5'2" 52kg 330cc PolyTech silicone Extra HIgh Profile dual plane

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So I'm going in for my follow up consultation on...

So I'm going in for my follow up consultation on Friday to finalise the size choice. I was originally advised to go for 270 or 300cc in HP or XHP, unders and I have chosen the PU implants to reduce the risk of capsular contracture.

I've been reading so much about boob envy that I now want to explore a couple of sizes over 300cc. I really want to have ample boobs (a D cup) so that my man enjoys them and I finally feel like a woman but I also want to fit in my size 8 clothes still and be able to train without feeling my boobs get in the way. It's such a dilemma but the worst thing would be for me to wake up and wish they were bigger and for my man to be disappointed!!

Anyway until tomorrow.......

Still in a dilemma

Went for my second consultation and still in a dilemma.

I tried on the 330cc and 380cc extra high profile implants and thought I'd decided on the 330cc. But when I came home and looked at the photos I took of the sizers, I was really disappointed in the lack of improvement.

So I think I'm going for the 380cc implants but have asked for both sizes to be available on the day for a final decision.

Wish boobs

More wish boobs

Final consulation and decision!

Well with 2.5weeks to go I had my final consulation with Mr Humzah and have come to a size decision. I've been in such a dilemma over it and have also really wanted to have a feel of a sample of the new polyeurathane implants that Mr Humzah arranged for the Polytech rep to come in at the same time to give me advice.

I tried on the 380cc Extra High Profile (luckily the rep had 2 for me to try on so i could get a better visual) and instantly they felt too big, especially when i looked at myself in profile!! I actually felt slightly ridiculous!! My Humzah then took the measurements and told me i'd end up a 30E!!! Way too big!

So i then tried on the 330cc Extra High Profile and felt much better. My only worry was that they might look too narrow and i really want to have a good 'side boob'! My Humzah reassured me that the diameter of the implant is 10.8cm and my Breast Width Diameter is 11.0cm so it should be filled perfectly! I did contemplate going down a profile to High Profile to give me a wider diameter but the 360cc has too large a diameter (11.8cm) and 315cc would have had the more suitable diameter of 11.3cm but not enough volume!

In the end, the choice wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. The most suitable implant for me, giving me the biggest volume my frame can take is 330cc Extra High Profile PolyTech Meme Microthane Round Implant. Mr Humzah took my measurements again and said i would end up a 30D. Exactly what i'm after!!

The rep was amazing and talked me through the implant and how the risk of capsular contracture is significantly reduced in these implants. She also talked me through the warranty and how they're tested.

I'm so excited now that i phoned the hospital to talk about my pre-op. Becuase I'm a low risk patient, i'm being sent swabs for my MRSA test and i don't need to go in for blood tests. This is a relief because i live in Bristol but am travelling up to West Midlands Hospital (cheaper option for the same surgeon!).

Now to count down the days!!!!

This app is crap....

I can't edit or add/remove photos on my phone!!

Anyway here are the pics from today's final consultation!

All paid up!

5 days to go and I've paid for the procedure. Really wanting the time to go faster now! Still feeling nervous, especially about being disappointed that they'll be too small but I'm also really excited!

It's booby day!

Well today is the day! I've been for my last 6 mile run this morning and have taken a photo of the last time I'll wear a tiny bra. Feeling nervous about the anaesthetic now and can't wait for it to be over!!

I'll update from the other side......!

All done!

Well I'm so glad that's over!

Went down at 2pm, finished roughly at 4pm and was throwing up til midnight! Couldn't keep anything down! I've been given a different variety of anti-nausea medication and finally something has worked! Plus I was given a bag of IV fluids because I was so dehydrated!

Pain wise it's fine. I'm on paracetamol, nothing more. It feels like I've been punched in the boobs esp the top part where the muscle was split (dual plane). My surgeon said I have very tight pecs so it will spasm quite a bit while it accommodates the implant. I've had drains put in, thankfully because I'm bleeding quite a lot. Originally I was able to go home after an overnight stay, in the morning but it looks like this will change to this evening at the latest or even tomorrow. My back is aching from sleeping propped up and not being able to move around much. I can't wait to get onto my sofa so I can have cushions around me and be more comfortable!

