I Had Pixel Laser 5 Days Ago!!

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I want to say that I am 38 and had cystic acne for...

I want to say that I am 38 and had cystic acne for years and years. Although my face does not break out now I was left with acne scarring on my cheeks and chin, and my overall texture of skin was not so good, it had literally little holes all over my face. I mean ALL OVER! The holes were 5 times bigger than an enlarged pore. They were all over my whole nose area too, especially the tip.

Well, I could not take it anymore and was tired of avoiding certain lights, I looked horrible, and I used to be an outgoing person, but have literally been a recluse in the house for a few years now. I love church but was even embarrased to go and be seen even there.

Anyways, I got the pixel laser done 5 days ago, along with an IPL treatment for hyperpigmentation on my forehead and the sides of my face. I had NO numbing cream or any pain medication at all. As everyone has practically said that has received this treatment, it felt like small rubber bands snapping on your face. She let me hold a cooling air hose that blew cold air on me which helped alot. I told her to go agressive cause I did not know when I could afford the next treatment. When I left I felt like I had been at the beach on the hottest day with no sunscreen. I had a really bad sunburn feeling. She gave me some icepacks which helped alot. But the pain during was very tolerable.

When I left my face was very bright pink. I had alot of little dots all over like I had run into a screen door (bet you heard that one too) lol, but it is so true, it looks just like that. And I had to take ibuprofen all that day. My face throbbed, and I continually the first day put the ice packs on my face.

When I woke up on the second day my face did not have that intense hot feeling anymore. But where the screen door looking dots were on my face, well, they got darker, alot darker. So my face was dark reddish brown. I did not look good I have to tell you, and anyone says you can just put a little makeup on... UM NO WAY was that possible. I looked BAD. I would not even go thru a drive thru! My son and my boyfriend were freakin out.

The third day I still looked very bad but my face had this sandpaper feel, and later on in the day unto the 4th day my skin started to really peel. I had to buy a moisturizer. That helped tremendously!!

So here I am on like the 5th day, and I have to say I am very aware of my skin, I know every scar and how big they are. And I just want to tell people in my own experience, WOW!!!! I am pretty impressed!! All of the holes on my nose are GONE!! They just closed up and formed new skin. It is one smooth surface. UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!

I feel like it is a dream still. I had a big cystic scar from acne right on my cheek, and it has diminished 30 to 40%, in some lights I cannot even see it, and as for the acne scarring on my cheeks, they have cleared alot. I am not saying everything is totally gone, but WOW, I am impressed and all this from just ONE TREATMENT. I will definitely go for 2 or 3 more treatments. I have never felt better about myself for years.

My skin please don't misunderstand me..IS STILL NOT PERFECT...BUT IT IS ALOT BETTER!! I don't expect perfection, although that would be nice, but I am realistic, and went into this only expecting 20 to 30 percent improvement with 3 or 4 treatments, but I HAVE ONLY HAD ONE TREATMENT!

Not all people will get the same results. Before I got my treatments I looked and looked all over the internet and was appreciative to find anyones personal stories out there. I do not really like to write but if I could give someone some sort of insight to pixel and help them a little, well writing this was worth it.

This is just MY EXPERIENCE!!! I am not sure what it will do for you. Just wanted to share my story. Thanks for reading!!

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As I have said, everyone will get different results. Don't want to send someone to one specific place.

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