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I am 25 years old, mother to four adorable(smart,...

I am 25 years old, mother to four adorable(smart, talented yadda yadda) children ages 7, 6, 2, and 7 months. I stand 5'7" - had been heavy my entire life until I decided I was not going to spend my entire 20's fat. At my biggest, I was 239lbs, and a size 18-20. I have now lost nearly 90lbs - ITS TIME

Holy Macaroni! Its getting closer~!! I keep going...

Holy Macaroni! Its getting closer~!! I keep going on this site trying to find someone who had the same size tata's as me to start with and see what size implants they got, but I CAN'T!!!! Its so difficult, and for that reason, I REALLY hope I make the right decision! I have always been on the busty side - I was a DD by 9th grade - and all the way up to a 40G with my last pregnancy. Since losing the weight, I have dropped to a 34D/DD (EXTREMELY DEFLATED!) - but nonetheless, I cannot find anyone who started that big and wanted what I want. What exactly do I want? Well, I not interested in going smaller by ANY means...I would like to end up with a FULL, HIGH, PORN STAR-LIKE 34DD. I don't want the "natural" look. Forget that mess - I am not spending this kind of money so people DONT notice. I want the "DANG~ Who is HER Doctor!" reaction. I have my pre-op next tuesday, December 11th at 11am. I am excited to go back, hand them the huge chunk of cash and say "Okay, see you monday for surgery!!!". My worries - I really hope I like my end result. I want my scar as LOW as it can go. I went on a special panties hunt and found the skimpiest pair of panties I could find and bought them so I could have them for D-DAY.

I can tell my husband is getting worried. He is going through the jealous thing right now. I think he is worried I will leave him for someone else or let all of the attention get to my head when all of this is over. I REALLY wish he would stop with that already.

I am also hoping that I am small enough to get the results that I want. I am 5'7", 148-150lbs, and currently wearing a size 4 comfortable, even WITH my big nasty "SVETLANA" (my gut's name - yes, I named her!). I am hoping to be a size 2 after this is all through with huge knockers. We will see!! Doctor says as long as I am within 20 pounds of my weight goal when I get the surgery done it wont effect the results any in either direction. I will try my best to be 145lbs by the 17th, and he said he would be removing about 3lbs of skin and flab, which would put me more at 142lbs. I am happy with that. I REALLLLY want the scale to say 139, because that is my 100lbs mark, but I am happy with the way the rest of my body looks right now, without this dunlap and pancake titties.

That's all for now, folks!

I swear, if its not one thing, its another! I've...

I swear, if its not one thing, its another! I've been busting my ovaries trying to figure out how I am going to pay for this ---- my husband is a disabled veteran, so unlike most would believe, we barely survive off of his pathetic VA compensation. Needless to say, I started being a crazy woman this year when I decided I was GOING to do this for myself. I am a mom of four, in school (college) full time, teaching 5 children's voice classes, coaching 2 cheerleading squads, health coaching, and saving EVERY penny I have made this year for this surgery AND I STILL FELL $4300 SHORT - but luckily, the amazing husband signed for a loan. It has been sooooo stressful. On top of this -- my husbands truck has been leaking. Got the phone call today --- its going to cost $860 FREAKING DOLLARS! Ugh....this surgery needs to hurry up. The kids I teach have 7 more performances, all up until the day before surgery. I had a pap smear today, my pre op is tuesday, hubby has a neuro appointment on thursday and then monday is surgery! HOLY CRAP THIS IS FLYING BY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am scared. Scared, for a couple reasons. First, I am scared of the pain. Secondly, I am scared that I will not chose the right implant size. Thirdly, I am scared my scar on my tummy will be too high. I am not going to have any time to think about things to get before hand, so i am hoping my Dr. will let me have my scripts at my pre op so I can already have them filled and waiting.

There is just sooo much going on. I am ready for the next 10 days to fly by and to wake up to my new me - with a ton of Lortab! lol

So....i thought I was completely sold on silicone...

So....i thought I was completely sold on silicone gels.....then I started reading! Haha, I want the very obviously ROUND implants. I want, when in a bikini, people to know that i paid for my twins :) - Sounds vain, I know...so shoot me! haha...I am reading that SALINE OVERFILLED is what will give you that more round "obvious" implant look. Does anyone know this to be a fact? I do NOT want them to look natural - this does not pertain to their size per say, I don't want them overly obnoxious...just a DD, but still - you can have even a C or D cup and have them look OBVIOUSLY fake. I am worried about a few things...first, I am a teacher....I don't want the kids to notice that "Mrs. Ray" got her boobies done over Christmas break. Secondly, rippling. I have very thin stretched out skin....Will this be a problem if I go with saline, even if they are overfilled???? HELP!!!

Went in today with a billion questions written...

