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Okay...I've been "nosing" through tons of reviews...

Okay...I've been "nosing" through tons of reviews (and commenting) on here and I decided to finally put up my profile after much procrastination. So I've wanted to fix my nose for many....many....many years (just like many of you). My mom and sisters are beautiful, my brothers are handsome men...then there's me...like stuck in between. I'm super androgynous-looking. I've got a pretty okay figure then I got my dad's nose (which looks good on men but not me). And to top it off....broken....a couple times. I also have a fairly deviated septum because of the trauma. I'm almost 34, I'm getting married, we're buying a house, and I'm in a place where I think I can mentally/ emotionally/ financially handle this huge change to my appearance. I'm ready.

I posted some post ops and some noses I admire. I'm hoping for simular results. Not gonna lie...I like a prominent nose...just one less droopsy and humpety-dumpety. I want to be able to have any haircut I want and feel confident that if it's short- I'm not going to look like a dang ole man. Or if it's long- little kids won't think I'm a witch.
Alright folks, I will post more pre-op pictures soon. I go in for my consultation June 18th, 2015 in Minneapolis. More later....

Boyish Goodlooks...on a 34yr old Woman :(

Here's some more pre-ops to give everyone a good idea of what I'm working with here (not so much working with more accurately). To reiterate, I'm looking for a prominent, strong profile...but more femininity and a refined tip. I'm ever hopeful this can be accomplished. I'll also be nice to be able to breathe better and possibly not struggle with pressure headaches. My nose was fractured a few years ago pretty badly but it's always been silly-looking to begin with. Looking forward to the imminent change.

Another simulated picture...

Another hopeful imitation of what I feel would fit me better.

Even more Pre-Ops...

To give one a good idea why and how I want my nose changed.

Oh...the pics...

Dr. Manz

Been super busy. My fiance and I bought a house and I've been spending money like it was made of trees... *crickets*


Getting that out of the way...

Going to another doc as Gryskiewicz's patient consultant gave me the go-ahead to drive 4 hours while I was under the impression that my insurance provider had accepted the costs of surgery as she had promised to check before I got there (I have the e-mail) but...alas...she hadn't even contacted them. So...I observed her lying to the doctor saying that this was the first time that she had seen my insurance information (again, I have the e-mail and it contains all my insurance info.) while he scolded her and told her she wasted everybody's time. I didn't say anything about her lying as I didn't think about it until I reviewed our correspondence. It blows. They are, in fact, out of my network. I am an idiot. I should have checked it my damn self.

So anyway..........................

Dr. Manz is crazy cool and, I suspect, Seth Rogen's identical twin...which made him even more pleasant to speak with and not intimidating in the least...although my weird staring and sheepish giggles probably dismayed him slightly as I thought all this in my head during our meeting. He has my condolences. I am to have septoplasty- grafts, straightening, zapped turbinates, and a butterfly. You probably know what I'm talking about so I am going to leave it at that. Also, dorsal removal, lifted columella, and refined tip. August 20th...tell your friends. Not really...don't tell your friends.

To Be Continued...

Surgery August 20th - It's Happening

So Dr. Manz reported to me that I will look like crap for my wedding Sept. 19th (which was never really going to be a big ordeal in the first place as my fiance and I are quite reclusive and very kept to ourselves). So my fiance and I talked and we're going to the courthouse and getting our license either this week or next, get tattoo rings to be safe as our jobs are too dangerous to wear rings and we don;t want to take them off. (Hey...if we ever renew our vows we'll just get them touched up ;). We are both in our 30s, have been together for quite a while and we even own a house together, so don't worry about commitment issues :D Anyway...we will do pictures at a later time when it doesn't look like I am a member of Fight Club.

So it's happening. I'm nervous and excited...but mostly nervous. For those of you having Septo/ Rhino...it';s expensive...very. That $3500 I mentioned before (I just changed my procedure cost above)...that's just the flat rate from cosmetic. The functional end of it (the health problems) are expensive. My company supplies pretty average coverage. A $2500 deductible (of which I have only currently used $261 as I am just too damn healthy body-wise) to be paid immediately along with the cosmetic costs ($5739). Then 20% and up to $2000 out-of-pocket after. So I could be paying $7739 in the end. Oi vey. I have confidence that the procedure(s) will be worth it, although he's not doing a whole shit ton cosmetically, he advises that the little he is going to do is going to add a lot of femininity...which is the object here.

More Post Surgery Pics

Smiling Pic...ughhh

Tomorrow Is The Day

So Dr. Manz sent me his mock-ups of the projected results and they look good but I'm nervous. I thought the anterior/ frontal view of the schnoz looked crazy-small but then he showed me my actual nose and I was like, "Oh...not horribly different...?" This lady needs to calm the heck down. Then I thought the profile was a little pointy. Calm down... I told him I want a prominent nose if not sort of big still- just without the weird hump and hook but his projection looks... CALM DOWN!

Okay...I will probably post tomorrow depending on what scale of crap I feel like.

