After a 9lb Boy and 7lb Twins - It's Time For Me. Halifax, NS

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I am a 45 year old who is on a new path of fitness...

I am a 45 year old who is on a new path of fitness. My belly has twin skin and muscle separation although, doc says a mini tuck will do. I flip flop between excitement and fear. Less than a week, and I will be on the flat side. This week I continue to pound it at the gym and prepare all my necessities. Hiding this from family and most friends. Biggest fear is not waking up after surgery and I had a panic attack about it this week.

Mistake of Telling Two Friends

Two sleeps to go and yesterday my nerves were frazzled so I told a couple friends, expecting support. Instead, I got a lecture and comments as to how they would not choose risk at this stage in their lives. I went to bed upset, regretting the share. Second guessing my decision. I want to go into this with confidence. My husband is very supportive so that is my lifeline right now. If anyone here can offer any words of encouragement, I would be so grateful. I will share pictures soon.

Before Picture

Leaning forward a little and sucking in. Twin skin and muscle separation. Just want to feel goood in clothes again.

Easy To Hide To The Outside World

Here is a pic of me with my belly tucked in high waisted pants. No one would even know how much twin skin I am hiding - I am guessing this is why people do not understand. To them, I look great!

Today Is A Large Day

3:30 am. Middle of the night, and my surgery is today. Surprisingly, I am past the panic and a sense of quiet has set in. I tucked in my three boys last night, staying extra long with hugs and kisses. Hubby is working so I am going solo tonight. I hope to get back to sleep again here shortly. I will likely have to meditate so my thoughts do not take over. I picked out several outfits for today, changing my mind several times. Silly I know, but I thought the day deserved more than gym pants. I will be stylin in a pair of ultra stretchy black pants, a lace cammo, deep red button sweater and a pretty floral scarf. Haha. Okay friends, off to try and catch a couple of hours sleep. I leave for the city at 8am. Pre-op at 10. Surgery at 1. Recovery at 2:30. It is real and I have faith in a great outcome! ????

Almost At The Clinic

Will be there in a few minutes!! Posting a picture for myself :)

On The Flat Side and All Well!

I am in recovery. Woke up with lots of pain but meds kicked in. Okay now. I am dressed and soon heading out to the car. Nervous for tha! No nausea. Corrected 5" distiasis muscle. Had zero blood loss. Update more later.

Day 1

It's 1am and I am semi sitting in bed, with pillows all around me. Dilaudid is my friend. Here is a recap of my day. I entered the clinic, very teary and a little scared. The staff were amazing to ease my worries. Before I knew it, I was laying on the OR table and nurses were getting me prepped. Bingo. I was out. What seemed like two seconds, I woke but could not open my eyes. I could hear people talking. The pain was intense. I began a moaning type of breathing before they quickly rushed to give me pain meds. I heard them say I was vaegus?? That meant my pressure dropped and I could feel myself on the verge of passing out. The meds kicked in soon after and the pain was becoming tolerable. I started shaking and trembling. Normal when coming out of anestetic. Every minute I felt better. I was worried. Thinking, there's no way I am gonna be able to leave this bed. But, they let me rest and in an hour, i was able to get dressed and stand for a minute. Then i got dizzy and had to lay back for another twenty minutes. All baby steps. My friend drove me to her home her, along with her son, walked me inside. I had chickem broth. No nausea. Slight pain. I went to pee on my own and even changed my tampon. I got my period three days prior. So. For the last eight hours, i sat on the loveseat and talked and chatted and laughed and joked. It was a great night. I peed three times with no issue. I did the stairs twice with no issue. I have a bit of weird stuff in my drain but its just in the line. I am wondering if this is the honeymoon period. I am on top of my meds. Taking them as instructed. Scared to go back to that painful place. So. Here I am. My friends have all gone to bed. I am wide awake. Not sleepy at all. Feeling good. Pray this continues. I will however, take it easy and rest as per doctors instructions. Ask me any questions. I am happy to share my review.

