Had Smart Lipo (Abdomen/flanks) on 3-10-09

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I've always had excess fat on my stomach, and my...

I've always had excess fat on my stomach, and my right side was noticeably bigger than my left, so I decided it was a good time to have liposuction. I'm 22 years old, 5' 6" tall, weight 163 lbs., don't excercise regularly, do not smoke, eat healthy, and have never had kids.
I went in Tuesday morning, March 10th, 2009. Took one Ativan 1 hour before I arrived. They said it would get me buzzing pretty well, but it didn't. I was pretty calm though. I undressed and put on the medical garments, the doctor drew on the areas of my stomach and flanks as a guide, and then a nurse took before photos.
First was the topical numbing, then the injected numbing. Hurt like hell. Not enough to cry though. (I have two tattoos, so I know about pain from needles.) When they began injecting the lidocaine/saline/epinephrine mixture, it bloated my stomach and sides up to about 3 times the size they were before. This process was the most painful thing I've gone through in my entire life. I cried through the whole process that I think lasted about an hour. During that process I took another Ativan to calm down, but it did nothing. Next step was the tumescent lipo. My abdomen was mostly numb by this point so there wasn't that much pain. There were a few tender spots. The doctor told me to tell him when he hit a tender spot so he could apply more pressure to it with his other hand, or go to another spot and come back to that one.
After that was done, they used the canula with the laser to tighten the skin and smooth the remaining fat. This process didn't hurt, but was uncomfortable. Then they cleaned the areas, put padding on them, slipped on a black leotard, and put on my compression garment. Then I got dressed and the nurse walked me out to the car where my sister was waiting.
In the next few days, there was a lot of drainage. None of it ever leaked onto my bed. It was a yellow color with some blood in it.
I immediately noticed a difference in the size of my abdomen and flanks, and it is getting smaller every day. It has been 6 days since the surgery and there is only one incision that is still draining, and it has only drained about 3 drops today. My bruises are almost completely gone and as long as I keep my compression garment on, my stomach stays flat with no indentions.
Today at work I wore jeans without the compression garment and when I got home there was a small indention where the waist of my jeans hit my stomach and sides. After now wearing the compression garment for a few hours, this indention is gone.
Since the incisions stopped draining, I have noticed some yellow pockets of the remaining liquid under my skin in a few areas. From reading online, I assume this liquid will be absorbed by my body and gotten rid of in another way (urine/sweat). I have a one-week followup exam tomorrow afternoon.
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