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I am 32, 150lbs and currently a B (or at least in...

I am 32, 150lbs and currently a B (or at least in one - LOL) and I have a 12 year old that I nursed for 6 mo. I really want beautiful boobs. I want them to be the same size and symmetrical. I really want to be able to wear a sundress and not have to wear a bra to make them look the same size! But the closer it gets the more nervous I get. I only went to one consultation and ended up putting down my thousand dollar deposit so I could hold a specific date. That was probably a bad idea because now i am having second thoughts and wondering what other doctors would suggest I have done to achieve what I want. The doctor that I currently have an operations scheduled with on Augist 11th said I needed a lift ONLY in my right boob and then implants in both. He said due to my poor skin elasticity he doesn't want to go bigger than a b or C cup. I prefer to have between a small and full D cup. I don't want to go through all of this to not be any bigger than I currently am right now but I also don't want to bottom out in 3-5 years! Ugh...
I am freaking out so much that I have a scheduled a 2nd meeting with the 1st doctor tomorrow and have scheduled a consultation with another doctor tomorrow afternoon. I just want to feel comfortable with the doctor I chose but honestly at this point cannot say I am. :(

Excitement has began

I met with my original Doctor - Dr. McFadden last Monday for the 2nd time and am very happy that I made the appointment. I had all of my questions written down and knew more of what I was talking about (and what to ask) due to all of my research on here. My husband was with me this time which definitely helped me feel more at ease. But after talking with the doc for a while I walked away feeling good about things. He has suggested that I don't go bigger than an average C, due to my poor skin elasticity from my pregnancy BUT I really want to walk away without disappointment with the size. I asked him what I could do to prevent them from dropping sooner rather than later if I was to go with a bigger size - ideally I'd like a D. He said wear a bra all of the time. Well, I have a 12 year old boy at home so I can't and won't walk around without a bra on regardless and if I need to sleep in a comfy sports bra, I think I am okay with that to have a bigger size. ----anyone ever have this suggested to them??? What did you do?????

Monday is Pre-Op!!

This is all coming together and I am so excited. A little nervous/worried but that is to be expected. I have my pre op appt on Monday and should be finalizing size. He said if I want an average C that would be around 350 cc's so I'm thinking I want around 400 - 425. I really want more of D cup! I bought some dresses for our vacation in 2 months and tried them on tonight...can't wait to see what they look like when I actually have boobs to fill them out.

This dress...

REQUIRES bigger boobs. Lol. One of the ones I bought while dreaming of post surgery boobs!!!! I cannot wait to fill out the top of a dress!!!

2 weeks! 14 days!!! Eeek!!!

Two weeks from today I will be done with surgery!!! I just wish it was tomorrow! This whole waiting is killer! I started taking the AM and PM vitamins provided by my doctors office. That was exciting. Every little step means I'm getting closer and closer. I'm obsessing over this and I'm pretty sure my husband is over me looking at this website. I just can't stop. Haha. My mom flies in a week from Saturday. I can't wait to see her! We are going to go to a few vineyards when she arrives since I'm assuming I won't be up for a whole lot of running around after my surgery. I'm still going back and forth on size. I really want a FULL C / small D. I gave my want photo to the nurse but the doctor wasn't about to come in and tell me what size or how many cc's he'd think that would be on me. Those are the pix above. The nurse did come back and say that if it was up to him he'd go smaller. Ugh! So I'm assuming that means they are bigger than an average C which is okay because I really want to be bigger than what I look like with a bra on currently. My bra now is a 34C but isn't filled in very well. Haha. Thank goodness for VS push-up padded bras!!!

Getting closer!

Oh my goodness!!! It's Saturday and my surgery is on Thursday. Holy moly!!! It's coming so fast but then again not fast enough.
My mom flies in tonight. I cannot wait to see her! This last week has been a whirlwind. My current job makes so unhappy to point of tears and it's starting to affect my health. Well the last straw was pulled on Wednesday and my husband has told me to put in my 2 week notice. So...the day I get back from surgery I'll give notice and they'll probably just let me go on the spot - which I am okay with!!! At least then I'll be able to listen to my body and not over do it while recovering. I'm trying to find the positive as it stresses me out to think I won't be working but this job is going to put me into a severe depression if I stay. And then I thought I should probably put off my surgery as that would be the smart thing to do -money wise- but then I remembered I've already paid in full. Oh darn. Haha. This surgery is the only thing I've looked forward to in a long time!!! I can't wait to have l beautiful full boobs!!! THIS THURSDAY!!!! 8AM!!!

Booby bday!!!

Okay. I had my surgery this morning. I was such a nervous wreck last night I had to take a Xanax. And then today was almost like an out of body experience. Like- am I really doing this??? I had a few tears prior to surgery. Kinda funny and weird. Not sure why I was emotional. Maybe a little scared. I'm at home now. Waiting till I can take my next dose of pain meds because I am feeling it!!! Whew- the sides on my boobs burn so bad, i feel as if a semi is on my chest, I can barely sit out of bed by myself, and forget walking more than to just the bathroom. I feel as if they are going to fall off my chest. Haha. If you've ever been pregnant you know how you hold your belly all the time?! Yes well. I hold my boobs. Haha
My doctor was amazing. He again warned me about my stretch marks and said he would prefer an average C which is what he thought my wish pic was and I told him those were the boobs I wanted but more like a busting out of the seems C / small D. He said the boobs in the pic on me would be between 350cc - 425cc. I told him I'd been thinking around the 400-425 range. I told him my ultimate goal was to have symmetrical boobs and that are as close to same size as possible. I was supposed to have a full anchor lift in right and possible PAM in the left. Well after he did that on me someone went and got my husband as he was not satisfied with the left boob and how it looked. He asked my husband if he thought I would want the doc to go ahead and do a full lift in left so they look more identical and I guess there was extra skin on the left so he was not satisfied. (I wasn't there and my husband isn't the best at repeating things) Long story short - I got a full lift in both with 450 in my left and 400 in my right. I haven't seen them yet but will get to tomorrow after the nurse checks on me at 9:30am! Which is also pretty amazing. For some reason their office is closed so the nurse is coming to ME ! Thank goodness bc the drive coming home was hell.

