Tattoo Removal with YAG Q-switch laser

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Got a tattoo a few months ago, and haven't been...

Got a tattoo a few months ago, and haven't been happy about the placement since day 1. I even had the stencil places a few different places because I was unsure, but I didn't listen to my gut and went along with the original suggestion of tattoo artist and my friend. This tattoo is on the front of my bicep... And even though I like the tattoo, the placement bothers me so much that after 3 months I have moved forward with removal. I was really nervous about the pain and any scarring that may occur. Seeing all the pictures and stories online can be scary. I'm happy to say that on a scale of 1-10, my pain was between a 1/2. Not at all what I expected. 5 hrs after treatment I feel a little sore (but nothing bad) and see some red areas and my skin is a little raised around the tattoo. I will do my best to post updates. I go back in 8 weeks.

24 hrs after 1st treatment

So... It's been 24 hrs since my first treatment. I have been surprised at the LACK of pain, soreness, and blisters! After seeing so many pics of others that have huge blisters and red looking burns I was expecting much worse. I have been applying ointment every few hours and have felt no discomfort. I see some pinpoint bleeding when I apply pressure to rub in the ointment. Other than that I have no blisters, no discomfort, and no red or burned looking spots. I was even a little worried that maybe something was wrong, but after reading responses from others who had the same experience and doctors I see I'm not the only one and its normal. So I will stop worrying and just do my part by taking care of the area and watching for fading.

9 days after first treatment

It's been 9 days since my first treatment with the YAG q-switch laser. The area has not been sore at all. I have been keeping it moisturized with aquaphor ointment twice a day. A couple of the areas that are filled in look a little darker, but I've read this is part of the process and happens a lot after the first treatment. Some of the dot work shading is beginning to lighten up around the outside. Absolutely no painful or adverse effects such as blisters, burns, scabs, or itching.


Almost a month after my first treatment. The area is fully healed. No blisters, scabs, or puffy areas. I do see some fading, especially around the edges, but hard to tell in the picture. The lines are much lighter and some areas look more brown than the dark black I started with. Have my second session in 4 weeks... Hope to see some more fading before then!

Second treatment finished

I went for my second treatment today... The laser was turned up from 20 to 40... I'm not 100% sure of the specific settings and how it goes, but it was at a more intense setting. Again, my pain level was about a 1 or less. Not painful at all!! Not sure if it's just me or the numbing gel really works that well. I'm a little red, but not sore. No blistering or raised areas. I'm looking forward to another productive round of healing again. Hope to see some more fading this time around. I do not I e that my tat is a grayish color, not as black.

3 weeks post 3rd treatment

Finally getting around to putting up a few pics and giving an update. I went in for my 3rd session end of February. Again, the settings were bumped up, but I can say that I didn't feel much pain at all. I had the numbing cream applied for about 20 minutes before starting the procedure. I have noticed a lot of fading since the first treatment. The color is a much lighter brownish gray. No blistering... Just some raised lines (minimal) that went away after a couple of days. A little red and sore, but noting more than a sunburn. I have been pleased so far with how my tattoo is coming along. I see results and I'm so happy that my doctor isn't being too aggressive. I don't want to end up with a scar of my tattoo lol. Next session scheduled end of March.

Additional pic

I wanted to add a side-by-side pic of day before first treatment and a few weeks after 3rd treatment. I'm also happy it's fading evenly :))

Treatment 9

Sorry about the long break! I just wanted to check in and give a quick update about my process. I have completed treatment 9 and will be headed in for #10 in a few weeks. Although the process has been slow, there is tons of progress from when I started. I will say that this last round I didn't notice as much fading... I'm hoping to see more when I go back. I'm still happy that the tattoo has faded evenly and I have had no blistering or scarring. I have been researching the picosure laser thinking maybe I could finish up with. Couple treatments of that, but I'm a little nervous about potential scarring. Any advice from others is welcome!
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