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Like many, I have been waiting for a long time to...

Like many, I have been waiting for a long time to get this weight off my chest, quite literally. I developed quite late, around 12/13 years old, but very quickly as well. In less than two years, I went from virtually nothing, to C/D breasts in the beginning of 9th grade. Now, 5 years later, I am around a DDD, I believe (although I refuse to buy bigger bras, and still somehow squeeze into D bras). I have an appointment set up for May 27th to see how it all goes! Ideally, I would like to be a C. But anything smaller than what I am now will satisfy me - but a C is perfect, in my mind! All I know is that I am ridiculously excited and I just can't wait!

Small changes!

My consultation has been moved to June 2nd, since my doctor is on vacation, hah! I will update with pictures before then. This only gives me more time to prepare myself mentally for what's to come, so it's not all bad. I am still extremely excited to feel normal again!


I went to my consultation and the doctor was great. He answered all my questions and evaluated me. After hearing all that could go wrong, however small the chance, I won't lie and say I'm not a little freaked out. But in the end, all that matters is that I'll feel better about myself! I was a bit sad, though, to learn that there's a somewhat high chance that I won't ever get to breastfeed. My mother was sad as well, but I'm not really looking to have children any time soon, so it's not so bad.

I'm still excited! And I'm scheduled for June 16th. I have to get blood tests done now, the usual, and go try on some bras for after the surgery. The nerves are really kicking in now that I have less than two weeks! Can't say I won't miss my boobies, as annoying as they feel most of the time. But I know it's the right thing for me to do.

Some more pictures

Looking through my pictures, I realize how top heavy I look. I guess I'm just used to it, and never pay too much attention, but yikes. I'm not a tall person by any means.

Compression bras!

I got one of my two Marena compression bras (the other one should be here by Wednesday at the latest) and now all I need to do is meet with the anesthesiologist so he can go through the procedure with me and I'm all set for Monday! I'm so excited!

(And a tiny bit terrified)

Almost there.7:

I'm so nervous and excited, that I can't even sleep. I have to be at the hospital at 7:30 am and it's already 1:30! Yikes.
Surgery is at 10 am and I can't eat anything or drink anything at all until after! And only liquids at night. :( I'm already hungry and so, so thirsty. I'll try to sleep and I'll update again as soon as I can. See you all on the other side!

I'm out!

I'm out and I feel great apart from the pressure on my chest. All bandaged up until tomorrow. The drains are annoying as well and hurt every once in a while.

I can stand and go to the bathroom (no peeing in bed! Yay! Haha). I asked my doctor how much he took off and he said he took around 450 grams from each breast - less than he thought he would. So it was a total of around 900 grams removed! The surgery lasted 4/5 hours.

And now I rest. Must try to sleep more than two hours at a time. I'll keep you all posted and good luck to all who had surgery today as well!

Does anyone hate drains as much as I do?

The only real pain and discomfort I have right now is from the drains. They're the modt annoying little things ever. :(
Luckily, I get them out today (hopefully) ane sleeping should be more comfortable. I haven't been in much pwin other than the occasional stabbing kind that lasts a second or two, and isn't do bad. I'll take pictures as soon as I can. They look so small!

drainsare out!

And I have to get new post op bras because mine were too tight. For now, I have to wear this gauze and stuff. But no drains! Yay!

The big reveal.

Finally got to take a shower. So happy about that! The pain's a lot less strong now but it's still there, especially where the drains were, but it's getting better! I'm so happy with how they look. I love them. Now, if only the swelling went down quick. ;) A girl can dream.

Some progress pics. :)

My right breast is a bit more swollen than the left as of now. May have been that I turned a tiny bit in my sleep... oops. Hopefully that'll go down soon!

I love the shape and nipple placement. I'm in love with them. I just can't wait for the swelling to go down! Haha. I'm not the most patient person...

One week!

I can't believe it's already been one week and how great I feel. I have very little pain, unless I manage to stretch too much. It's more of a discomfort now. I've noticed some scabbing on my right nipple as well, which is great news. I'm still draining a little bit from time to time, but nothing major!

Right breast is a little bigger than left, but that's normal, and I think it's just me noticing the little things, and how my right nipple is not as round, etc. I'm just picking at the little things.

But I love my boobies. They're perfect! And such a great size, even if they're still a bit swollen!


I had an appointment today with my surgeon. He took off the Steri-Strips, which hurt a bit. I got to see everything, and I am so amazed at how much I have healed in 9 days. The wounds are nearly all closed and the scarring has started. I still have to change my tapes every morning after I shower to make sure my scars are flat. The doctor said my boobs will probably be 'settled' in about 3 months, which is great.