I will update more tomorrow. Med time!


I love them!!!!! Still in a lot of pain. Cannot stand upright very well as you can see in the pic I'm hunched over. My nurse came today and she was super sweet. So glad I didn't have to drive anywhere. That worked out perfect! But I ache really bad! On the sides of my boobs, under boobs and on the inside. Basically everywhere. And then my incisions are under my arms so I can't put those down straight yet. Oh, and my belly is not THAT big. Been taking a stool softener since 2 days preop and now taking 3 a day. Still no go tho.

Yesterday - POD2

First of all - I don't don't know if you are suppose to count your surgery day as a PO day or if Post op day 1 is the day after surgery. That's how I'm doing it - surgery was Thursday 8/11 - POD2 (yesterday, Saturday 13th) was pure HELL. Very first thing that morning when I got out of bed and went and sat in the bathroom as I cannot stand that long without getting dizzy I was trying to take off bra to see about my bruising and all the movement made me sick and let me tell you - leaning over and throwing up is the worst when your chest in this serious of pain. I took an anti nausea and went back to bed and slept. Then when I woke up I freaking felt like I was gonna get sick again. Before my mom got back with a bowl I had miraculously gotten myself out of bed and over the sink (again). Needless to say I took another nausea med and went back to sleep. I'm sure the sleep is good for me. I did manage to get up last night when my husband got home and sat on the couch for a while and was able to stomach some cinnamon toast. I even mustered the energy to shower which really did feel good. Thank goodness for my husband and mom during all of this. No way I could have done any of this without them. I slept decent last night. Am still waking up every four hours and taking a pain med - not because I'm setting an alarm but because I wake up in pain.
In the pix the botching is bruising. My sides still hurt the worst. And the tightness. Wow.

Pictures prior to shower

Still very very bloated.

Doctors drawings

Found this. Don't think I've posted yet.

Loving them

Feeling much better now!!! And loving my new boobs. Still very itchy and sensitive but at least I feel back to myself now that I'm off all the drugs.

Tape removed

Went for my one week post op yesterday! Everyone is so sweet! Jo said that they looked great and she didn't think they'd drop much more, if at all. I still have to wear my post surgery bra (which is fine cuz it's comfy) and I have to wear my strap for one more week. Love my boobs but they definitely look a bit more so desirable now that the tape is off. I know that it's all a process and I am okay with that. I have to put Neosporin over all of the incision sites twice a day and then cover with anti adherent gauze pads. Yesterday was my first day out and about most of the day and quite frankly it wore me out and I ended up in tears when we got home. For no particular reason. I think my body was just tired and it was my first day with no nap. Sad but that nap has been crucial in my days.

Tape removed

Went for my one week post op yesterday! Everyone is so sweet! She said that they looked great and she didn't think they'd drop much more if at all. I still have to wear my post surgery bra (which is fine cuz it's comfy) and I have to wear my strap for one more week. Love my boobs but the definitely look a bit more so desirable now that the altar is off. I know that it's all a process and I am okay with that. I have to put Neosporin over all of the incision sites twice a day and then cover with anti adherent gauze pads.

August 19th - 8DPO

I'm sorry! I have not updated in over a month but I want everyone to be able to see my progress pictures because I am SO HAPPY with my results!!! These are pix right after I got tape taken off and half of my sutures taken out. Looks scary. I called them my franken boobs. Haha. They get much better. Promise!


For some reason it isn't uploading my photos. Sorry ladies.

17DPO - 8/27/16

This is right after getting all of my sutures removed. Now. Everyone is different but I OBVIOUSLY heal very quickly and my skin had more than started healing over the stitches that needed to be removed. It was pure HELL. Honestly. Tears in my eyes. I had to stop the nurses to ask them to stop for a moment so I could compose myself. I asked at one point if there was numbing lotion but was told it wouldn't help. The time before it was completely fine but this time hurt like nothing else. I was so sad I hadn't taken a pain pill prior. Love the way they are looking tho!!!!

9/01-9/03 - 3WPO

First pic is my want photo compared to mine on 9/01. I think he nailed it! My right boob has seemed to drop a bit more. Not sure what's going on with that as the left is perfect and pocket feels very secure but right seems like it wasn't secured enough. Now I have no idea as to what they do during surgery but at this point that is my only concern. The nurse (who are ALL PHENOMENAL) said to make sure to wear a bra with secure band underneath.
Last photo- incisions are healing. Dr. McFadden gave me vitamins to take prior to and after surgery along with BioCorneum cream and body knowledge lotion to help with final results. All included with my surgery costs. Love that he goes above and beyond to make sure you heal perfectly.


Everything is looking good. Feeling so much better. They don't feel like a part of me but we are getting closer.
Dr. McFadden

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