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Hello ladies! :) I'm 22, 5'2", 112lbs and...

Hello ladies! :)
I'm 22, 5'2", 112lbs and currently a 32b-ish. Met with my PS earlier this week for my first consultation, and haven't been able to stop obsessing over everything since!
Wanted a "full C," at first, but thinking maybe a "small D" now after seeing how magical these silicone babies are lol! Tried on sizers from 325cc up to 400cc and LOVED 385cc. Any suggestions for my body type?!
(Wondering if that's too big, too small? I don't want "boogie greed" after going through with all of this! :) )

Googling, and more googling.

Trying to find some *wish* boobs to show to my PS.

Pre-op tiny-me. 8-/

Someone asked for current pics to better help judge good implant sizing for me. So here it is, sorry the pics aren't very good/shadowed. Lighting in my home is dim.


I don't have much natural projection. The pictures earlier make me look much fuller upper pole than what I actually am.

Rice Sizers

So after making rice sizers, I'm not as impressed as I thought I'd be lol. I wish I could bring the implant sizers home with me. Wore the rice sizers around the house for a while and those babies are actually a little heavy lol. I did one bag of 1.5cups of rice which is to be comparable to Sientra 355cc & one bag of 1.75 cups of rice to be comparable to Sientra 410cc (though I've never considered going that big, it was just the next easiest quantity of rice to measure up to).. Anyways, I definitely prefer the 355cc sizer. Let me know what you RS ladies think :-)

Paid my surgery deposit today :-0

So I finally bit the bullet and paid the deposit for my breast augmentation surgery today! Now or never! (If I don't get it over with I'll just obsess and debate over it forever).. It's officially feeling very real and I'm nothing short of freaking out lol! My PS' office was kind enough to allow me a second consultation that will be coming up here in a few weeks separate from my pre-op; hopefully it'll ease some of my anxieties I've developed since my first consultation. Am I the only one feeling like a complete control freak in regards to my implants/CCs/profile/and every little tiny detail?! Like the obsession is very real lol. Anyways ladies, 10 weeks and 5 days till my big day! (Did I mention I'm terrified of being put under.. Oh and then there's the guaranteed self inflicted pain to come as well.) HELP! Lol

Why does the RS countdown make it feel so much more official?

8 weeks from today I will make my transition over to bigger boobie land! ..I met with my PS again yesterday (I drove 3hours round trip to speak with him for 30mins, stupid anxiety is clouding my judgment lol), and he answered some questions I had compiled since my first consultation with him back in February. Overall, I left feeling very confident and as though a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. He told me in a very nice way I need to pull back the reigns a bit and have 'trust in my surgeon,' which I've in fact read a good many times when PS's have answered questions here on RS. I just have a hard time letting go when it's such a MAJOR life change and decision. Anyways, he basically told me high profile would suit my frame best and that the volume I want wouldn't necessarily fit me well in Mod+ (which is what I've been set on since day 1), and he also seemed concerned and doubtful that my hopes of 325-375cc would fit me. I think the day of surgery I'm going to say "NO less than 300cc's, period?!" ..After he explained a little bit more I felt as though I should leave it in his hands (in regards to profile and choosing within my ideal size range, anyways), and God's (I'm not a super religious person by any means, I just feel like I need to realize once I'm asleep the end result and what my anatomy will allow is basically out of my control so why stress over it so much now?) I'm hoping by sending some wish pictures it'll better convey my vision and I'll feel like him and I are fully on the same page. I've realized, although, that yes, I would LOVE them to be huge (within reason lol), but more towards "natural" is what I envision for myself naked. I can still always smoosh them up in a push up bra, right? To be rid of the VS super padded bra is my goal! ..Then the next minute I think no!, I want full D's or no silicone at all! *sigh* I didn't realize how emotionally draining this can be even before the actual surgery day arrives.


