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45y.o., no children, RNY 5/13/13, 150-lb loss with...

45y.o., no children, RNY 5/13/13, 150-lb loss with muscle building and body sculpting. I've consulted with Dr Scott Wrye in Reno, NV. We've planned Medial & Bilateral Thigh Lift, TT with muscle repair (lots of planks, cardio, HIIT and weight training means no lipo needed anywhere) and BA. No insurance; all out-of-pocket... I'm
Pretty sure it's gonna be worth it!

Day 2, CG off to clean and re-dress incisions

I came out of anesthesia like a champ. No nausea. No complications. I have 24/7 care; they are keeping me on med schedule. No pain, just a bit uncomfortable. Able to eat my protein and get my water in. Incisions are the white tape lines. I am soooooo happy!

Tips, tricks and gadgets.

1. Get a walker; it'll give you more stability.
2. Get a lifted toilet seat; it'll give you 2 handles and you won't have to sit as far down.
3. Get a shower chair (or use the lifted toilet seat.
4. Wear a sports bra; place your drain grenades in there to get 'em out of the way.

More Tips & Tricks...

Every day I learn a new trick.
I figured out to wrap the tubing within the fingers on one had; to avoid slippage and not need to squeeze my hand to keep the slippery from slipping.
Hold your "drain grenades" between you knees to free up both hands for washing hair and body.
Once out if the shower and while towel-drying, place your "drain grenades" on the vanity to free up both hands.

Day 7 - S.W.O.L.E.N.

Walked around the block, slow pace, 3mph, 20 minutes. My brain liked it. My psyche loved it. My thighs were pissed. Within 3 hours, even the leg lace of my CG was trying to hold in my bulging lower thighs. Check out the photo in blue flannels.
My groin and under-cheek scares are healing nicely. My drain holes are a bit inflamed. I'm in the CG for 23 hours-a-day. I can't figure out how NOT to pee on myself through that big ol' built-in hole in the crotch, so now I unhook and unzip every time.

I got a tip to hang my "Drain Grenades" from a lanyard while showering. It works like a charm.

I can't wait to see the tape measure after 3 months!

11-Day Update w/Videos

11-Day Post Op, right side

Explicit - Click to view

11-Day Post Op, left side

Explicit - Click to view

I've been trying to get these uploaded....

As of Day 11, my left side is very swollen as seen in the video. It's also not draining as much as the right. I've been compliant; no more walking for me. Been bed-bound. Next post-op with Dr Wrye is Tues 11/25.

11-Day Post-Op, new CG

It's progress, I think. The isavela (sp) CG was great the first week. The extra large "crotch hole" made it easy to not get undressed to pee. But, the seam of the opening started rubbing on a groin incision. OUCH!!! Now I have a scab. So, after my shower, I put on a new, smaller CG that I bought for myself for after care. Much better!!!!! No rubbing.

Day 16, 2nd Post-Op

Aahhhh man, I'm still draining more than 40CCs of liquid. He won't pull the drains till next Tuesday (22days.) Yeah, I'd rather not cause any complications, besides, he said I'm healing great. I'm bed-bound and staying off my feet. I get to go back to work part-time on Monday after Turkey Day. That was the plan all along. No walking (super light cardio) until 3 days AFTER he pulls the drains next week. He's all about the recovery!!!!! He did say I had the biggest saddlebags he had ever removed and he is super impressed with his own work and how my incisions are healing. In my opinion, he did his job as the doctor, and I'm doing my job as the patient. Best. Decision. Ever. Thank you Dr Wrye... You've made my world a better place!

Apples to Apples; Jul '12 - Nov '14

I did all the work to change the left-hand column into the middle column. Dr. Wrye did all the work to change the middle column into the right-hand column.

Week 4 - Drains Gotta Stay In

I went back to work PT this week. Doc says it's good as physical therapy, but I do swell up at night. Had 3rd post-op on Tuesday. He says my incisions look great (I can start using an over the counter lotion/moisturizer on the scares), but since I'm still draining 50+ on right and 70+ on the left, he's leaving them in another week. He doesn't want to remove them until Im under 20!!!!! Next post-op is Tuesday.

Doctor's Office "official" Pre-Op Photos

This photo really shows why I chose surgery!

Week 5, Day 1 - Drains pulled!!!'

Dr. W decided to remove my drains even though I'm still shooting out 50+. Since going back to work PT last week, all the new movement (up and down outta my truck, outta my office chair etc) has now made my drain holes super-duper sore, red and inflamed!!!!! He says it's super important to stay off my feet and stay in the compression garment. My next post-op is next Tuesday.
Reno Plastic Surgeon

Dr Scott Wrye is friendly, knowledgable and very talented. He allowed me to come in for multiple consultations as I had more questions. He listened to my wants/needs and gave his professional opinion to help me make my decisions.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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