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Well I'm at the beginning of this whole process. I...

Well I'm at the beginning of this whole process. I have emailed a plastic surgeon and am waiting to hear back about a consultation appointment.

A little about me:
I'm 30 years old. I've had issues with large breasts since 11th grade. When I graduated I was a 36C. Now I wear a 38DD but I know I'm larger than that bc I'm always adjusting. I've always had self confidence issues with my chest. I always keep my arms crossed to cover them. I have to wear a bra, and sports bra everyday. I can never go with out a bra, even while sleeping because of the discomfort. Working out is an issue as running and jumping hurts. I'm a cosmetologist, and having large breasts is making my job really take a toll on my body. I have constant pain and tightness in my back, neck and shoulders. It's there when I wake up until I go to sleep.

I just can't deal with the discomfort any longer. I excited to set up a consultation and submit a letter to my insurance(blue cross blue shield) to see if I will be approved. I'm hoping the approval will not be a long process. I'm a little worried bc I don't have documentation of pain from a family doctor, but that is bc I did not have one until a month ago.

I would love to be a C-cup. I play to go look at bras in the next day or so to figure out my true size.

I will update through out my entire experience.

Consultation is scheduled for May 20th @ 9:45 am.

Consultation is scheduled for May 20th @ 9:45 am.

Getting the process started

Finally after waiting over a month and a half my consultation with PS is in the morning. Prayers please that I can get insurance approval!

Finally consultation was today!

My consultation was this morning. Couldn't have gone any better. Doctor and staff were great and it was not awkward at all. He said he would take out the 500cc which is what insurance requires and that would get me down to a C-cup. That sounds like heaven!!! He said I was a great candidate and should know about approval in a week to 3 weeks. If I get approved I'm looking at paying anywhere from 500-2000 dollars. The cost without approval is 8,000. So approval from insurance is very important. Please say prayers for me.

Waiting to hear from insurance


How long did it take before you received a letter from insurance after your consultation?

Mind tricks

So it has been a week since my consult and I swear now that I'm trying to get this process rolling I feel like my back is about to break in half. Is killing me! Also went to target today to pick up some things. Stopped by the BRA section. I held up a 38C to a 38DD and I almost started salivating. It looked sooooo tiny and AMAZING!

Got the call

I just got the call from from plastic surgeon. I'm approved and feel like I could fly! When I calm down I will call back an set up a date.


I notice in my paper work they gave me about the surgery that you need to discontinue birth control. I will ask me Doctor but does anyone know about the mirena IUD? Do you have to have it taken out? Hope not bc I paid about 1,000 dollars for it and have only had it a year and a half. Anyone with mirena have a breast reduction?

Surgery date!

Just called PS Office to set up my surgery date. She said the soonest they could do would be June 18 Which sounds amazing but unfortunately that does not work with my schedule. The month of June and July are both just really busy months for me as far as work goes. So I asked for Early August. She is going to start checking on the dates and she will get back with me. Crazy to think that if it worked out I could have the surgery done in two weeks. It makes me sad but I try to look at it as me getting to enjoy my summer little more I guess. I'm just so ready to do this.


Pre-op Is July 25Th And Surgery Is Set For August 2Nd. Can'T Wait!!


So I just received my letter from insurance. It says authorized until June 17th. My surgery is scheduled for Aug2nd. I hope this doesn't become a problem. I emailed the surgeon's office about it bc they are closed? Anyone been in this situation before?


I called about the pre authorized letter. She said that Always happens because when they send in the information they have to estimate a surgery date. She said when I come in for my preop appointment they will resubmit For the date of surgery. She said it is no big deal it will all work out so I'm going to trust that and relax

Good to go

Insurance has been contacted and date has been changed. Nothing to do now except enjoy my summer until 10:30 am August 2nd. I'm sooo excited its all I can think about. I'm sure you get that from all the postings!!

