Tattoo Laser Removal - Wrist

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I got my first tattoo on my wrist when I was 18....

I got my first tattoo on my wrist when I was 18. It didn't turn out that great so after a few years I had it covered up with a new tattoo (which had to be bigger and darker).

Its now been a few more years and I can see my previous tattoo showing through. It really annoys me and being on my wrist it is very visible. I really hate this tattoo now i'm so bored of it and it's not a great design. I've had 2 sessions of laser removal so far and i'm very pleased with the results. Yes its extremely painful, but it will be worth it in the end. Its only a small tattoo but on my tiny wrist it looks big and bold. Hate it! As I only had my second session the other day, its still very blistered and sore. I've uploaded a pic of the tattoo before any laser, and it right now after 2nd session. Any questions, just ask :)

Forgot to mention: my tattoo is about 5x5cm....

Forgot to mention: my tattoo is about 5x5cm. colours are red, black and green. i pay £50 per session which lasts 10 mins maximum but depends on how many times I ask for a quick breather/break. i really recommend the clinic, its called SK:N. They are very professional, hygienic, safe, and i'm so pleased with the process so far.

Update 04.02.13:-
The blisters have completely gone now. Looks like its healing nicely. Starting to become itchy, as it does!
I will upload a photo when this is completely healed, just before my next session (which will be my 3rd).

Tattoo removal can be a very daunting and frustrating journey. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And if I can do it, you can :-)

Today my wrist looks like its healing really well....

Today my wrist looks like its healing really well. The scabs have almost all come off and its only been just over a week since my treatment. Excited as I see my very faded tattoo beneath. Next session on March 10th :)

I've got my 3rd session this Sunday. Will upload...

I've got my 3rd session this Sunday. Will upload more pics :) wish me luck x

I had my 3rd session yesterday. I take Co-Dydramol...

I had my 3rd session yesterday. I take Co-Dydramol pain killer tablets (prescription only) to help with the pain. I knew they were going to increase the intensity this time so I took 2 tablets instead of just 1. I also used EMLA numbing cream 1 hour before treatment. The nurse turned up the intensity quite a bit, yet I found this session less painful than my last! It must be the extra painkiller I took. Only thing is, Co-Dydramol makes me very drowsy and you can't drive whilst taking it. I've re-dressed it a few times now, and from what I can see, it looks much more faded! This time, the tattoo has not blistered at all, which is great! Blistering is really horrible. I am keeping the tattoo covered whilst at work and keep applying Aloe Vera gel and CU3 Complex cream (intensive tissue repair cream). My next (4th) session is on 20th April. I will upload a new photo of my tattoo when it is fully healed :-)

So I had my 4th session of laser on my tattoo...

So I had my 4th session of laser on my tattoo yesterday. They turned the laser up to maximum intensity and it HURT. I still use numbing cream on my wrist an hour before the treatment. My nurse said that my results would be much better if I didn't use the numbing cream any more as it thickens the skin (and makes the laser less effective.. So next time I will try it without. My wrist is very sore and it bled quite a bit after the session. I can see some definite fading already which is encouraging! Session number 5 is on 2nd June :-)

Session 5 - complete!

So I had session number 5 last weekend. My tattoo is healing well and I can see some very good fading! I'm quite excited actually! I booked my next session for August 25th as that gives me 2-3 months to enjoy summer, then I will carry on every 6 weeks. Its now getting too warm to wear long sleeves to cover up my wrist and its just plain uncomfortable when its hot. If anything, the downtime will do the fading process some good! Its funny because I am now on the highest intensity with the laser and my nurse said its going to take much longer to heal, but to be honest its healing faster than ever! Which is fantastic.. I hate the healing process which normally takes a week - 2 weeks. My tattoo is scabbed over and I can see the much-faded tattoo underneath. Its been 5 days since my session and I think it will be fully healed by next week. Very encouraging results. I will post a photo when it's healed. Comments/ questions are welcome :-) Annie x

Still using numbing cream..

I forgot to mention; I am still using numbing cream. I know I should try it without, but i'm just too scared of the pain. I mean, with the numbing cream its pretty damn painful, so without the cream, it would probably be hell. I will try it without numbing cream at some point, I just couldn't do it this time! Fellow laser people will understand :)

Tattoo is fading well, but expect I've still got a long way to go!

