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Well I'm not sure where to start, I've never had a...

Well I'm not sure where to start, I've never had a truly flat stomach, and culturally a little flesh on the body is very okay so I didn't really care.... Then I had kids! Wow, what a change to ones body. I had 5 full term babies the smallest was 6.8 lbs, and the least weight I gained was 40 lbs. I don't even care about the strech marks, had those since 13 and I got hips! It's all the skin and stubborn fat that even when I was at an ideal weight was just " hanging" around. I see the hard core fittness chicks need this surgery to achieve a nice aesthetic looking tummy. It's in the genetics, I got the butt, just not the stomach! Will I live a happy fulfilled life if I don't get this done? Sure, Can I use the money for a more important use? You bet but I also know I've gone without a few things in my day and I want THIS, I could go without another birthday gift for about 20 years in exchange :) I'm all done with surgeries after this, well till I need some face work... Just kidding. Please ladies, ride this ride with me, pray with me, cry with me, and laugh with me! You ladies got me though my BR with it's set backs and all, I hope you will help me through this as well! Happy, Healthy, Healing!

1st Pre-Op Pictures

Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. Not! These very unattractive pictures, so please beaware! It's amazing how much I can actually hide this gut, even without Spanks. I'm not saying people are blind, it's one of those situations where I look pretty good in clothes, it's not an eye sore for my size and shape. Now while naked, as you can see, there's no where to hide!

I Think I Hide This Gut Well

I just had to share these pictures of me hiding this belly of mine. I said that most people can't really notice how big my stomach really is because of my size and shape, well here's the proof. I will let you be the judge, but I've been hiding it so long, that maybe it's all in my head and it's obvious to all but me!

Holy Cow! I'm getting close

Hi ladies hope all had awesome holidays! I'm getting close, time to pay the piper! Literally. I pay Monday and I guess that's when S$%^t gets real as they say! Pray all goes well, please. I'm waiting to the last minute to most everything, so the the busy work can keep my mind off stuff. I have some thing from my last surgery so I need as much, two things I have though are a walker really sturdy one too, $8 at thirft store and a Pee Style, $12 Amazon. I guess I want a good compression garment for after,ladies please give suggestions on this thank you all! Healthy Healing!

Beyond Excited

Okay it went well today, I've paid and I'm ready to get laid! On an operating table that is! Seriously I can't believe how nervous, excited, scared, worried, happy,strange I feel, I just did a surgery not that long ago, why so many emotions again? I'm feeling so grateful for my dear hubby, this surgery is sooo elective, and of course wr could spend our money on more "constuctive" things then reconstructing me! He's putting his money right in my heart, it's a level of support that huge, because he doesn't believe in this type of thing. I'm sure you know the type. So I took more pictures, and wow, I know I'm thick but some of these pictures make me look down right fat! Like that's not cute fat... well 2014 is here, I will do surgery can fix, and bust my butt for the rest! I'm so grateful for all you nice ladies, so supportive, and helpful, thank you for the helpful advice, and words of encouragement! So grateful for this site :-)

Last Week Fat Belly, Your Demise Cometh Soon!!!

I don't know what to say really except please pray for me that all goes well. I think I will enjoy my last week with "the gut". Hubby asked if I was sure I wanted to get rid of it, and wouldn't I miss it? Really?! Ha! No way, I'm ready to "cut" my losses with the gut!!! I hope you fine ladies are all doing well, I will update with last pre-op pics before Friday! Blessings all!

OMG, It's Time!

I'm a little freaked out people! I have everything I need and I'm ready, but man am I nervous, I guess it's all the unknowns. Well if you read this update today, please say a little prayer for me. My hubbs and I don't know where I should really do my recovery, so please give suggestions. I'm starting on the sofa, I'm 5ft 4, should I try the bed, which is tall, need a step stool, or move the recliner to our bedroom, this last min thing comes from the fact that hubbs is worried I will be cold out on the sofa. I could sleep in our spare bedroom, but it's upstairs. ... what to do? Thank you all again for your support and well wishes!

Gut Is Gone!!!

