my health to improve.
I'm hoping my gut feeling in him is right!!!

Surgery Day Success...

So... nervously I arrived at the clinic at 12:30pm with my husband. We said our farewells & I was put into the care of the admittance nurse Julie. She was delightful & so good at keeping me calm. We went through the process & I was in my gown & on the bed ready for pre-surgery discussions with the anesthetist & surgeon. Julie assured me I would be seeing her face first in a few hours. I warned her that I would probably be telling everyone that I loved them when I woke up (which I did & always seem to do after general).
I awoke & Julie was there as promised... my husband was called & he was there as I was getting clearer... and then Stuart came in with the implants & capsules to show us. Hubby took photos & we discussed what he'd found & how it went. So relieved!!! I was wheeled into the next room & hubby & I were given tea & sandwiches. After a while hubby left to go home & the night nurses came on (Jan & Val). They were older nurses that had done there training together years ago & were hilariously like an old married couple. They organised dinner for me & that was even followed by chocolate self-saucing pudding with vanilla icecream (it all tasted deliciously home made). They kept my pain medication right all night & helped me to the toilet. They got me breakfast in the morning & got me sorted to have a wash in the ensuite. They had taken a liking to my homemade wheat bags so I gave them one each to say thank you for looking after me.
Julie came back on shift & my husband was called (I got him to bring with him a wheat bag for Julie too). Stuart popped in to check on me & then I was discharged to go home. My husband looked after me at home really well for the week he took off work. I had drains in for a full week & drained about 650mls each side in total. It was such a relief to get them out!!!

10day Post Explant Update

Drains were removed 3 days ago & today I went to my clinic appointment to get the dressings checked. Nurses removed the steri strips & I now just need to have tape along scars as support to help scars heal nicely. The surgeon popped in to check progress (like he has at every appt) & is happy with everything. Next appt is in 2 weeks.

6 month post surgery update

After the initial few weeks of relief and euphoria from the toxic bags being out of me, I hit a downer. Maybe it was the flood of surgery & silicone chemicals coming out of my system but I went into a dark place for a month.
I had stopped taking care of myself with drinking water & eating clean etc.
I'm not sure why I did it... just exhausted from the food sensitivities and drained from being in survival mode for so long I guess. But mainly... I just wanted to feel normal & be like I was before the nightmare started.
It turns out that wasn't possible.
I still need to assist my body and help it clean out.
I'm back on track and feel better every month that goes by.
I can see how much my body and face have aged from the stress of the toxins but I'm positive about the future.
Dr. Stuart McNicoll

In the initial consultation Dr Stuart McNicoll was considerate of my needs and concerns and informative with my options. I didn't feel pushed in any direction and he understood my health issues and that my breast implant illness was my biggest concern. He spent a lot of time reassuring me & was patient with ALL my questions. SO thankful... God bless him! Extremely pleased with his care on the day of surgery and the results are fantastic. The after surgery care and follow ups have been great too. Tristram Clinic staff are professional and caring. I highly recommend this surgeon!

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