So my pre-op appt. is 1 week from today and I'm debating canceling/postponing my BA. :/ I've finally took the initiative to get myself into see a neurologist for my neck pain and migraines (over 4 years I've had both now since I was in an auto accident). He recommended an MRI of my brain and physical therapy and a 6 day course of anti inflammatories/steroids. The receptionist said the course of PT could range from 4-6 weeks and they can't get me in for my initial appt. for that for like another two weeks which would push my PT well beyond the day of my surgery. I'm like do I wait till after my BA to begin PT at all (how soon after my BA do you girls think I could start PT on my shoulders and neck?), or is this a sign it isn't meant to be right now and should I just wait a while? My heads spinning in confusion and emotion. $7k is so much money and the potential for an undesirable outcome still weighs heavily in the back of my mind every day. I have no idea how some women just decide to go through with it and don't think a thing of it, without any second thought or hesitation. Why must I be an overanalyzer? Ugh! Help! Lol

3 Weeks From Today!

So I realized I've totally been slacking as far as updating everything as I went though the PS searching process and all of that.. So I guess I'll try to give a *brief* of that now being that my official "big day" is a mere three weeks from today!
The first surgeon I consulted with back in December only did 42 breast procedures last year and I just had bad vibes about it in general, he seemed impatient and though everyone at his office seemed very kind, they weren't as realistic and honest as I would prefer as far as potential complications associated with implants and after doing my research after that consultation I realized I needed to keep looking for the right Dr. if I had any intentions of seriously going through with this.. So mid-January I consulted with a second surgeon a little over an hour from home, and he immediately blew the first PS out of the water! He told me all the pros and cons, was so sweet and personable and I left feeling confident he was the one and was going to cancel the third consultation I had already scheduled with a third surgeon in February. After much debate I figured, all of my consultations have been free, including the upcoming third, why not see if 3rd times the charm? And sure enough it was! After debating between PS-2 and PS-3, it was evident the third surgeon I consulted with was the one. PS-2 doesn't utilize MD Anesthesiologists in his surgery practice/told me there wouldn't be an official "pre-op appt.," and I noticed after going through his reviews here on RS that he often seemed to make the exact same size recommendation to other women as he did to me (and without taking any measurements of me or anything)-for all of these reasons I felt uneasy. (I'm leaving out surgeons names because I'm a firm believer in karma, but if you're in the same area and wish to know the who and what, just message me lol).
Anyways, I consulted with PS-3 in mid-February and then they allowed me a second mini-consult with him again in April just to ease my concerns after having put down a deposit and deciding to move forward. If any of you ladies would like to know the name of the surgeon I chose I would be glad to share with you if you message me. I don't want to post his name at this point, but I'm sure I will post-operatively. His work was the best and most natural looking of all 3 surgeons I consulted with and of the MANY PS profiles I reviewed online over the course of several months. I'm excited and happy to say the surgeon I chose was referred go me by friends-of-friends, and he does over 400 breast procedures per year and I feel like I'm in great hands! Although I'm still scared out of my wits and my anxiety is increasing the closer June 16th gets, I simply cannot wait to feel as confident naked as I do in my bombshell bras!
Sorry for the super long rant post!
*Special "shout out" to HappyWife20 for becoming a great friend and tremendous support over the last 6 months, throughout this entire process, we're gonna rock this thing girl!*

My pictures didn't post with my update..

Let's try this again lol.
Oh and I forgot to mention, all I know at this point is I'll be getting;
Mentor gel implants (most likely high profile), submuscular, crease incision. I liked 300cc up to 375cc with the Vectra Imaging and preferred 350cc and 375cc when I tried on sizers, but my PS isn't sure that my anatomy will allow me to go that large once the time comes. I believe he said my breast widths were both 11.5? I can't remember for sure as he told me at my February appointment.
Thanks for all of your support thus far everyone! :)

Advice?.. Freaking out!

It seems like just yesterday that I paid my deposit for my surgery and set the date for June 16th.. Now it's a mere few days away! I've got to be honest, I'm scared beyond words lol. I'm a little anxious that they haven't told me my arrival and surgery time yet.

Do any of you ladies have a "must have" recommendation list for post-op? If so, I would really appreciate some input on this!

I hope everyone is doing well! :)
Everyone cross your fingers for me! Eeek!

