Rhinoplasty W/ Dr.Enrique Andrade. Guadalajara, Jal.

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Growing up I always struggled with the appearance...

Growing up I always struggled with the appearance of my nose. Never been fully confident with myself because of it. I have bump and dropped tip. Felt no matter what I did, I wouldn't look good because of it.

I've always wanted to get a rhinoplasty but never came across a doctor who had one on one constant conversation with a patient and made me feel comfortable with them. Till I found Dr. Enrique Andrade.

After intense research I came across Dr. Enrique Andrade, I decided to contact his office. Griselda, his secretary, is so kind and will also answer some questions over the phone. But she advised that the best way go get all my answers was to email the doctor directly.
As you can imagine my first email to him was very long.
A few hours after, I had a response from him.
He even gave me his cell phone number to call him to further discuss my concerns.

After speaking to him on the phone multiple times and emailing back in forth I decided THIS was the doctor for me.
This is who I feel confident in and can trust to help me change what I've been struggling with my whole life.

I will be traveling from California to Guadalajara for my consultation on April 8. My procedure will be April 9.

Consultation / Surgery with Dr.Enrique Andrade & His Staff

I arrived yesterday (April 8th) I had my consultation at 12 but since I was around the were able to help me by 11am.

Let me start of by completing his wonderful staff. Griselda, whose he's medical assistant, goes above and beyond to help you with any questions or needs you may have.
After my consultation with Dr. Enrique Andrade I had no doubt in my mind that this is who I wanted as my doctor. He is not like other doctors who are pushy and act more like car salesman but. No, he's main concern is you and his priority is to make you look naturally good.

During my consultation I was able to see 3! (Not 1 but 3!!!) of his follow up patients. If I wasn't sold before this just eneded up taking all the way!

My words do not give all the justice that's needed to be given to Dr. Enrique Andrade. He's work speak for itself.

If you're considering him I found amazing pictures of his recent work on his FB page. https://www.facebook.com/Dr-Enrique-Andrade-189352304560669/
Please take a minute to see all his work, so you can better understand me.

It's been now 5 hours since my surgery.
I feel amazing. (It maybe the medicine that's still in me) but no complaints. No discomfort.
Most importantly I CAN BREATHE threw my nose !!!????????

On the picture I've uploaded you'll see that my long droopy tip is gone with in time I'll be uploading more before and afters.

But please if you're considering Dr. Enrique Andrade, look at his work and contact him. He is worth every single penny.!

Dr. Enrique Andrade is THE BEST!

48 hours after my surgery; no bruising no discomfort and I'm able to breath through my nose.

Just came back from a follow up, everything is perfect !

I'm so happy with his work I literally almost cried when she showed me what my nose looked like the day of the surgery.

I can't stop complimenting his work he's just amazing at what he does.

Completely in love with my new nose

It's been over two weeks, coming close to three weeks now since my nose job and there's not a day I don't complimented on how beautiful my nose is and how natural it looks.

Dr. Enrique Andrade over exceeded my expeditions.

My nose proved why he is one of top 100 surgeons in the world.

I've uploaded a few pictures I took during my "recovery" you could say. I didn't experience any pain during the recovery period. The only pain I felt was during the removal of my stitches. No bruising at any point.

Oh, I'm not sure if mentioned but the doctor suggested to get a chin implant. No regrets on doing so. The chin is in perfect harmony with my new nose.

Day 1 - hours after surgery... Got back to my hotel room and slept well. I was surprised to wake up from my surgery and know I was going to be able to breath through it.

Day 2 - I was scared to look I got the mirror thinking I was going to bruise. Ha! Loved to know I had no bruising.

Day 3 - no bruising! Saw the doctor to get my nose cleaned and some medications to keep it clean.
He mentioned that I wouldn't bruised from here on now.

Day 7- I did swell up a bit because of my chin implant but my nose didn't affect my eyes or cause any bruising.

Day 10- flying home the day after my stitches were removed. I didn't experience any pain... That was until they removed the stitches lol.
There were very little stitches and quick to remove. Never had any stitches in my life so the pain was foreign being that I hadn't felt any the whole time since the surgery.

Day 15- took off my bandage as instructed and guided by the the doctor. Everyone is amazed on how there was no bruising and how the wound didn't scar.

I'm honestly so glad I went to see and get my nose done by Dr. Enrique.
He is very attentive and even asked me to text him with any concerns or questions after my arrival back home. None needed, other than me thinking him for the constant complements I get on how beautiful my nose looks. He also mentioned to stop by if ever in town again to see he's work, he assured me I would be in love with my nose once I take my bandage off.

