Face Looks Worse and Now I Have Undereye Bags - Gulfport, MS

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It is 6 weeks post treatment and I still have to...

It is 6 weeks post treatment and I still have to pack my eyes with ice every morning to reduce the bags under and over my eyes which were not there before. (Note: I didn't even have the treatment on my eyes.) I also have dark circles under my eyes now - I never had dark circles before. Even with the ice packs, the swelling is still noticeable throughout the day and does not diminish entirely. I always wore hats and sunglasses and had no issues with the skin around my eyes until now - now I have lizard eyes and my face looks damaged and 10 years older. I am doing everything I can "internally" to help my face heal. I would be happy just to go back to what I looked like before the treatment - I thought I was doing some maintenance work. It has been painful to look in the mirror. I am doing the following to give my body what it needs to heal - Vitamin C (Emergen -C) & mega doses of collagen I, II, III every morning and night (GNC brands - Resvitale & NeoCell); protein shakes in the morning, Vita E, Omega & Vitalizer multivitamins & Vivix (Shaklee brand); Dr. Perricone hypoallergenic skin care products & another dose of his skin care vitamins, Skinceuticals vita C products, Trivita's Nopalea and Adaptuit for inflammation and stress. And lots and lots of PRAYER and trying to get adequate sleep. I am spending hundreds of dollars to help just get me back to where I was. I have seen some improvement since the first four horrid weeks. By improvement, I don't mean through Thermage - but through my internal regiment. Face is still damaged - far from what it looked like before the treatment, but I can look in the mirror now (still with regret) but not with such despair. I just wish I had done this internal regiment with my healthy face instead of after I microwaved it with Thermage. Doctor is blowing it off and commenting on how good the picture looked (he was looking at my "before" pictures) and then walked out of the room before I could compare the before and after and discuss the damage. I hope this helps others who are desperate and feel helpless on what they can be doing to help their healing process. I also believe my lymph nodes were damaged. The treatment was extremely painful on my neck. I asked for it to be turned down, and they would not saying I wouldn't get any benefits from a lower setting. I have had a few lymph massages which have temporarily helped drainage for the day, but the next morning the puffiness and bags are back. If anyone is interested, I can keep posting progress to let you know how I am healing and if I still regret it months down the road.

7 months update

No improvement. Only worse. Grid-like squares appearing on the left side of face. I have report to Solta (the Mfg) and to the FDA. If you have had problems, please report to the FDA. People need to be able to make an informed decision about medical devices. I was not given appropriate information. There are a lot of people on this forum, which is wonderful that we are sharing, but it is also important that the FDA is informed so that these products can be made safe or taken off the market. At a very minimal, a patient should be given all of the facts so that they can make an informed decision. Please report to the FDA. It is very simple to go.

2 Year Update

Still have to manually drain my lymph nodes under my right eye every morning. After of a year of having the thousands of milia picked out of my face by a dermatologist, the burned in grid marks are now very visible. Think about taking a overly hot iron and the mark it makes on your fabric, that is what Thermage did to my face. Burned in equally sized squares in rows from the top of my check to the bottom. My face texture is so rough now. I can't stand to take pictures. Of course neither the doctor nor Thermage takes any responsibility, nor can their eyes seem to see what is obviously visible to everyone else. I'm still looking for something that will repair. I am thinking about Fraxel, but I am terrified of going from bad to even worse.

Damage progression photos

I normally don't post photos, but I wanted to share with others so that this does not befall them. I wish that all my pictures could have been taken in the exact same spot, angle, and lighting but this is the best I could do. I have a before picture, actually taken at the doctor's office right before the procedure, then a 7 month picture and a two-year picture. I was 49 when my before picture was taken, and as you can see my face texture and firmness was good; people thought I was in my 30's. I thought I was doing some preventative maintenance by having Thermpage. Worse decision I ever made in my life. Years I spent protecting my face from the sun was all undone in one hour with microwave frequency.
Gulf Coast Aesthetic Center - Dr. Wyble's office

Gulf Coast Aesthetic Center - Dr. Wyble's office Takes no responsibility nor provides any assistance to undo the damage. I got no response when I asked for my money back. Referred me on to a Dermatologist to get rid of me.

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