275 cc HP Implants ~ Saggy to Perky! :-)

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So, a little about me. At the age of 15 I wore a...

So, a little about me. At the age of 15 I wore a 32D (matured quick!) which left me with lots of strech marks but with full and somewhat perky breasts. Fast forward some years later, in college i gained 20 pounds so my in last year of school I started kickboxing and lost the weight...leaving me with 34 C 'saggy' breasts. This is depressing... at ages 15-22 i had AMAZING breasts, and now at 23 years old i'm embarrassed of them. I can't fit into bras like i would like it, i can't fill out strapless swim suits nor strapless shirts...they just kindof flop around =/.

i have been researching getting augmentation, but i believe i will need a lift aswell. i'm not wanting completely perfect breasts...im just wanting to fill out my loose skin again. I've attached pictures... what do you guys think? I go for my very first consultation next thursday... i'm hoping for just implants, but thinking i may need a lift too. if i need a lift... i would like to get the "donut" lift with less scarring since i plan on having kids in the future (4-5 years) and will probably need another lift afterwards.

any advice?

So, I finally booked my surgery!! *Sept. 12th, 2013*

So it's been awhile since i've been on here. I've been debating on getting this procedure done for a while now (way before my first post on here) and after meeting with Dr. Kevin Keller I have decided to go for it and booked my surgery for Sept. 12th at 8:30 A.M. I am very excited and nervous! I am getting a lollipop lift (though he said he may have to do a small anchor) with silicone implants. At my pre-op apt on Sept. 6th i will determine the size, find out about recovery/care, and answers to other questions i may have.

i will defintely try to tell all details of my time going through this since this site has help me so much.

much love, xoxoxox

Less than 2 weeks away!!!

I'm getting very excited that in less than 2 weeks i'll have 23 year old boobs again! However, i'm kindof sad that i will not be able to exercise like i do now for awhile during recovery :( but in the long run i'll love my new boobs and i can build back up pretty quickly :-D

Also i've been having some nightmares about the procedure? Is this normal? Anyone have this happen?

1 week and 1 day away!

i am 1 week and 1 day away! OMG.. i'm so nervous!! and i still keep having nightmares about the procedure=/... hope i am doing the right thing getting this done...

Pre-Op Appointment

Well today i had my pre-op appointment. It took 30 minutes for them to call me back which i wasn't exactly happy about considering i was on my lunch break, but the lady apologized and was friendly about it.

I met with Dr. Keller and his nusing assistant. He talked to me again about the risks and answered the questions I had. After this we discussed size again. I was wanting to be a full D which is what i was before weight loss (148 pounds)... now I am 133-135 pounds and Dr. Keller questioned me if i wanted to go full D or go to the more natural route (that i mentioned before) and go to a full C. He gave me his professional opinion "go with whatever size you want" then his personal opinion "if you are wanting to look natural, go with a full C look, not a full D. It will not look right on you." I took the advice so then I met with his assistant and tried on different sizes. I started with 350 CC's. They looked HUGE on me and felt so heavy! So i said no to that. Then i tried 325, nope. 300.. i liked but still slightly too big... then i tried 275 CC's which i really liked! Now i'm debating on going with high profile or moderate plus? I want to look natural and not fake but i love how high profile kindof looks like you're wearing a push-up bra at all times (though this is not natural)... hmmmm... *decisions*

After sizing we talked about prescriptions, took pre-op pictures, and after care. I'm pretty excited to have new boobs next week but i'm also feeling a lil down that i can't exercise for a couple weeks and im advised to not do chest exercises again (girly push-ups if a must but that's it). This kindof bums me out because lately i've been working out with my BF who does Spartan Races (google it, it looks very challenging for any other fitness freaks out there ;)) and i would like to try one in March! However, this race doesn't just include running 5+ miles.. it also includes all sorts of activity such as climbing up a rope, climbing over things, and burpees if you can't do the challenges. This put a real strain on during this race cause i don't want to ruin the appearance of my implants training & doing this race.... *sighhhhhh*... guess we'll see.

3 More Days!!!

Hard to believe i only have 3 more days left! Ahh, i'm excited!

Today i am going to get my prescriptions filled and get a stool softener as recommended. I am also going to try to find a button up shirt for surgery day. I'll probably look a lil tacky wearing yoga pants (i can wear these during the procedure) and a button up shirt but o well... i'm not going for looks to just be put to sleep.. i'm going for comfort :).

i will also do some cleaning around the house and keep up on laundry since i will be very limited to doing these things after thursday. today, tomorrow, and wednesday i will be doing EXTRA cardio in the gym to since i will not be able to work out for 3 weeks.

Tomorrow is the day!!!

So tomorrow is the day and i'm freaking out! I keep doubting my decision, having crazy nightmares, and just overall freaking out! Thankfully after reading other ladies' stories i see that i'm not alone in second guessing my decision... and i also see that the crazy nightmares about things going wrong during/after surgery is completely normal. My surgery is scheduled for 8:30 tomorrow and i will arrive at 8. I'm very tired, but i will try to write all that i have prepared for tomorrow.

