20 Years Old - Bilateral Reduction Mammoplasty Hamilton,ON

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About me, and why I need this done: I am 20 years...

About me, and why I need this done:

I am 20 years old, 5'5 150lbs. I have an athletic build, and started developing larger breasts in about my senior year in high school. I am currently a 36G, and am looking into being a 36C. I am interested in the surgery because I am in college studying and training to become a police officer. Based on the course, we perform multiple fitness training sessions, and tests, to prep us and keep us in shape for when we go on to be recruited. It is very difficult to run and jump over walls with a bearing weight on your chest. It brings a severe level of pain that can only be reduced if I wear multiple sports bras or wrap my boobs really tight so they stay in place. Again, it is still only a temporary method to do this, and it is not very comfortable wearing 2 overly-tight sports bras. Anyways, the fact of the matter is, that I am carrying an unnecessary large amount of weight on my chest, and it needs to be gone ASAP.

The surgeon I ended up choosing is Dr. Achilles Thoma. He is known to be a great plastic surgeon that has undergone multiple surgeries such as liposuctions, breast reductions, rhinoplasties, breast augmentation, breast reconstruction (breast cancer survivors), eyelid surgery, face lifts, thigh/arm lifts, and many more that are also listed on his website for anyone who resides in Hamilton, ON that is interested in having work done 

When I saw him for my consultation, spoke to me first about what I do for a living, and why i want a breast reduction. He asked me questions and took notes. Then he took me into a bigger room, where I undressed and put on a front-opening verst. He looked at me, weighed me, noted my height, and took my measurements. He told me that there is a certain weight that you should be in order to undergo this type of surgery, and he stated that I fit right into that category. He explained to me that I would be getting the lollipop incision during the surgery, and it is a new and improved method for breast reduction surgery that minimizes scarring, and is made for regular sized women within the norm on the BMI chart. Then he explained to me that there would be a possibility that I wouldn't be able to breast feed, which did not bother me too much considering that it is now 2015, and formula is great for babies as well, not to mention pumping.
I thought that everything he mentioned to me was great, and he answered every question that I asked based on the concerns I had.

He booked me in for another appointment which I attended a couple days ago actually, and informed be that I had been pre-aprroved by the Ontario Government of Canada for a free procedure. I was ecstatic, and just felt even better. I was nothing but excited at this point. He then had me to a survey for a study that he does with all of his patients. It was basically a 42-slided Slide show of pre op, and post of photos of women that had undergone a breast reduction. I was to circle weather or not the nipple was "too high" or "too low" based on the post op photos, or whether the breasts were "too big" or "too small", "too wide" or "too narrow". This I found was neat, because I was able to look at his work, and was able to get even more comfortable with the whole situation. Coming up, I have a pre op on May 7th. I am to meet with Dr. Thoma, to undergo some tests, and x-rays, then I will see my anesthetist and ask him any questions I have for when I will be put to sleep during the surgery.

Everything is moving so fast, and at this point, I hope and wish nothing but the best

1 week post op

Post op photos with and w/o sports bra

1 more day before surgery!

So I am feeling so many emotions at this point. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I hope that these feelings are all normal. I am just hoping for the best, and I just want it to all be over already!

Surgery day (yesterday)

So It's a day after my surgery now, and I've honestly just been trying to rest, pee out the anesthesia, and manage the pain. The experience was so nerve racking for me considering the lady beside me getting treating by the nurse for pre op was terrified of pain and needles and she was in her mid 30's. She screamed with every needle and was making me go nuts. I was terrified, but when my turn came it was not entirely as scary as she made it seem.
When my doctor came to see me before the surgery, he marked me up, and told me everything that I was to expect. He told me that he would aim for a C cup since I was an E-F. It was still hard for me to focus at this point because my brain was just filled with emotions.
My anesthetist then came in to speak with me and I told him about my fear of anethesia and how I can't stand to think about the loss of control, but he honestly reassured me that he has had years of experience, that he does it everyday, and that I have nothing to worry about.

When I got into the OR, the "team" was in there getting ready for me. It was cold, however I did not even feel it because I was sweating from being nervous. They transferred me onto the operating table/bed and put oxygen on my mouth. They were making me laugh so I could relax. Then my anesthetist told me that I was going to feel like I had 10 shots of tequila and feel dizzy and told him to let him know when I felt it. I told him I felt it, the nurse said "she said she fees it" and that is the last thing I remember.