Well ladies I did it! So glad I didn't chicken out! It all happened so quickly. They took me back, I got on the table next thing I know, they are waking me up from a perfectly nice nap! I'm not going to lie, it hurts! Like I'm really staying up on my pain meds, so grateful for drugs right now, oh so grateful lol!

Holy Hiccups Batman!

Well I got the hiccups, thank God for drugs or I would be feeling the whole wrath of a simple hiccup! Here are a few other things I didn't consider; we all know to dread a sneeze, but how about blowing your nose? Ya, proceed with caution, lol! Washing your face, and brushing your teeth at the sink can be a bit of a challenge as well. Forget trying to take a nice deep breath, if you need to yawn, keep it small. That's all for now folks! Oh ya, these grenades hanging off me are a pain in the arse! I'm so ready for the next stage please!

Oh Shiite!

Wow it's only been four days, but man have they been adventurous. So got in my head yesterday that I HAD to have a BM, I felt for all I was doing right, that I should have pooped by now. I was taking stool softner with my meds, taking a laxative twice a day, and drinking tons of water. I even got up walked a few minutes every couple hours! So why was I not getting any favor in the poo department? I then proceeded to do everything to make me go. Then it was like Montezumas revenge! Holy shiite!!! Careful what you wish for. ... OMG, did I go! It was pretty aweful, talk about pain, it felt like a couple of snakes were wrestling in my belly, it was like labor, seriously. Once the horror of it was over, I was a new woman! I just couldn't do one more day of that terrible bloat, I felt like puffer fish who couldn't un-puff!
I'm so much better, I think I can even better absorb my meds, I'm taking so little now. It seems like my pain is more muscle sorness and back pain now. I have been using the P Style to urinate with , I love it so much easier than unbuttoning, sitting, re-button, only to all that again in an hour, no thanks! So my pain is at a minimum, I'm getting rest, I'm learning the ropes, everything looks good, so I'm happy :) I also wanted to add I really like my compression garment, especially the fact that it buttons on the side instead of the front which I think would put pressure on tender abdominals. I hope to post pictures soon, it's kinda hard to take selfies, and I still tire easily. Happy Healthy Healing girls!


So I updated and didn't get to post some of the pictures I wanted. So here's a few pictures I wanted to share. I also wanted to let y'all know that I cut my cg thinking who knows what, it seemed reasonable while under the influence (damn drugs!)

Goodbye Gross Grenades!

Oh happy day! Joy, joy, joy, the drains and their dangling grenades are gone!
So glad to lose those damn things, whew! My doc was quite quick about it too, pulled both at the same time. So I didn't have to feel discomfort twice. I really thought that was very efficient , Thanks Dr.! It didn't hurt at all it just felt
odd, makes you say ewe. Dr. said all looks good and to keep up the good healing vibes. So yup, I'm happy :-)
I had to share the good news, tomorrow is one week of being on the flat side! I guess it's true, time flies when you're having fun! Will post pictures tomorrow. Happy Healthy Healing RS family!

What A Week

Hello ladies, I just thought I would update. So I experienced my first swell hell, jeez, I had to remove my cg completly for a couple of days and wear my Spanx bike short length thing. It was the only that fit and wasn't terribly uncomfortable. So I started drinking dandelion tea in the a.m. and pure cranberry juice in the evening and wow, what a difference. I'm still swollen but it's tolerable and I can wear my cg again.
My incision line looks healthy and is starting to shed the scab, yup kinda itchy. I'm putting pure shea butter and Bio oil mixed together very near it, not quite directly on it, helps a ton. I sleep great every night, but early morning I'm so achey, feels like I'm doing ceunches in my sleep! Hahaha, ya right, like I would exercise, asleep, I barely do it awake!
I learned from having a breast reduction not to judge things to early, so when it comes to the results I see so far I'm pretty pleased, and the tiny thing that I am barely bothered by is on the wait and see list. One thing I will share is I had hoped that my scar to be about a half inch lower, but quickly got over it, because I had a natural crease about 4 inches long right where my incision now lies. If my PS didn't place my incision where it's at I would have a line above my mons and esthetic wise would have been sub-par. So happy with his decision in the end. I'm still walking hunched but have ditched my walker for the last wk. I tire pretty easily, wow, guess all the energy is reserved for healing. That's it for now RS buds, healthy happy healing!

