Double Jaw Surgery - Halifax, NS

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My surgeon has suggested moving my lower jaw...

My surgeon has suggested moving my lower jaw forward and widening my upper jaw. I started my journey with braces in May 2014 and will be happy when it's all over. I'm terrified for my surgery date but I know it will be worth it in the end. My biggest fear is being unhappy with the shape of my face after surgery.

1 day post op

Surgery was for 4 hours starting yesterday at 7 am. Yesterday was tough but today it's getting easier. I'll post more when I feel up to it. I'm in the hospital for 3 nights so I'm sure I'll be bored!

post op day of surgery

pre surgery

To give an idea of what my face and profile looked like before braces. This is a year and a half of progress prior to surgery to correct my jaws.

one week post op!

This week has been really difficult, but I started feeling so much better yesterday. The biggest inconvenience is not being able to breathe well through my nose, but it's manageable. I'm finally getting my energy back although I've lost 13 lbs. I still haven't left the house besides walking my dogs along our large property (I get faint easily from lack of real food so I haven't left the yard!). I have a post op appointment with my orthodontist tomorrow to see how I'm making out. Not eating real food is the worst! My mom is a nurse and brought me IV fluids and I was on them everyday until yesterday.. I basically wanted to curl up in a ball and die. It's uphill from here now :) I attached a photo from yesterday. My swelling has gone down a bit. I'm bruised on my chin and neck but it's decreasing too.

Two weeks post op

I feel a MILLION times better this week. It blows my mind to think how far I've come already. I'm on my way to Halifax now for my post op appointment to get my elastics loosened. Looking forward to talking and starting to eat soft foods. I lost 25 lbs in two weeks.. scary! I'm weak but regaining energy day by day. I can breathe through my nose for the first time ever which is such a weird sensation! Good luck to anyone starting this challenging journey.. we will make it through :) I also chopped all my hair off last week - oops!

two weeks post op continued

Just saw my surgeon and got unwired and had the splint removed. I can talk! Feels sooo weird and foreign. I have loose elastics on now and will follow up in 7-10 days with my surgeon. Here's the xray photos.

One month post op

I feel like a million bucks.. talking normally, eating most of my regular diet besides raw veggies and tougher meats, and my energy is back. Here are some updated photos :) My surgeon said I'm recovering really fast compared to most. I'm so happy life is almost back to normal! Back to work next week.

6 weeks post op

Here's some 6 week photos! :)

comparison pictures

Before braces and post op. Sorry for quality - these were pics of a computer screen using my phone.

Nearly 5 months post op and free at last!

My surgeon said I healed insanely fast and he'll no longer need to see me. And after only 19 short months of braces, my orthodontist surprised me and took them off at Christmas! I'm over the moon and couldn't be happier. I get so many compliments on my new smile and look. Well worth it :)
Dr Reginald Goodday

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