Went in today with a billion questions written down and left with none. I LOVE my surgeon! He is too funny. I will be going with Mentor High Profile Silicone Round 500cc's. I AM SO NERVOUS AND EXCITED!!!!!! When the nurse had me try on the sizers, we started with 350. The sizers were Mod+, so they were a little flatter than what the end result will be, but it was good practice for size. As soon as I held that 350 up the nurse said "uh huh, give me that back - you need more like a 550"...550?! WHAT?!!?!? That just sounded soooo big! I tried the 550 on, and even then she says "add 50 more"...so we went to 600. We both then agreed my husband probably should be present for this (LOL!). When he came in he looked very impressed! He said "How many is that?" in which I replied "600" and his jaw dropped! We had talked earlier on the way there about all of the research that I had done and said that we thought 500 would be the MAX, and here I was with 600's in a looking comfortable. I brought a T-shirt with me to put on so I could see what I would look like clothed. Glad I did....I immediately said, "eh, let's take out the extra 50". 50cc's doesn't really make too much of a difference, really. I liked the 550 look - but keep in mind, these were moderate plus profile.....so I have made it very clear to my surgeon "I want Pamela Anderson's boobs, only smaller!". He claims this is doable (even though he looked at me like I was nuts). The nurse that did my sizing is the nurse that will be in the operating room...she and I talked a LOT and she totally understood what I wanted and I feel VERY confident that she will be my advocate in the operating room while I am knocked out. I have chosen 500cc's....we will see on Monday if that was a smart choice or not!!!!!

I honestly don't think he thought I was serious......

I honestly don't think he thought I was serious....EVEN THOUGH I put down a HEFTY deposit in September, had several consultations, talk about it ALL the time...picked up 5 extra classes to teach, went to school full time (for the financial aid money) and have been BUSTING my ovaries for this..he really didn't believe I would do it. In fact, he was just here the weekend of the 6th of December, and all I did was talk about it. NOW he is starting be "concerned". He called my in laws behind my back last night talking about how "worried" he and my mom are about me doing this...he thinks I haven't "researched enough"...BY GOD...Let me tell you...my doctor made fun of me being such a research queen that the first time I met him he asked "Why am I even here? You could have done your own consultation a lot cheaper!" haha...and at my pre-op - first words out of his mouth "I'm just going to shut up and listen because I know you already know everything else I'm going to say" and finished with "well, that was the easiest and quickest pre-op I've ever done!!"....so ya. What really pisses me off? My dad doesn't have enough confidence in his daughter to make a decision about this in an educated manner. He believes that I would just rush into something without fully researching it completely. PLEASE DAD! Give me a stinking break. I have been on THIS website, and every other website possible, consulted with multiple surgeons, friends, family members, blah blah blah....I have even watched videos on YouTube about it.

On the happier side of things, I have pretty much booked my weekend out completely, so the next three days should fly by. I am hoping I am completely ready and prepared.....hubby and I went grocery shopping and got food, diapers, and household supplies for out family (of 6) for the rest of the month. I meal planned for the whole thing and am planning on verbally instructing the hubs what to do (when all else fails, my mother-in-law lives one street away). I am so torn on implants still, which is probably stupid. Here is a good question - the sizers I tried on were moderate plus - 550cc's and 600. I loved the look of the 550's but I will be getting high profiles not moderate pluses.....Will 500cc's of high profiles look like 550-600 in moderate plus because of the forward projection? Anyone know??? Only 4 more wake ups!

Ya, I always thought this time before surgery...

Ya, I always thought this time before surgery would DRAG....ITS NOT!!!!! It is so totally flying!! I feel like I have run out of time to get things done actually! I am trying to make sure everything is in enough order that it will be easier for my husband and mother-in-law to manage and maintain while I recover. Tomorrow's to do list: Mop the floors, clean out the fridge, vacuum, put the sheets on the spare bed (for MIL), and the final performance for my students! YIKES! Trying to get all the hugs and kisses I can in from my four babies before that will be put on hold. I'm still nervous about implant size, and profile. I am hoping I chose correctly for my desired result. I know it is my PS's ultimate decision, but I am just hopeful that he and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to desired outcome and realism. OMG! I can't believe we are less than 38 hours away from leaving for surgery! AHHHH!!!!!!

Getting more and more excited and less and less...

Getting more and more excited and less and less nervous as the time passes! Every time I go to the bathroom and unzip my jeans or pull down my pants I look at my profile and say "YOU WILL BE GONE TOMORROW!!!!". People have done their best to scare me, but what I see currently is pretty frightening, so anything is better than what I have now. I was up every hour on the hour last night between three of the four kids - Kayleigh, my 5 (will be 6 on the 28th) had stomach ache and was throwing up, Landon (2 in January) cried for a sippy cup three different times, and Harvey (The baby, 8 months old TODAY!!!) had a wet butt and needed to eat three different times as well. I am pretty tired, but fortunately, my mother-in-law is moving in today (for the next week at least) to help and will be doing my nightly duties for me. My husband has never woken up for babies - he sleeps through ANYTHING. Hence why his mother is coming to help. Kayleigh will be staying home from school tomorrow since she is throwing up. Rylie (my 7 year old) wont stop trying to get all of her hugs in before she cant for a while. Landon is being his crazy stubborn self, and busted his mouth open last night on the table, and his eye tooth went straight through it!!! Yikes....Harvey got ahold of some paper last night on the floor and threw up everywhere after choking on it. It has been pretty eventful over the last few days thats for sure! Today is my student's final performance of the season (thank GOD) and should only last about 45 mins. Everything is finally coming to a close. Oh, and the dog got through the fence and crossed over a big street this morning and was returned by the neighbor. Its been crazy but it's helping time pass! I woke up stuffy and called the Dr on call...he said I could take a Bendryl, and another tonight if needed.

