So Soon! 5'8, 130lbs - Halifax, NS

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The big day is only 2 sleeps away now and I can't...

The big day is only 2 sleeps away now and I can't wait! I have been driving my roommate and boyfriend both crazy with boob talk so I figured I would find another outlet and hopefully help someone out along the way! I know how much reading everyone else's reviews has helped me to feel as prepared as possible.
I'm 20 years old, about 5'8 and 130lbs. I have known that I wanted this for quite awhile. I am a fitness addict and my breasts have been the one part of my body that I've never been happy with. I remember waiting and waiting for them to grow and I finally accepted that it's just not going to happen. I am currently a 34A. Where I put so much time and effort into my body, I have decided to allow myself to do this now. Some may think that I should wait until I'm older and money is a little less stressful, however I am confident in my decision and have worked out the money situation. I know that not everyone understands it, but I am extremely lucky to have a very supportive group of people who I have been able to tell (boyfriend, mother, father and a couple friends).

The consult:
My initial consult was way back in mid December. By the time I got there I had already done quite a bit of research and had a good idea of what I wanted. I felt extremely comfortable with the surgeon as soon as I met him. He took his time explaining the procedure, possible complications, what would happen if they occurred etc. He basically answered all my questions before I had to ask them and then took some measurements.
We decided that round, smooth cohesive gel implants under the muscle were the best option for me.

The one thing that surprised me was that he did not suggest that I try the sizers. He said that he found that doing the rice or water test was a good place to start and that once I had an idea of the grams of water or rice that I liked (in a ziplock baggy in a bra that I would like to fit it) that I should contact them and that he would tell me if it was within my range. I knew from the start that I wanted a size that wasn't going to be overly big, and would like to end up a full C.
Long story short I went to Walmart and bought a cheaper 34C, and tried the water test. Let me tell you I ended up soaked! Thankfully I had a food scale so I was able to weigh the water (when I finally had two baggies that didn't have holes and was able to get the same amount in both!). It was kind of hard to picture as boobs, but in the end I came up with 370 something. The lady who manages the surgeries at the office had told me to round it to the closest 25 (so 375) and that that would approximate the CCs of an implant. I emailed with that number and she responded that based on my body, the PS said that he would be comfortable doing either 350CC mod plus profile implants or 375 CC in the high profile implants. I did some research on the implant types and looked at every picture on the internet... I am pretty confident that I want the high profile, however at my pre-op I will reiterate that I trust his judgment and whichever he thinks will suit me best is okay with me!

I have been running around all week trying to make sure I have everything organized. I am currently in University so I will have to miss two days however I have made sure that I am ahead on my work and that I won't be missing anything important. We just finished all of our midterms etc. so I will only be missing a few lectures and have friends from whom I can get notes. I have made arrangements to have my boyfriend bring me to the centre on Thursday morning. The want me there by 10:15, with surgery starting around 12. They told me to expect to leave around 2-2:30 after an hour in recovery. I bought straws, an electric toothbrush (was told it would be difficult to brush my teeth right after without one), a front zip-up bra (it was so weird to buy a large!), made sure there were plenty of icepaks in the fridge and lots of pillows on my bed. Now for the wait!

About 12 hours to go...

I'm supposed to arrive around 10:15 am tomorrow for my pre-op and then go in for surgery around noon. Thankfully it is at a private facility and not the hospital (I really am not a fan of hospitals and doctor's offices). I'm not feeling very nervous right now, I would even say I had more nerves yesterday. I'm going to try to get another meal into me before bed - it's going to be tough not to eat or drink in the morning (I never skip breakfast/love my food!) but it will be worth it! I'm going to post a picture of some of the stuff I bought to prepare (most based on what my pre-op sheet suggested) and my before as well! Hopefully will be able to update tomorrow after the surgery!

All done!

So the surgery is all done and I'm feeling great so far! The staff at the centre were incredible and I really felt like I was in good hands the whole time! I definitely feel right in the chest area but pain isn't bad at all for now (I'm sure it will be worse once the freezing wears off). He said that the 375cc would fill up the space I had! I am already glad that I didn't go any smaller. From what I can see so far I think I am going to be very happy with the results. For now I am going to rest and watch some tv , I will try to post pictures soon!

Frakenboob is here!!

My boyfriend has been absolutely amazing throughout this process and has been taking great care of me - I am so grateful and am feeling pretty good today considering! I only woke up once last night - around 4am (which was actually time for me to take my next pain pill anyways) so he helped me drink some water and take that, I got up and went to the washroom and was back asleep within 30 mins! I was expecting to have a much rougher night so am very pleased - after that I didn't wake up again until 8am. I was given dilaudid (hydromorphone) by my surgeon however I am generally pretty sensitive to medications and have mostly been taking half pills. I also am taking ibuprofen (was allowed to start that today) in between and hope to wean off to just those soon. I did take some pictures last night (day of surgery) so I will post those now. I was a little weary about posting pictures of my boobs online but thinking back to how much everyone else's stories and pictures have helped me make my decisions I decided that it would be worth it if it could help others with their journeys! I would say I definitely do have some frankenboob going on (the implants are sitting high and the shape is kinda funny) but thanks to this site I'm not too worried and am just excited to watch the changes within the next couple of days! I have to keep this dressing on until Sunday, at which time I can take it off and shower (yay!) and then start wearing my sports bra day and night. I was also given a post op appointment but it's not for four weeks! I'm wondering if anyone else had similar times between their surgery and post-op? I know a lot of girls were back in within a couple of days so I was expecting that but the surgeon gave me his cell phone number in case I have any questions between office hours so that made me happy!