Waiting for surgery. Less than 2 months!

Surgery date

Surgery date has been changed to Aug 6th. Kind of a bummer but doctor has a meeting on my original date and can't do it. Also it is scheduled for 1PM???? That is a long time to go without eating or drinking.

1 month to go

I hope this month goes quicker than last month. I'm ready to do this and start healing.

Pre op

Pre op is this Thursday!! 16 days till surgery. At this moment I'm not nervous but I think I will be. I've heard great things about my surgeon so I feel confident.

Pre-op 11 days until surgery

Pre-op was today. Went well. Here is a list of prescriptions:
Celebrex(anti-inflammatory medicine)
Cephalexin (antibiotic)
Enoxaparin (an injection to prevent blood clots)
Nucynta (pain med)
Scopolamine hydro bromide patch (nausea)
Phenergan (rectal suppositories for nausea) doesn't sound like a good time!!

I will be having another preop at the hospital to have vitals checked. That should be sometime next week.

I will have drains that will be removed the following day. After they take the drains out they will give me a post op bra to wear. The only part that will be taped is my nipples. Anchor scar will be left exposed.

I'm so ready!


My surgery time was changed from 1 to 9am so I'm very happy about that!

8 more nights

8 more nights until surgery. Dropped my prescriptions off today. They will be ready tomorrow. I have been doing the DASH diet for a week now. Just changing my lifestyle to be healthier. (Lost 7 pounds in one week) Can not wait to exercise once I'm healed. Still not nervous as of yet. Feel really ready. I had a day or two of second guessing which I think is normal bc it's an elective surgery. It's weird to go in and be put to sleep. How was it for everyone?? Piece if cake?? I'm so ready for this.

3 more nights

Well, it's almost time. I've been so busy with work I haven't had to to be nervous. I have tomorrow off so I'll spend it with church, family and a little swimming. Mondays are my day off but I'm going to go ahead and work. Should have my pre-op with hospital on Monday. I still have not heard from them which is frustrating. I called my surgeons office and they said the hospital will call Sunday to set the appointment up.
I picked up my prescriptions yesterday.
Nothing really new to tell. I can not believe this is going to happen.

Tomorrow is the day!!!

Today is my last day to have a large chest. I'm going to go to work for a few hours, then love on my baby yo (19) months before he goes to my in-laws for a few days. After that a little grocery shopping, 3 mile walk, bathe with antibacterial soap then bed. So far my nerves have been great. I did speak with my sis earlier and she is really nervous so that kind of got me going a little. I'm better now. Really the only thing I'm nervous about is being put to sleep. It REALLY freaks me out. So I will be happy to get it over with so I can report back to anyone who is afraid and ease their mind! Prayers for me please everyone!!! :)


I alive

Surgery was at 9. Took 2 1/2 hours. When I woke I was in a good amount of pain. Nurse corrected it immediately. I have been sleeping on and off today. I will give an overview of my surgery tomorrow . Right now have very blurred vision. I hope this makes sense. I'm pretty out of it at the moment.


Ok, going to try to update. My vision is blurred looking at small print.
So yesterday I woke at 5:45 and showered with dial antibacterial soap husband an I drove to the hospital. Checked, gave urine sample and was put in a private roo. Nurse came and asked a lot of questions(family related) she left and didn't come back for another. When she came back to put the I'VE in my doctor walked in and did his drawings. Before he came in I was feeling super anxious, mainly about the getting put to sleep. He assured me I would like it and it would be a smooth transition. After that I was calm. Then anesthesiologist came in and answered any questions. After that they took me to OR and put a happy drug in my I'VE. I don't really remember it relaxing me, but I guess it did. She put an oxygen mask on me and said she was putting in my med. to make me go to sleep and I was out.surgery was at 9 and I came to at 12:15. Surgery was 2 1/2 hours.i woke up in a good bit of pain then she put something in my I'VE for that. She gave some ice chips which was great bc of my sore throat from the breathing tube.at about 1:15 then put me in another room and allowed my husband to come in. Pain was starting to come back so they gave me a loratab. That helped. Then she gave in structions about post op care and after that I was allowed to go home.

