NZ; 27 Years Old; No Kids; Best Decision I've Ever Made.

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I have known that I looked different since hitting...

I have known that I looked different since hitting puberty but vanity wasn't my main motivation. I didn't realize how much my 'extra' labia affected me until I was much older. They would make sex painful (mutual masturbation in particular) they would divert my urine stream and make the entire process rather messy, they would bunch and get caught in clothing and in particular sitting position to the point they would feel numb from loss of blood and circulation.

When I was able to afford the surgery I used "WhatClinic" to find a local surgeon. I selected Brandon Adams at the Tristram Street Clinic in Hamilton, NZ. Prior to our initial consultation I did my own research into the different techniques and looked/read through many reviews on Realself to get an idea of realistic expectations from the surgery. As mentioned, I wasn't looking primarily for cosmetic reasons but I was concerned with the balance of my clitoral hood post surgery.

Brandon was great at explaining and was pleased with my research into the different techniques (wedge, trim, w cut) and that I had a good understanding of what my outcome would look like. My labia were very long, but did not extend the entire length of the vagina. Imagine basket hound ears; Long, but not wide! Because of this Brandon and I agreed on the W technique and my surgery was booked. The consult was very easy and Brandon was not intimidating in the slightest. He was happy to answer any of my questions and gave many recommendations. He was firm about clitoral hood reduction in that he is a 'less is more' person and prefers to leave this section as untouched as possible. I appreciated his transparency and openness. Brandon has a slide show showing before and afters as well as offering a detailed explanation of each cutting technique and why they were/were not the best option for each individual. Following my consult, Brandon sent a letter detailing every aspect of our conversation and his recommendations. I found this was a great aspect of treatment as if you wanted time to think it over you had all the information right there.

I booked with Brandon for the 3rd of October and am 1 week post op.

My surgery was performed under local anesthetic and took a little over 1 hour to complete. I had my labia minora minimized and a portion of my clitoral hood removed for balance. This was something I became more firm about following our initial consultation. I showed Brandon some screenshots from
"Dr Feelgood" on Snapchat and expressed my concern that though I wasn't driven by cosmetic reasons, a result that left me with a large and dominating clitoral hood would not be my ideal outcome. Without hesitation Brandon had a mirror down there and we discussed options that met his guidelines and satisfied my fears. The injections were painful, one was very painful. I do have a high pain tolerance and these were at the top end of my threshold. If you are someone who struggles with needles, or pain, this will be a difficult process and you should discuss alternatives with your surgeon. The procedure itself was painless (as it should be!) and straight forward. Brandon and his nurse talked with me the entire time and after each side was completed we assessed via a hand mirror.
Post surgery I was prescribed with Codeine (I cant stomach Tramadol) and paracetamol. As i was still very numb I walked around the supermarket and my home for several hours before resting. This was a bad decision! Do not do this. Around 4 hours post surgery my numbness wore off and I was in the most pain (I say pain but its more strong discomfort) I have been so far. I would rate it a 6/10. Enough that I needed to take a small amount of pain medication and remain in bed.

Days 1- 4 post op:
For the first few days I limited my movement. I rarely took pain medication (maybe twice and only before sleeping) and iced 3 times a day. My swelling was very minimal (but the ice helped with the itchy feeling) and I only bruised by my clitoral hood on day 4. The most pain I have felt is immediately upon waking (after having my legs in one position too long) or just prior to falling asleep. I am a side sleeper but have found this difficult even with a pillow between my knees so have resorted to sleeping on my back. Urinating and showering has been straight forward with no irritation during either. The healing process has so far been very simple and nowhere near as painful as anticipated.

Day 5-7:
On day 5, the day before I was due to return to work, I tested my strength by going shopping and walking for several hours to mimic my impending work shift. I walked for roughly 4 hours before the pain became too much and I had to return home to ice. When I say pain, it feels as though my stitches have rubbed and the area becomes very itchy. Typically, I will take one codeine pill and ice for 20 minutes every 2 hours for the next 6 hours. I returned to work and have had no further issues.

I have my first check in with the doctor tomorrow and will update on how im officially doing. For myself personally, I am slightly swollen but it is very minimal as is the bruising. The bleeding around my wound was worst on day one, and then again on day 6. I think this was due to the stress of returning to work and being on my feet for several hours. The blood does mean my vagina has an odor which is off putting but overall I have had very minimal issues. I pat dry following showering and urinating and have slept without pajamas and worn loose fitting pants/skirts for all days since surgery.

I am very pleased with how my wound is healing. The scars fit perfectly into the natural folds of my labia and even though it is early days I am very happy with my decision.

If you are in the upper North Island in New Zealand I would recommend Brandon Adams in an instant. He was knowledgeable without being demeaning and has made the entire process very easy.

Week Two

I had my check in with Dr Adams nurse on day 7 and everything was progressing nicely.

My swelling is very very minor and besides some small bruising by my clitoral hood (and the visible stitches!) you wouldn't know I had anything done.

I experience my first moment of discomfort on Day 9 when the stitching at the clitoral hood on my left side suddenly swelled and became very hot and itchy. I began to feel flu like symptoms and feared I might have a reaction. This never eventuated and after two days of bed rest and ice the feeling was gone. I'm not sure if I had irritated a stitch but there was no discharge from the wound to suggest an infection.

On Day 13 I was a little silly and got a little too hot under the collar with a friend. Though I didn't attempt penetration, the stimulation of the situation caused discomfort. So warning - even if it feels healed... it isn't!

I am about to begin Week 3 and am concerned that none of my stitches have dissolved. The nurse mentioned that if they hadn't gone by Week 4 I could come to the clinic and have them removed.

Besides the stitches now being uncomfortable I have no other issues. I returned to the gym today and did a light lower body session with no issues.

Will update with Week 3 :)
Dr Brandon Adams

Dr Adams was lovely. He was a great combination of knowledgeable and approachable. His clinic is new and modern and all of the spaces were very clean and professional. He talked me through the entire surgery and was able to have a conversation while completing his work. Overall I felt very relaxed and sure I had made a great decision.

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