Booby wise, I love them!! My biggest worry was that they would be too small but they're not at all! They're definitely swollen and my 32D sports bra is about to burst but I would be happy if they went down a bit! So happy with the shape and projection too!!! ???????? Another worry I had was the look of disappointment on my partner's face, I'm not worry at all! In fact I can't wait til he sees me for the first time!

I'll post more pics when I take them....

Side view

Thought I'd post a pic of the side view. This gives a more realistic view of how big they are!! Hopefully some of it is swelling!

Before photos

Keep forgetting to add the before boobs. Didn't realise how awful they were until I saw them in these pics!

I was measured by Mr Humzah as a 32B and that's what i wear but I've always thought I was an A cup!

3 days PO

Today has been the worst day so far but I think I overdid my first day back home yesterday!!

My left boob is fine, my right boob is much more swollen and the top part near my armpit shows a ridge where the muscle was split and protested!! The surgeon warned me that my muscle is very tight and would take some time to settle so I'm not worried. The right incision is also bruised but not painful. I only say today has been the worst day because I am feeling more tender across the top of my boobs and down my sternum which is really swollen! I'm continuing to take paracetamol and ibuprofen regularly which is enough to be honest. The pain is more discomfort rather than actual pain and feels tender, bruised and I also feel like I've torn a muscle. All of this is much less than expected!

I also managed to put some jeans and a vest on after my shower (boyfriend washed my hair) so I've been feeling more myself today. Although my belly is still very swollen and I can't wait for it to go back to normal. So far I've only put 1kg on in weight and seeing as 660g is implant weight and I've only had one poo since Tuesday (sorry if that's too graphic!), I'm very pleased! I just have to control the food more than usual over the Christmas break!!

Activity wise, I'm taking the dogs for a walk which is short in distance (roughly 1.5miles) but I'm walking so slowly that it's taking about an hour. I'm trying not to do too much but I like being active and it's good for keeping me happy so I'm trying to compromise! I'm trying not to lift anything heavier than half a kettle and trying not to stretch my arms too much. I've been advised to stretch gently to mobilise the muscles though and to listen to my body.

My boyfriend hasn't seen my boobs yet, I'm determined to wait for them to have settled before the big 'reveal' in case the sight of them now puts him off!!

One week boobiversary!

Well a week down and today I feel a lot better. I still can't lift my arms higher than my shoulders (slowly) and I can't pull stuff or stretch too far but apart from that I feel great!

I'm still taking paracetamol about 3 times a day and I'm down to ibuprofen once a day. I do still feel tender but not sore although today was the first time I've experienced 'zingers'. I'm taking that as a good thing and assuming it's my nerves coming back to life. I haven't lost any sensation in my nipples but they are slightly more unpleasant to touch than before. I'm hopeful that will subside over time.

I managed to wear an over the head hoody today instead of a zip up hoody. It was a struggle but seeing as my surgeon advised me to stretch, I'm using it as a reason to do just that!

I'm also back down to the weight I was before the op although my tummy still feels a bit swollen. I'm not sure whether that is due to the op, time of the month or lack of daily sit ups though. I also managed to do some gentle squats and lunges just to make myself feel a bit better! I am keeping quite active with quite a bit of walking (roughly 12,000 steps a day) but I'm dying to clean the house! I'm going to attempt a gentle clean to the kitchen and bathrooms tomorrow and see how I get on.

Boobswise, nothing much has changed. My other half works in woundcare so instead of going to the nurse to get the incision checked (the hospital is 1.75 hours away) he'll do it for me this week. I'll take photos when the dressings come off. My boobs still look 'eye popping' in profile and I'm still tender and swollen across the top and down my sternum. I don't like not wearing any support either (walking to and from the shower), I actually find my sports bra really comfortable and supportive!

Can't wait to take these compression stockings off, they're driving me crazy! I'm only grateful I had this done in the winter when at least I can be thankful for an extra layer!

Dressing change

I cancelled my dressing change appointment for Thursday because my boyfriend is a woundcare specialist nurse and there wasn't any point in travelling an hour and three quarters just for him to do the same thing!

He's really happy with how the incisions are looking! The left is best and the right isn't quite straight and is also a bit lumpy on the lateral end. Both are showing signs of epithelialisation which indicate good healing and they've been redressed.

Very happy right now!