Photo of fading so far

Laser session number 6

Today I had laser session 6. I asked the nurse how many more she thought I would need and she said realistically about 4. That's music to my hears, I really thought it would be more like another 10. I was also told that as the ink gets less and less, I will have less effects after treatment. In other words, it should blister as much and it should heal quicker. Its been a few hours since my session and I've already taken off the dressing and its really not too bad! Its not blistered this time and the swelling isn't as bad as it normally is. Pics of healed tattoo will be uploaded in a few weeks :-)

6th session

Hi guys just thought I'd update this. I had my 6th laser session at SK:N about 3 weeks ago and my tattoo is all healed now. I've paid for a package of 4 sessions so I've got another 3 left and then I've decided to try the Picosure laser. I have to travel a bit further and pay quite a lot more for that laser but I've heard it's really effective. My tattoo is definitely fading, but not as much I had hoped by the 6th session. I know I need to be patient but it's taken just under a year to get to session 6 (with 2 months of no laser for summer) and I really want to speed up the process with this new laser.

Not giving up

Just had my 7th session on the weekend. Its healing well and not blistered at all. I see slight fading but it should fade more in the next few weeks. Session 8 is booked for 16th Nov. Then I will have one more after with the same laser (old technology) then I will book my first session at Trueskin in Esher, Surrey, with the new Picosure laser. Photo to follow in a few weeks :-)


This is how far I've come... So far. October 2013

8th session this Saturday

Just uploaded pics of my tattoo today just before my 8th session. I took different angles so you can see how each area is fading.

Session number 8

So I had session number 8 last weekend. I've uploaded a pic - its still quite scabby. It seems to be fading less now. Hopefully the Picosure laser can pick up from the old laser and get rid of this thing once and for all! It's been a long journey and mental patience is KEY for success.
Session number 9 is on December 29th. Then I will be trying out the new Picosure laser for session 10.

Peace & Love x


I've booked my first Picosure laser session with Trueskin in Esher for 1st Feb 2014. It will be a consultation, patch test and my first session all in the one visit. I've been quoted £299 per session for my tattoo. Expensive, but so worth it if it's quicker and more effective!!! :) let's just hope I don't need many.

Dec 2013

9th session with q-switched laser coming up. Then 10th will be with picosure

Just found this photo...

Session #9

So I had my last session at SK:N on Sunday. My tattoo blistered a bit and it also bled this time. I think it's healing well. Looking back on 2013 I spent the whole year going through this removal process and I still have more to come. It's been difficult mentally and very painful. I could've easily given up on this, but I am so determined to get this off me. Some days I've felt so down about it. Looking down at my wrist and thinking "why did I do this to myself?!" and feeling such despair. I have to stay positive, I've come a long way and if this is how far I've come in a year, it's exciting to think that by next Christmas, this tattoo should be GONE. I've found it so reassuring coming on here and reading other people's stories and views it's really helped me. I'm glad I'm not alone :-)

Anyway, I've got my first session of Picosure on 1st Feb which I'm actually looking forward to. I want to see what all the fuss is about. I have high hopes for the green and black ink, but not so much the red. Luckily, the red is the largest part of my tattoo which means once the green and black have gone, I can go back to the old lasers to finish off the red (the old lasers are much cheaper!).

Photos to follow :-)



Here is my tattoo right now- 3 days after session 9.
There are scabs forming and it is blistered but I think when that all heals/falls off, the tattoo will be very faded underneath... From what I can see already!

Feeling positive

I'm seeing great results with my fading. I can't wait for the scabs to heal/fall off so I can take a photo! The red looks so much lighter and some of the black is almost gone! Exciting!

Photo update

Still not healed and still very scabby, but i just thought i'd show my progress.

Does anyone else find this.....

So after I have a laser session on my tattoo, it scabs and everything as normal. Then when it starts to heal, the tattoo looks very light and faded, but when it heals completely the colour seems to come back.... It's hard to explain but was wondering if anyone else has experienced that?

Photo update

19 days after session #9

First Picosure session on 1st Feb

I really am hoping for miracles now. My tattoo seems to have completely stopped responding to q-switched lasers . I hope so badly I wont need any more than 2 picosure sessions. They are so expensive! £300 every six weeks is just soul destoying! I'm just glad it's a relatively small tattoo, I feel so bad for people removing large tattoos. Still, at least we have the choice of removal! I bet in a few years laser tattoo removal will be so cheap. Man, this process is long :-(


If anyone who's had picosure laser sessions on their tattoo, I'd love to hear what you think about the pain, effectiveness, cost etc.

