I have boobies!!

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Hello! I know it's going to be a few months...


I know it's going to be a few months before I get my procedure, but I just had to tell SOMEONE! I'm scheduled for the 19th of December, and I can't wait! If it wasn't for classes, I'd move it up to this month in a heartbeat.

I'm a 23 year-old student who has always been moderately flat-chested. I have nice breasts (shape/symmetry etc), but I've always wanted larger. The women in my family are all DD+, and I think the expectation of getting large breasts made me disappointed when I stopped at a B. I'm 5'7, wearing a 30D double push-up (but I wear a 32B unlined bra at home), and I want to be a full D or maybe a DD.

I've had my consultation and have 100% decided I'll be going with smooth, round silicone implants, and I'm waffling between 275 and 300 cc's. I'll post some pics of each when I do my second "rice test" in a few days, and a before photo or two!

So grateful I found this site, reading everyone's reviews has made it so much easier for me to accept doing this and its helped me realize that it's OK to want to change a part of me in this way. I got my ears pierced, right? Implants are just another mod.

Only a few days later, and I'm freaking out about size!

Hello again!

I didn't expect to be back on here until I had my next piece of news for the surgery, but I'm having a worry meltdown!!

I've been struggling with size, as it seems many people do. I really want my chest to look natural, but be fuller. I model, and I already have an extensive portfolio, so I really don't want it to be *bam* in-your-face that I got them done. I've been using every push-up trick in the book for years, so I don't think a bit of an increase will be noticed, but I'd still like to avoid going from moderate (pushed up/padded) breasts to massive. Day-to-day I've been wearing a LaSenza double push-up (same as VS, their baby sister company in Canada) for four years, so I don't think anyone in my immediate circle will really notice, but then again they'll already know.

I've been struggling with the water test. I'm getting Silicone, I know that for sure, and I know I'm going under the muscle. When I do the water test no matter what size I use they look HUGE! I know they won't be that big after I get surgery, but I'm getting really intimidated. I've found that with the water test, 350cc is the max I'd want to go (keeping in mind that it'll be 20% smaller, which I'm ok with), but I want to make sure that I don't end up going too small as well. When I started I was deciding between 275 and 300ccs, and now I'm up to 350 already!

I want to speak with my surgeon about this, but we're 3.5 hours apart (He's in the next province, which can make things difficult as I work full-time). The consultation was fairly short, he explained the risks and my options, took some measurements, and I got a quote. I didn't expect more than that really (that's what all my friends had had for theirs), but after reading everyone's reviews on here, I'm wondering if maybe I was rushed? We didn't look at sizers or anything, but then again my surgery is in December. I'm figuring out when I could go see him in the next few months, because I really want to make sure that I'm getting what I pay for.

Ugh, so frustrating!!

Back again! Time for some pictures.

Thought I'd post some photos! As you can see in my before picture, I have wide boobs (I can fit a D in cup width), but they have no projection at all (I fill out an A cup). I've posted some wish boobs too! As you can see from the ones I found, I'm not looking for a huge difference, just a lot more volume and more projection. I don't want my nipple placement to change if possible.

Do you ever wonder...?

Here's another wish photo to motivate myself.

Lately I've been having ups and downs about surgery. Does anyone else get this? I'm excited for surgery, but at the same time I'm really worried that they'll come out a way that I don't like and I'll be upset that I ruined my chest. I mean it when I say I like how my chest looks right now (minus lack of size), so I'm scared that I'm being greedy and will end up ruining something that really doesn't look bad.

On the other hand, in my head I've always known that I wanted to get them done, and I know that lots of people get them done and they turn out just fine. My surgeon is great at what he does and I have friends who are really happy with their results, so I know that I'm probably being ridiculous. Either way, I'm going through with it as I've put down too much money to back out! (thank-god, it's about time I did this). I kind of wish I would have decided to do this in the summer so that I didn't have all this time to sit and think while I wait! The three weeks after my consult I couldn't wait to get them done!

I think another thing weighing on me is my modeling. I know a tonne of other girls who have gotten their chest done and whose modeling careers have gone awesomely afterwards. I also know girls who got greedy and went too big, and they limited themselves to certain looks. I'm not doing this for my modeling at all, but I'm really worried that they'll look too fake and I'll stop doing photoshoots (I don't want to go the route of car washing and teenie tiny microkinis. There's nothing wrong with people wanting to do that, it's just not my thing).

Boo, cold feet suck. Has anyone else gone through this?


Hey all!

It's been a while since I posted. After freaking out about all the things that could go wrong and whether or not I was doing something bad, I decided to take a break for a week and not think about it at all/look at anything to do with it, and I was suddenly excited again!

I've done some playing around with sizing, and I think 300cc is what I'm going to go with. I have another appointment with my PS on October 9th, and I'm hoping he'll have some suggestions about profile. I'm thinking moderate will probably be fine for what I want.