Two Days After Surgery

I am two days in and doing well. Last night, I slept sitting up in my love seat. I woke several times with back and neck pain. Missing my bed. The Dilaudid was giving me some pretty strange dreams and images so this morning, I switched over to Advil and Tylenol only. So far, so good. No pain. Just discomfort. My period should stop today or tomorrow so that is also good. I can stand and sit now without assistance and have learned how to move while keeping my abs totally relaxed. I have shifted to using my legs and arms to do everything. Once I figured that out, moving around became much easier. So, last night I emptied my drain. Only about a teaspoon. Is this typical? I have a post op appointment on Tuesday to have the drain removed. I still haven't seen the results and am in no hurry to see. I am tightly wrapped and in the binder. Last night I had my first bowel movement. Liquid magnesium was my friend and I had no issues. I did have a bit of cramping and passing lots of gas but no pain. So far, I am doing well. I continue to rest and eat well and drink water. I have not consumed any sugar, dairy or grains. I am eating protein and chicken broth only. This is definately serving me well. I hope I can stay off the Dilaudid now, although will take it again if feeling any pain.

3rd Night PO - Rough Night

Last night was the most challenging so far. I was having a hard time with my neck and back, sleeping in a sitting position. I tried to sleep in my bed with pillows all around. It was taxing to even get in. So at med time, I couldn't raise myself high enough to drink the water and a pill got stuck in my throat. I was trying to wake my husband to help me but I lost my breath and twisted my torso. Eventually I was able to call out and he rushed to my side but by this time, I was sobbing. Throat burning from the pill and abdom hurting a lot. He helped me to the couch and left me with lots of pillows and he went back to bed, after reassuring him I was fine. I let myself have a cry and self talked - tomorrow will be better, I said. So, I semi laid back on the arm of the couch for a couple hours and then made my way to the lovesest for a bit. My hips slash back areas are really tight and sore now. Regretting not getting a recliner. It would have helped me significantly. So this morning, I am in better spirits. Heating pad on lower back. The coffee is good. I won't even try the bed tonight. It took the good out of me. I will embrace the loveseat and work to keep my neck supported and heating pad on. So. That's where I am. Still no overall pain and just taking Advil and Tylenol. It's the trying to get comfortable for sleeping is my greatest challenge.

4th Night PO

Last night, I managed better than night 3. I didn't try the bed or, put myself in any positions where I would require assistance. I kept it simple, camped out in my living room, shifting from the couch to loveseat and chair. Again, working all night to make a comfy nest. I did manage about five hours' sleep, so that is good. I do feel tired but more mentally stable than yesterday. I also feel the getting in and out of chair/couch is easier. Not as uncomfortable when I slight turn. There is a light! This morning, my thoughts have changed significantly. Instead of "living in my head about what I am dealing with", I am thinking positively about future plans, holiday ideas and such. I puttered around the kitchen and saw my kids out the door, as they ran to the bus stop. Feel this is a good step forward :). Tomorrow, I go see the doctor for a post op appointment. Looking forward to getting the drain out. I did wash my hair last evening as well. Leaned forward over sink and used hand held spout. Husband helped get all the soap out. Then, I sat on a chair and dried my hair, even curling it a bit. So, good things are coming and I still cannot believe I did this. It was and is emotional in many ways. I have absolutely no regrets.

Post Op Appt Pics Coming Tomorrow

In the meantime, here is a pic of me upright and sucking it in. Not sucking in, I have a beach ball and look pregnant. Been sucking it in for ten years. Will it be possible to relax now? May take a mental adjustment.

The Results Are In!

First post-op appointment today. I was nervous. The nurse gasped when she took off the bandages. I said, WHAT??? She said, it looks amazing! I was so excited to look! Smooth skin and the wrinkly stuff is gone! Mind you, I am swollen and laying back here but I got a glimpse of what is to come! So happy! AND, she pulled out thay drain with absolutely no pain! Wow. Feeling giddy with happiness. So happy I did this. I even had two glasses of wine afterwards. Went to a restaurant to celebrate. All great. :)

Collage of Before and 5 Days After

Six Days Post Op - First Shower

Best day so far! Managed to shower and remove my binder to wash. I am wearing a spanks but miss the binder - reassurance maybe. Took a couple progress pics.

9 Days Post Op - Really Overdid It!

On day 6, I felt soooo good that I attended an important sporting event for my kid. I tried to hide it from everyone, walking normal and upright. I took video and pictures, sitting on a hard chair. By the end of night, I was crying and shaking with sharp pains in my incision. Really not smart of me!!! It set me back days. Now, I have upped my meds and just resting on the couch. I also feel a bit down - sad and with tears. The restriction is hard. I am supposed to return to work in three days but really am unable at this point. Learn from my experience and be careful with doing things, when you are still early in and if you get a burst of energy. I will take it easy from here on. It is not worth any risk.

10 Days PO - Progress Pic

It has been a tough couple of days but this progress pic makes up for it. I can see the potential for next summer. Can't give up.

