Lipo Abdomen, Upper Back & Flanks - Guayaquil, Ecuador

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I had BA and Lipo done at the same time 23 days...

I had BA and Lipo done at the same time 23 days ago. I am recovering well from my BA surgery, however I am not feeling so well in the areas I had lipo. From the onset the pain in the areas treated has been extensive to say the lease. The lyphmatic drainage massages where excruciating and the compression garment is uncomfortable. Now, I have burning, tearing sensation in my back and flank areas. When I stretch to the sides it feels like something is tearing inside. My abdomen, is very tender to the touch. I am in a Mirena Compression Garment now. Not sure if it's enough compression and maybe that could be it. I had my surgery in Ecuador with a very well known PS who has also operated on a friend of mine and several people in her family all successfully. The therapist who performs the endomology treatments on me thinks the doc may have remove too much fat from these areas. You can count my this is possible. I am afraid of what the complication sculd be from this and I am not sure if a PS here in the US will see me and what the cost will be. Obviously, cost was a major factor for me.

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