I've posted some new pics! I went out and bought a bra to play around with sizes (unlined 32DD), so I took a picture of what I look like with that naturally (which is pretty funny). Next is a picture of me with 250cc sizers in, and the next is with a tank top over that. I'm really happy with how the 250cc sizers look, but of course the implants will look smaller when they're placed, so I think 300cc is good.

I've started getting money nervous, but I think I'll be all right. I've got half of them paid off already (yay! one boob!), but the second one is proving harder to get the finds together for. I'm sure I'll be fine, it's just that expenses keep coming up (weddings, car problems, etc).

Sorry for the break in posting, I'll have another one posted after my appointment on the 9th!!

Had my sizing consult!

Whew! Thank-god for that!

I'm happy to report that after speaking with my PS again, I feel 100% more at ease than I did before. I voiced all my concerns, and made sure to ask him what HE would "put on me" before voicing what I'd played around with in my head. He said anywhere between 200-350, so I breathed a sigh of relief! I'm slotted for 325cc Mod+ Silicone unders at the moment. After going for the sizing I had asked for 350's, but after thinking about it I changed it (they called later to let me know that I'd feel "tight" after 350's for a while) to 325, which I've been thinking of as my "magic number" anyways. I'm waiting to hear back from my PS about whether or not they will look natural on me, and if he thinks they'll be too round I'll likely go down to 300ccs. I've seen some people with stats similar to mine who went less than that and looked amazing, so I wouldn't be too worried. I'm going to try to stick with 325 if he says they'll look fine, though.

I asked him about timing, and apparently I can go back to work in a week, back to light workouts in three, and back to full workouts after our post-op consult. He also said that I can sleep however I'm comfortable, but that I'd probably feel pain until about a week out, so my back would be best to avoid that. It was nice to know that I wouldn't ruin the pocket/healing if I accidentally woke up on my side, though. I've tried sleeping propped with two pillows the last few days (I usually use one flat one), and I'm finding that I actually don't hate it that much. I may add another pillow the week before surgery so that I can get used to it before I'm in full body pain.

Otherwise, I've been keeping an eye on the reviews here, and all of you are so helpful and are giving so much good information and many positive vibes! I thought I was going to be very alone through this, but I think (even though I'm not very talkative here) that I'll be all right as long as I'm active here.

Wishing everyone great results and speedy recoveries!

Surgery Tomorrow!

So, surgery day has finally arrived (well, tomorrow), and I have to say I'm not really feeling any of the excitement that most people seem to. I don't really think this has anything to do with the surgery, just a crazy exam season has left me feeling blah. I don't think this is a bad thing though, I'm not excited, but I'm also not nervous. I AM feeling sad that its my last night with my small breasts...I do like how they look and I'm still hoping I don't ruin them. I don't think I'm going to post pics from days 1-3, I'm supposed to keep the bandages on until then, so I'm not going to tempt fate and look at the frankenboobies too soon.

I finished my pre-op shopping and have my list! I bought:

- A body pillow, an extra pillow, and a lower back support pillow,
- Post-op bra, zip-front.
- Bio oil
- Senokot (Laxatives)
- Ice packs
- plugs for my piercings
- antibacterial body-wash
- books from the library (not bought, but whatever!)
- Boost (I'm not sure how much I'll be eating)
- Pill sorter

I still have to get silicone scar sheets (will do later as I won't need them for a while), and a container for the car (in case I puke). If anyone else has suggestions, please pass them along! I'll try to update when I'm on the other side! :D

I have boobies!!!

I did it!

Surgery was at 11:45 this morning, and I'm feeling great. I had a super bad case of cold feet last night and this morning, but now that it's over I'm super happy. I don't feel like I could run a marathon or anything, but I'm not feeling terrible either.

I had 325cc Mentor silicone implants, round, smooth, and through a crease incision under the muscle (I believe dual plane). They look a little small, but to be honest I'm happy about that. I'll get them larger when I need to get them switched out, so these are kind of my "training-wheel boobies". I'm not excited about not showering until Saturday, but I can deal. Not bathing for a few weeks will definitely be the hard part! I really love my baths...

I'll post a full run-down of my surgery experience later, once my brain isn't so flighty.


I realized that I forgot to give a shoutout to my BFF and Fiance, who have been super supportive and have made sure that I'm comfortable and well looked after. They came with me for my shopping, read through all the info I sent them, and had their own post-op questions. I definitely wouldn't have felt nearly as good about this if they hadn't been there for me. They were even there though my cold feet and have assured me that my guilt over the money and the supposed selfishness was ridiculous.

I love them dearly, and hope that everyone can have people so supportive with them!

Good luck and speedy recoveries everyone!
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