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My lip lift is scheduled for 8/23/20016. I'm...

My lip lift is scheduled for 8/23/20016. I'm excited and a little nervous. The staff is very, very nice and pleasant and the surgeon is too. I felt quite comfortable at my initial consultation and during tear trough filler with Restylane Silk and Restylane Silk in cheeks.
Tomorrow I go for blood work, fill my antibiotics rx and by Bacitracin.
I am nervous and excited. I do, however, feel confidence in the surgeon and that is so important.
After researching different procedures in lip augmentation, I felt the bull horn incision lip lift is the one that would help me best. I need more tooth show, less space between nose and lip and more lip show. My lip is pretty thin.
Since it's only a week away, I am pretty nervous! I've read many case histories here and overall feel good about decision. My main anxiety is pain and swelling. Wish me luck.

5 more days :)

I noticed that the average excision of skin of skin on the reviews here seem to be about 9 mm. I will find out from Dr. Langdon how much he will remove and let you know. Darn, the one question I forgot to ask. The distance between my nose and and mouth is pretty long so I'm sure he will probably want to shorten it so it is in proportion. I thought I'd add a photo of my lips ( so you can see they're quite thin) and the distance from nose to mouth. Wish me luck. I am pretty apprehensive about results.

4 days to go!

I had the blood work done CBC,PTT ( activated) and PT w/INR at a cost of 147.00. I will pick up the 5 day course of antibiotics later today.
I am really, really nervous. I never thought I'd have surgery of any kind unless medically necessary. The ravages of time have really changed my mind. I also feel very confident with Dr Langdon.
I'd like to somewhat as young as I feel. My philtrum has elongated and my lips are thin.
When I go in on Tuesday, I will know more specifically how mush skin will be excised. I will bring in a photo of the look of I'm seeking.
I am adding a photo that I hope is more clear.
I probably won't update until the weekend or so.

The girls in the office are just really wonderful...

The girls in the office are just really wonderful and quickly put me to ease. Dr. Langdon is a surgeon you respect and trust. You can tell he truly cares about his patients concerns.

I felt very comfortable during the injections. My face was a bit numb, but had no difficulty eating, blinking or any other facial movements. Eventually I want to get a face lift and blepharoplasty, since that has to wait, I thought this would be nice in the mean time.  My under eye bags are very prominent and the Restylane silk has made them less apparent. I have cheek sagging and jowling. The injections can't do what a face lift can, but it has made me feel better about my overall appearance. I met with friends days later and they told me I looked youthful. I hadn't seen them in about 15 years. I am pleased with the results.

Up Again at 5:00 am

The thought of having the procedure wakes me up at all hours. I haven't been sleeping so well. Overthinking or thinking the healing time will be extensive just wakes me up. Hopefully I can get a couple more hours of sleep. Most people are probably ansty before any surgery.

Just noticed the dates on this review don't correspond correctly......

I am not 9 days post-op. I haven't had the lip lift yet. I am 9 days from having the Restylane Lyft and Restylane in tear troughs, that was supposed to be a separate review but Realself seems to have lumped them into one. That's okay though, I'll just have to specify pre op dates and post op dates myself for accuracy... I wonder why they did that? Hmmm.


I've got just about everything ready, just gotta get Karo syrup and Bacitracin. I don't feel nervous at all today, but I'm sure I will tomorrow. Oh boy! I have a foto I want to bring in. It's the effect I'm looking for, maybe I'd like just a bit more lift than the picture.
Tomorrow seems to be just racing forward. Wish me luck.

All done :)

Surgery was today. Two hours ago. Still just a bit numb. In some slight discomfort. I hope I won't be in too much pain when the anesthetic wears off. I didn't mind the procedure at all, was quite comfortable. It was the anesthetic shots that were quite painful. Painful but bearable. It only last a few seconds.
Here is what I am looking like 2 hours post. I know to expect further swelling in the next few days.
I see Dr. Langdon again on Thursday.
Dr. Langdon is very precise and his staff were efficient and attentive.

quick note on lip length

Distance between nasal tip and top lip was 7/8 of an inch and is now 1/2 inch.

22 Hours Post-Op

I feel absolutely fine. No pain yesterday and still pain free today. I have no discomfort, though due to the swelling my speech is ever so slightly affected and also my sticking to a soft diet again today. I see Dr. Langdon again tomorrow.

Front view

Forgot this pic,but once you save, the only option allowed on Realself is deleting, unfortunately

Day 3 Post-0p, Happy Friday!

I was seen by Dr Langdon yesterday and my healing is progressing well. Nice and clean stitches without irritation.
Nasal swelling is minimal, still swelling in the philtrum and upper lip, but no pain.
Much more movement in the area today. Chewing better,speaking better.
Icing and Karo syrup gelling and applying Bacitracin and Aquaphor helps moisturize my lips which get dry from the ice.
Feeling very comfy even put on some lip gloss for the heck of it.
Very pleased with results thus far, so far, so good.

Much Less Swelling @ Day 5

I am considerably less swollen, a little of course in the philtrum (naturally and the upper lip. Apart from that I've been pretty, busy around the house,going out.
If I get some odd looks, it doesn't faze me. Mostly people have treated me as though the swelling and sutures were invisible, you know, they're polite and respectful.
Still pain free since surgery and still have minor discomfort sch as during chewing. I try sticking to softer foods but gotta admit, love crunchy veggies.
Happy Sunday night to anyone who may read this and to those interested I'd like to say as far as recovery, this procedure must be as cushy as it can get. Good night.

Day 9

Stitches came out two days ago. The incision mark is healing very well and there isn't much swelling. I haven't iced since the stitches are gone, The stitches visible in photo are the dissolving kind. I see the doctor again Tuesday. I feel good :)

Day 18 Post-Op

Healing very well. I am very happy with the outcome of the procedure. I like the new appearance of my lips and smile. Dr. Langdon did a fantastic job. I'm very happy that it was done. I've gone to soft foods only (should've done that sooner, Duh!) and I just cut crunchy veggies smaller. The scar covers with make-up well enough, it's a little hard getting it into little tiny crevices, as I continue to heal, the smoother the make-up application. I am trying not to cry. (lost my cat)

side by side comparison photo

I am 2 days short of 6 weeks post-op and feeling fine.
I had my picture taken the other day and I thought I'd post them side by side.
The light is different in both pix. The angle and expression is also different. Consider also slight swelling in "after" photo. However, I see the shortened distance in upper lip.
I am quite happy with the shortened distance and appearance after the lip lift.
As soon as I have time, I'll add a photo where the pose and angle match.
I just happened to have had this pic taken and thought this would be interesting to post.
Guilford Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr Langdon and all the staff are very knowledgeable, warm and caring.

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