23 Years Old, 4 Stone Weight Loss, No Children but Excess Skin!! - Grimsby, UK

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At 17 I weighed 13stone 12lbs (184lbs). Almost 4...

At 17 I weighed 13stone 12lbs (184lbs). Almost 4 stone more than i do now. I woke up one and hated what i saw, after 4 months of hard work, excercise and diet i managed to shifts 2 and a half stone!! Unfortunately i wasnt educated on weight and lost it too fast without targeted toning and have lost elasticity in my stomach :-(! Since i have lost another 1stone 8lbs and feel at a happy weight! I love working out (almost addicted) and watch what i eat always!! Aimeekirbs (Instagram) i look in 'great shape' as i always hear but under clothes i look horrible :( ive tried everything and it affects myself and confidence so much!!! Hearing people say 'aw you dont need that' 'theres nothing on you' it like calling me fat! It hurts the same! Its so frustrating i just cant wait to lift the weight off my shoulders and be proud of my body! Ive thought about a tuck for so long but i am now finally in a place where i can support myself financially and cannot wait!!!!

1 Day to Go!! So Nervous I Cant Explain!!

So its my 1 day to go until my tummy tuck after wanting and dreaming about it for sooo long and working my arse off to loose weight... and i am so nervous about going under anaesthetic... Sounds really depressing but its all ive thought about all week!! I cant sleep or concentrate, i go on highs of super excitement then real lows that i might die... Is this normal :(?

All checked in and waiting

So i arranged at St Hughs at 10:00am. Had all the usual checks done, blood pressure, questionnaire and temp! Saw my surgeon Dr.Diaz and his assistant surgeon, he talked me through my surgery and eased my nerves slightly... Although i am still terrified!! He drew on me in marker to mark the areas of my body that need working on and removing!!!:-D just waiting now for my nurse and anaesthetist to come see me. Then... I can bombard him with all my prepped questions and worries. So nervous still i cant explain, i never thought i would be this nervous...but the excitement is high which seems to be counteracting my anxiety and keeping me from running a mile!!

Morning number 1

So yesterday went really well and i was suprised at how well i was feelingz i was able to pull myself up and get comfy. Managed to walk to and from the toilet teice with little support (no catheta wooh!) and generally felt in moderate pain which i could manage.... Well goodbye Morphine! This morning i have woke up in, should you say alot more pain haha! Still bareable just uncomfortable and sharp. The nurses have given me 2 paracetamol and a tramadol for pain releif for now which isnt doing a great deal but want to see how i manager before upping my dose. Dont want to rely on the meds too early if i can help it. My surgeon is due to see me this morning which i am so excited about, ill update once hes seen me with an update!:) still feeling overwhelmed and full of happiness that i have finally had my tuck!! :-D Doesnt feel real just yet!

Day 2 post opp

Didnt do an update last night as when my visitors left i just wanted to enjoy a lovely tea and relax in my chair watching TV! The chair and foot stool i found to be super comfy!! The nurses fetched me hot blankets from the surgery room to wrap up in which was lovely... Breakfast today was delicious... Hot porridge and a banana - my favourite!! The food here is so good!! So anyway, my drains where removed last night. Id collected 100ml from my left drain and 60ml from my right, so my surgeon said they could be removed. What an experience that was, i wouldnt say they killed but they just made me feel sick and uncomfortable when removing them (they were around 4" inside) Ewww not a nice feeling at all. Left side bled alot mlre than the right but both came out well without major complications! Im still only on my antibiotics, paracetamol and ibuprofen but theyre not really taking the dull tight pain off which is mainly in my lower abdomen and my moo!! Going to ask the nurse for a tradadol before bed which will also hopefully help me sleep. Last night was not successful, in and out of sleep every half hour! Fingers crossed. Ive managed to walk to the toilet and back with my drains, half wash myself and pull myself up in bed. Really impressed with how my recovery is going!!! :-)