Post OP Day 1

Well we arrived at the hospital at 8:30am and Dr. Manz was in and out of emergencies and other surgeries up to 2pm. So we waited for quite a while in my room. I was on an IV the whole time and I don't know if I've had to pee so much and often in my life as I have today. At one point, I peed, stood, walked from one end of the bathroom to the other and had to pee again. A lot. So crazy. Anyway. ..

Surgery was 5 1/2 hours. They had to break my nose and the doctor was, quote, "Pretty OCD..." about my procedure. A nurse said that he did something over because he thought he could make it better and did. I'm glad I chose Dr. Manz. He's tenacious and puts extreme effort into 'precision art'. My fiancé waiting 9 hours alone and bored while I was in surgery- he commended Dr. Manz, as well. We are highly impressed.

The not great portion- lots of bleeding, tons of swelling, not a shit load of pain (yet). All around discomfort level on a 1-10 scale, probably a 7 last night and a 4 today. I probably meet like 20 nurses, anesthesiologists, patient coordinators etc yesterday and they were all amazingly courteous and informative. We were well supplied by the whole staff both with information and care products. My fiancé has been amazing. Best nurse ever. I'm super tired... More later.

Profile already looks better. ..

I will upload the post op surgery pics as soon as Dr. Manz emails them to me.

Day 2 Post Op

Starting to be able to taste. I lost, a few pounds- I'm at 115. Trying to eat lots of protein but it's hard when you can't taste. I had oatmeal, granola bar, green beans and ribeyes steak cut real small yesterday. Tons of water. So tired.

Day 3

Still not pretty. My eyes are better but my face is humongous. So much swelling. I pretty much just sleep all the time.

Please be honest...

Do I look like a turtle? Lol.

Post OP Day 4

Swelling is subsiding by my skin is sustaining a quite icky yellow/ green coloration on about the checks and eyes.

Day 5 Post Op

Swelling of face is pretty much gone. Super congested. Still super yellow. Less pain. Cast comes off Thursday.

Kit Kat

Day 5 pic. I took off my ninja mask for one. Some uneven swelling. Nose looks über crookedy but it was super crooked-face before. I'm just glad the humpety droopiness is gone.

So I sorta could taste a bite-sized Kit Kat today, therefore I ate like 10 in a row...but it was short-lived pleasure. Couldn't taste after the 2nd. Meh.

Oh and I'm still totally constipated. It's like my body has forgotten what pooping even is. There's not any sort of compulsion to alleviate itself or a hint of internal conflict as to what to do with all the (tasteless, however, high in fiber) contents I've been putting into my body. So tomorrow I gotta get serious about moi dumpster. There's a lot of weird things that happens to a body when it undergoes anesthesia, 6 hours of surgery, then is given antibiotics as well as vicaden, and forced to be dormant for a week+. This is one of those things and it's stupid.

Anyway. Feeling a little miserable with these tubes in my face, a constant running nose, but mostly what gets to me is that I can't have a proper shower until Thursday. I just want to submerge my dang ole face in hot, fresh water and scrub and blow all the shit out of my nose. The end.


So he said he didn't do a lot cosmetically but it looks like he did LOL. He removed the bump and lifted the tip. It looks too lifted right now but it should drop a mm. I went from an eagle nose to a shark! Ha. Anyway. I'm going to shower the last 7 days off misery off of me, clean my pores (gently), etc. My nose looks soooo swollen from the front.

I showered!

It was great!

Day 8 Post Op

I'm pretty pleased, although, I feel like it's a little short...is that weird? Lol. I'm an idiot. He didn't even really shorten it, he lifted it but somehow... *shrugs* All in all I really like, especially since today the swelling has gone down enough that I don't look like a lion. :D

In other news...I have some taste (thank the gods!) And some smell. I never thought being able to smell something stinky would make me so, so happy. Huge relief! And...I can poop again. :)


Even Less Swelling

First Day Back To Work

I got so tired. Lol. Everybody complimented my nose and said they missed me and I looked great. It was nice. I missed work...even though I'm just a machinist lol. Wearing real clothes was a nice change from yoga pants everyday. Make up sits on my nose kinda awkwardly though because it's so tender that I can't scrub the weird dry skin off of it or clean the skin that well. I bought some witch hazel at the behest of an acquaintance who works for M.A.C. and had a rhinoplasty herself.

So today I bought the best red lipstick and I can't wait to wear it. Like Taylor Swift red. I've never been able to pull off nice lipstick because I was too afraid it few too much attention to my goofy nose. How insecure it that? :/ Also, bring out in public for the first time in 2 weeks I noticed I still was acting like I had a wonky profile then remembered my nose looks great. Lol. I may still be a teenager. :(


17 Days?

Over a month already! Yowza!

Suey that I haven't updated in a stretch. I've been busy being an old lady in college, working OT, and GETTING MARRIED! SQUEE! Okay...so I've got some weird haircolor going on- I'm trying to get to silver/ gray so it's really patchy as I had black/ white hair before this.

Rhinoplasty Post Op

How long has it been?

4 Months? Yes.

Super Comparison

No longer seeing Dr. Gryskiewicz due to a solecism. Now seeing Dr. Manz but apparently I cannot edit my provider. :/

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