PRE-OP preparations:

*Transderm (patch that goes behind ear to help with nausea after anesthesia)
*Ondansetron (help with nausea after anesthesia)
*Cyclobenzaprine (muscle relaxer)
*Oxycodone-Acetaminophen (pain killer)
*Cefadroxil (antibiotic)

--OTC Medications--
*Zantac (take 300 MG night before surgery, helps with nausea)
*Tylenol (pain killer)
*Dulcolax (stool softner)

*Very loose capri sweatpants
*Zip up jacket
*Surgery bra

*Live-in boyfriend (bless him)

Whew.. since i work at 7:30 am an hour away from where i live (btw, the place i'm going to is about an hour away too.. it's near where i work) i go to bed at 9:00-9:30! It'll probably be a restless night of tossing and turning doubting my decision and nightmares but hopefully i get SOME rest. Either way, after surgery most of tomorrow will be spent resting anyways.

Wish me luck girls!! I added some pre-op pictures.

the new girls are here!

Had surgery this morning at 8:30 am. I went in changed into a gown (got to keep my yoga pants on though) and took a pregnancy test with a urine sample. After that the nursing assistant gave me a drip to prevent naesua. After that the anthesealogiest started my "cocktail" drip. I don't really remember anything after that besides telling my boyfriend I love him but apparently I walked into the operating room on my own. I felt like I was in a dream automatically when I woke up...it took me a minute to realize where I was hah. The nursing assistant told me I done & that Keller inserted 275cc high profile implants. I was hurting so bad that I felt like crying so she gave my pain killer medicine. About 15 minutes later I started to feel much better and pain became tolerable. The nursing assistant went over recovery with my BF then wheeled me out. I slept all the way home (1 hour) then again when I got home. The pain is a light throbbing pain now and hurts much more on my right side. I'm still kind of out of it so this write up may make no sense hah but I'm trying to tell my story as much as possible since I had trouble finding a picture to show the doctor what I wanted. Doesn't seem like my 5'3, 135 pound girls get implants (and lift with bra size 34 c cup saggy) so hopefully I can help someone choose a size based off having the same stats

I added a picture. I do have some bleeding on my right breast so my boyfriend called the office to make sure that was normal. She told him a little blood is ok but too keep a good eye on it & If it continues bleeding a lot then call them again I may have to go back in to be checked.

Can't believe I have firm perky boobs now! Yay!

Will update later again tonight. I'm about to take my meds & pass out again... So tired!

Recovery is not so bad

I've slept majority of today on and off. My breast don't hurt that much... it's very tolerable. My boyfriend has helped me a lot and i'm thankful for that. I need help getting in & out of the bed, going to the bathroom, carrying the laptop, opening doors (he does that anyways) just EVERYTHING. I probably won't go to bed until late since i've slept on & off for 5ish hours. I think my neck and back hurt more than my chest since i'm having to slept on my back propped up. I miss sleeping on my tummy already but i think it'll be a month or two before i can start doing that again :(. No pain no gain right? I can't wait to see my breast Monday after post-op!!

more pain today than yesterday =\

Well I went to bed around 10/11 last feeling alright however when I woke up at 2 & the oxycoden wore off I was hurting!!! My back & neck was hurting really bad from the way i been sleeping and course my chest was hurting the most. My boyfriend gave me another pill and I surprisingly fell right back to sleep until 6 am that is....again my back/neck was hurting really bad & it sucks I can't stretch out because of my chest hurting :-( . now I'm just laying in bed watching tv . I took the musucle relaxer and another pain killer but mo still can't go back to sleep. Right now my breast feel funky...making noises & my right breast (the one that hurts the most) is throbbing.. I think I'm having a muscle spasm despite just taking a muscle relaxer.

Today my parents are coming to see me and I rather them not as bad as that sounds. Neither of them are happy with my decision (more so my dad than my mom) so I I feel they may be more negative than positive about my decision. The biggest reason they're upset is because it cost so much money (I think they should be more upset about the risk im putting myself through rather than the money). I did clean out my savings but it'll take no time to build back up..I'm 23 with a professional job with no debt and rent costing me only $250/mo (I pay utilities at my boyfriends house). Which, BTW I couldn't ask for a better man! He's been really supportive of my decision and has helped me so much.

I'll post another update later I'm getting tired again..yay...back to sleep I go.


Yesterday I pretty much slept all day. I was only up about 3 hours total yesterday to eat lunch, dinner, and walk around. The soreness is definitely not as bad as yesterday its more so of a really tight feeling. I passed out on the couch last night from 7:30-1:30 am. My boyfriend seen how well I was sleeping (first night after surgery I was suffering) so he let me stay there until he was dead tired & ready for bed. He gave me a pain killer & muscle relaxer then we went to bed. I slept through the night until 7 am, so I went ahead and let the dogs out. I feel like I could go back to sleep for another couple of hours but gah .. I would have slept 15 hours or so! I know the body recovers during sleep but I at least would like to enjoy some of the day.

