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Hey, I just lost 95 lbs and my boobs have deflated...

Hey, I just lost 95 lbs and my boobs have deflated.I have always been busty but now they are droopy. I am going to post photos when time for surgery gets closer. I am 49 yrs old a mom of 3 and grandma of 7. I am terrified of pain and really skeered for this surgery. I am only skeered of the pain afterwards so I hope I can have sucess with very little discomfort. All my life people viewed me as the strong one who was tough. Well I am not tough and strong I am skeered and and feeling vaunerable. I am hoping writing this blog will keep me occupied and help others who may feel this was too!! :)


June 14th 2013 and my tummy gets upset everytime I think about or view photos for Breast reduction. I am so skeered and feeling sick about this but I know I have to do it. My back and neck will love it and I will finally be able to wear tank tops with out the big ole bra and indents on my shoulders. Ughh!!! Hope this feeling goes soon!

Blaaaa day

Well this morning I woke and been thinking about my operation all night. Not good thoughts either. I called my clinic and they want more money to do my back fat that is over the bra. This sucks as I dont have more money so look as if I will have to lose weight. Not that I didnt already know I needed to lose 20 more lbs. I have said I wanted to lose 20lbs since I gotten my date and I put 3 more lbs on instead. I really need to up my game. My wellness coach has been trying to help me but I keep getting into the banana bread and carrot cake ughhh!!! Life in the day of a baker I guess !! Well lets hope today Is a Positive day for me.

One more sleep

I don't know if I will sleep tonight or not. I am so excited to get this surgery but I am so skeered. I just prepped all my foods for the weekend in case I don't feel we'll or can't get around good. I just need to remove nail polish and have a shower. Tomorrow is my day for new perky boobs and I am super excited as well... After all these years ( 37 ) of having boobs they are going to go to a b 38 cup !! Right now I am a dd 38 while I am recovering and not going to the gym I have food meal plans in place. I will do walking as soon as I am allowed . And what ever else I can to lose my last now 30 lbs. I have put on 22 lbs since last Sept. ugh !!! Can't believe I let myself do that after my struggle of losing 95... So back on the wagon and new boobs !!! I love my life.. I keep saying I am posting photos but never got around to it... I had my befores done last night with clothing and with out so I will post when I get my afters done and I will promise to try to post more on here !!! Hope all the peeps I was following are doing well !

Peace out !

Before Photos !

I promised and now here they are !


Todays The Day.

Well tried to sleep in this morning but it wasnt happening for me. Nothing to drink or eat since 11pm last night and it is now 9:30am... Surgery is at 1pm and I am starving... NOt even allowed a sip of water .... Anyway very nervious and fidigity.... got to have a shower and find loose clothing to wear..Guess I should go putt around the house untill it is time to leave.... Talk to you all as soon as I can get online !! :)


6 hoursost op.

Going into surgery I was nervous and tone nurses here were awesome with me. I been so comfortable and felt reassured. After getting some oxygen in the mask they told me meds in the iv would begging to work... Yup they did .... I woke to be a bit groggy yet comfortable.. The nurse asked me if I was in pain n I said nope not at all !!! She put ice on my boobs which helped with the warm feeling I was having...

Then she gave me more meds and I was out again... After about an hour of this I was awake and taken to my room... Had to get up to go pee and the nurse followed me everywhere LOL she was awesome !!!

Hubby came to see me and made me popcorn and brought me a Carmel frap. From Starbucks... Non fat of course... Now I am sitting up in my hospital be ( private hospital ) waiting for big brother to come on....

All my worries are gone and I will stay close to my meds so I will feel this awesome for the next day or so... I will do a photo tomorrow when I get home !!

Bandages come off on Monday and I can shower then as well... For now sponge bathes it is !!! I can see a difference already !!!! Feels awesome !!!!

First day of post op...

Well woke this morning and still feeling wonderful. I got up n dressed and my smaller boobies are right up there my shirt looks awesome... Yes still have bandages on but feels n looks great already.... A bit of tingling just before my med time but again nothing to complain about..