I feel I have such high hopes and expectations for this new laser as it's very expensive and raved about. I really hope it lives up to its name! Updates to follow after my first session on 1st feb :)

My first Picosure session

So I had my first Picosure session yesterday at Trueskin in Esher.
The clinic was lovely and the staff were very friendly. I had a lady called Edita for my consultation and session. She was so enthusiastic and helpful.
We had an in depth chat about the Picosure laser and she talked me through everything. She said most clients say the pain is much worse than q-switched lasers, which I agree with. It's a slightly different kind of pain, but definitely worse. Edita couldn't believe I'd had 9 previous laser sessions and she was optimistic that Picosure would produce much better results. She told me not to take my co-dydramol painkillers and not to use numbing cream; apparently if I had came in with the numbing cream on or had taken painkillers she wouldn't have been able to carrying out the session; it's against their policy for the client to use these when undergoing Picosure laser treatment. So I'm glad I didn't put anything on before I went in! As I'd never felt the true pain of a laser without numbing or painkillers, I was so nervous as I didn't know what to expect, plus the fact it's a new laser. Edita carried out a patch test on my tattoo on 3 areas of each colour. She saw I didn't have any pin point bleeding or any strange reactions so she proceeded to laser the entire tattoo. It was over within a few minutes. Much quicker than the q-switched laser. I was pleased to see the green reacted very well and turned a pale yellow colour. I was talked through the payment options and as I will probably need at least 4 Picosure sessions (let's be realistic), I decided to go for the picoplan. The picoplan is a payment plan that pretty much guarantees removal within a year. Each session costs £299 for me so I paid that for my first session and from now on I will pay £75 a month for a year for 3 more treatments every 6 weeks. If the tattoo is still visible, they will give me another 4 sessions free of charge. I think if it's still not removed then they keep treating it until it's gone. This basically means for a total of £1200 (including full payment for my first session) my tattoo is treated until it's fully removed. So this works out the best plan of action with regards to cost. I will upload a photo of my tattoo right now which is swollen and has tiny blisters. I am told I will see some good fading in about 4-6 weeks. So far so good I think! Just a little side note; I started having laser sessions on my tattoo about 14 months ago. And Picosure could take another year.


Tattoo 4 days after picosure

I swear I will never get rid of this damn thing....

Unsure about pico

So I'm pretty sure my tattoo has not changed one bit after the picosure treatment. I thought the green was a bit faded but now it's healed the colour is still as vibrant as it always was. I'm booking in my next picosure session because I can't give up on removing this. I'm just feeling very disappointed that the expensive Picosure is producing worse results than the cheap q-switched laser.

Black ink

Also, the black ink has not budged one bit from picosure, how depressing!

Tattoo pic

Still healing but thought id upload another pic... I can't see any fading from picosure, does anyone think it's not fading?

Update on first Picosure session

So my tattoo's pretty much healed now and I really don't see any further fading. I've signed up for the Picoplan so it's £75 for the next 12 months until this thing is gone. I was looking at my photos on here and realised I should really take them in natural day light so they're all consistent. I'll do that from now on. I'm starting to lose hope in this whole thing. I can't believe how bold and dark my tattoo still is, it's depressing, after all the sessions I've had and all the money spent and I still have a very visible tattoo. Well, here's hoping they turn the laser up for Picosure number 2. I don't care how much it hurts; I just want it gone. Next session is booked for 15th March.

Still no change

Really disappointed with first Picosure treatment. I see no fading whatsoever!

Picosure Laser Settings

The lady who did my first picosure session told me that there is only one setting on the picosure laser. So it won't increase at all. Does it really only have one setting?! If you're having picosure, i'd really like to hear what you think or what you've been told. As I really can't believe they would only have one setting.. which so far has done nothing to my tattoo!

Other companies using our photos

I had someone message me on here to let me know that they found my tattoo pictures on a laser website using it as their own. Is there anything I can do about this?! I'm a bit annoyed I wasn't even asked. 


So my 2nd picosure session is next weekend. Here's a pic of my tattoo right now 5 weeks after my first picosure treatment.