Day 8

Had lots of visitors this past week along with adjusting to bring at home both resulted in me being very tired! I meant to update you all on my day 4 which is when i had my first follow up appointment back at the hospital. I saw my tummy for first time!!! Results where even better than I expected this early on and my belly button looks like a love heart!! My surgeon is super talented! Anyways, ive found that since being discharged from hospital on Monday the first few days went really well, i rested in the house, did small duties myself such as strip wash, make a cup of coffee, walk around the house etc and was amazed at how well i was doing so soon... I Was not straining, i did not feel exausted (except after standing for long(ish) periods of time, i was barely taking meds other than iburprofen for the inflammation and a paracetamol 4 times a day but the gradually the recovery i was expecting kicked in. Friday i started to feel the burning id had since having my TT become really uncomfortable, as though id had a hot water bottle resting on my bare skin!! I was more swollen that usual but I wasnt worried. Saturday was pretty much the same, though my back pain kicked in again which isnt unusual ive suffered with my back alot since my TT but i unfortunately have a curved lower spine anway. In the evening i went out in the car... As a passenger and ate a proper sized tea (date night with my boyfriend) didnt stay out too long as i became tired.. Expect this! I didnt haha... I got tired just from sitting and eating!! And today... Ouch! My worst day by far... Ive spent most of my day in bed! Luckily id prepped some overnight oats last night which i had for lunch then gkt straight back in bed after... Today that burning sensation is strong, i feel like my knsides are on fire!! Theyre making lots of noise too! Ive taken a couple of codenes throughout today which arent touching it :( my appetite is down and my swelling is at its worst. I naughtily unzipped and unclipped one side of my compression garment today simply because i was worried about the Pain and swelling and under the garment you could see lotsssss of swelling! My abdomen is hot to touch and rock hard... Also my bruising is out much more than the pictures. Ill monitor closely and maybe ring the hospital and apeak with my liaison nurse tomorrow if nothings changed. Im still 100% happy eith my choice and feel on top of the world. I think this recovery may be normal and i just got lucky in my first 5 days.

Day 9 post opp

One word: SWELLING!!
And to elaborate... Ouchy, uhhh, eww! So my swelling is real bad again today. When i lay i feel like a hot heavy eeight have been pressed on my abdonem. I find im eating smaller amounts of food (im happy with this). But the swelling is getting sorr, itchy and uncomfortable. TodY i unzipped my gatment for literally a minute so it could breath!! Gosh i looked pregnNt, my skills really solid, shiny and hot to touch. I hope this is normal, theres nothing too unbareable i just hope the swelling doesnt increase... I may butst haha!

2nd follow up appointment - Day 11

Saw my surgeon today and he is happy with my recovery! Had my belly button stitches removed and my sterile strips removed from my incision scar... So impressed with how clean my scar looks already but i am SO swollen! My belly button looks bery swollen and bulging out my stomach... Should it be like this anybody? Ive looked at lots of others post opp swelling and i look like im pregnant!!! Im not dissapoonted and thinking that this is it and my end result i just want to no if this is normal for this stage post op. I know i have to be patient with it and i will im just checking that its all normal. Its still burning but has done since day 1, i also keep getting really sharp shooting/ stinging pain on my right hip bone where my incision is.. It takes my breath away snd makes me sweat! My surgeon advised i stop taking all inflammatory meds and pain relief!! Think i need done tonight though. This being said im still very excited to see my end result.

6 weeks post op

I feel amazing!!! Incredibly happy with my results.. My surgeon is a genius, so talented, delicate and precise! No regreats at all, not even one! My nurse gave the best advise which I completely followed and i feel on top of the world!! My bikini looks fab... Ive just got to tighten my legs now as i gained a few lbs from not working out every day like i used to! I started the gym again last week at a level
I was comfortable with ans am doing and feeling great!!:)!
Dr Riaz

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