24th hour

So it's been almost 24 hours and I still feel great. Was out to shop a bit and still feel great ! Bandages come off on Monday can't wait to see my new boobies !!! * giggles*

Day 2

This morning was also good. My meds were to be taken at 6 am but I just took Tylenol ... No pain but I feel nausea ...I took a gravol and its dinner time so having a grilled cheese with celery n almond butter. Trying to pick at the bandages and loosen them but they are stuck so bad... How can I get them off with out tearing at my skin so much !!! I can tell my boobs are perky as they are right up there but I still feel BIG... Hope the swelling goes away soon !! Lol ...all in all still finding it easy to get dressed n washed and out shopping !! :)

Day 2 evening

Wasn't feeling well earlier... Guess I should have stayed home and had rest instead of out shopping...

Trying to pick at the bandages as they are pulling my skin. I will never get it off lol... Des anyone else have this issue of real sticky bandages taped all over them? It's like big band aids and hurts to get off !!!!

Oh and feeling a bit better now that I had a nap !! :)

Lost track of days but I think day 4

Today I took the bandages off. Only took me about 2 hours to peel all the tape off. Was stingy to my skin but didn't hurt the incisions. After the tape was all peeled back I only had some gauze coverings and it came off easily. I was shaky and nauseated. I took a gravol right away as not knowing what I was going to see was skerry for me.. I know I know I looked at lots of photos on here and should have known what to expect but I am a big anyway now the gauze is off and I payed there looking at my nipples being right where I wanted them.... They seem so small and perky I love them... I still have swelling as you can feel the hardness on my sides... I had a shower keeping my in elisions covered with a face cloth as not to get myself to much in a panic. Felt good to get showered !!!! I patted dry and used two thick pads to cover the incision under the sports bra area... I feel comfortable and so can not wait till I am fully healed... So far I am satisfied but still have my concerns !!

Bandages off

So here are the photos 4 days post op.. Still swelled n bruised but feeling good.

No sleep.

Here it is the third night in a row and I can not sleep. I am not sleeping in the day either. I been home taking it easy doing a few things in the house but nothing strenuous ... I go to bed around 11 pm and by 3 am I am wide awake ... So annoying ... I am in no pain and off the strong meds..I still take Tylenol every 6 hours. This prolly has nothing to do with my surgery though No pain feeling good, and starting to be able to notice my results.... !!! My stiri tape is falling off ??? Kinda soon in my thoughts as I and not even a week out yet.. I think I might renew it ! Had a few showers now and it kinda stings a bit... Never had any real pain just a stingy itchy feeling hut if I hold my hands on me it subsides.

1 week 1 day

..... This has been so easy for me it is skeery..yes I was nervous and skeered to get this done, yes I wanted this for years.... I ended up with a tooth ache the day after my surgery and it was hell. I went to the dentist and got put on pennisillian sucks to be in so much pain and not enjoy this operation I paid so much for..yes had to pay for it myself as there was a 3 year wait list in my providence and I was 1 1/2 years into weightless so I was feeling miserable after hearing from the doc. I still hear his words..." Haley lose 10 more lbs and come see me in sept and we will get you on the list" I cried all the way home. My hubby said shhhh we will just pay for it and have it done... I thought about that option for a week then made the appointment.. A week later I had my date.. Aug. 1 st 2013!!!!

Now here I am tooth ache and yet grateful that my operation was a success... When I stand up and look I see my nipples ( before they looked at the ground )... I can cup them in my hand and feel happy that they are not hangy.

I am also very grateful for this site to help me along with all the other stories. It made me feel normal and helped me expect things , and look for thing that could happen but didn't. I know I feel the same as a lot of other brave wonderful woman on here.. Wouldn't it be wonderful if some of us could meet in real life !!!!
I will post the details of what was taken from each breast and my markings photos as soon as I Re see my surgeon !!!!