Well ladies, I've made it!

My whole experience was great, everyone was SO extremely nice. But especially the RN in recovery! Such a sweet and caring woman she was, God bless her for being so patient and fantastic with me from the moment I arrived all the way up to her rolling me to the car. :) So, apart from vomiting once after getting home and then again about 30mins ago, I think I'm doing pretty well. I'm not nauseous from the pain, I've just been SO extremely dizzy and light headed since I woke up this morning (from the scopolamine patch I guess) and I don't handle that really will, clearly.
Anyways Dr. Cohen :) was able to fit in Sientra 330cc's smooth round high profile, so grateful I fit that amount as I was afraid id only fit under 300's since my breast width is so narrow (I want to say he said 11.7 each?).. I'm excited as I can beyond the nausea and dizziness of course. Hopefully this pic will upload for you ladies to see. I've got some major frankenboob going on! Lol

Update :)

I can't believe I'm already 8 days post-op! I expected the pain of this procedure to be much worse than it ended up being (as some women have written that it was worse than child birth, and having never experienced that, I was terrified), but it was most definitely tolerable. :)
As other women have described it, it basically felt like sore muscles after a chest work out and like sun burn..
I am extremely grateful that I had my boyfriend and mother to care for me, they were both beyond wonderful! (You definitely need someone to help you sit up and lay back down the first few days because that's a little difficult). The anesthesia made me dizzy and nauseated the day of and the following day, so that wasn't any fun of course lol. The post-op constipation from taking (the few) narcotics that I did, hit me majorly on Saturday and that was honestly the worst part of this entire experience. (I have IBS and believe I may have had some sort of blockage, because it was quite awful and I've never felt anything like that, to be honest lol).
..Anyways, I had my first post-op appointment Monday. The nurse said everything looked good but that I've still got some sternum swelling and that they're still riding high, of course. She instructed me to try to still sleep propped up some and to start one massage (pushing with my palm from the outer side of my breasts to move them in towards my sternum for 5 seconds, 10 times, morning and night). The massage has definitely made them more tender.
My next post-op appointment is next Monday and I will see Dr. Cohen at that time and also have my steri-strips/sutures removed.

The swelling definitely has made my nipple asymmetry much more pronounced but honestly I'm in love with them so far and very happy I made the decision to go through with this. :)

Oh, and to all those who have already recovered, when do the crater armpits when attempting to shave improve? Lol

Wow! 2 weeks post-op, already?!

I'm officially two weeks post-op today and feeling great. :)

I had my second post-op appt yesterday and saw the nurse who took off my steri-strips and removed the few sutures I had. I also saw Dr. Cohen and they took 2 week progress photos.
Dr. Cohen said everything looks great/he sees nothing that's concerning to him. They're still very high and firm so they instructed me to actually go braless some (I was like, uh, what? Lol), until they're at "a place where I like them/want them to stay," and at that point I'm to wear something with support more consistently.. they also gave me the dreaded breast band to wear above my boobies.
They said I'm fine to sleep on my side or however I would like but advised against tummy sleeping, but said if I really wanted to lay that way to support myself with pillows under my tummy and such. I've never been much of a tummy sleeper anyhow, so no bother! I'm just grateful to know I can roll onto my side again without worrying I'm going to displace my implants into my armpits or something lol.

My incisions aren't really beautiful yet at this point, as expected, but I'm happy with how short they are! One is about 1.5inches in width, and the other is a little closer to 1.75inches. The nurse informed me I'm free to use any silicone based scar gels or sheets now whenever I choose to. I believe the office recommends Biocorneum, has anyone had great results with this product?

I LOVE the size of them right now and find myself a little saddened knowing I'll probably lose some volume since I've still got some swelling to be rid of yet. But either way I'm still seriously over-joyed that I did this! I look in the mirror and can't help but to smile and love what I see! Putting on a bathing suit top (even this soon post-op) made me immediately satisfied with my decision.

