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I have a fat transfer set for August 5th, I have...

I have a fat transfer set for August 5th, I have been seeing this doctor for over a year making sure he totally understood that I want to look like me and not some movie star wanna be with a pillow face ( Horrible experience with a horrible injector in Halifax). I am just here looking for some feedback and some people to talk to that have went through this procedure... I am REALLY hoping this will work for me.. The change I am looking for is so small, but means so much to me. Any advice or help would be appreciated. Thank you.

My wish pic!

This is
What I hope to regain, it's mainly through my cheeks ( I have always has year throughs and they don't bother me" I don't wanna look like a celebrity I want to look like me! Not what society deems beautiful, just me!

Finally done first transfer ;)

Well, it was a long road.. A lot of uncertainty , tears and some days even heart ache. I'm glad I did it and I I'll be adding fillers to augment a few places I want more volume ( fat is too unpredictable) and fillers seems to last YEARS, yes years in my face. Here I a pic :) my first one if before any transfer above.
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