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I'm two weeks out from having my upper and lower...

I'm two weeks out from having my upper and lower abs done in one 4-hour session, and I haven't had any of the intense pain that some of the others posters mention. Even though I have exercised all of my life - LONG before it was trendy - I developed the "menopause midriff" after I hurt my back and had to stop doing crunches, etc. My waist disappeared even though I'm not overweight (although I'd be happier if I was 10 lbs less), and I'm in great health. Every morning, I would get blue when my tops weren't fitting right and I had a bulge over my skirts that I never had before.

Because of the considerable expense and with almost-obsessive research, I chose a doctor. After reading all the reviews here, I know I made the right decision. My post-procedure recovery has been relatively easy compared to some of your experiences, and I'm so sorry for what some of you been through. I can't imagine how discouraging it must be, especially dealing with the constant pain after paying so much to have it done.

Both doctors in the practice I chose and most of their staff have been sculpted so they were able to share their own experiences and address all of my concerns. They had issues that ranged from intense itching to long-term numbness, but every single one of them expressed surprise that anyone would have had the pain that had been described here. The techs wondered if it was the size of the heads on the applicator that made the difference. The size of applicator head and the placement make all the difference. My doctor consulted with his partner as well as two other techs about the size of heads that would be used on each section where I wanted work done. They discussed using "gold" vs "6" vs "4.3" etc. They each looked at the options and agreed on the sizes.
The doctor measured and marked me, and the techs took over. They were fun and easy-going, made sure I was comfortable. The techs checked on me often, and the doctor came in a couple times as well. Because I was there for so long, they even ordered lunch for me! I was able to use my iPad and I did fall asleep because it was relaxing. When the applicators were removed, I had oblong shaped lumps from the suction of the applicator heads, about 4" high that the techs called "butter dishes," but they massaged them until they went away.

I really didn't have any downtime at all - shopped right after I left the office, went back to work the next day, didn't really change my routine. For a week after the procedure, I was quite swollen and I took Pamprin to relieve the cramping. There was no intense pain at all but - there is no delicate way to say this - I do have intestinal issues... more gas than my local BP station ... but it's finally subsiding. The most discomfort was a constant ache like when muscles are overworked, and when I bent over, I did have that "bee sting" stabbing that someone else described on this blog. That's an excellent way to describe it. For the first week, even with aspirin, it was difficult to find a comfortable sleep position so I was cranky in the morning when I tried to find something that would fit over my swollen stomach. I didn't need compression garments, but I did find it was more comfortable when I wore control top panty hose to keep the abs from jiggling which caused some discomfort - not pain, just chafing and irritation. With 90 degree temps, panty hose wasn't an option most of the time so I just put up with it and rubbed my belly a lot when no one was around. For about 10 days, I wore exercise pants with plenty of stretch, covered up by tunics and long tees but I still looked pregnant - not a good look at my age.
Two and a half weeks later, I have a lot less swelling and I am almost able to button my capris without a lot of grunting and inhaling, and I no longer look like Octomom before she gave birth. As the day goes on and I'm more active, the swelling comes back and I can't wait to get home and get into elastic. It has only been 2 weeks but I already have a lot more definition under the bra line. It is so much flatter - not totally flat yet, but I've had co-workers ask if I'm losing weight. My lower abs are beginning to have a little more improvement but I'm impatient for that area to show more, based on the results on my midriff. From everything I've read and everything I've been told, it takes as much as 4 months for the body to eliminate the excess fat that was drawn during the procedure, and the results are progressive. I should have had this done during the winter months when I was more covered, and so I could wear my summer clothing without looking like I'm smuggling a soccer ball..

If anyone is on the fence about CoolSculpting, I can only suggest that you interview a couple of doctors and not be taken in by slick websites, elegant offices and sales pitches/pressure. The office I chose was definitely not elegant, but the staff was sooo laid-back and answered all of my questions during the consultation. I didn't feel like I was just another check for them. My doctor told me what areas would work and what wouldn't. When I asked about another area of concern, he said the results are minimal for the higher cost. That kind of honesty was impressive and refreshing. Check the reviews for the doctors. If any of them say "comments removed pending settlement" or anything relating to "settlement" - well - - that's a huge red flag. One major reason I was comfortable with this office is because the techs are all "real" women in their 40's who can relate to the patients. They aren't plasticized 20somethings that look good in the lobby. They are all well-trained and really were concerned about my care.

Just had lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in a...

Just had lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in a couple of months. I never mentioned that I was sculpted, but when we were leaving, she asked me if I'd had a boob job. Noooooo - - but my midriff is so much flatter now than it has been in a long, long time so my chest is now more defined - the way it used to be. I couldn't be happier!
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The only reason I can't address the Follow-up is because my only after-care appt is 4 months post-procedure, although I did feel that the doctor and the staff were sincere about being willing to take my calls if I needed answers and/or reassurance. The techs deserve 5 huge stars in this office. Having had the procedure themselves, their experiences are invaluable.

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