I slept on and off all day from yesterday I make sure I take my pain meds so it doesn't get away from me. A lot of people on here talk about how minimal the pain is. Welllll, not for me and I have a very high pain tolerance, but with that being said its not unbearable.
Right now I'm wrapped up with gauze and NO bra. Haven't gone without a bra since um NEVER!
I go today at 3 am for him to remove the gauze. To be honest I really don't want to look at them there . I would rather look when I get home. They look pretty flat right now but I am taped up tight. It's truly a crazy experience. I do have to say my shoulders and back already feel great.

New look

Went to the dr today to remove gauze. Came home and took shower. My back/pain has already improved. I do have what you call dog ears. They said a lot of it is just swelling and should go down. They also told me in a few months if I don't like it he will do lipo in the area. All in all I'm happy to have this weight off my shoulders!

Day 2

I feel so much better today. Just a little sore. I just took my second shower. This time I did it by myself. Just washed my hair very slowly. Have gone from taking pain pill every 4 hours to about every 7 hours.

Nipple sensation

I forgot to mention that I have complete nipple sensation!


I highly recommend you drinking smooth move the day after surgery. I drank some last night and have used the bathroom a lot. When I had a c-section I didn't go for a week and it was one of the most horrible experiences of my life.
You can find it at your grocery store. It's organic and I think it's important to go to the bathroom easily bc straining is going to make you tighten your chest which is no good.

Love my cleavage!!

post op

post OP


What is everyone using for the itching?
Today is day 4. Pain is getting better. More bruising is showing up. I'm feeling better but still kind of take naps. Right now I'm going bra-less while I wash my bras. Just needed a break from having them pinned up. I wish I could speed up this healing process. Definitely isn't the most fun I've had but it is worth it!

1 week

Tomorrow marks 1 week for me. I'm not going to have time to update so I will do it now. I've taken it very easy this week. As far as my pain now, not too much, but I am super sore and very uncomfortable. I'm getting frustrated with how uncomfortable I am. I guess from reading other stories I didn't expect to feel like this. I have a 19month old. I sent him to my inlaws for a week. He is home now and I hate that I can't be the same with him. Luckily my husband is really stepping up and doing more. I just want to give my little buddy a tight squeeze. It's killing me. I'm feeling a little depressed but from what I've read it's normal. Depressed bc I can't be a good mom, because I'm extremely uncomfortable and bc I feel like my boobs are still big. I hope these next few weeks fly by. I'm usually an up beat person. Sorry to sound so down. I'm super grateful and I know what I'm going through now is soooo worth it. Just having a moment.

9 days post op

9 days post


I'm Almost Two Weeks PostOP And I Have What Feels Like Hard Lumps In My Breasts. Anyone Else? Is It Normal??

1 week 6 days


I know I have to wait a while for cardio, like 6 weeks, but what about walking?? I walk laps around the house, but my husband and I usually walk 3 miles everyday. Just wondering if anyone was cleared for that.

2 weeks 2 days

4 weeks

Today is 4 weeks. So far healing is going great. I'm happy with the overall look. I wish they were slightly smaller but hopefully that will come with some weight loss. There is an area under my arm that kinda looks like a roll. I do not like that. My surgeon said a lot of it is swelling but I'm not so sure. The good thing is I have up to one year to have lipo in the area free of charge so I am not going to concern myself with the area. They seem to be the same size and nipples match up. I'm still in sports bras so I'm not sure of my true size as of yet. I'm hoping to fit in a Ccup but who knows. Clothes look so much better on and I'm enjoying wearing strapless clothing. I've even gone bra less a few time. More importantly I've had no back/shoulder/neck pain.

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