I Waited Till I Was Sixty to Get my Face and Lips Done. I'm Sixty Now and It's Time - Pensacola, FL

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I am giving my deposit tomorrow to my PS for the...

I am giving my deposit tomorrow to my PS for the permalips. Really excited. Dr. Butler was so wonderful I would recommend him to everyone! He absolutely told me to wait a few years, that I wasn't ready, can you believe it? I mean, here is a doctor that could've very easily sold me on a $20,000 facelift. He explained everything to me and of course he did say the lips were fine and now I'm really happy just with the new mouth I'm getting. This doctor is not so much about financial gain compared to a patients feelings

The clock is s l o w l y ticking by

I simply am having panic attacks waiting for my procedure! My laser resurfacing for fine lines will be this week, just the consultation, I will have more info then. For now I'm just waiting for someone to cancel at Gulf Coast Surgery so maybe I can get in earlier! Good bye potatoe lip mouth! That's what my sister calls me, she thinks my lips look like a potatoe chip! Lol she is only kidding, but she is right! Just wait till I get my permalips, she will be crying!!!

Four days before permallip

Before pic

My sister has always called me "Potatoe Chip Lips". I never had an upper lip. She will cry Tears of envy when I get my permalips! Lol only kidding

After permalips procedure

This is day 4 and I'm ecstatic! I love my new look, only one thing, I should have gone 5 mm on top and bottom, I went 4 mm and 5mm, but still love them. I've been asked about should you get the anesthsia or get them done in-office. It is an additional $1,000.00 for the anesthesia and in office is included in your regular price. Please listen, the in-office was wonderful ! All I can remember is a cute little blonde calling my name and saying good morning, the next thing I remember I was waking up in my bed at home, I didn't feel a thing, nothing! This was the very best surgical procedure I have ever had in my whole life! I still have my stitches and no bruising whatsoever. I can wait till I can apply some red lipstick with gloss, awesome. My husband loves them and wants to kiss me but I have to play hard to get and say no. Kinda cute.......I love Dr. butler and his staff, they are wonderful ! I only wish he did the next procedure that I need. With service like this, it's hard to compare it. It's hard to test when you've had the best!

Six days after permalips

Day six and I wore red lip stain last night. My husband and I went to the mall and I had to wear color to my face. I love them! I went to the sephora make up store and bought some really good make up products! I just love my lips, they have given me self esteem and I spent our evening looking at my mouth when we passed store front windows. My husband said the lips have created a monster! Lol, he is only kidding, he enjoys them almost as much as I do????

Two weeks since permalips

It's been two weeks and I'm so loving my lips. Haven't had the first issue with them. The swelling has gone and they aren't as big as I initially thought they would be, but they are more natural and of course they are bigger than what I had, so I'm happy with them. I have to start my stretching tomorrow. I have my pro fraxel appt on the 20th for my face, so I'm getting excited about that.

Three weeks with permalips

Pensacola Plastic Surgeon

Had a really great experience with dr. Butler and his staff, haven't had my permalips installed yet, but will keep you posted. I love this site.. Okay, I had my permalips procedure and what a great experience! The staff were very pleasant and professional. I would talk about how great Dr. butler was, but with the meds I don't remember even seeing him. I do know I woke up to the most perfect lips in the world! Please be advised Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery Dr. Butler is the greatest PS in Northwest Florida.

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