58 Y/O Male SMAS Facelift, Neck Lift, Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty, Earlobe Reduction and Fat Transplant - Guadalajara, Mexico

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I set up my facelift, neck lift and blepharoplasty...

I set up my facelift, neck lift and blepharoplasty in November 2014 with Dr. Fernando Guerrerosantos to be done on Jan 13, 2014. I found Dr. Guerrerosantos by doing my research here on realself.com. I was happy with the other reviews I found here and my other research on him. I sent him current photos and some photos of me in my 40's and told him what I thought I needed done and what were his suggestions and the cost. He concurred that I needed a lower SMAS facelift, neck lift and blepharoplasty. He gave me a price of $5300.00 which would include his fees and the hospital charges at Puerto de Hierro Sur. The extras were the lab work and the cardiologist clearance which ended up costing around $125.00. Dr. Guerrerosantos said I would need to stay 14 days and put me in contact with Emma Galicia who runs a B&B and works with him to assist in you stay. I booked an 18 day stay with Emma at a cost of $60.00 per day for me and $20.00 per day for 5 days for a friend to accompany me. Total cost for the B&B was $1120.00. Emma provides 3 wonderful meals a day and speaks great english. Her husband Luis is from California and speaks perfect English also. Let me tell you, these are some wonderful people. You would be extremely happy with your stay with them. Dr. Guerrerosantos also put me in contact with a bilingual driver named Jose who picked me and my guest up at the airport and took us to the B&B. He drove like a turtle. Around 20 miles per hour with all the cars passing us up. He was setting us up for later when he wanted to charge us $15.00 to drive us. Long story short, he was trying to rip us off. He made me late for my appointment with Dr. Guerrerosantos and the doctor was not happy nor was I. Without going into the long story, I just suggest you us taxi's or Uber for transportation and stay away from Jose. I arrived on Sunday Jan 11th, 2015, had my initial consult with Dr. Guerrerosantos, the cardiologist and my lab work on Monday Jan 12th, 2015 and went to the hospital at 11 am Tuesday Jan 13th, 2015 for my surgery. Surgery took place around 2pm and took around 5 hours. I spent the night in the hospital and was released around 4 pm on Wednesday Jan 14th, 2015. When we got back to the B&B Emma had some great chicken soup and rice ready for our dinner. Today is Thursday Jan 15th, 2015. My surgery went well, not too much swelling that day, a little more swelling the next day and today I am really swollen. From my research this all appears normal and the swelling should go away pretty soon. Tomorrow I go to the doctors office to have the stitches removed from my eyes and then I go back on the 27th to have the stitches behind my ears removed. Then on the 28th I head back home. Too early to tell what the outcome will be, but, I think I am going to be pleased. Will updated later. Will post pics later.

Day 3 after surgery.

Today is day three after my surgery. I went to the doctors office today to have the stitches removed around my eyes. There is drooping on the right lower eyelid. It makes me very nervous. The doctor said it is called ectropion, it is self limited, which means it should resolve itself on its own. He says when I come back for a visit on Monday that if it is not resolved he will place a cast whatever that means. It's kind of giving me anxiety. Naturally I came for surgery because I want to look better not worse. I'm not able to post pictures because the pictures I have taken are on my phone and I'm not able to connect to the Wi-Fi from my phone for some reason. Sweet Emma is going to the pharmacy to get me something for anxiety. She continues to bring me wonderful meals every day. This is really where you should stay if you consider coming here for your surgery. You could not be in better hands than with Emma. My face is still extremely swollen so it's hard to tell what work is been done. I certainly don't look anything like myself and I am hoping that everything will resolve itself and I will just look like the younger me that I want to. The doctor still has me wrapped up like a mummy. He says on Monday he will reduce the amount of wrapping. I'm looking forward to that.

Pictures of the apartment at Emma's B&B

Here are some photos of the apartment at Emma's B&B. As you can see it is a very nice apartment.

Pictures of me before surgery.

Here are some pictures of me from when I was around 30 that I sent to Dr. Guerrosantos to see what I look like before Old Man Time did it's number on me. Of course I knew he was not going to be able to make me look 30 again that I wanted him to see what I looked like in my youth said he could get me back as close to that as he actually could. Also attached are the current photos that I sent to him to see what I look like now. Before surgery.

Day 7 post surgery.

Well today is day seven after surgery. I can say I was very stressed out the very first few days. Day five I was having the post plastic surgery blues wondering if I had made the right decision because I look so bad. But on day six so much swelling had gone down that I was able to see much improvement. That relieved a lot of my anxiety I was having. I went back on day six and the doctor removed the wrapping around my face and put on a neck garment. I keep that on 20 hours a day. I'm able to take it off 1 hour for breakfast lunch and dinner plus an hour for showering. Something interesting that I am learned is because my face was stretched back now part of my beard is on the inside of my ear and back behind my ear. I will have to have electrolysis to have that tidied up. For some reason that never even occurred to me. But it certainly makes sense now that I think about it. Most of the photos I have taken our on my cell phone and I can't upload them. But once I get back to Dallas I will upload plenty of photos to show my daily progress. I take pictures daily. I continue to enjoy the wonderful company of my hostess and the other guest who are here for plastic surgery also. Emma is a fantastic cook. So caring. She has a wonderful family. Her husband is very enjoyable and her children hurt extremely well mannered polite children. The children reflect the great parenting they are getting. Again if you come here to Guadalajara for plastic surgery this is definitely the place you should consider staying. So far I am pleased with the progress of my plastic surgery and I think at the end of eight weeks I will probably be really satisfied. I'm still concerned about the swelling around my eye which causes drooping. But I'm feeling like that's going to resolve itself. I certainly hope so. I'll update later.

