Lipoma Removal - Greenwood, IN

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Dr. Hsiao is very nice and professional but also...

Dr. Hsiao is very nice and professional but also down to earth. I think a sign of a good doctor is he/she telling you what could possibly go wrong. Run the other way if a surgeon tells you "this will be so easy, no problems at all" because that isn't ever the case in life. In just meeting with Dr. Hsiao one time I'm confident he'll be a great choice for this minor surgery. I asked him why he couldn't just pop out my lipoma like Dr. Pimple Popper does and he had some great reasons why that wouldn't medically be the best choice for both him and me. I'll post photos when it's removed. He measured it at 6cm and it's on my upper right arm.

Before Photo

This is my right upper arm, as you can see this lipoma is BIG!

One day after surgery

Surgery was yesterday, 7.29.2016. There were a few issues with scheduling but I still got it done on the day intended. Everyone at Community South Surgery center was so caring. A nurse brought by two movie passes to apologize for the scheduling issue that happened on the morning of surgery. My husband said it lasted 45 minutes and Dr Hsaio came out and talked to him. I asked DrHsaio to remove the lipomas in my upper thigh as well. The ones on my leg were smaller and not encapsulated like the one in my arm so my leg hurts today. He prescribed pain medicine but I haven't taken it. I took 800mg ibuprofen this morning. All in all, no complaints so far.

Bandage removed day 2

Silicone strip on the incision. It's bruised and painful if I don't take meds. I've taken ibuprofen twice. Still haven't felt like I needed prescription meds because I don't know how I will react to them and I have two young kids to take care of.

10 days photo

At my follow up which was 6 days after the surgery, Dr. H said my lipoma had abnormal cells (Lockhern) and had to sent away for further review. Now I feel like an idiot for not getting that thing removed years ago. My husband has basically convinced himself I have cancer. Ughh, the waiting on results is kinda crazy because it could take one month!


The pathology report from Harvard was good news. No reason to determine malignancy in the abnormal cells.
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hsiao was genuine and professional. His office staff was very nice and I appreciated that. The office is located in a medical building on the third floor, everything looks the same in the building so I don't think he has the liberty to decorate it like the stand alone surgeons. His office has accolades and articles displayed as well as his board certification and degree. I was referred by a dermatologist and I think his business is more plastic surgery reconstruction and referrals from other doctors rather than purely cosmetic cases. There weren't any pop-ups or pamphlets about fillers, injectables, etc. His nurse said he does a lot of breast reconstructions, augmentations, and abdominoplasty. I'm wondering if that's that reason he doesn't have any reviews/photos on this site yet...because he mainly has patients that were referred to him and covered under insurance.

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