I Had No Idea What I Was in for

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I Like many thought I had researched lipo disolve...

I Like many thought I had researched lipo disolve but no never enough could you research something that gave you so much pain - I am 44 years old I have been looking at my sagging arms, looking at my mothers knowing that my future was in my genes so after much thought I knew I had to do something - a girlfriend had had liposuction ( best friend from school days wheelchair bound) - nursed her through her lipo - she breezed through it thought no problem will do it - worried about down time though 6 weeks at that time seemed like a lifetime - decided no - heard about lipo disolve everything sounded good - no down time - a little swelling slight discomfort etc - straight back to normal..............well where is normal now - from the first injection I could not believe the pain by the time I left the surgery ( I reckon I was in there for 15mins) my arms had swollen 3 times their size could hardly drive home - took weeks to become near normal - could not do anything for 5 days everything hurt - exercise was out of the question - I am a tennis player play 3 times a week couldn't do it my life and personality changed - something that I thought would be so good was so bad - look for me it hasn't been as bad as some I have read about but the experiences that I had are mine and it was not good - I have had two sessions - went to the second because I thought hang on can't be as bad as the first - (maybe to get the desired result I need to continue) and truly it wasn't as bad only I think because I took pain killers as soon as the procedure was over - still had the same problems arms as big or maybe bigger than popeye's couldn't do anything still can't and I am into my fourth week - I am no wimp but I have decided not to go back for my next appointment - haven't decided whether or not to confront my (don't even know what to call him) but truly don't do this - its not what they say and in fact I am so disappointed that I didn't look into it more - but really I thought I had - my arms are not mine anymore - DO NOT GET THIS PROCEDURE DONE - ITS WRONG - ITS PAINFUL - IT HURTS - MORE DOWNTIME THAN ANYTHING I HAVE HEARD OF - IT HAS TO BE STOPPED - don't think you will be different - YOU WON'T - DO NOT DO IT
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