5'2" 52kg 330cc PolyTech silicone Extra HIgh Profile dual plane

So I'm going in for my follow up consultation on...

So I'm going in for my follow up consultation on Friday to finalise the size choice. I was originally advised to go for 270 or 300cc in HP or XHP, unders and I have chosen the PU implants to reduce the risk of capsular contracture.

I've been reading so much about boob envy that I now want to explore a couple of sizes over 300cc. I really want to have ample boobs (a D cup) so that my man enjoys them and I finally feel like a woman but I also want to fit in my size 8 clothes still and be able to train without feeling my boobs get in the way. It's such a dilemma but the worst thing would be for me to wake up and wish they were bigger and for my man to be disappointed!!

Anyway until tomorrow.......

Still in a dilemma

Went for my second consultation and still in a dilemma.

I tried on the 330cc and 380cc extra high profile implants and thought I'd decided on the 330cc. But when I came home and looked at the photos I took of the sizers, I was really disappointed in the lack of improvement.

So I think I'm going for the 380cc implants but have asked for both sizes to be available on the day for a final decision.

Wish boobs

More wish boobs

Final consulation and decision!

Well with 2.5weeks to go I had my final consulation with Mr Humzah and have come to a size decision. I've been in such a dilemma over it and have also really wanted to have a feel of a sample of the new polyeurathane implants that Mr Humzah arranged for the Polytech rep to come in at the same time to give me advice.

I tried on the 380cc Extra High Profile (luckily the rep had 2 for me to try on so i could get a better visual) and instantly they felt too big, especially when i looked at myself in profile!! I actually felt slightly ridiculous!! My Humzah then took the measurements and told me i'd end up a 30E!!! Way too big!

So i then tried on the 330cc Extra High Profile and felt much better. My only worry was that they might look too narrow and i really want to have a good 'side boob'! My Humzah reassured me that the diameter of the implant is 10.8cm and my Breast Width Diameter is 11.0cm so it should be filled perfectly! I did contemplate going down a profile to High Profile to give me a wider diameter but the 360cc has too large a diameter (11.8cm) and 315cc would have had the more suitable diameter of 11.3cm but not enough volume!

In the end, the choice wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. The most suitable implant for me, giving me the biggest volume my frame can take is 330cc Extra High Profile PolyTech Meme Microthane Round Implant. Mr Humzah took my measurements again and said i would end up a 30D. Exactly what i'm after!!

The rep was amazing and talked me through the implant and how the risk of capsular contracture is significantly reduced in these implants. She also talked me through the warranty and how they're tested.

I'm so excited now that i phoned the hospital to talk about my pre-op. Becuase I'm a low risk patient, i'm being sent swabs for my MRSA test and i don't need to go in for blood tests. This is a relief because i live in Bristol but am travelling up to West Midlands Hospital (cheaper option for the same surgeon!).

Now to count down the days!!!!

This app is crap....

I can't edit or add/remove photos on my phone!!

Anyway here are the pics from today's final consultation!

All paid up!

5 days to go and I've paid for the procedure. Really wanting the time to go faster now! Still feeling nervous, especially about being disappointed that they'll be too small but I'm also really excited!
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