Had my TT,MR on April 9, 2013 - Hagerstown, MD

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I was blessed my Dr sent me home with a pain pump...

I was blessed my Dr sent me home with a pain pump for 72 hrs and that has helped out alot. My biggest complaint is 4 drains . Seems like everyone else has only one or two. They are constantly tangled and in the way and Dr told me l will only have one taken out next Mon then one Wed then Fri and Mon. Wow so my goal right now is get all these drains removed and l still have not had a bowel mocememt

I looked at my incision tonight and l was shocked,...

I looked at my incision tonight and l was shocked, l pray as it heals and l look at it later it will look lower. No way it should of been that high:((

Today is day 4 post op of my TT and l removed the...

Today is day 4 post op of my TT and l removed the pain pump today and l can honestly say these 4 drain are causing me more pain than the tummy tuck itself and l still am unable to use the bathroom. Figures tom is a weekend because l would be demanding 2 of these drains to be removed.

I really am sooo upset with myself that l did not...

I really am sooo upset with myself that l did not push to have my flanks lipo as l see that 90% of everyone else did. I have a tendency to let people talk me out of stuff but l can tell even though its only day 6 that l am going to be OCD about my love handles now and more l think about it l could just kick myself because it makes no sense to have a TT without lipo on your Flanks so guess my dream to wear a bikini this summer isn't going to happen and plus scar goes up to high on the hips:( l am def having an emotional day.

On my way for a po TT app today is day 7 praying...

On my way for a po TT app today is day 7 praying he takes all 4 drains out since they are all under 15 a day. They have caused me sooo much pain and irritation. Kinda scared of the pain to have them removed though plus worried about the stitches coming out

5 weeks PO TT,MR

Week 6, feeling good!

Loving my new life, hard to believe I weighed 260 5 yrs ago now 145, I did get down to 135 at one point but was very ard to main

Week 7.5 PO TT MR,

Finally bought 2 bikinis for the beach:)

S/P TT, MR, tomorrow will be nine weeks, wow where does time go?

Almost 3 months PO TT MR On April 9

Love my Oleeva silocone strips

3 months PO Tt MR

3 months TT MR PO

Three Months TT MR PO

Found a bikini ast Victoria Secrets,I am going to wear it this week @ the beach. I have not wore one since I was 18!

Wore my first bikini at the beach, been 22 yrs

My new bikini

Four months and a few days PO TT MR April 9, 2013

I went to my OBGYN today for the yeaky yearly, and she said wow I didn't remember you had a TT done how many years has it been? Well when I told her it had only been 4 months ago she was SHOCKED. She said she has NEVER seen a scar look so good at just four months PO, I told her I believe it was a few reasons, num1 was I had an excellent Plastic Surgeon, I ate clean and healthy, took VIT C daily like he recommended me, wore the Oleeva silicone strips for about 8 weeks, and now I rub liquid Vit E twice a day and plus I believe working out helps. I also drink tons of water. I just pray when I have my dermatology apt in 2 weeks it wasn't all done in vain because he showed me a mole in my belly button upon surgery and with my dad dying at age 36 from skin cancer I know they are going to want to biopsy it, because it has changed form and color:( , please keep me in your prayers. I really want that belly button pierced but I wanna wait till I get thru this first.

Gym Attire

Been motivated last few weeks now down to 136 my goal is 130.

6 months

Well l finally got to do it, l got my belly pierced:) everyone swears l am having a midlife crisis lol. Next spring if my scar is still pretty evident l am going to get my first tattoo like a vine around it:)

10 months PO 10 Months MR TT

Look at me now!

One year post op, hard tp believe it's been a year. Only regret is not having my flanks done. Scar has healed well, Used Oleeva silocone strips about 8 weeks helped alot.


Hagerstown Plastic Surgeon

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