Some current photos.

Here are a few current photos 7 days post surgery. I've had the stitches removed from my eyes. I get the stitches removed from the front of my ears tomorrow. But I don't get the stitches removed from behind my ears until the 14th day.

Day 8 post surgery

Today is day eight post surgery. I went to the doctors office today and had the stitches removed under my chin where some fat reduction was done during the neck lift. Also the stitches in front of my ears were removed today.there is still some dripping on the right by due to swelling. Today I made arrangements to have my earlobes reduced tomorrow. Total cost for that will be $400 and it is in an office procedure.

Post surgery photo

Here are a few updated photos.

Day 9 post surgery

Today is the ninth day post surgery. Today I went to the doctors office and had my earlobes a reduced. It took about an hour. Cost $400. Was no pain. The air lobes were numbed prior.

Day 10 post surgery

Today is the 10th day post surgery. I went to the doctors office and he took off the bandages around my ears. He says is going to remove the stitches behind my ears in three more days. Then I will be returning home in five more days. The swelling continues to dissipate every day. So far I'm very pleased. I'm sure I'm going to be happy with the results in a couple of months.

3 Weeks Post surgery

Here I am 3 weeks exactly post surgery. I'm healing every day.

8 weeks post surgery

Today is 8 weeks post surgery. I am mostly happy with the results but have some issues that I am waiting to see how they resolve before I rate as worth it or not worth it. If I end up needing more surgery to repair some issues then it will be a not worth it review. If everything resolves satisfactorily then it will be worth it. The issues I am having is that my left eye does not close all the way and it is creating excessive tearing and dry eye which burns and blurs my vision. Also there is bunching of skin at the temple areas on both sides right by the ears where the scars are. Also there is an indentation on my left check. From my research here on realself about these issues, it appears I will just have to give it more time to see if they resolve or if I will need revision surgery. I have to admit that even with those problems, I do feel I look better.

Before and after pics

Here are my official before and after pics. 8 weeks pistol surgery.

Television Story on Mexican TV Milenio about my plastic surgery

Here us a link to a story on Mexican television Milenio about Dr. Guerrerosantos, patient Beverly and myself. The story starts at the 7:34 mark. Before that U.S. an unrelated story. http://tv.milenio.com/ajuste_de_notas/Ajuste-notas-Roberto-Lopez_3_460783926.html

bunching and indentation in left cheek

here are some pictures of the bunching I was talking about and the indentation in my left cheek.

1 year update

Well it's been one year since my surgery. Actually a little over a year. Surgery was on January 13th 2015. There was a problem with an indentation on the left cheek area and bunching skin at both temples. Dr Guerrerosantos said give it a year for everything to settle. Well the indentation is still there and so is the bunching skin at both temples. So I am returning to him on February 23rd for him to do some corrective surgery. I'm told that it's simple minor surgery that can be done in the office. He's going to take some fat from either my stomach area or inner thigh area and transplanted to the indentation area on the left cheek. I'm not sure how he is going to do the correction for the bunch and I will discuss that with him when I get there. I do have to admit that I look better then when I first started out but I am hopeful that once these issues are resolved I will be completely happy. He has told me he will do the corrections at no charge. I'm also having some dental implants done by a dentist while I'm there. I'll write a review on him also.

Surgery revision

I am back having my revision done. I went to Dr. Guerrerosantos office yesterday and he did the revision. He did it in office under local anesthesia . It took approximately two hours. The purpose was to remove the bunching around the temple area both sides, fill in the indentation on the left side with some of my fat and remove some of the fat in the lower part of my cheek on the left side under the lip area to make it balance and met the other side. Of course he was as charming as ever and wanted to make sure I was completely happy. I'm pretty positive that I will be but it's difficult to tell because my face is so swollen like it was the first time I had my facelift. It's only swollen on the left side though. It's only swollen on the left side though. Because that is where all the work was done except for the minor revision on the right temple. I'm all bandaged up like a mummy so it's hard to tell. I'm staying at Emma's B&B again. There is a pharmacy a few blocks from here so I walked over there to fill the prescriptions he gave me. I wore my big dark sunglasses. I looked a sight. People kept staring at me as I was walking down the street. I'm sure they were thinking what a si kept staring at me as I was walking down the street. I'm sure they were thinking what a sight. But I don't care. I don't know them and am never going to see them again. Also yesterday at 9 o'clock in the morning I had dental implants done. After that I went and had the plastic surgery revision done. So it was a full day. I have no pain in my face from that surgery. I didn't have any last time when I had the original surgery done. I am having pain in my gums from the dental implants but that will soon pass. I'll post some pictures later.

new photos

Here are photos right after I left the doctors office and then the next day. Which is today. You can see I am pretty swollen today. But having gone through this before I know the swelling will go down pretty quickly. I'm looking forward to the final result.

two days post revision surgery

Here are some pics today's post revision. As you can see I have a lot of bruising where he removed the excess fat from my left cheek. Right now it looks to me like the bunching is still there but it's hard to tell if it will go away after the swelling goes down. I will have to wait and see. I am having more bruising than I did with the original surgery.

Dr. Guerrerosantos and his father are both well known plastic surgeons. He and his team all speak English. he explains everything well so you know what to expect. I felt very comfortable with him.

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