20 Years Old, No Kids, Petite, 350cc Under the Muscle - Guilford, CT

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Day 1 i was pretty happy with my results. Im now...

Day 1 i was pretty happy with my results. Im now day 6 and im very swollen and well i hope it goes down. Worried they might be too big but again maybe I'm just not used to seeing them on my body. I wore a 32 A but i never filled out the bra. I just wanted something natural that fit my body and my doctor suggested 350cc silicone round moderate plus under the muscle.

Pre op and day 1

Day 6 post op

Feeling like they might be too big, getting depressed on and off. Also getting acne on chest which is annoying trying different body washes to see if that will help. Followup is in two days, so ill see what my PS says. Still very shiny too, i had very little tissue

Happier with time

Had my 1 week followup and the doctor was so proud. Ive got to say you really do need to get used to the new body. I am slowly adjusting and am much happier with them than i was originally. So ladies, remember to be patient after surgery.

3 weeks post op, one breast bigger

Ugh I know im only 3 weeks but I feel like one breast is bigger than the other. Mind you, theres a lot of reasons why this could be and i know that like they drop at seperate rates. My original anatomy one breast hung slightly lower than the other. I have scoliosis. But after reading about all these things that could go wrong im always so terrified something could be wrong but i have no pain besides hypersensitivity. I have another appt neext tuesday but i hate waiting and my ps is on vaca! Agh.

6 weeks

Well things were going good but now my left breast has dropped and fluffed and the right has not! Its firmer but not hard like a ball and it sits higher. Im hoping with time and massage it'll drop. Im so inlove with my left breast, i just want the right to be the same!! Its all so frustrating and mentally draining. This procedure was a dream come true but man do I wish I had considered the emotional rollercoaster this was gunna be. One day things are good, the next day they look different. I think im just going to stop looking at them all together till my 3 month mark.

One year post op

Holy moly, this entire process has been insane. I really struggled at first getting used to having boobs. It was strange and I felt like I had made a huge mistake. There are times when I miss having small boobs like when I can't find bathing suits that fit my small underbust and bust. However, I love them! They really change over time a lot!! So don't get discouraged at first because the way I look now compared to a 6 months ago, or even a few months ago is night and day. I feel great and they feel great as well! Something I didn't notice was that I have uneven nipples so they look a little lopsided but only if I point it out. Aside from that I'm really happy with them.... this is my last post! Tried to post a picture to give an idea. Sorry it's bad quality and messy.
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