My left breast (your right in pictures) is sitting higher and tighter than my right (which my right breast is actually the one that Dr. Cohen lowered my breast fold on, slightly; I assumed that one would be the stubborn one lol). I felt like my nipple asymmetry was barely noticeable pre-op, in fact I never even noticed it until one of the other surgeons I consulted with pointed it out to me, but they're extra noticeable now and one sits a little higher than the other (the breast that's not dropping as quickly). It's the only thing that's really bothered me at all about my breasts thus far but I know it's only this way because of my anatomy, I just hope that improves a little as they level out with one another healing wise. ;)

OH and I was also instructed to start another massage where I grab my breast from underneath and squeeze the implant upwards in the pocket (this still sorta gives me the willies and has my muscles over my breasts feeling a little tense).

Anyways, my next post-op appt isn't for another 6 weeks or so. I can't wait to see how much they change by then!

When did you girls notice that you stopped losing volume and became more of a permanent "size?"

Sorry for rambling, I had a long day and I'm a little sleepy.
I hope everyone's doing well! :)

3 Weeks Post-Op! And VS sizing!

Hi ladies :)
I was officially 3 weeks post-op as of yesterday! Not much to say at this point, other than lately I feel like my implants have felt heavier and have felt more pressure-ish on my incision areas? Perhaps because my sensation is coming back? (They've been very numb, but yet hyper sensitive at the same time, from my incisions up to my nipples, but only on the undersides of my breasts, the tops have felt fine and I can touch them all day long lol).

Anyhow, I broke down and said what the heck, and officially got "sized" at Victorias Secret today. She said my band width is actually like 27-28inches (which I knew), and since that band size doesn't actually exist, that she sized me in between a 32DD-32DDD. Of course I'm not supposed to wear underwires yet but felt the need to try on just lined bras with wire (no padding), just for giggles lol. So pictures to follow below to show you all my experience. ;)

The 32DD seemed to fit me best. The 32D was far too constricting and the 32DDD really gaped open when I bent over.
So 32DD it is!, for now lol. I'm sure they'll change some more before I can officially wear "real bras" again.

As far as my incisions, they still aren't beautiful as they're still fresh, but they're looking better in my opinion.
I have yet to find a PS office locally (my surgeon is a 90min drive away and I really don't want to drive that far just because I forgot to pick it up last week when I was there for my post-op appt.), so only 1 PS office in my hometown sells Biocorneum and every time I call they're hours are wonky and they're closing early or whatever and it's just irritating me. I was in the area today and called before driving to the exact location and they're like "oh yeah, we're open, but won't have anyone to sell products until _this time_ this afternoon (only a 90min window!?), so needless to say I had other commitments today and couldn't mesh my schedule with their huge 90min "product selling" window. I digress lol.

I'm going to post a straight-on view of my boobs as well, if everyone could be so kind as to not comment negatively on my nipple asymmetry it would be much appreciated. The one is actually about a half an inch taller? than the other, they're the same width. I think they're still quite swollen and puffy compared to how they normally are, though.

Still so happy I made the decision to do this for myself!
If anyone is having last minute butterflies about going through with their BA, don't hesitate to contact me! I'm the anxiety-over-analyzer queen and I freaked out every moment until I opened my eyes after surgery! :) ..deep breath ladies, all will be well!

5 weeks, 2 days post-op.

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been sort of distant lately, life's been busy! I was 5 weeks post-op as of Tuesday! :) time really flies! As of today, I've been using the Biocorneum scar treatment for 2 weeks; I don't see a huge difference yet but I think it's probably too soon to expect a drastic change. They are definitely getting softer and more mobile (lol) every day! I wish I could look forward in time to see the final, fully-healed result, but they've certainly come a long way in such a short amount of time! As far as those whom I did not tell about my BA (co-workers/some family), they have not seemed to notice at all (would they even say anything if they did? Lol); I assume that's because I always wore my VS Bombshell bra everywhere I went (apart from work) for the last few years and they look about the same now, clothed, as I did with that on. I also haven't really been showing them off too much and at work my scrubs are so loose they really don't look much different to me at all! Anyhow, I hope everyone's doing well! xoxo
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