2 weeks post op

Not much change in terms of shape. Still need the top half of the muscle that's lying over my boobs at the top to relax and stretch so I'm doing some stretches to try and help. You can see the ridge at the top of each boob, near my armpit (pic from below shows the ridge the best). The profile pics are a bit 'eye popping' and I'm hoping they will relax a bit more when everything softens!

I'm able to do most things now and can drive although would worry if I need to make a sharp direction change on the steering wheel. I still can't fully stretch above or behind without it pulling on my muscle and sternum.

I've had negative pressure therapy applied to my incisions for the last week to aid healing and my incisions look fantastic (pics in the comments). I've just got some post op dressings on them now to protect them til they're fully healed.

I've started doing some squats and lunges to make myself feel better!

Clothes wise, they all still fit but I fill them out sooooo much better! I actually look like I have quite a nice shape now! Oh and I stopped taking any medication a few days ago!

Still not happy to show my boyfriend the full boob until the upper pole calms down and they soften a bit!

Bikini fun

Thought I'd try on an old bikini for some fun! It's definitely too small and I feel like a proper porn star but I was able to remove the padding and feel amazing to finally have something to put in it!!

I also had a phone call from my surgeon after I sent him some photos of my progress. I just wanted some reassurance about how high my boobs are sitting. He said that the skin needs time to stretch because I had very small boobs and once they do the lower pole will hang down further and eventually hide the crease/incision. He also said that my pec was very thick and well exercised so it will be in constant spasm whilst trying to accommodate the implant. This is the reason for the ridge at the top. To help my boobs along I need to stretch my arms more and start to massage the upper pole in a downward direction to help the skin stretch. I started this evening!! Apart from that he said that my progress is exactly how it should be at this stage, particularly for my anatomy! I'm feeling very relieved and happy!!

Practically speaking, I managed to clean my shower today and start on a few sit ups as well! Hurray!! The most pain I get at this stage is still the tightness across the top of my boobs, where the pec has been split and is lying over the implant, and across my sternum. It's more discomfort rather than pain though. I get the occasional zinger through my boob and occasionally my right nipple is more sensitive than my left but just in the fact that it doesn't feel great when clothes rub against it.

4 weeks PO. I ran today!

It's been 4 weeks and I still can't see much difference in shape. All I know is that they are softening slightly and beginning to drop a tiny bit because the incisions are starting to become more hidden.

I saw my surgeon the other day and he is really pleased with the progress. I still have some swelling and fluid build up in the upper poles but he again stressed how tight and well exercised my pecs were and that they will take time to settle. I'm happy to remain patient and wait!

The incisions are healing perfectly and already look so subtle! I can't be happier!

I've been told the 4 week mark is the point when you can relax a bit. I was told I can start light cardio so went for my first run in exactly 4 weeks! I did 2 miles, very gently, on a road so there was an even surface and I wore 2 sports bras! It was pretty hard to breathe but I'm happy that I was strapped in so tight! My surgeon stressed that I must keep my boobs supported when I begin exercise. I felt great on my run though and intend on increasing the distance by 1 mile every week til I'm back to 6 miles. I'm still doing squats and lunges though and hope to keep them up even when I'm fully back into running.

I was also advised that I can sleep in any position I want which is great because my heels have been hurting from sleeping so still on my back. I normally sleep on my back but at the moment I don't think I'm moving in my sleep which is putting pressure on my heels. At least now I can turn onto my side and even cuddle into my boyfriend again!

I'm also allowed to change from high impact sports bras to non-wired support bras. And to let the girls go free for a bit to allow the skin to stretch and drop. I haven't been able to find any proper bras (and haven't been measured yet) so I've found some less supportive sports bras to wear. I'll post some pictures of them and let you know how i get on with them. I've been wearing them during the evening for a few hours each day to get used to them. I'm not sure I'm ready to wear them during the day all day yet but I'll give it a go tomorrow! I was advised to bring the bra I'm used to, out with me in case I'm not comfortable!

I still feel pain. My right boobs is still more sensitive. The muscle across the top gets sore especially if I've cleaned the house but I'm right handed and I'm trying to use my left hand a bit more to give my right boob a bit of a break! The skin on parts of my right boobs still feels raw and both that and my nipple don't like being rubbed. My left boob hasn't experienced that at all. I don't like it when it's cold because the muscle tenses up and it's sore! I'm numb between the nipples and the incision on both boobs but I was expecting it and it doesn't bother me. My left boob is absolutely fine and my nipple hasn't changed in sensitivity which I'm relieved about!

