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I came across this site looking for information....

I came across this site looking for information. There are 2 things I want to change. My breast and my stomach. Being a 27 year old mother of 3 (hubby is fixed so there will be no more babes) I am ready to focus on myself. As much as I want a TT I've decided that the breast augmentation will be first. I have scheduled my first consultation with Dr. Orseck in Greer and I'm nervously excited. It feels somewhat close to real but it will be next week!

Boobie time is coming fast!

I went to my consultation today and the surgery has been booked and ready to go July 31st! Happening so fast but I'm so ready. And this will be good Bc of getting done and healed before school starts. I'm going with 400cc under the muscle silicone. I'm so excited. Now, breaking the news to family. Hahaha. :-/

These are a few of my favorite things ????

Pre op tmrw!

I go for my pre op. So exciting :D I did the rice test last night and I think I want to go with 420cc if my PS agrees to it. He said he won't do ridiculous so i guess it all depends on what he thinks. My husband is still pushing for that 425 or 450. Lol

7days til B day!

I had my pre op today and tried on 425 and 450cc and fell in love with 425. It looks great and I knew instantly it was what I wanted. I got all my prescriptions filled (bilo has a deal if you bring in a new prescription get a free $20 gift card! The coupon is in this weeks ad that is at the front of the store.) To my surprise Bc I was set on moderate plus and assumed it was my choice, but my PS told me that he will be doing high profile Bc of the chart he goes by and my measurements. I trust his judgement so I'm so ready for July 31st to get here! I'm ready for my new and improved girls!!

When the minutes seem like hours and the hours seem like days

1 Day 15 hours and 30 minutes until surgery time and guess what came 5 days early?! OMG! I can't even believe that I started today. I was concerned about dealing with it when it was suppose to come 3 days post op. :( Then BAM hello. Has anyone else been on theirs and had the procedure done? Will I need to postpone it? :(

I did it!!!

Just woke up and on my way home on this rainy Thursday. My chest is really tight and the pain is do able but it's done and I am happy.

More pix

1 day post op

Today I went to see my PS and he said everything looked great. He told me not to wear a bra. Just my strap thing for abt 2 weeks. I can take off my bandages on Sunday on the incision. And he said I can shower today if I want to and I can get on my elliptical next week. On the 7th I am going for my 1 week check up and they will show me my massages to do. I just find it odd that he didnt want me to wear a bra but he said it's Bc they need to drop and the bra will hinder that. I can start putting scar gel abt 2 weeks. I'm going to look into those silicone bandage things. But he didn't seem to be worried. I told him I wished I would have went bigger Bc i am having boob greed so bad right now. :-/ wishing I went 450 instead. :'( my right seems smaller than my left but I'm hoping that it's more swollen. I'm hoping at least.

3 days post op

I was able to shower today... Yay!!! (Had a bad dizzy spell) And my PS told me to takes bandages off. (Ouchie) so now I'm just airing my incisions out. I put triple antibiotic on them and I'm still in my strap and will be for 2 weeks. I felt a bit of boob greed last night :-/ wishing I had went bigger. I've only had extra strength Tylenol today so I'm stopping my pain meds. I was able to go to the grocery store today and do a little house work. I tried on a few old bathing suit tops and now I'm feeling it. I'm starting to hurt a bit. :-/ so I know to not push myself so much even though I think I feel like I can do it.


Updating a bit: my righty is being so stubborn and not wanting to drop! But my lefty is my favorite and being a good girl. I'm posting a side by side to show rice sizers that were measure to 420cc and my actual (no bra) 425cc under muscle. Kinda close I think. Im going back to the dr trmw and hoping he let's me take the gawd awful strap off. ???? oh and I'm on Instagram if anyone wants to join and follow. It's boobiepieinthesky ????

It's been awhile.

Life has been crazy. Starting back to school after 9 years.... What in the world was I thinking?! Anywho, I have an account on Instagram that is so much easier to post and do quick updates so if anyone is interested it's, boobiepieinthesky. I'm not 100% super happy with my results ATM :( my right breast is being really stubborn mad will not drop to my liking. So I know, be patient. That's why I have rated anything/ one yet. I don't want to say my BA wasn't worth it BC my left boob is fantastic. But I'm not fully happy yet so I'm just going to wait and hope all falls well! I started my scar treatment today. Hopefully they will fade good!

An update

Since the last time I posted I have been dismissed by my dr. I had to wear my death strap until middle of November! My right never did fall like my left and my Ps said its Bc the natural fold of it is higher. Idk but it annoys me and I am not a fan of my right breast :-/
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