26 Year Old Removal of 350 Cc Implants After 4 Years. Connecticut, CT

Hi everyone, First off, I love this site....

Hi everyone,

First off, I love this site. Everyone is so amazing and helpful. I've been reading a lot of your journeys and it's helped me decide to finally remove my 350 CC implants after four years.

I initially started out with 500 CC and immediately hated them. I never tried on sizers or knew what I was going to wake up with, until I did. My doctor told me to bring in pictures of females in bathing suits, bras, shirts, no shirts, etc. and he would get the "idea" of what I wanted. Now I know that is the worst thing a surgeon could do because all the females bodies were completely different than mine. I woke up with 500 CC and I weighed about 110 at the time. My boobs completely drowned the rest of me. I've been so self conscious and hate the attention my breasts give me.

After my initial surgery, I started working for a plastic surgeon and after talking to one of my bosses about my concerns, I went in for a second surgery to downsize to 350 CC which I've had the past year. I now truly know that breast implants do not make me happy and I'm excited to have them removed in 4 weeks.

I also have been doing a ton of research and I truly believe my implants have made me sick. I gained about 20 pounds within the first few months of my surgery and was diagnosed with Celiac disease about 7 months after my initial surgery.

I had breast augmentation surgery for the wrong reasons. I'm older, a little wiser, and realize breast implants are not me. I'm excited to wear cute little bras again and feel comfortable wearing tshirts instead of hiding in sweatshirts. It's been an awful feeling and I can NOT wait to feel comfortable and cute rather than feel like provacative 100% of the time!

I'll post pictures this weekend for my befores. I'll also post one picture of my initial surgery with 500 CC!

Any feedback and comments would be helpful! Thank you!


So I'm trying to get a hold of my before and after photos from my first augmentation surgery. I want to especially see my befores! I can't remember what I even looked like!

The office can't find them though! I'm so upset. The manager found the pictures I gave to the doctor that were the breasts that I liked (they called them my "wish pictures") so I had the manager send them to me and they were not my wish pictures!

Not to mention when I called to ask for my pictures, she asked why (which I thought was rude) and when I explained to her I was debating to do an explant, she said "oh that's strange". The nerve of her!

Frustrated and wanting my photos. I'm second guessing my decision to have them out so I need some reinforcement!

One week!

Hi lovely ladies!

ONE week until my surgery! And I couldn't be more excited. I never received my initial "before" photos to see what I looked like (since I do not remember!) but that's OK. I've accepted my body will do what it wants and I am meant to have the implants removed. I can not wait to feel better overall and even wear cute shirts I can not wear now with larger breasts. I've seen a lot of your stories and the younger and sooner you get them out, the better results, so it seems. I will post my before surgery photos later tonight!

I also received a comment from a lovely reader that really reinforced my decision to get them removed. I've been nervous and even doubting this surgery. I feel sexy with them in (at times) but realized I can feel sexy without them too! But as far as the health risks, having celiac, back and shoulder pain, inflamation, and more, I know this is the right move. I want to post the comment someone left me because it made me feel better about getting them removed!

"Lovely ladies, I belong to a couple of SEVERAL groups online for Breast implant illness... It's real, if you have gastro issues your body is in a state of inflammation, do some research, it increases our risk for cancers too... Sorry to be bringer of bad news but the earlier you get them out the less poisons from leaching thru the casings, and silicone casing itself breaking down, being stored on liver, brain, etc... You are so lucky just having celiac, but it shows me you'll get worse as time goes on, so don't think twice!!!... I'd say get outa there but it's a case of get them outa there!!...it's scary when you research!...dr Feng has done about 7,000 Explants and spearheaded much scientific research... make sure you get your capsules out too, they contain poisons your body's been trying to protect you from... Xxx love n hugs, it's not a walk in the park but so worth being free! Xxx"

Health definitely beats sexy. Will post photos later tonight! xO
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