My Traditional Facelift Journey in Denver, Colorado -

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My surgery is scheduled with Dr. Michael Menachof...

My surgery is scheduled with Dr. Michael Menachof on January 13, 2015. I am super excited.. and of course a little nervous.. but I know that I am in excellent hands... so all is good. I am 49 years young and its time for a face tune up .... my goal is a more youthful well defined neck with a clear definition between my neck and jaw.. my cheeks lifted and a more oval shaped face . my profile pic is 5 years old.. lots of aging since then .... i will write again night before surgery

December 30, 2014- Happy New Year to my Real Self Friends!

So..... I am 14 days out... Does anyone have opinions of when to start taking take Bromelein and Arnica? is there a particular brand that is better? Also, Any ideas on what scar cream to buy for best care for later? I wouold be grateful for your advice. Happy Holidays, Maria

Surgery tomorrow at 7 am at Crown Surgery Center in Parker, CO- I am nervous and excited!

i will post a pic tomorrow from the surgery center .. a right before and a right after. I ended up losing 14 lbs to prepare myself.. yay!! lb short of my goal. Since I lose weight first in my face, my face ends up looking older when i cam thinner. Lets see.. i took the arnica pills for last two days and ate fresh pineapple... took a celebrex this evening per instructions and need to take another in am with tiny sip of water. now time for sleep. goodnight and sleep well my real self friends :)

day of surgery pics and 1st day out

My surgery went great! Glad it is over.. Here are pics from yesterday. I will write more tomorrow and pics after shower. I am looking forward to the shower part! The only rough part was the nausea i had from the annesthesia... i threw up last night which as no fun.. but feel tons better today... My fiance is a real trooper. i was a piece of work last night. I will say that in my opinion, a facelift is way less painful than a tummy tuck, breast lift or breast augmentation. I didnt sleep well even with the wedge pillow.. although i think i would be toast without it.

i snuck a peek under the bandages.. couldn't help myself

well i am very swollen and i know that it will get worse day 3-5... but even so .......i am very happy with results

i look pretty rough today, swelling set in like a champ yesterday...

i didn't post yesterday , as i felt pretty yucky all day. I swelled up like a champ and i think it was made worse by the fact i slept on my side only slightly proped up. i was exhausted due to lack of sleep the night before. i don't sleep well basically sitting up. so last night i dosed on and off propped up and here it is 3:30 am and i am grabbing ice and writing this... i will have my fiance take a pic of me when he waked up. xoxoxo, maria

day 3 pics- So grateful for Dr Menachof... ran to see him today

I got scared today and called Dr. Menachof's office. They were all so kind.. I had a lump on my neck.. and i was frightened that it might be a clot..... it was not.. Thank goodness.... I called Dr. Menachof's office, sent a pic and Dr. Menachof... had me come in right away..... even though he thought it was fine ....just so i wouldnt worry all weekend. His office staff are all amazingly awesome.. I love those girls. As it turns out.. i had a collection of fluid and nothing to worry about. I am thinking one of the potential causes was the facial and neck bra i bought online, rather than using the one they gave me. I bought a medium and showed it to Dr. Menachof.. He thought it was perhaps too tight. I believe he was right. I switched back to the one the doctor gave me and the bump that was pretty large on the right side of my neck.. is going away.. also, my face feels better and looks less swollen since i took that bra off.

day 5 - my most swollen day

well i am off to go watch my daughter play vball... today is my most swollen day. Did anyone else get more swollen on day 5?

xoxoxoxo, Maria

more day 5 pics- all and all even so swollen.. i am starting to do a little happy dance

Day 5- my stiches are well hidden and well done,, I get them out on Tuesday yay!! i am really enjoying my side view. i realize that this takes months to see full benefits.. but it is fun to catch a glimpse.:))) i am more swollen today than any other day, but i beleive Dr. Menachof warned me that day 3-5 are usually the bad ones. I have to admit to all of you.. that i have not religiously iced. the bruising is worse on my neck than on my face. The lump that i worried about is all gone. i have lots to be grateful for in my life.. so i say a little prayer of thanks. and a big thank you and well wished to all of you.. kiss kiss

day 6- went to work with a pretty good black eye and swollen... a little explaining to do

so.... off to work i went and got some looks for sure.. mostly folks thinking... i didn't get the roast done on time for my fiance... lol... so I did explain i had some "work" done. Update-getting my stitches out tomorrow. my ears are starting to itch... i think feeling is coming back a little.. still feel like I have a mostly friendly snake wrapped around my neck... but i understand that's a very good thing.. so the snake can stay :))) I am super excited so far with the results.. love my neck

Day 7 and 8 pics , got stitches out and changed my overall review to worth it!