I can start exercising again in about a month, unless something happens. I can't wait to lose a few more pounds. 20 is my goal.

Now that my nipples aren't covered, I realise how much sensitivity I still have. I'd been getting some stabbing pains for the last few days, which I assume was the nerves reattaching. I'm still getting them, but it is way less. Being in the car still hurts, with the bumps and all. But it's really getting better. I am off my meds. I'm still applying ice once or twice a day because it feels so nice and it's really helped me with the swelling.

I can sleep more comfortably now as well. I noticed that I can sleep more on my side now without any pain. Still more on my back than anything, but as a side/tummy sleeper, it's very relieving.

All my life I had confidence issues regarding my breasts, but I am already feeling so much more... normal. I am so happy with them, pain and all. It's all completely worth it. My estimate is I'll end up around a C, which is what I wanted. Not too big and not too small! I feel so much more comfortable wearing tighter clothes. I also feel so flat-chested, even though I'm not. It's such a strange feeling. On the one hand I KNOW I'm not flat at all, but it just seems the difference is so big to me! It'll take some getting used to. It'll also be a lot easier to buy clothes in the correct size, instead of one/two sizes too big only so it would fit over my chest.

Best decision of my life. I hope all you lovely ladies who decide for the same are satisfied and happy with their choices. I wish you all a speedy recovery! :)

Dressings off

My right nipple is progressing a little slower than the left. I have to change my dressings after every shower now.

Today it really, realllllly hurt. I bled a little, which I kind of expected. But the left is looking great! I'm in more pain now, from all the micro pore removal, but it's getting better.

I forgot to take a pic of under the right, but they look almost the same.

A not so accidental accident.

This is going to be more of a rant update. I apologize before hand, but I have no one to talk to about this.

Siblings can be hard to deal with at times. I think we all understand that, especially when we're younger. But there comes a time when one can expect a certain level of maturity (say, 17 years old) when it comes to dealing with situations. My sister and I have had a rocky relationship. Being hot headed, we both clash at times. I thought things were fine, especially now that I'm living so far away from her (she's in Costa Rica and I'm in Edinburgh).

I thought wrong. Having an opinion is fine, right? Wrong. Apparently, rooting for the opposite soccer team and not being happy with a match result is not allowed. It sounds so stupid when you think about. Such a petty argument. But she got hysterical and hit me with her sweater. The result was the zipper hitting me right on the nipple. Right where the incision was. Of course, she denied doing anything, regardless of all the blood gushing out of my breast. As if I would hurt myself and ruin all my progress.

So now I'm extremely upset because the wound was already healing. It was closed and the scarring process had begun. I also have a bruise where the rest of the sweater hit me and I can feel more coming. I am so upset that all my progress is lost on the breast that was doing the best. Has anyone dealt with a wound opening once again? My grandfather, who is a doctor, looked at it and said I would be fine, but I can't help but cry at the thought that all my progress went out the window because someone cannot deal with differing opinions. I am in so much pain and stress.

And I feel so cheated that even my mother is saying it was all my fault and I "had it coming."

I apologize for this entry, but I just need to vent a bit.

My right breast is doing great. It was lagging a little behind, but most of the wounds seem to have closed, apart from where the vertical incision meets the nipple. It's not bleeding or anything, but it's also not closed yet. Other than that I'm really happy with the progress.

Now on to more pain meds and ice to bring the new swelling down... And to wish I was back home where I'm not criticised or hurt for having my own opinion (I know I sound immature as well and it is a petty thing to say, but I am really upset right now).

I wish you all a happy recovery! And good luck to you ladies out there with upcoming procedures!

2 week update

I can't believe it's already been two weeks! I am doing so much better, and apart from the incident yesterday, I am in almost no pain (without pain meds too!). I am so happy with how I'm doing, although the right breast is still lagging a bit behind.

The vertical and anchor incisions are all pretty much closed. The wound where they meet is also nearly closed, which I am super happy about. I've had no problems there whatsoever. The only issue I have is right under the nipples. It's still an open wound in both, but I guess it's just gonna take a bit longer!

I am so, so happy!

3 weeks

It's hard to believe it's already been three weeks. I feel like I've made a lot of progress this week (finally). I felt I was lagging behind a little bit.

Most of my incisions are closed, or nearly closed. I've been applying cocoa butter on my vertical incisions. I'm also extremely happy about how well it looks under. The incision is perfectly placed and it's so smooth already!

As far as pain goes, it hurts a bit in general. It hurts when I stand up from sitting down or laying in bed/the couch. I guess it's just the stretching.

