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Hi everyone, I am 26 years old and currently...

Hi everyone,

I am 26 years old and currently going through a divorce. The process of this ugly divorce has helped me realize that I have always put others before myself. Well I'm finally standing up for myself and taking back control.

I have been researching gastric sleeve surgery for over 6 months now, I tried going through my insurance but the process is so long and I have to have other underlying issues besides being obese. So I started to look elsewhere for treatment. I will be going to Guadalajara, Mexico to do the gastric sleeve surgery through AMBI surgery. My surgery will be done on June 2nd.

Anyone have any suggestions on what I should d in order to prepare? What should I bring with me?

More about me

I noticed that I failed to mention my weight and height.

I am currently 5"1 and 220 lbs. This is the highest weight I've ever reached. I have been struggling with my weight since I turned 18, I've been sick and put on steroids due to very bad allergic reactions and the steroids have basically ruined my metabolism along with being in a stressful and depressing relationship my weight has only steadily gone up. I am pretty active but I feel I need the additional assistance because I'm sick of struggling.

I'm hoping I can lose at least 20 pounds before June 1st.

Finally here!

I was admitted to the hospital last night in Guadalajara. I spoke to the surgeon for over an hour which was really nice. My surgery is scheduled for today at noon. I'm nervous and scared at the same time.

Weight before surgery :227 lbs

Day after surgery

Right after the surgery once they woke me up I was in a lot of pain to point where I was yelling and crying due to back pain I think all my back and win was because of all the gas they put inside me. They were quick to give me meds and position me in a more comfortable way. The recovery room was hard I was in and out of but there were other patients recovering which made for a lot of noise. The worst part was my hands and left thigh where numb which freaked me out. One of the doctors reassured me it will fade away soon it was due t my IV and how they positioned me on surgery. It's 2pm now and my thighs has recovered almost 95% and my right hard close to 95% as well. Throughly out the night after surgery I was vomoting close to every 2 hours after I vomit they would put more anti nausea meds in my IV I don't think my Body reacts well to morphine. The last time I vomited was 8 am this morning. Since then I've been walking around and I even took a shower.
This hospital is so clean and I was put up in a master VIP suite with my own bed and living area. Some nurse only speak Spanish but your I get to understand them after interacting with them

Back home

I arrived back to Atlanta on Monday 5/6. People say they feel so much energy? NO not me! I'm not a person to take a nap during the day but I have been needing to everyday after work this whole week. While I was in Mexico it was extremely difficult for me to take down any type of fluids because I hated the heartburn it would cause and constantly feeling nauseous. So far I have lost 14lbs, which is really nice :-).
Once I got home I started on thick soups which is much better than Just drinking juice.

My food during the day consist of
8 oz of soup
1 pudding or jello
And if I can try to get something else in I try a popscile.

Soon I have to try to get in 60 grams of protein and 6-8 glasses of fluid .... I honestly don't know how I'm going to do that lol

I honestly don't feel hungry, but in my mind I know I have to eat which makes it difficult.

I'm a binge eater so that's something else I'm battling with :(

30 day update

To date I have lost 22 lbs. I'm so excited, it's been frustrating looking at the scale and then bam this morning 5 lbs dropped.

I have been struggling with the diet my go to food has been crackers because it's the one thing I know for sure that won't irritate my stomach. I'm starting to eat solid foods now last night I had a grilled chicken wing with a teaspoon of mash potatoes and later in the evening I had 2 teaspoons of ice cream.

I had one incident where I over ate it's was the worst experience and I will never do that again. I was in pain for hours to the point where I had to go home from work. I tried to make myself puke but couldn't go through with it so I had to ride out the pain.

I'm going to start incorporating exercise in my routine now I have a personal trainer so I will start back with that as well.

Overall I had no pain really I haven't needed any pain meds I left Mexico with little to no pain.

There are days when I hate that I had this surgery only because I want to eat more but other than that I'm glad I did it. I watch my family eat and all I can think about wow we humans consume so much food!!! Over all I'm happy I eat what I like but in very small portions and I'm satisfied. :-)
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