Picosure #2 (11th laser session)

So I had my second picosure session yesterday which is my 11th laser session included the q-switched laser sessions. The lady put the machine on maximum setting as I had not great results from the first session. It hurt much more (as expected) but I had my lovely sister there to hold my hand. It's still very swollen but here's a pic of it right now. Updates to follow :-)

2nd Picosure

I went to Center Parcs over the weekend and my tattoo was quite blistered. I went in the spa sauna rooms and swimming pools and my tattoo was fine it didn't hurt or anything. The blisters have now popped and it's all healing well. I do see some fading which is good news. Next session on 26th April :-)

Side by side photo


I've only got 20 days until my 3rd picosure session (12th laser session in total) and I really think I still have a very long way to go. My laser technician said she thought4 picosure sessions will clear my tattoo completely, but I really don't see that happening. Anyway, I knew it was going to be a long journey so I never had my hopes too high. Next session on 26th April.


Just thought I'd upload a new pic of my tattoo to show it's progress.

Picosure #3

Just had my 3rd picosure session and the lady said this time it was turned about a bit more (despite her telling me it was on maximum setting last time.. Hmm) but it definitely hurt more. Luckily it doesn't take long to laser - around 3 mins. Pics to follow soon. Just uploaded a side by side pic of before any treatment and after 2nd picosure.

Is this normal?

After my tattoo is lasered, it goes darker until its fully healed. Does anyone else experience this?

2 weeks after 3rd picosure

It's now been 2 weeks since I had my 3rd picosure session (12th laser session in total). I don't see any further fading if I'm honest. I'm going to leave it another few weeks then take another pic. Next session is in July.

Quick pic update

Tattoo updated pics

4th poco sure session

So on 5th July I had my 4th picosure session (13th laser session in total). I didn't blister or swell that much and i was already healed after about 2 days. I've not noticed any fading at all after this session. I know it's early days but I see no difference now to before my 4th session! Anyway, I'm still going through this nearly 2 years down the line and my tattoo is still here. I hate it so much. I've got until march 2014 to keep paying £75 per month for this. Then if it's still not gone they carry on treatments. Let's hope I see some fading, eh!

14th laser session in December

I'm going on holiday to Turkey next month so I cancelled my September laser session so I didn't have to worry about it too much on holiday. I've had lots of comments from friends/family saying it's looking really faded, but I still think it's not doing that great. I think it's because I see it every day on my wrist and I don't notice the fading. I booked my next season for December so going to have a few months laser free. I'm sure the break will only do it good!

Another pic

Pic update

Can't tell if it's faded any more?!

Update July 2015

Hi guys, thought I'd do an update on here as I've not done one for a while! I think I've had 16 sessions now (starting to lose count) and I've still got ink to remove. We are using the revlite laser on the red and picosure on the black and green. I cancelled my July session as I've been away on holiday so didn't want my tan/the heat to interfere. I've got my next session next month. Here's a pic I took today in daylight to show the progress. I think I've still got a way to go for complete removal, but I am happy with the results so far. I've been removing this tattoo for what will be 3 years this November. It's been a long a painful process but I WILL carry on until it's gone. I still have about 5 sessions left of my picoplan so don't have to worry about funding it for a while. I wish you all success with your removal journeys :-) Annie x