PS. the redness in the pictures isn't irritation - it's actually some sort of dye (we got it off with a washcloth later)

I'm finally clean!

So today's the day I was allowed to take off my dressing and shower! Wohoo! My boyfriend helped to take the dressing off first thing (I didn't waste any time) and then with the shower... He even washed my hair for me, which felt amazing - I hate the feeling of greasy hair. My boobs are still feeling very tight but they are not as sore as they have been - and the morning boob wasn't even that bad this morning (which is surprising because I only took ibuprofen before bed - I actually haven't taken any of the hydromorphones since friday night). I had my first post op bowel movement yesterday which wasn't even too bad - I'm confident all the fibre I've been eating (thanks to tips from you guys!) is the reason for this. I also went out to a friend's birthday last night - wore a large sweater and nobody said anything, which i was thankful for. I did have to deal with a couple hugs though - I had planned to say I was sick and avoid them but it was harder than I thought. The hugs were all fairly light though and I was just fine. Sore at the end of the night (we only stayed for a couple hours) but glad I went. I got my boyfriend to take a couple pictures this morning after my shower so I will post those. They are definitely still sitting high

Side photo

I realized I uploaded the wrong picture so here is the side view from the right.

Yay! Short Update.

So I had to drive for the first time after my surgery today and it went really well! I just took it easy (and thankfully my current car is an automatic - which isn't something I would often say - but I'm sure a manual would've been a bit of a different story today). I also went back to classes today (only had 3 hours worth) and had no problems. I just brought my laptop (still making sure I don't carry anything too heavy) and made sure to be aware of my movements. Really I should be studying now but I came across the bathing suit from my before pictures and just had to try it on again ... They're still high and tight but so far I LOVE what I'm seeing and had to share with you guys! It's crazy how much they are changing from day to day and it's interesting to compare for sure. I can't wait until they drop and fluff completely :D

Update/A word of advice

So I just wanted to update this and say that I am doing well - I am now able to reach above my head and do pretty much everything without pain (besides heavy lifting or pushing). I am going through gym withdrawals however and am hoping to start spinning and doing my light lower body work on Thursday when it's been 2 weeks. I've been walking everyday but it doesn't feel like enough (but I also don't want to compromise my healing so I will wait for that 2 week mark). My boobs have definitely dropped a little - one faster than the other of course (seems that's how it goes for almost everyone so I'm not too worried). I think I was doing a little too much comparing earlier and have come to find they actually look smaller in the pictures I've taken than in real life. I've decided to stop comparing. I have been feeling like they might be smaller than what I was hoping for - but at least I know I went with the max my PS suggested so I'm not regretting my decision or anything like that. They are still changing and I need to have patience! A word of advice for any other girls who are feeling small post BA ...Go try on one of your old bathing suits NOW. Seeing them shape a bikini that used to gap/be flat against your chest ...a great feeling.

Gym and some new bras!

Hi everyone! So I started back at the gym at post op day 15 and it feels great! I was very careful though and have been sticking to incline walking, stair climbing machine (at a reasonable pace) and the stationary bike along with some leg and ab exercises. I'm trying to go every second day so that I don't overdo it or try to do upper body exercises while my legs are still sore - I can't wait until I can get back to a full routine! I have a follow-up with my PS on the 26th so I will wait to check in with him before I do any of that.
Otherwise things have been good - I have been liking my shape more and more as they slowly drop! I got a couple new seamless bras that I can wear from Winners and Forever21 and it's been nice to be out of the ugly front zip ones I had (that were also chaffing a little).
I have slept on my sides a little but am staying mainly on my back, probably more because I'm paranoid of messing something up haha ... I've been babying them a little!
It's been been very cold and icy here though so I have been covering them up most of the time - had a little incident where I fell on the ice right outside of my house - my relax of course was to outstretch my arm and that was not a pleasant feeling on my pec/boob area but thankfully the discomfort was gone shortly... I just hope it didn't affect anything longterm! They look and feel the same (still fairly firm but slowly getting softer on top!) so I think I'm alright... Just worrying. Has anyone else had a fall or incidents at all? I think that's it for now - I will post a couple pics of the bras - unfortunately I had to take them with my phone so sorry for the bad quality!

Almost a month!

Hi ladies! So on thursday I will be a month post-op - I can't believe how fast the time has gone! I'm a little stressed today though - I am supposed to have my post-op appointment with my surgeon tomorrow (it's about an hour drive from here) and they are calling for a massive snow storm overnight/during the day tomorrow. I called the PS's office yesterday to ask if they would be closing if the storm was bad/if I could reschedule for next week and they told me that they wouldn't be closing and that the soonest they could get me in otherwise would be April 16th ... I don't want to wait that long! Tons of things are being canceled already as the forecast has gotten worse so they may change their mind ... But even then I don't want to wait until April to know if things are looking normal! I also want to be able to ask my PS if I can start doing arm exercises, if I'm still supposed to be wearing a sports bra 24/7, if I can be sleeping on my sides, if he wants me to be doing any massaging etc ... Ugh. I am feeling really good but I don't want to push it and I want to know if they are where they should be at this point in healing! Worse comes to worse I will cancel my appointment in the morning if the conditions are too bad and see if he will answer some of my questions by email or by phone. I don't know if they usually do this but hopefully under the circumstances they'd consider it!
My left boob is still a little higher (I am left handed) but I think that is pretty normal. They are definitely starting to soften up, especially on the top. Nipples are still sensitive but not as bad as they were before (I can shower without having to cover them from the spray hahaha). I know every PS is different but if anyone wants to share what they were okayed for a the 4 week/1 month point I'd really appreciate it :)
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