13 Days Post Op - Where Is My Progress?? :(

I haven't progressed in about a week now. Ever since I overdid it, pain behind my incision on the right side. I am still on the couch and not driving. I feel depression creeping in and it's not nice. I was approved to work from home for the week but even that, is hugely taxing. I called the clinic today and they said I need to rest and up my meds. They said it sounds like a stitch pulling and likely muscular. It alleviates when I lay down. The incision looks really good and no oozing. So. Not an emergency rather, I need to rest and rest and rest. Husband is cranky these last two days. He is carrying the load of our home and three boys. The house is a mess and he cannot keep ontop of it. I suggested we hire a housekeeper but he is not onboard with that. Well. All I can do is rest and pray ny healing comes soon. It is not easy. For me, the first several days were easiest. This two week PO issues are worst.

15 Days PO & Pics

Still healing slowly. I managed to shower and take a few pics tonight. I see my mini tuck only targeted the lower abs - wrinkly BB when leaning forward but I am very okay with this natural look. If I am having a challenge recovering from a mini, I cannot imagine how difficult the full would be. I just need to get over this hump and heal. I think I am very satisfied with my result so far.

Before & 15 Days PO

A side by side for comparison.

19 Days Post Op - Revelations

I have been thinking about my slow healing path. Doc says my issue is muscle pain. Nurse said it is muscular. Others have posted about muscle spasms, etc. I am analyzing muscle...since my lower and cannot perform, all interconnected muscles pick up and work double time - back, hip, upper abs (in my case), etc. If these muscles are not healthy and performing well, this could cause delayed healing in the stitched muscle, as some of the work is pushed back - forcing the ab to not rest and heal. Well, when I get this pain, it does start in behing my incision but then I feel it in my lower torso and brings me to my knees. I haven't seen progress in a week. So, I have determined that it is possible, my bulky compression garment may be inpacting all of my torso muscles. Last night, I slept without it and did very well. I woke up this morning with no pain! Could this be my ticket? I have ordered three new garments and hope they fit better. I also read a post, someone saying how important it is at this stage to walk straight and breathe nice and deep. Go for little walks. Resume all regular basic body functions. Well. I wasn't doing that, due in part to my binder and in part to fear. Fear of pain. I have been horizontal, shallow breathing, tense and anxious, stuffed into this garment. Today, I will work gently to walk tall and breathe, relax my body, take compression breaks every couple of hours (until the new ones arrive). Well, this is a long post but I have a feeling it is very relevant.

19 DPO - Incision Pic

Three Weeks Today!

Post op appointment went well yesterday. I am finally seeing a light. The pain has subsided significantly since switching garments. I am swollen of course as the new garment is not nearly as tight but I managed to squeeze into a new bathing suit. I can't wait to work out and further sculpt my body. Getting excited again. :)

Four Week Update

So tomorrow I am officially four weeks post op. I am feeling slightly better each day. Awelling has definately set in. It is sooo tight feeling. I worked a full day today but went to my car for a heated seat lay down for thirty minutes. It really helped. I am treating my scar now with gel. Also off the meds again today - first day since my relapse. So, there is a light for sure. Snapped a couple pics this am.

Five Weeks Post Op

Today is my five week mark and I am still healing slowly. I get exhausted easy and still having aches and pains when doing anything beyond laying around or sitting. I am eating terrible from sitting around so much and still feel a little down. The deeper depression has lifted so that is good. The restriction is still tough. I was such an active person and in the gym every day. I decided to try the treadmill a couple days ago, for a walk. I was spent after ten minutes. Now I feel I have done too much again and been on the couch for the last two days. I am just a slow healer in this and need to stay patient. It is definately tougher than I anticipated but have no regrets. I will try to get some updated pics soon.

6th Week Update

Swelling is going down a bit however, my bad eating habits are catching up with me. Feel puffy all over. I am still healing and exhausted every day. I cannot work out or walk more than ten minutes. I sneezed and felt a big pop inside! Freaked me out. Did I pop a stitch? No pain so I don't know. I took some bathing suit pics for fun. It lifted my spirits. Bathing suits were in my closet that I have never worn in public. Now I can!

Hubba Hubba!!

Tried on lingerie!! First time in ten years!! Hubby is estatic :)

Back In The Gym!

So excited! Did a real workout and it feels good! Feeling so nice in my gym clothes now. No more tuckey in the belly!!!! Yay
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