As far as sleeping goes, I can lay down on my side a bit more comfortably. I can't sleep fully on the side, but I can definitely be more comfortable. I still get stinging pains around the nipple area but they're a bit better. I've been pretty active lately. My mother has been making me "move" since I can't exercise yet. I get tired really easily, though, and after walking around a bit, the incisions start hurting and getting sore.

Still the best decision I've made!

P.S.: Ignore the flaky skin and tape marks, haha. No matter how much I moisturise, it doesn't wanna improve. Might just be the tape, as the doctor said!


I had my 3 week appointment today. Doctor said everything was great and only took out about 3 stitches that my body was rejecting and impeded the healing. He prescribed a scarring cream and removed the tape because I was having a very mild allergic reaction to it.

Now I only have to wear it when my skin's not red or sore, and it should all be good.

I'm in a bit of pain from the stitches that were removed, but it'll all be fine in no time. The rest is pretty much the same.

To all the ladies out there starting out, good luck, and to all those on the other side, happy healing!

One month!

I can't believe it's been a month already. Ever since the doctor prescribed the scar cream (Supraflex - I believe, soemthing like that), my wounds have been healing.

My skin is still red from the burns the 3M Micropore left, so I'm tapeless for now. I have a lot less pain, only when I stretch and move too fast/sharply.

Fantastic. That's all, really, haha. Not much to tell from the 3rd week. The wounds where the doctor took stitches out are closing and scabbing over.

5 weeks / 35 days

Hi all.

Only a quick update and some pictures. Not much has happened. I've had some stitches come out and, on doctor's orders, I've cut short the ones that are poking out but not ready. This is great. The sooner, the better, in my opinion. Hopefully I won't have to deal with spitting stitches a long way down the road.

Pain-wise, I am doing great. I've been exercising again, although only doing biking and mild walking. It still hurts after I've been standing up and walking around a lot. I can sleep on my sides now, with very mild discomfort/pain, which is great because I'm nearly a stomach sleeper. I've been getting lots of sleep and getting more energy by the day, although I still feel drained. I don't know why - might just be summer with nothing to do, hah.

My doctor also instructed me to use lotion and rub the scars in circles. I'm supposed to press down pretty hard, which hurts a tiny bit. My guess is this is supposed to stimulate blood flow and help flatten/diffuse the scars.

Here are some more high-res pictures now that I finally got around to charging my DSLR's battery.

Happy healing!

6 weeks

This is gonna be a small update. Not much has changed other than me pulling out a few stitches. Everything is nearly closed up - the t-junction below would not because of a blue stitch I had on the left breast, but it seems to have closed up by now.

No pain whatsoever, only when I've had to run or do some sort of jump to get something - that kind of stuff. I feel I'm back to normal, except better.

Very little back pain - but that's from something else. It's decreased a significant amount, which I'm happy about. I feel a bit big, I think I may be a Full C / small D. We'll see when I get a fitting. :)

I'll post pictures later on. Happy healing!

Quick Update - 7 Weeks!

Everything is great. Nothing open anymore. Scars are starting to fade. Moisturising every day, a few times a day. I apologise for the quality of the picture, it's the only thing I have for now!

Best decision of my life - cannot change my mind about that! I've finally been getting my energy back and I feel great. Absolutely no pain. Can't wait to get sized, although my 36D bras fit a tiny bit loosely. I tried on some old C's as well, but they were too tight. Looks like I'm a small D! So, so happy! Now to buy new bras, without underwire. :)

I hope everyone is doing alright. Happy healing!

9 weeks

Sorry for the crappy update, but not much has changed. No pain at all and I feel great about how they look. Will be posting pictures soon and doing before and after comparisons.

Happy healing! Good luck to all you lovely ladies starting your journey!

My body doesn't take scarring well.

I've learned my body does not like scars. I have tried everything from daily mosturising massages to bio oil to coconut oil, everything. I believe it's hypertrophic scarring and it seems to still be developing as of now, 10 and a half months in. To be honest, I don't mind much, although I would love to have thin, faded scars but whatever. I'm used to it. It's no one's fault. I think it's just an issue of bad luck with this surgery, so I cannot fault anyone or anything but my own body. I do get self conscious, though, especially with my boyfriend. I think it's something I just need time to get over. The scars are a lot fading slowly and a bit flatte, which is nice. My boobs have settled, I've noticed and sag more than before, although I expected that. At a 36D, I expect sagging. They're not pretty and not small, but at least they aren't huge anymore! :)
Dr. Eduardo Olmstead

Great doctor. He did a great job, made me feel at ease right from the beginning. Very meticulous - op took 6 hours! Answered all my questions thoroughly. Always available and ready to help if anything happens!

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