Tattoo Removal Update 10/04/16

Hi all, it's been a while since I updated this, and I know many people have been following my post since I started it. I’ve also received a few messages asking me for an update, so apologies for the late reply… but here it is…..
Since my last post, I've had a few more sessions at True Skin in Esher. They are now changed their name to Pro Skin.
I've now had 17 sessions in total since I first started the removal process and it is very nearly gone. As previously mentioned, I paid for the Pico Plan over 12 months. They guarantee full removal of your tattoo, even if it's still not removed by the end of the 12 months they carry on treating you until it is removed. I finished paying for the Pico Plan a while ago and as the tattoo is still here, I have continued to be treated. The Picosure laser has stopped working for the red and green ink in my tattoo, so they used the Revlite laser which seemed to work better. The annoying thing is, they decided to move the Revlite laser to the Harley Street branch... meaning I now have to travel to London to get treated (this is an expensive train journey away from me). So my laser technician at Esher advised me that I must now go to Harley Street to continue with the Revlite laser, as the Picosure laser wasn't enough for my tattoo anymore. This is where the nightmare began. They told me I would need to have a patch test at Harley Street. I was obviously annoyed because it means i would have to travel up there just to be patch tested with the same laser I had been using at Esher! But they insisted it was part of their policy, as it was a different clinic I must have a patch test. I told them that it would be a pain for me to travel there just for a patch test, which seemed totally unnecessary. They said they would contact the Harley Street branch to see if it was ok for me not to have (another) patch test, but they came back a few days later and said I definitely needed one to comply with company policy. Fair enough I guess. So they tell me to ring Harley Street branch to book in my next appointment. When I ring them, they tell me that as it is a new clinic, and as they will be using the Revlite laser, I must pay for the plan AGAIN. I told them my situation and that I had already paid for the plan and that at Esher, they treated me with both lasers under the same plan cost. They insisted that I would need to pay again, but obviously I refused and asked them to discuss with their manager. I was promised a call back later that day, but didn’t hear anything for a week, so decided to ring them and find out what was happening. The lady I spoke to didn’t know anything about this (you’d think they would make notes on my record!?) so she went away and spoke to her manager. After being on hold for 25 mins, they finally told me it would be ok for me to carry on receiving treatments without paying again (I should hope so!). So at this point I was pretty unimpressed with this company and their lack of customer service. The lady booked me in for my test patch appointment but as they are very busy it was for 4 weeks away. I kept this date in my diary and waited. 3 days before my appointment, I get a call from Harley Street clinic telling me that the Picosure laser needs servicing so they had to cancel my appointment. I was annoyed, but I guess these things happen. I was re-booked in for another 2 weeks later, after being promised the laser would be back up and running for my appointment. I then get another call from them saying the laser hasn’t yet been serviced and that they need to re-book my appointment again. So we re-booked it for a week later. Yes you guessed correct, a few days later I get a voicemail message (a very quick and not apologetic at all) telling me the laser is broken and I need to call them to re-book. I’ve reached a point where I am going to raise a complaint with this company, it just seems like an absolute joke! I’ve now not had any laser for months and I’m getting tired of this cycle. I just want to carry on with my sessions, is that too much to ask?!
Anyway, apologies for the rant. I will update again soon once I get this resolved.
Wish me luck!!


So today I rang Harley Street clinic to find out what on earth is going on and the lady told me they moved the Revlite laser to Bluewater in Kent a week ago! Thanks for telling me!!? How disgraceful is that I had to ring them to find that out, when I had an appointment booked in for this Saturday. I told the lady how annoyed I was and that Bluewater was too far for me to travel, especially just for a patch test. She gave me an email address and telephone number for someone more senior. I then rang Esher clinic and the lady I spoke to didn't even know the Revlite laser had been moved to Bluewater so she's going to find out and 'get back to me'. This is beyond a joke

The Reset Room

So today I went to The Reset Room in Soho to see Wayne about my tattoo. I had a picosure session and it went really well. Wayne told me that he would be using a different setting to what I've had before. The red in my tattoo actually responded to the laser! So very pleased and impressed with Wayne and his excellent service. He said to leave it for about 3 months before my next session (if I even need another session). He charged me £90 and it was over in about 15 mins. Will upload a pic once it's all healed :)


So this weekend will be 2 weeks since my laser session at The Reset Room. I can honestly say that I can see zero fading whatsoever. I know it's still early days but I thought I would see at least a slight bit of fading?! Hmm, let's keep waiting and see in a few months.

The Reset Room - Update

So it's been almost 6 weeks since my laser session at The Reset Room and i'm sad to say my tattoo has not faded AT ALL since this session. I'm very disappointed as i had high hopes for this place. I will give it a few months then i'll contact the guy at Reset Room to see what he suggests going forward. I really don't want to waste any more money on sessions that do nothing!

What to do next

So I really need some advice as to what to do now. I've been lasering this for 3 and a half years and it's still here. Here's a pic I took today in natural light. I've been thinking about getting a professional tattoo artist to cover it with another tattoo, is that crazy? I either want it 100% gone or a really decent tattoo there instead, not this embarrassing mess! Any advice would be really appreciated. Annie x

Tattoo designs

I've been trying to find suitable designs for a cover up, I don't want any colour, just black ink this time.

Tattoo options

I swear my tattoo is getting darker....


So I went to pro skin Esher yesterday for a review with a senior laser technician who did a patch test on each colour with a different setting using the picosure machine. I was told to leave it 4 weeks and go back in to review the progress from this setting. Here's praying!
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