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Hi r/s ladies so today I figured why not start my...

Hi r/s ladies so today I figured why not start my review. I've been on this site about year + doing research on this procedure and it has helped me thank you all for sharing your experience. So here's a little about me I'm 5"5 115-120lbs never been measured anywhere but the bras I purchase are 36C-36D what I always pick out and comfortable in.
I was flat chested for awhile but then I started to develop breast late in high school and it happened like "over night" real quick one of my nick names was "Tits" lol smh they were so big for my tiny frame. I've always been slim I can't seem to gain any weight I eat alot aswell but never been over 125lbs although I've always wanted to be 135lbs just a little more weight on me but that hasn't happened yet maybe when I'm a bit older... over time my breast started to get smaller I've lost some weight I think and I don't wear a bra as often as I should when I'm at home so that's probaly a bit of the reason they aren't as perky as they use to be , don't get me wrong they still look ok I'm glad to have what I do have but they need to be revived/rejuvenated. I'm also tired of wearing the VSbombshell bras "all that padding" in the summer time it gets uncomfortable but I'm "thankful" for them it's the only thing I seem to be comfortable in when out in public especially. Most days I wear my VsBombshell Bra I always feel the need to add socks or cutlets to it ,cross the straps in the back so it becomes tighter to give me the look I'm used to. My breast look good in clothing and ok out of clothing I love the shape they look bad to me when I bend over I've become obsessed with looking at my breast and it's been a few years now. I'm used to my them being bigger! I don't look or feel like my self with out the help of my padded bras and I'm spending to much time worrying about my breast there's not a day that goes by that I don't wish they looked how they use to so I'm looking to achieve my upper fullness back and go a bit bigger in size while I'm at it. I have plenty of tissue at the bottom 500-550cc Saline breast implants under the muscle in mind not sure on the profile I haven't been to a consultation yet. I'm considering Dr.hedden In Birmingham Alabama.
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