Two Wks Today

Wow what a difference a week makes. I'm feeling so much better, like almost semi-normal. I still have to rest in between duties, but I can be up and about for longer periods. Well I'm in Atlanta and I survived Snowcopalous! It was a blessing in disguise for me. My husband had to work from home, and kids were home from school, so he and my daughter mostly took care of everything! So I didn't need to hire extra help for this wk, like I had planned. I started driving today, It was fine, I drove a little slower, with extra caution. I started drinking Spark again too, and whoa mama, I'm like the energizer bunny, that stuff is great! I had stop taking it because it has plenty of B vitamins, and I guess that's a no no pre-surgery. I don't see my PS till this Monday, so no info about that. So besides occasional achyness , having to walk hunched over,pining for my high heels, the worst of it is really the daily swelling. Though I drink cranberry juice or dandelion tea the swelling goes down but it is always there. I would also like to share a list of things that I thought were extremely helpful for the first 2 weeks thus far. I found these few items little life savers,the walker it is a must, it really helps give you a little independence it makes you feel stable like you're not going to fall and helps you get around easier especially the first few days I only needed mine for about 6-7 days and I would still have bought it again. The next thing I like a lot is having a handy little mirror that has a stand so you can set on a counter or hold to examine incision without having to bend over, I like the one with the magnified side included. I also got a brand new nail clipper for clipping the scabs as a start to come off instead of pulling or tugging at them if they're sticking up so don't get caught on anything, prefer a brand new one,that's never been used on yucky toes or something gross like that. The PStyle, a little device to allow us ladies to pee standing up, it was great, I just did the "swimsuit sideswipe" placed device on my naught bit, and went standing, no need to undress, redress , sit, stand repeat, ugh, exhausting. I set up a little pee station on the toilet in a shallow bucket, it had wipes, a squirt bottle with diluted bleach water for rinsing device, and lined it with paper towels. The grabber, ya, the kind you see sanitation guys in a park getting trash up with. I love that thing, every mom needs one! I would walk around and pick up all the toys, pick up dropped remotes, phone, you name it, I even usex it to do laundry, sooo helpful, that I'm still using, and probably will the rest of my life, what a back saver! Those my top favs besides all the other neat things we learn we may need for this journey. One other quick thing, I had bought ribbon for 50 cents, and was going to use it to hang my drains on while showering, applying make up, so on, but found in old lanyard and used that instead. ( I was forbidden a shower with drains in though) I will post pictures of my incision later when I'm not full of indentations from sitting while driving. I hope all you gals (guys too ) are doing great on your personal journeys of becoming the better versions of yourselves, Happy Healthy Healing all!

3 Weeks Today!

Well I'm 3 wks , and I couldn't be more pleased! Seriously, this recovery has been so much better than I ever anticipated. I'm not perfect, far from 100% but I'm way happier with the chic I see naked in the mirror these days! The last of the little scab that really wanted to live at the edge of my belly button, finally gave up, and fell off last night, yay! My bb is kinda shaping up and coming into it's own, it will definitely need more time, it should end up a almost innie, that's what I asked for. My scar is looking good, it gets that odd swelling right above and below it. It's going to stay dark for a long time, nature of my skin, look at my boob scars ( boo ) So a few things I didn't read about that I experienced; A distinct feeling of having a baby kick and slightly move within my abs. Ya I was like," did I just feel that, or am I just high on pain pills? " Then I saw someone post about that same erie feeling, she was a couple days before me, so asumed it was normal, or her and I were both part of some diabolical government science project! But both to happy with our flat stomachs to report anything. The other thing was my early sub-sleep state of doing "crunches" I noticed as I am waking up my abs would feel like I was trying to do crunches, almost crampy, a flex and contract thing. Well I figured outit my body protecting itself, every morning as I would strech as I stirred that this would happen, obviously we don't want to do that, holy cow that would HURT, so I wil take sleep crunches over accidently hurting my fresh abs! I did get blurry vision at times those first few days, I'm going to blame the anesthesia, because I had not taken a muscle relaxer and the TV was blurry. I also recommend not to read especially small print after taking a muscle relaxer I think damage your eyes doing it, at least I know it sure puts a strain on them.
I'm feeling pretty good doing almost everything, but modified to some degree or another. Yes, ladies that includes the "wifely duties" , yup that's modified as well! Lol! I was hoping I got lucky and would have better over the moon endings now...nope, same (yet great) endings. (another gal on here got that extra dose of luck!) I'm pretty wiped out after a full day, which means extra rest the next day, resting when I need it I think is helping me feel optimal considering my body is still in a healing stage. Swelling, yup every day, it's like my new buddy, just there to some degree, always. Hey I also lost between 7-10lbs! Scale hasn't budge since then, but I will take it! I found my muscle separation wasn't that bad, 1.5" I have had 5 good size babies, so I goes to show that sometimes it's mostly genes that make us look like we do. My only real complaint is I lost my cg! I removed it to wash it, and the dumb thing disapeared! So now my ab support is not what it needs to be, and I don't like the feeling, I want my blankie, wahhh! :'-(
Pray I find it soon, it's been like 3 days already! Happy Healthy Healing girls!

