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I'm due to have my br in 4 weeks I'm getting so...

I'm due to have my br in 4 weeks I'm getting so nervous! I have tt 4 years ago so know what to expect but I'm sure I'm more nervous this time :) any tips on what I need for my br I will greatful. I shall start posting pics soon (when I dare pluck up the courage lol) please feel free to comment and follow my journey. I have found this page really helpful

Neck pain :(

24 days til my br, and I'm having to sit down with a hot water bottle on my neck and shoulder trying to help with pain :( I so hope this op helps! I'm getting worried incase it's something else but my surgeon said I shouldn't get anymore neck/back pain. Can anyone tell me is the relief instant from neck/back pain?

Single figures

Had my pre op a few days ago, just waiting in bloods etc I'm praying it's all ok, 9 days til the BIG day, feel so nervous tho

First pre op pic

Wanted to start adding pics but I'm so nervous with taking pics, this pic was from 3 weeks ago while on holiday size 38 g hoping to be more in proportion

Is it normal to worry!!

A week to surgery I'm worrying about everything!! I.e. That I don't get a cold, I have even asked hubby to sleep in the spare room as I don't want to catch anything as a few of his work colleagues have all got flu/colds. I'm worrying about if I come on my period early even tho it's not due for another 2 1/2 weeks after my date!!

Please can anyone say this is normal??!!!


Laid in bed this morning feeling sad, no idea why tho :( 4 days til op still very mixed emotions. Going to try to take some pics today but I'm not looking forward to it, I have never taken pics of them before.
I remember my changing point for having the op (going to keep it in mind) I was on a night out with some girlfriends, feeling ok when I walked into a pub and a random stranger came up to me and said "god your tits are massive" I didn't know what to say and felt like I wanted to go home :( so every time I think about my op that's another reason as well as my neck back pain and the not being able to wear the dresses I want.

Sorry for the post I guess I'm feeling a little guilty also for the poor ladies who have no choice to have breast surgery from cancer etc

First before pics

Morning op :)

Just had a call from the hospital I was on afternoon list but they want to do me first :)) it's suddenly feeling so real :) will take pics morning of op x

Today is the day!

Well it's today!! Been awake hours don't need to leave for 2 hours but things going round and round in my head lol I'm starving but I know it will all be worth it :) will update with pics when I can

1 day after

Well I got it done to be honest I feel shocking the pain is bad from the cuts and lypo, managed to get a wash and I'm shattered will try and get an after pic soon


Just a quick pic I'm walking about and feel a little better, pain is still there but anti sickness pills are working well

Day 2

Hi well I'm on day 2 and feeling a lot better, got home today and saw myself in the mirror for the first time omg I look so different!!

I do have a couple of things that are on my mind, when I look down I'm just so swollen and no shape is that normal? I know it's early days
I had a bm already but couldn't wipe myself ( my poor hubby) I think I've had a lot of lypo but has anyone else had problems?
Will upload pics when I can, I'm still nervous to have a proper look but have got sensations in both nipples :)

Day 3

Hi well it's day 3 and my boobs are still really swollen, can I ask when other ladies felt like was dropping my boobs feel like they are near my neck!!! I've got another 4 days before going back to the hospital, bruising and swelling getting worse on my sides and back but expected that

Day 5

Day 5 already, woke up this morning I feel ok, no dizziness no sickness and not much pain :) got out of bed and feeling a sting under boobs but soon went :) fingers crossed I've turned a corner and now the hard work starts as I know I'm going to find it so hard to still keep resting but gonna do my best as I want to be able to enjoy Christmas!!! Sorry still not taken pics but will upload as soon as I do

Day 6

Hi day 6!!! Made a cup of tea and toast today :) so pleased as I've been unable to reach out because of the lypo!! I've uploaded a couple of pics and I think I'm getting a little shape.

I had an emotional night last night I just started crying .......think it's a mixture of all I've been through in the last 6 days, before the op all I could think of was getting it done I didn't really think about the complete resting etc, the way I couldn't lift my arms and wash my hair etc. I've been so dependent on friends and family I felt so guilty. I was expecting results straight away but not all of the swelling most of all I really don't like not showering! I know ps are different mine doesn't insert drains so my wounds are dressed while in OR and not looked at for 7 days I go in 2 days so I'm really nervous about seeing the new girls for the first time!!!

Day 8

First time of seeing the new girlies!!!!
I was really nervous as I really didn't know what to expect, 8 days is a long time without seeing nothing. I am so pleased with them, my hubby did the most sweetest thing by just kissed one as soon as he saw them, it bought a tear to my eye!!!

Still high and rock hard but at least I can shower and drive in a couple of days :) let the healing commence!!!

Day 11

Day 11 and things are ok, pain is getting better, only had one lot of pain meds yesterday and didn't take any before sleep so just going to take one day at a time,

I really need to get some ironing done but not sure if it's going to pull, might just try and see how I go

Going to start upping my exercise even if it is just walking, just a shame I can't take the dog just yet haha

Still real swollen on my new girls but I do the the lypo is reducing on my side boobs, not taken any pics as nothing has changed much.

Day 12

Day 12 just thought I'd share my t section scare i think they look really neat, still a bit bumpy along the bottom but not bad at all at this early stage. I did a bit to much yesterday so chilling today :)

Day 15

Been back for a check up at the hospital today and they are really pleased with how things are going. I'm ok while I'm dressed but really don't like the look of them without clothes, can this be normal? Everyone who I see say I look so much smaller so that's good but I feel like am not as much a woman. I would be so grateful to hear from anyone else feeling like me

Day 19

Just a quick update I'm getting a bit of discomfort from the band of my surgical bra on wounds so removed it for an hour got to say it feels amazing I'm starting to like my shape :)

Advice needed

Hi it's day 22 I'm feeling so much better :) just had a shower and noticed this small yellow area on my t section any body got any idea what's best for it please?

6 weeks post op

I haven't posted much in the last few weeks nothing has really changed, I'm still swollen and I haven't dropped yet. Left boob and side are taking ages to heal I have 2 openings underneath that I'm treating with manuka honey and I still haven't got full movement back. There's no chance I will be going back to work yet as I work for the ambulance service so have to be fully fit :( lucky work understand so I guess it's going to be a few more weeks yet) my side swelling is going down and the lypo is getting better tho

9 weeks

Well 9 weeks post op and I'm ok! Liking the shape etc and just hoping to go a bit smaller I'm 38 D ATM but I'm on a health and fitness kick aiming to get to 36C :) 2st to lose!!! I have a question tho does anyone get more pain around time of the mth since their op? Mine never used to hurt but the week before I've notice stinging zapping pains
Mr rias

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