I find I been getting tired easily lately... Maybe it's just the meds I have taken for the upcoming root canal..ugh huh yes gonna get a root canal on Monday but on the other hand my boobsare healing well... Some of my stiri tape has come off and the line is looking very good. I replaced the stiri tape with new cause I am skeered I will fall open lol... Sowers are getting easier as well.. Oh had a broken shoulder so showers were a little more difficult for me.. I am skeered to get soap on the incision though so I just let the water flow over me.. My boobs seem to be more jiggly and sensitive as well... When I drink cold water I seem to feel a cold rush in my I crazy?.... So weirded out by this. The ceiling fan has to be off before I can get dresses as they get cold and nipply... Once they are covered they are fine !
Going to do more photos but haven't had a dull moment lately !! So excited to have had this done !!!

2 weeks

Well 2 weeks in and I feel awesome about my boobs when I am not in a sports bra they look so tiny and perky !!! In the sports bra I wear maxi pads to cover the incisions on the bottom. Most my stiri strips have come off and it looks great with out them but.... Yes me the skeery cat had to renew a few to feel secure....still a bit of itchiness once in a while but not bad as it was.. I get to see my surgeon next week for my 3 week. Asked how much they took out of each and was told 300cc and 285 cc... Not really sure what that Means....but that's what I was all in all healing has been pretty simple.. I will post photos one i have all stiri tape off next week. !!

Stitch sticking out

Today I go for my 3 week post op appt. I am a bit skeered again as I hate to undress and have him touch me cause I flinch at every little thing. I just want to be left alone but yet I need to know if my healing is the way it should be. I feel fine and it all looks fine except for one spot that has a bit of light yellowish goo... Ewe right !!! Also the one stitch which sticks out of my skin near the end of the incision closest to my arm pt area... Hope this is normal..

I am still having itchy stingy once in a while but not that bad if I place my hands on them... Fitting into my b cup sports bra very well nothing hanging over .. :)

So glad I was prepared.. My shopping list to start was 6 sports bras, maxi pads for cushioning on the bottom of my incisions and gauze to cover over my nipples. Polysporn original and stiri tape.

The maxi pads were awesome and comforting also helped with my skeered ness of the sports bras tearing up my incision lol...I am such a baby.
Gauze was for my nipples as they were extra sensitive to everything touch & coolness this helped my comfort level as well.
Polysporn was to be put over the stiri tape after my shower ( every second day). This helped them to peel off easy and not tear my skin.

So today I will get a new cream to apply from the PS.. Prolly costly but I will report back.. I also hope to have my photos back today of the markings and maybe I can get energy to to my 3 week ones as well !!! Hope this is good info for everyone going to have this done.

3 week photos

Well i am late posting this but was way busy. Last Thursday the 21st day of Qugust My PS cleared me for running and lifting. He says I have healed very well and I will see him again in Nov for a follow up !

Myself am pleased but wished my chest was up higher as i still feel I need a lift in which for now a bra will have to do it. The photos make them look bigger then thay are but I need to show my progress in case I get to help someone else along in their journey. If you look closely you will notice I have a stitch sticking out and he says it will desolve over time , I have it in several spots and it picks on my sports bras.
I havent started to wear real bras yet because I still am pampering myself LOL... I still wear maxi pads for extra protection as well... Anyway here are the 3 week photos as promised !!

Oh ya and as far as the stiri tstrips LOL I had a few on at the appt and he told me they would do me no good at all now.... bahahaha he said I wont break apart.. He also asured me when I sneezed and held my boobs that my nipples were not going to pop out !!

5 weeks

Well I love that I don't have back pain and that I am healing very nicely but I hate the position of my nipples. I feel they are to far to the side. I feel I am still to large. Not having a good me day maybe but just not happy with my results today.

5 mths post

Hey everyone, it's been 5 months and I get little pains that feel like something in there pulling. I just hold the boob that the pain is in and it goes away. My scars are healing very well. During my recover I have gained 25 lbs... This part sucks... I am now back on track and going to drop the weight once n for all !!! I will take a photo at 7 mths post !! That's for following !!
Dr. Louis Boileau

Dr Boileau makes me feel confident that I will be happy with the results. He is very kind and gentle ! He didn't seem to stay in the same room with me for long. I feel dis satisfied with the results. Maybe he didn't hear what I was asking for very well... Anyway the money is paid and I have to deal with ugly breast till I can afford to go to a different surgeon. As of 5 weeks post op I am not feeling like I got what I wanted.

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