Running bra photos

As promised, here are some photos of the two sports bras I'm wearing to go running. They're as tight as hell and it's hard going when I'm running but I'd rather that than feel my girls bouncing around and worrying that they're getting damaged!

5 weeks Post Op

5 weeks post op and I'm starting to see some settling! The swelling in my right boob is definitely reducing faster than my left. I find this strange because my right boob has always had the most pain (muscular - where the pec was cut in half, skin - felt raw which I'm blaming on stretching, nipple - over sensitive and I don't like clothes rubbing over it) so I'm not sure why the right one seems to be ahead of my left!

I'm still waiting for both boobs to drop and not sit so high and I still haven't shown my boyfriend. We live together but he's been very patient! Don't get me wrong, he's had plenty of 'feels' but I don't want him to see them until I think they are perfect!

I've also noticed that my nipples have got bigger which I'm pleased about because they would've looked weird if they had stayed the same size on my old pathetic boobs!

I spent a few nights letting my boobs go free (without a bra), throughout the evening and sleeping, but my right boob in particular got quite sore. I've gone back to having some support overnight now until I feel ready to try again. I still don't like walking around without support too.

This week is also the first week that I'm experiencing boob envy which I'm really disappointed by. Now that my right boob is settling, I'm really worried that I should have chosen the bigger size (380cc)!! I hope this is a passing phase but I've decided I'm giving myself a year before I make any rash decisions! I just really love having big boobs!

Exercise wise, I'm up to 3 miles running and feeling really good. The two sports bras help a lot and they don't move at all. It's just all so tight that I get quite breathless!! The dogs are thrilled that I'm running again. I still find cleaning the house in one go too much for my right pec but I know I have a very long way to go so I'm not pushing it at all.

My incisions are looking amazing, I'm so pleased with their progress. The only thing I'm noticing is that now my boobs are less painful, the incisions feel really tight. I don't know whether I'm meant to massage them or not.

This week I've also noticed my boobs beginning to move. They're definitely softer and I am beginning to be able to push them together! Such fun! I can't wait for them to get properly soft. Because my implants are coated in polyurethane, they take longer than regular silicone implants to soften!

Mondor's Cord

Noticed yesterday that I've developed a Mondor's Cord at the end of the incision under my right breast. I have no idea what caused it but a few days ago felt a slight pulling in that area. It's not painful but it just feels as though it'll rip if I stretch out that area. I've been doing gentle sit ups (roughly 300 a day) so I'm not sure whether these have been aggravating it but I'll stop for a week just in case.

I emailed these pics over to my surgeon who confirmed that it was a Mondor's Cord and that it would go on its own.

8 weeks PO

Not much has happened in the last 3 weeks which is why I haven't posted anything.

My boobs feel slightly softer and jiggle slightly when I move which I'm really happy about. My right boob is definitely more settled and is starting to move into its final shape but it's a lot smaller than I hoped for. My left however is a lot bigger and rounder. I can also feel an obvious ridge at the top towards the middle which I don't like and I hope it goes away when it settles. I'm slightly worried though because I've always had this ridge from the implant. My boyfriend noticed it the other day as well and I'm really disappointed, I want them to look and feel real. My surgeon did warn me that polyurethane covered implants take longer to soften but I'll definitely bring it up with him when I next see him.

I still get little shooting pains through my boobs, rubbing the skin gently seems to help. My nipples are back to how they were, thankfully and the skin underneath my nipples is still slightly numb.

9 weeks PO and time for bras!

Finally I feel ready to buy some non-wired bras and move away from sports bras!

John Lewis measured me at 34D and M&S measured me at between 30 and 32D. I actually took the white bra back. It was a pull over the head one and the band ended up feeling far too big while the cups felt too small. I went back to John Lewis to get remeasured and another lady said I was a 32E. Soooo happy!! I ended up going for the 32DD in the black bra because the E cup ended up feeling too wide for my frame and digging into my armpits. The DD is apparently too small because my boobs can be seen at the back of the cup under my armpits and also there's a big gap between the strap and my skin (the strap should rest on my skin). These bras are only temporary until I can return to wired bras (VS, I can't wait!) and this black one feels comfortable so for now, this is what I've chosen!

I'm very happy I'm back in a bra, just can't wait for a push up so I can have a good cleavage!!

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