Had an appointment with Taylor from Dr. Menachof's office to remove my stitches and check me over. She is awesome! She really took her time with me.. I got the black stitches removed from inside of my ear, my sideburn area, chin, and the back of my ear. I still have dissolvable ones that are in my hairline behind ears, in front of ears, behind ears and in sideburn area. They are clear though and very difficult to see, except just a tad on my left sideburn area.. I think my PS did amazing stitch work for which I am grateful. Actually I am grateful for everything.. and not just my surgery. I am a blessed girl.

I have been reading a lot of discussions on anesthesia. My personal opinion is It is such a tough call and so specific to each person.... For me.. it came down to me wanting a protected airway.. so I wanted to be under general with a board certified anesthesiologist. I also have a history of heart murmur and rheumatic fever and I felt it was safer for me. I feel for everyone agonizing over it. On the down side of my decision, my recovery was probably yuckier than those who have chosen otherwise. As I mentioned i threw up the first night one time and was very burpy for about 3 days. I am feeling just fine now :)))

before and after pics side view day 9

I used to really dislike pictures taken from a side or angle... I am really liking this angle now. Thank you Dr.Menachof

day 12.. doing good

i will take more pics at my two week mark which is Tuesday. I still have a pretty good shiner :).. I am healing a little more each day.. still really swollen which throws my smile off.. I am getting married on June 8th.. my goal is to hopefully have my "normal" smile by then. Until then, i will do my best to not be overly critical of my face and exercise patience... . So far so good.

Pics from 2 weeks after face lift ;)

Hi to my wonderful real self friends. all is well with me.. swelling going down each day....hope all is great with you..... xoxoxo, Maria

A couple of before and after pics from my 2 week appointment at Dr. Menachof's office

Dr. Menachof spent a ton of time with me today, taking out my white stitches... big yay on that!! advising me on all my many questions... and discussing my 2 week photos. Dr. Menachof is a good, kind soul and really cares about his patients. I was thinking about getting botox in my forehead as i usually do and was going to have it done in his office. He stopped that from happening for now, as botox can migrate especially when face has had some trauma from facelift. i appreciate him putting me before additional revenue.

My scabs are all gone behind my ears.. I still have swelling, numbness and tightness in face and neck. My swelling is better on some days ... usually when i lay low on salt the day before

xoxoxoxo, Maria

3 weeks post and doing great :) i have a question....

all is well... still have swelling and it is way worse if I consume too much salt... scars look better each day... i need to ask Dr. Menachof at my next appt when i should start using scar cream on them..

Anyone have any recommendations on when to start or when they started and what they used?

4 week pics before and after..... swelling is in my neck now....

I had my 4 week check up with fabulous Dr. Menachof..... they took more pics today so I am posting some from pre-op to now.. one thing I noticed is my face looks better and less swollen than my 2 week visit and now my neck is lumpy and swollen and looks worse than my 2 week. ..but I am all complaints here..... sooooo much better than before FL!! Anyway, its that whole darn gravity thing.. anyway... I am hoping the swelling leaves my neck soon and moves to my boobs.

6 week update with pics

lots of hugs and kisses to my real self friends :) all is well with me for which I am very grateful. swelling going down each day, even in my neck. Still if I eat a lot of salt and don't drink a bunch of water each day, I tend to wake up with swelling. I am still numb under my chin and perimeter of face below eye level, as well as my ears. I still have tightness feeling in jawline and neck, but doesn't really bother me. scars are coming along nicely and my hair is growing back around the scars. I took some pics today to upload. I am wearing no makeup with the exception of mascara. Hope all is going great with you all xoxoxo, maria

The deal with my lips.......