I woke up to a nurse rubbing my hand and saying my name. I felt the oxygen still on my face, however At this point I felt as if breathing was almost impossible. My throat was dry, my lips and mouth were also dry so when I was conscious enough my nurse fed me multiple pieces of ice. It was the best thing for me at this point. After about an hour or so they took my upstairs to recovery where my family was able to come and see me. I think I was crying a lot for no reason. Obviously due to the drugs. Another hour later I was able to change back into my clothes (which made me really dizzy by the way since I had to sit up) then I went home.

Drains ?!

So I still have drains in and they aren't filling up much so I'm assuming that they will be removed soon. Any advice for drain removal? Some say that it hurts, some say that it doesn't. Please let me know so I can be prepared. Thanks!

5 days post op

It's been 5 days post op now, and I feel great. I have been going on walks outside. Eating normal again, etc. I no longer take Tylenol 3's anymore. Instead I take regular Tylenol if needed. For 5 days post op, they seem to be healing great, I have no bruising, no infection, everything is going smooth.

Feeling good!

It's been about 5 days now, and I am feeling amazing. I've been really taking care of myself, eating healthy, drinking pineapple juice (to speed up healing) which works significantly, I've even been outside enjoying the weather! I couldn't be happier with the way they look at this point. Just waiting for skin to heal completely and for the breasts to drop a little. Overall im doing great!

Nipple numbness, when will sensation return?

Hi everyone, I am just wondering how long it usually takes to get back feeling and sensation to the nipple area because I have no sensation what so ever to both of mine. My procedure was on the 12th of this month, so I can understand that t might be early to get the feeling back, but I just want to have an idea as to how many of you have experienced or are experiencing the numb nipples, and or loss of sensation as well. Thanks!

Loving how they look in bras ????

So I just recently put on a sports bra for the first time and it literally almost brought tears to my eyes. I am so proud with how they look, and I put an old Calvin Klein bra from 5 years ago when I had smaller breasts, and just figured out that I am a Full C cup again! So happy

2 week update!

I am feeling great, I actually have been sleeping on my side and a lot more comfortably actually. I barely have any pain anymore, just swollen areas hurt if pressed on firmly. Other than that, I've been hiking, I can dance without pain, lift my arms up and around (due to the fact that I didn't have an anchor incision, just lollipop) but I have been getting quite a bit of rest, and taking a lot of vitamin C which helped me get to where I am healing wise. Mostly all of my stitches have dissolved, just waiting for the rest of the scabs to fall off, and what not. I still do not have any feeling to my nipples, as well as on the incision line, it's numb, and I'm just waiting on sensation to slowly come back. Other than that, I'm doing great! I go back to work this Thursday. Which means I booked 2 weeks off of work to recover, however, just keep in mind that it is different for everyone's body. But I recommend 2 weeks off of work to start. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :)

3 weeks strong!

I'm feeling great! But still waiting on sensation to the nips. Other than that, I can swim now, and dance! I can probably start running again within the next week, so progress is being made really quickly. My left nipple is a little bit swollen still, but it's getting better and I couldn't be happier. I know that inside still has a long way to go healing wise because that's the only thing that is sore, incisions are all closed up and scar is fading. I'll keep posting my progress. If you have any questions or concerns please by all means comment below! Thanks guys it really means a lot receiving love from you all. XX

Almost 4 months post

Sensation finally starting to come back into nipples. Scarring is taking time to fade, but everything is healing well. Feeling good.

5 months

Hamilton Plastic Surgeon

Like I mentioned in the review, Dr. Thoma is an amazing plastic surgeon with a relatively sophisticated, yet sweet bedside manner. He will answer any questions and concerns you have based on the procedure you are interested in. He will explain to you everything you need to know about the procedure you are interested in. He does not rush you, and generally cares mainly about the satisfaction of his patients. He makes sure to tell you everything you have at risk because it is within his duty to inform all patients on the possible outcomes of the surgery, for good, and for worse. Basically, I have nothing negative to say about this doctor. He is great, and I recommend him to anyone that lives in my area seeking a plastic surgeon.

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