My Precious!

I found my beloved CG! Oh, my precious!
I'm so having a Lord of The Rings moment! My husband found it under the sofa, I know it sounds tantalizing, maybe even a little fun kinky-ness, but no such fun ladies, I truly have no clue how it got there. But I did do a quick twirl dance while hugging the damn thing! Can I say #cg happiness! Happy Sunday girls, have a great week!

4 Wks

Well RS buds, I'm at the four week mark, and it feels grand! I'm just so grateful for this healing process that has been relatively smooth. I'm sore, somedays worse then others. It's not just the abs that hurt it's my skin, feels like rug burn all over my abdomen, and again some days more bothersome then others. I have days of feeling puffy, apart from daily swelling. I nap when i need, only ashort onehere and there.Sneezing still hurts, but not enough to spontaneously call mothers names or anything. I pay for it If I over do it in the chore deparment for sure, and I'm not attempting to hold my large toddlers, no thanks! I can wear heels again, but just a short time. I really hate pants right now, anything on my waist feels terrible. Sweat pants hurt, yoga pants hurt, pajama pants hurt, okay hurt is a strong word, it feels weird just yucky , uncomfortable. It reminded me of early pregnancy when you were not quite showing yet but snug pants made you have nausea, and bam! It hits me maternity pants, now I love pants, I paid all this money and the only thing I can stand to wear are prego pants! They really do the trick, especially while sitting. It's nice to look cute while out in real clothes, no one is the wiser! It wasn't so cold I'm sure dresses would be nice. I can't wait to get back to the gym , man my butt and thighs are in a sorry state, I've only got till May, yikes! Being in the Snowmeggaden for the second time in a month doesn't help. Poor Atlanta and snow just don't mix! Happy Valentine's Day ladies, hope you all get to enjoy your new bodies, or at least think about how you will soon!

I Have Ribs!

I really excited ladies, I just had to share.
I have ribs. Yup y'all heard right, I have ribs! I woke this morning and was pleased that swelling was relatively low. So I was doing my massage and that's when I saw them, my ribs, I haven't seen those things in years! It's the little things and I just had to share with my RS pals, mainly because you truly understand. Oh and hubby said I'm getting sexy, thenqquickly said sexier! I will take what I can get! Have blessed Sunday girls.


Hi Ladies! It's another lovely Friday and that puts me at five weeks now. The closer I get to twelve weeks the more excited I get. I guess 12 wks is kinda a magic number, where swelling is to a minimum. Today the swelling wasn't too bad so I get to post decent pictures. I will post a bad swell day next to a good one next week. Okay so a little confession, I'm haven't been wearing my cg at night, I know sounds wrong, or bad, but by the end of the day I'm so some with it. Is been fine, plus sure makes it easier for my honey to get to the biscuits
If ya know what I mean; ) Anywho, I feel about the same as last week, the rug burn feeling has diminished but is still there. I have a little hardness above the incision in some spots still. I'm missing twice a day with a concoction I made ; shae butter, olive oil, coconut oil, tea trea oil, frankincense oil, it's mostly Shea, and
Little of the others. I love it, I can use it on my face and hair as well. I posted a picture of me in a swimsuit I bought but was to small ( bra cup ) it's on a fashion mag template, as if! Ha! I thought it fun, but mostly funny! I don't see my ps for a while , but I spoke with him about a dog ear on my left hip, so at the magic 3 months I will get it revised, 30 min in office under local, no biggy. I'm still not carrying my smaller toddler, but I have picked up to set him from place to another, like from ground to cart, or cart to car, nothing more, the older little guy is just out of luck he's a solid rock, no thanks! I hope you are all doing great, happy, healthy, healing!