I had my mommy makeover over today!!!!!! I am...

I had my mommy makeover over today!!!!!! I am pretty drugged up and feeling fine. Only part a little sore is my upper abs: I can feel my stomach indents now instead of pooches out!!! My boobs seen small to me. Hopefully they will be bigger when the bandage is off and thefts settle.

I had a full anchor lift with 475(rt) and 500(left) high profile round smoother silicone implants. I also got a tummy tuck and lipo of "the mound". Overall I feel this was worth it!

First of all, other than a tad bit of discomfort,...

First of all, other than a tad bit of discomfort, I am virtually pain free. I have done so much research on this topic and most everyone tells me it hurt and you just to die. I haven't taken any Tylox (narcoticat all in he past 7 hours and I feel fine! I was soooo anticipating the pain and didnt end up having any so I'm. Glad.

I feel like these boobs are SMALL! I didn't have the whole pressure feeling when I woke up and don't really now. I started with large breast and just lost the volume after losing 95lbs and 4 kids too.short haha. I can't wait til I can see my incision on my stomach already! I am hoping the girls are big enough at 475 and 500 CCs! If not oh we'll, see you in ten years and I'm ordering some good push up bras.

My drains still have dark bluefish red coming out of it. I feel pretty good with this numbing pump on the front of me but I would rather it be that and something else cause lots of the time no one is

I have this funky burning stinging feeling up on my left hip and am hoping that is not the end of the . Haha I hope this isn't too loopy for you ladies.... I haven't taken anything in a while

Well, I was certainly not expecting this to be no...

Well, I was certainly not expecting this to be no big deal. They prescribed me Tylox, and let me tell you - IT WORKS! I was sooo out of it! I sent some pretty drunk text messages to people and even wrote one to my mom saying "you are sooo not driving drunk, I am picking your drunk ass up!" - wow....considering she is in Texas?!

I was so scared of the pain of this surgery and now looking at it - I laughed at my mom and friend Pam who ONLY had lollipop lifts with implants and were whiney babies saying how they thought they were going to die! PLEASE! My back is a little sore after being bent over for so many days, but that isn't even bad. I took a flexeril earlier today but haven't taken pain meds in a day and a half.

Went to the PS today hoping to get my drains out..no such luck! Im still pulling 40-60cc's every day. Hopefully when I see him Monday i will get them out. They did take the pain pump out today. WEIRDEST FEELING EVER!!!!

First of all, WOW. I cannot believe I was sooooo...

First of all, WOW. I cannot believe I was sooooo scared of getting this done. WHAT WAS I THINKING!? Im in LOVE with my boobs! lol...and, like everyone else, I wish they were bigger! Next time, if my skin allows it, Im going with 625cc's! I got my drains out on Christmas Eve. I threatened my PS and told him if he didn't take them out, I would! lol. Getting the drains out did not hurt, it just felt weird. I am a little bummed that my tummy tuck scar is higher than I wanted. I can still cover it with my pants and what not, but I will have to be selective with underwear and bathing suit bottoms. I had stretch marks above my belly button a-plenty so unfortunately, I could probably use ANOTHER tummy tuck lol! I do not have the big roll anymore though...SVETLANA IS GONE!!! haha. I can tell you that if you have a desk job, going back in 10 days would be so doable. People are so funny with their whining. IT'S NOT THAT BAD PEOPLE!!!! I can put it this way for you c-section Mommies - its not "as bad" as a c-section...but then again I checked out of the hospital 24 hours after 2 of mine and was shoe shopping at Nordstrom's on day 3! I guess I'm either crazy or have a high pain tolerance....which I don't think I had a high pain tolerance at all, so I guess I'm just crazy.

We had sex last night for the first time since surgery - Ha, twice! Big -O made my tummy a little sore for a second, but wasn't bad. I was wayyyy past ready.... 11 DAYS IS TOO LONG! I'm partially hispanic, so I blame my horn dog attitude on my Nicaraguan grandfather! lol

I am pretty sure I will be getting laser on my scar and stretch marks on my belly. I might look into getting lipo on my inner thighs as well. Im also considering losing another 10-15lbs as well. We will see. I have a while until bathing suit season :) CAN'T WAIT TO GO BIKINI SHOPPING!!!! I have never EVER worn a bikini unless i was SUPER pregnant....so this will be my first ever BIKINI SUMMER! I had to borrow a bikini from a friend to take the pics I'm posting! lol
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I have a friend who had used Dr. Keller for her BA and he did a great job. She spoke very highly of him so i decided to give him a try after having a failed "consultation" with a doctor who is very active on this website. Dr. Keller is sweet, attentive, spends TIME with you, and will tell you the truth - even if you may not want to hear it!

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