PS. If noticed I blurred my eyes before with my old nose. That's because I hated my profile. Never felt confident. Now, I'm in love with my nose, profile and face. No more need to be ashamed.

Hope this helps someone whose considering Dr. Enrique Andrade, you won't regret going to him.

Obsessed with my new nose ...

I forgot to upload this with my last update. But my tittle pretty much sums up how I feel.

Love. Love. Love, my new nose. Never thought I would EVER say that.

No more bandage !

Finally removed my bandage on day 15, at first I felt it was too soon. Sent a whatsapp message to Dr. Andrade and followed he's instructions. Easy removal. I can't stop taking pictures of myself, so in love with my nose. Never before had I such confidence to fill up my phone with pictures of my profile. Love what Dr. Andrade did for me. A few thing I've been asked and haven't addressed; • I flew to Guadalajara and had my consultation a day before my surgery. • Griselda, his office / medical assistant is AMAZING! She's very attentive. Throughout my trip she made sure I had everything I needed and gave information I needed. She also suggested hotels that were near by to the hospital. • my surgery was around 4 hours or so. I had my nose done, and a chin implant done. • doctor prescribed pain killers, antibiotics and provided instructions on how to maintain the nose clean. • it took me over a year to find Dr. Andrade. We communicated over a period of 4 months before deciding to book him. (email, phone calls, messages) • the hospital is located in a zone called and referred as "Puerta De Hierro" a very safe, and nice zone. It's literally considered the Beverly Hills of Guadalajara. • the hospital where I had my surgery is located in the same building that Dr. Andrade's office. • many will confirm that not "just" any doctor can practice at this facility. Only the great ones are known to operate at this hospital. • when searching for my rhinoplasty I always looked into a doctor who could provide natural results and minimal bruising. As you can see fit all my requirements. • all my concerns and more were addressed and accommodated by Dr. Andrade during my consultation. • Dr. Andrade has an Instagram page and a Facebook page with plenty of before / afters Instagram: dr.enriqueandrade Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrEnriqueAndrade Hope this helps all... - Ruth

2 months post op

Each day my nose keeps getting better and better... I'm truly grateful to Dr.Enrique Andrade for giving me a beautiful nose.

My recovery: as previously mentioned, quick with no pain at all. I breath normally like if nothing ever happened.

4 Months Post Op

I feel like my nose is getting better by the day. It's slowly going to the small size that Dr.Enrique took a picture of moments after surgery.
If you're considering him for surgery, please don't waste your time and do it. He's amazing !

Dr.Enrique changed my life !

Why did he change my life ? Because he provided me with the most amazing gorgeous nose. I couldn't have dreamed it better. I have such a higher self esteem now, something I never had growing up.
My only regret, not doing this sooner.

I'm madly in love with the makeover he has provided me with :)

4 months post up front view

I'm obsessed with how my nose .... Don't mind the the snap chat filters lol

By popular demand ...

It's been 7 months since my life changed (aka surgery) and I can honestly say the only regret I have is not getting my nose done sooner with Dr.Enrique Andrade.
Real Self is clearly a hidden gem in Mexico so you won't see many reviews of his surgery here. However what I found out when I went to my consultation, is that plenty of people from around the world travel to get their nose done by him.
I mean who wouldn't ?! He is only 1 out of the top 100 plastic surgeons!!
The day of my bandage change I met a girl who travelled from SPAIN and another from Arizona, NV. We were all anxious and excited to see our results. Not a single disappointment.

It's been months since my surgery and never have I had any complications nor problems smelling. It's like I never even had my nose done. I'm honestly truly in love with my nose. Till this day I keep communication with Dr.Enrique Andrade. Why? Well he offers a few more procedures as well. Plus, plenty of friends and people who met me before my nose are always inquiring about getting their nose done too.
I've recommended 4 people since my own surgery and so far 2/4 have gotten it done and are very happy with their amazing results.

If you're still hesitant on get your nose done and are considering Dr. Enrique Andrade just go ahead and contact him he will answer ALL your questions and will understand why I choose him to change my life.....

A year anniversary....

I've been meaning to post an update... I honestly can't believe it's going to be a year (on the 8th) since I got my nose done. Best decision I've ever made. I honestly regret not going sooner with Dr.Enrique Andrade. My nose is flawless. I've actually have had close friends, who have now travelled to go and get work done by him after seeing my results and the care he has with his patients. He's truly an amazing doctor. Even after the surgery we've kept in touch. Getting my nose done, and the results I have boosted the confidence I never had growing up. A year later 50lbs down and loving my nose, everyday.
Dr. Enrique Andrade

Dr. Enrique Andrade is very straight forward. Very honest, kind and attentive. His work speaks highly of him. I honestly can't wait to be one his patients.

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