Hair Transplant Nightmare

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Please don't get this procedure done it has...

Please don't get this procedure done it has permanently scared HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of patients in the last 40 years and ruined so many lives. Don't believe clinics that tell you "that was the old plug transplants but now there are new and improved procedures"

  • You will be left with an ear to ear linear scar on the back of your head ( from a strip procedure), where the hair grafts are taken from, and redness and bumps where the grafts are placed on top of your head.
  • If you get the newer FUE procedure you will have little white scars all over the donor area and little red bumps where the grafts were placed. I have had both types of procedures done. It will never look 100% natural.
  • Don't believe the pictures they show you, these pictures are taken in a controlled environment under certain lighting with hair combed a particular way. Unfortunately we don't live our lives in a controlled environment and wind, rain, strong indoor lighting, and the sun will show that you had a transplant no matter how good the Dr. is.

I had my work done with one of the top Doctors in the country. It can and has ruined too many lives. I am in the process of getting all the transplanted hair lasered out after suffering for almost 10 years now and spending over $40,000. I am also having the fraxel restore done to smooth out the area.

I once thought losing my hair was a big deal now I envy bald people with a normal scar free shaved head. It was by far and away the worst mistake of my life, don't be the next victim. Just do a google search on "bad hair transplants" and remember these are from old AND new transplant procedures being done today, even though the doctors will try and convince you otherwise. It will look unnatural and leave you permanently scarred for life. 

Dr. David K. Zipfel / Dr. John P. Cole

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