Mother of 2 now happily a 30-F

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Borderline needing a lift I decided to go bigger...

Borderline needing a lift I decided to go bigger implants with no lift and got a pretty good result :) lets hope the girls stay like this for awhile without future lifting needed.
I originally was booked for 397 cc round cohesive gel implants and went with 421 cc round. I couldn't be happier! My stats are 5'3" 112lbs. The procedure and recovery was no where near as painful as I thought. By the second week I was driving and lifting my arms above head no problem.

This site helped with develop boob greed early on so I am quite pleased I uped my cc'. Thank you ladies for sharing your beautiful stories, you definitely helped me with my journey and I hope I can do the same.

8 weeks!! Love my husband for being so supportive in this journey

Well my ladies are almost 8 weeks and I can gladly say that for majority of the time they feel like they were always part of me. I still have a small mondors cord under my left breast which causes discomfort when I reach but nowhere near the pain I was feeling with multiple large mondors cords. I breasts have shrank a ton in size compared to what I was first week post op, which I can live with, I just hope to keep the upper pole fullness going for as long as possible. I went from a 32 E 4 weeks post, to a 32 DD in unlined bras.

3 month boobie anniversary!!

This whole experience has been wonderful! I don't regret anything about my decision to have a BA. Obviously with surgery there are ups and downs... And we all know with BA's it can emotionally draining but in my opinion it's all been worth it. I'm not a big talker so I'll just let my updated pictures do the talking...

Forgot the full frontal ;)

Almost 6Months but it feels like I've had them all along

Hi ladies, I haven't updated in awhile so I thought I might.. I'm in love love love, best decision ever was to have this augmentation. Looking back, I would have changed a few things now that I've been using my new additions a lot. First of all, I probably would have gone over the muscle,
Simply because I work out a lot and the look of the implant contracted is not all that appealing. And secondly I probably would have gone a touch smaller, as I am very petite but had a lot of loose skin from breast feeding I thought I needed a large implant to fill the void ( I did not have a lift ) seems as though the extra weight from the implant is weighing my breasts down a bit. I am also still feeling a bit less sensation in my nipples then I used to have but hopefully this all returns in a matter of a few months.
Needless to say I am still very happy and who knows- those changes might not have been any better.. Here's a few photos of my girls 6 months post op.

8 months post op!

Hello all my beautiful followers... I wanted to post an 8 month update as I feel I'm having some issues.

First, I'd like to say that I'm still absolutely in love with my upgraded girls and that I wouldn't change my decision for the world.
I am however having some minor issues that I'm not sure anyone can to relate to or not and if you can please please reach out to me as I'm feeling a bit frustrated and alone.

First issue is my muscle flex distortion. I'm physically active with two small children and I'm thin with little fat and thin skin so when I flex my impacts move into my armpits. And yes they are under my muscle because otherwise with my thin skin you would see a lot of ripple.

Second issue is my lefty, which is my dominant arm with the kids seems to have fallen a bit.... It's lower and moves more easily. When lying down it also moves into my armpit more so than my right. ( both still sink a bit to the sides) is this normal? Should I have had a lift to decrease loose skin? Or is it possibly the pockets within my breasts that are stretched? Any advice is appreciated...

Flex deformity driving me nuts!

Hello my fellow BA beauties! I have a love hate relationship with my new friends... One minute they look fantastic and bam!, when I flex they look distorted and hacked. In a world where I didn't need to lift a finger, I would not worry about this but with two small children at the pool... I'm lifting them constantly and this is all I can think of! I don't think hey my boobs look hot in this bikini top, I think oh my god I need to wear a tank top over this so no one sees them when I flex to pick the kids up or flex to move my beach chair... Hopefully when I meet with my PS tomorrow he has some advice. I wonder if I'm being too picky?
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