Sorry I Skipped Wk 6!

Well ladies it's wk 7 already. The good thing is between wk 5 and 6 there was only minor changes. I don't know if it was being on my period or what, but ....ugh...I feel fat. I'm not bigger than pre-surgery, or bigger since. I'm not really heavier either. I just feel big, it's weird. I'm still swollen at the hips and butt area, and I swell every evening. I still have Ken doll prick, ugh. I'm still wearing maternity pants most days, I wanted to go back to the gym but the waist on work out pants was still uncomfortable. So I got proactive! I started wearing a old school girdle, it's a freak'n contraption! It's worked. I used to wear this pre, and it helps to shape and squeeze you in. It's not comfortable at all, but I can wear it for about 6 hrs. It helps with weight loss because you don't have much room in your stomach area to stuff yourself. Rift now I have an extender in it, (it's black) I used to be able to wear it without extender on the 2nd rung. (Almost tightest) So my new goal is to wear on the tightest rung, no extender! So after wearing this thing for a wk, I think it's helped "toughen" my stomach, I wore jeggings and they didn't hurt my waist, so I will try work out pants today. So weird, my stomach is numb still but is sensitive at the same time. I can sneeze without pain, and stretch a little without spasms. I'm not able to go allday without wearing some type ab support. I feel pretty good for the most part, and I'm glad I did this! Happy Healthy Healing girls!

A Couple Things I Forgot

One; if you notice my right side curves in more than my left, always has, I'm not sure why.I joke that I'm probably missing a rib. Second, when I'm not wearing my contraption, I wear Spanx, ahhh so comfy. I also want to mention, the Ardyss girdle is NO JOKE, I Do Not recommend wearing it till you are totally healed, I used it before and was basicallyaccustomed it, and knew what I wss getgetting into, and I'm careful to listen to my body and not over do it. (Easy for me, I'm naturally lazy!)


Hi ladies, I'm just a trucking along. I've been wearing my contraption every day between 4-6 hrs. It feels good for some reason, I went one day with nothing, andthat was terrible, my belly was popped out, and felt sooo puffy, I'm not ready for bare all day, love it at night. I wonder when I will feel good about being sans extra support. I'm back at the gym, and I definitely need support there! I'm so out of shape the gym is a bear right now. So I was whining last wk about feeling big, well it's probably because I haven't lost one oz! My fault, I measured my favorite wine glass, if filled to the tippy top holds 2.5 cups! What! Ya, I fill it about half way, but sometimes I have two! 15 oz is over 300 calories! So time to quit my wine sipping. I will start to post bi-wkly instead of wkly unless something worth sharing happens. I'm happy with my results, and know healing and changes are still in progress. I'm still kinda numb on my lower stomach and I do massage daily, oh ya and I'm still swelling daily too! Have a great weekend girls, and Happy Healthy Healing!

9 wks Life's An Itch

I was going to skip this wk but wanted to share a couple things before I forget. So I'm in the "phantom itch" stage! Lol, seriously the oddest things. So your tummy has an itch, you go to give it a little scratch, and you can't find the itch! It's comical, sometimes I get lucky and scratch some random area far from where is seems the itch is coming from and voila, success! It's so strange, but truly funny, hope it stays funny and doesn't become frustrating. My stomach has softened up a lot, looks more natural I guess, I do need to suck it in, and have good posture. It doesn't get rolls or anything, just doesn't look as nice if I don't suck in some. My BB has a slight raised keloid like scar around it, I don't know if I will do anything about it, it doesn't truly bother me, and I know with time will look better, will ask PS about when I fix dogear on my hip (which does bother me) I put on a pair of OLD jeans , those stupid low cut things that were sooo in a decade ago, but l love the comfort of them, If I leave my house in them I wear really long shirts! Oh my otherwise you will know I'm from the Grand Canyon state as a I show off half my cracked ass! Fashion is so retarded sometimes. Hey, I might accidently show you my crack, but I don't have a muffin top to show you! Ah, the little victories!
I have a picture of the wrap/binder thing I like to wear around the house in the evening for extra support when I don't want the heavy duty things on, it great for gym too. WHAT I bought a bikini! ?? Yup, sure did, and I'm gonna rock that bastard this summer! Have a blessed weekend gals, and happy healthy healing!

