A Rhinoplasty Story---Los Angeles, Ca.

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Hi, I'm 26 years old and just got a rhinoplasty +...

Hi, I'm 26 years old and just got a rhinoplasty + mentoplasty procedure done 8 days ago on feb 17, 2015. I had been struggling for years with wether or not to go through with the surgery. I would have phases where I would feel acceptance as to the appearance of my nose, and then I would have times where I would feel like my confidence was lacking because I felt self conscious about the appearance of my nose. Hated to be photographed by others, because of my "bad angles". I had a hump in my nose, a boulbus tip that drooped, and was accentuated whenever I smiled. I felt that I was a pretty girl, but my nose was out of balance with the rest of my face.

After extensive research about the procedure and even more research about possible Surgeons, I picked Dr. Enrique Andrade in Guadalajara, Mx. He is an ENT, trained in facial plastic surgery in Columbian and the USA. He has more than 20 years of experience performing rhinoplasties and he advocates for natural results, something that was extremely important for me. I did not want a nose that looked "operated" on. His background and his before and after pictures, made him the obvious choice for me.

During our consultation he suggested a small chin implant to better harmonize and balance the look of my profile, as I had a small chin. This is something that I had considered in the past, but he was able to confirm that I was indeed a good candidate for that procedure. He always answered all my questions and concerns in a professional and timely matter.

Day of surgery: I had surgery schedules at 8:00 am. He performed my surgery with local anesthetic+sedation, and I was on my way back to my hotel by 12:30pm. Had very little to no pain, and no dressings put inside of my nose, so I was able to breathe out of it no problem right after surgery.

Days 1-8: had very bad swelling and bruising all over my face starting day 2, and peaking at around day 3-4 I started seeing some improvements days 4-5 and have been seeing steady improvements ever since.

Now: I'm currently 8 days post-op and I absolutely love my new nose. It has met and exceeded all my expectations. I might have shed a tear when he took my cast off on day 6. My swelling has come down substantially around my face and now I look semi normal, I still have some dark bruising that is slowly getting better under my eyes, eyelids, and under my chin. I'm just hoping the bruising resolves before my first day back to work on March 5th. Wish me luck!

On the Road to Recovery

My recovery process does far. Days 1-9
And a short video of my nose/chin right before I went in to surgery.

Before and Day 10 Post-op Pics

Day 10 Post-op

Last night, I went out with my hubby without my tape!!! It's nice to feel like a human again.

As of 10days post op, I still have lots of very visible bruising under my eyes right on my cheek bones, eyelids, and chin. I think that I didnt quite mentally prepare myself for the bruising to potentially stick around for a while. I thought that I would be bruise free, and ready to be reintroduced to society after my cast came off on day 6-7. After all, I did everything right, or so I thought. Took Arnica and Bromelain pills religiously, applied Arnica gel and iced regularly. For sure I would be pristine by then. Lol. Well that obviously didn't happen, but it's okay, I'm okay with it now. We all heal at different speeds. And it will all be worth it at the end. What's a little bruising for another week or maybe 2, when you get to have the nose you always wanted. ??????

P.S. Thank God for Dermablend quick fix concealer, seriously awesome at covering any post surgical bruising. ????????????

As of last night (Day 10) my nose feels a bit stiff at the tip, and the swelling is utterly unpredictable, but even at its worst, I'm completely in love with it.

My chin implant has healed very well, i have very minor swelling and bruising now. Love the size, it's so subtle ( I was scared that it would look to big) , and it complements my nose beautifully.

Overall, I love that my procedures have only enhanced my appearance and not altered it.

I love that I still feel like ME when I look in the mirror.

It's been 2 WEEKS!!!!

So it's been 2 weeks!!!!

So far so good. Lots of unpredictable swelling. I woke up today feeling like it looked a bit big, but then I looked at my before pictures and Its aaaalll good all over again. Lol. I try to tell myself not to be so critical of the little things or because I know for a fact, that I'am nowhere near close to being fully healed, and it's still very early in the process.

***Note to self ( and other's)
Try to not be so neurotic, through this process. Don't be critical, be kind to yourself.

So what tips do you guys have for keeping your skin healthy. I know it's quite normal to be greasy/and dry at the same time post rhino, but how long does this last, I honestly have no idea how to tackle this. If I moisturize my dry skin, it becomes super greasy. Eww. And the blackheads? I'm definitely going to go and get some pore strips today. Any tips?


1. Bruising is down, about 95% gone.

2. Swelling in my face 95% gone.

3. Swelling--
in my nose, goes up and down a lot. The tip, for the most part stays about the same (to be expected) since it's one of the places that takes the longest for swelling to resolve. The sides and bridge, are very unpredictable. Sometimes my bridge swells and the slight scoop to my nose vanishes, and becomes straight. When the swelling resolves, the very slight scoop reappears, and all is well. So at least I know that it's still under there. Lol.

4. Scars--
My open rhinoplasty scars, on my alar rims are getting quite red and therefore a bit more noticeable. Is that just part of the healing process? I sure hope so. But Its nothing that my dermablend concealer won't be able to handle. :). My scar under my chin is quite dark and raised at the moment, hoping it flattens out, and lightens up a bit as it heals.

Overall Im happy to say, that I am able to see slight improvements everyday, even through this unpredictable swelling stage.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Almost 2 months!!!

Very small changes since my last update.

-less swelling
-even though the amount of swelling has improved, the unpredictability/unevenness of it has not.
-still have good days and bad days.
-the skin on my face went crazy after the surgery, and I'm still dealing with breakouts now!! :( (anybody else go through or going through this???)
-I'm still happy I went through with the surgery, one of the best decisions I have ever made.

More Pics

Before and After pics

I've been getting a few requests for additional pictures. Here they are.

I wanted very natural results. I wanted to look like myself. That was the first thing I told my Dr. I remember telling him that I didn't necessarily want a 'small' nose, the most important thing to me was getting rid of the hump. I wanted my nose/chin to be in better balance with the other features of my face.

My chin implant is very conservative. Very subtle change. Just big enough to make a difference, yet small enough that is not a noticeable change to others (or even myself) unless I look at before and after pictures. In fact, not one person has noticed that I had a chin implant put in. My chin is still slightly recessed, but I actually find this more aesthetically pleasing. Softer and more feminine. It might not be a beauty 'ideal' but I personally didn't want to go too big implant wise.

I didn't want or ask for perfect. Just an improved version of myself.

Until next time.
Dr. Enrique Andrade

Dr. Enrique Andrade is a consummate professional and extremely skilled at performing rhinoplasties. His before and after pictures are all great, he believes in natural results and customizing every nose to its new face (no cookie cutter/ overdone noses). I couldn't be happier with the whole process from e-mailing back and forth and answering all my questions and concerns, to the consultation where he put all my worries at ease, to his amazing staff, to his immaculate office space. I couldn't be happier with Dr. Andrade and my results. Thank you.

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