Hi my real self friends !!! Hope all is great with you all! I have had quite a few messages and questions about what I had done to my lips... So here is the deal... I didn't have anything done to them when I had my facelift and I have not touched them since my facelift... But I definitely have noticed that they appear bigger since my facelift... My current thought is since my cheeks were repositioned up during surgery and my smile is no longer down turned in a resting or neutral position and are also lifted ... That my lips just look better now... I have always had bigger lips but I noticed in 2010 that they looked less full and more droopy and I noticed fine lines above my lips.. So.... Once a year I went to see Dr Adrienne Stewart , my dermatologist , for juvederm. She does the injections herself and is crazy great at it. My cost was 500 dollars and it would last a year. She filled both my upper and lower lips (mostly my lower) and above my upper lip and marionette lines. I did this same procedure each July in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. I didn't do it in 2014 because my lips looked good and I didn't feel I needed it . I was planning on doing them this summer but given the way they look.. I won't need to which is very cool. I will say that the right injector is critical and Dr Stewart is really really good. It's way easy to look like Donald Duck with the wrong injector. I have my 2 month appoint on Tuesday with Dr Menachof so I will ask him for his opinion . Hope that helps and please let me know if you have any other questions as I am happy to help . I am grateful for all the guidance you all have given me as well.. I still have weird ropey swelling at the crease of my neck which only shows when I look up.. Does anyone else have that or thoughts on when it resolves? Xoxox, Maria

turning 50 next month - my doc rocks!

Well its been two months .. and I am very happy and most grateful.... grateful that my family is doing well and healthy, that I am healthy.. that I am blessed with a good career, so that I could afford to do this facelift and grateful to Dr. Menachof, for being passionate about the work he does... Its the ultimate treat for yourself..... remember life is short... I could nit pick about some lumpiness on curve of my neck (it is resolving, but takes time) or some residual numbness.. but I really don't care about any of that because I feel VERY pretty around a birthday that I was totally dreading and now.. not so much... bring it on!

a couple of pics with makeup from cruise , finally done with my face and body makeover after losing 64 lbs and keeping off for 4

some pics from the Kid Rock cruise... it was so fun including a pic from a dress up night. I lost 64 lbs in 2011 and have kept it off... so I got tummy tuck from Dr. Nick Slenkovich, breast lift from Dr. Steven Vath and my facelift from Dr.Menachof..... i have really supported the local economy .. lol

2.5 month post facelift update

lots of people on here discuss changing results on facelifts after swelling resolves... I am posting an update with before and after.. and I will continue to post every month or so... if it helps others :)) to answer a question.. I had a High SMAS with my traditional facelift.. I believe most of my swelling has resolved.. but I will keep an eye on it. One area of interest for me .. are my temples. I am considering a filler there.... as the swelling went down .. I have noticed hollowing at my temples... I think due to High SMAS and cheek work done .. it creates more hollowness at the temples. Nothing tragic and no emergency.. just an observation. Other than that... I had botox at crows feet, 11 and forehead. Love my checks and neckline...still a little lumpy under chin.. but it only show when I lift my head up

update at 3.5 mos post facelift

all is well.. getting hitched in June and so happy I got this facelift done with plenty of time to heal.. my scars have faded a lot as you can see from the pics and lumpiness under chin almost all gone :)))) really love my new jawline... lots of love and kisses to my real self friends :)))))

5 month post facelift update

here is a current pic..... still very happy with results :)

7 months post- super super happy with my results , Thank You Dr. Menachof

a couple of pics from my wedding in June .... I did not feel 50 that day and thanks to Dr. Menachof... I don't think my face looked it either !!! xoxoxo

one more pic that shows the great improvement in jaw line

one more wedding pic

One year later after traditional facelift with Dr Menachof

Love love love Dr Menachof and his staff .. Really happy with my results .. Wish I would have done my eyes when I did lift .. I will go to see him this fall for an upper eye procedure

A few more pics .. Turning 51 in April

A few more pics of
My results one year after .. Again .. I didn't have my eyes done which I wish I had done an upper bleh so I will have dr Menachof do this year
Greenwood Village Facial Plastic Surgeon

My experience to date has been tremendous. I researched board certified facial plastic surgeons for over 6 months to include doctors in and out of Colorado... I am a diligent researcher... I had consults with a few plastic surgeons in Colorado and selected Dr. Menechof. I have had other procedures such as tummy tuck, breast lift.. but nothing made me more nervous than selecting a doctor to touch my face. I selected Dr. Menechof based on his excellent results with previous patients and his overall expertise. He went the extra mile in the consult with me explaining my options and thoroughly addressing my many questions and concerns. His staff is very patient service orientedand super responsive, which i greatly appreciate.

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