Still Happy

Hi RS pals, I've been a little over due on an update. Well not much has changed, I think once you reach this point one is pretty much looking at final results, minus scar color changes, or definition from working out. I still brace myself for a sneeze,and coughing fits, allergies make me feel like I'm going to give myself a hernia! The incision line still itches a good bit, so I'm still using moisturizer often. My stomach it's nice and flat but feels normal, or soft. I finally lost some weight, yay! Now I can see stretch marks where before they were better hidden by swelling or just being bigger. I'm not crazy about the look of the BB and now regret my request for a certain looking BB. I wanted small round, with a bit of a hood on the upper portion. It looks that way when I sit, otherwise it's just round, and because it has such a tale-tale scar it's a dead give away. Believe me though, I'm still happy! One look at a before picture sets my mind right quick lol! I'm hoping with tinge it will fade and blend with my skin so it's not so obvious. I haven't worn a CG or even Spanx for the last 3 wks, it's been fine I keep my mummy wrap near by just in case I feel I need support. I do wear support during working out though. I probably should too while I'm doing all this damn sneezing! I'm still so glad I did this for me, I look so much better in clothes, and out of them! I'm also excited about how my husband had responded, he really likes how I look, he's doesn't even seem to notice the scars, I guess it's like getting used to stretch marks after having babies, they probably don't like them, but don't really notice them after a while. I really hope all you ladies are happy, healthy, and healing nicely. For you gala waiting for your day, stay positive, and yes it's worth it!


Oh ya I forgot to mention that I still sleep on my back. I'm a big time side sleeper but it doesn't feel good on my belly, like its un supported , kinda like it's bad posture for the tummy . I never sleep on my stomach, So back sleeper I've become, one pillow under the knees, one under shoulders, one under neck, weird I know but I sleep like a baby!

Scar Revision Today!

Hello Ladies! I had my revision today. Ouch! Okay, okay a bit of an exaggeration, but the shot to get nice and numb, freaking stung! We chatted about my new favorite subject Wheat Belly, and it was over in 15 min. The scar had smoothed a lot since that "Before" picture was taken, almost considered not having it done at all, but I thought awe heckler, it can't look worse, only better, so here I am! I can already tell I like the direction better, and he only extended the scar about a half inch, if that. I'm happy!

9 Months!

Hello Ladies! I'm sorry I have been MIA, You know how our goes, life, it's just kinda busy. I'm still loving my results! My stomach is pretty soft, I can even suck it in and push it out. My belly button still has the ring of hypertrophic scar :-( oh well, also I have a two inch hypertrophic scar on the very front supapubic area, it's kinda dark too, not as dark as in some of the pictures but dark. I think it will eventually lighten may take years though. It's still numb in areas and I still get a "phantom" itch I can't quite scratch hehe! I don't like excessive that makes me push abs outward.I wear my waist trainer a couple times a week or so, because I tend to relax and want to stand in a belly out kind of posture, not a nice look. I have a small bump/lump above or BB, it's very slight, and mostly unnoticeable. I've had since day one, I'm guessing it's my guts, or long bb stem, who knows I don't care but thought I should mention it in case someone has insight or is also experiencing something similar. I'm enjoying wearing tight jeans and tight shirts, I'm enjoying wearing everything actually! I would do this surgery again in a heartbeat! I hope you are all doing great!
Stockbridge Plastic Surgeon

I LOVE Dr. Gross, he is a very, very talented doctor. His staff is very professional, and warm. I had my breast reduction done with him and he did a great job, I was so worried when I first saw the results, but he really did deliver on his word, I'm exactly the size he said I would be. I'm very confident that this experience will be just as positive.

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