On a sidenote, my boyfriend has done an amazing job taking care of me! He wakes up in the middle of the night to help me get out of bed (I get really stiff and the implants I guess fall? When I sit up so it hurts a good bit. My boyfriend also keeps up with my medications, cooks lunch and dinner, helps me dress and undress, and helps me bathe. I'm glad to have a man so supportive of my decision and falling through with the support by being there as much as possible!

I took the oxycodene when I woke up because I was feeling rather bad. However, for now on I think I'm going to switch to ibuprofen to ween myself off oxycodone... Also the strong pain killer has also caused me to not be able to poop despite the stool softeners I'm taking.

BTW, I should of took a lady's advice on here & NOT weigh myself! I gained 7 pounds & look like I'm 8 months pregnant! Hopefully all this swelling & bloating goes away soon!


So yesterday I pretty much slept the day away. The pain killers/muscle relaxers make it almost impossible to stay awake. Surprisingly I've been sleeping okay on my back (I'm a stomach sleeper) but I still wake up with my neck/back hurting from being elevated.

Today there was a Greek festival going on and I decided that I wanted to get out get some fresh air & enjoy some Greek food. I didn't take the pain killer or muscle relaxer because I wanted to feel NORMAL there. Big mistake... No actually huge mistake. My chest felt SO heavy like I was carrying 20 pounds on my chest & just overall achy. We left after about 20 minutes I took a pain killer and muscle relaxer, came home and fell asleep for 2 hours while my BF went to play soccer. I feel much better now but my chest still feels incredibly heavy :-(. I'm also hurting on the sides below my armpits.. Just feels really irritated there =\. Tomorrow I go to my first post-op appointment and will hopefully see what the girls look like. Will post pictures tomorrow!!!

getting better!

Well last night I slept much better than I have been sleeping. Fell asleep around 11 (taking 1 oxycodone and 1 muscle relaxer) and didn't wake up until 7 AM feeling pretty good! I got up and got ready to go to my post-op appointment and took 2 ibuprofens(cutting back on the oxycodone to at night time only) and 1 muscle relaxer. At the post-op appt I had the bandages removed (thank goodness.. It was TIGHT) and was told to wear my surgery bra at all times except to shower. I have gauze with neosprin on it to keep on the cuts which I will change out during the day. I went ahead and set up an appointment next week to geta post-op massage and to learn how to begin scar treatment.

I attached a 4 day post-op picture. I know I'm swelling rather bad (even swelling in mybelly ...i look like I'm about to give birth!) So I hope my boobs relax a little and don't end up so big & fake looking. Well see I guess ..


Yesterday i forgot to add i was cleared for taking a shower so i took my first shower. Not going to lie, seeing my incisions made me sick to my stomach. I can take needles & all.. but i can't take "gorry" (and my boyfriend is the exact opposite). So I applied the neosporin after the shower and he put the gauze on and help me put my bra on. During all this i thought i was going to pass out! hah.. i'm such a baby sometimes :(.

Anyways... last night i took a oxycodone & a musucle relaxer. I fell asleep around 9:30 and slept til about 1 AM, then after that i was tossing and turning... didn't really get a good nights rest. This morning I felt AWFUL, but i have to come into work (desk job). The whole drive up i felt like i was going to fall asleep. I finally made it to work and the sleepiness is pretty much gone.. but the pressure on my chest is awful. I took 3 ibprofens (can't take oxycodone at work.. don't want to be tooo loopy!) and i feel a lil better.. but still feel heavy pressure on my chest. I also feel like my bottom (under the crease) incision is irritated =/. Hopefully this work day goes by fast and i can go home & rest!!

i'll post pictures of my scars when they are not so disgusting! hah. and i'll try to keep up with the post-op pictures.

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday was my first day back at work & i was MISERABLE!! Absolutely miserable! I was extremely tired and my chest felt like 100 pounds. I work at a desk job but just simple things hurt such as getting my laptop out (we lock our computers up every night & we also have the old school laptops that weigh like 10 pounds), walking through doors (i go through 4 doors to enter/leave the building to get to my desk plus i go to the bathroom a lot), open/closing car door, putting on the seat belt, backing up, aand making narrow turns. All these things i do daily without even thinking about it hurts now. My left breast seems to be healing better than my right breast so i try to use my left arm as much as possible to give my right breast a rest. Opening doors i use my left arm then use my feet to open the door the rest of the way. Just some things to consider if you are only taking a few days off work like me.

Last night after work i came home and took a bath right away (did not get my upper half wet). Even though i'm OKed for showers i still feel weird taking them and feel like my shampoo is getting into my incisions... plus it still kindof hurts to put my hands above my head. So i took a bath, and did a sponge bath on my upper body. I had my BF wash my hair for me. I also had my BF wash my incisions and apply new gauze on them. I'm extremely thankful for me helping me with all this. My incisions look so gross compared to others i've seen on here. Other girl's have the steri strips whereas i don't. I read it's ok not to have the steri strips and even makes a faster recovery but i feel like it's not. I don't even like to look at my incisions since i have a weak stomach. Hah, last night my BF took care of everything and i didnt even have to look at them. He also reminded me that i had surgery not even a WEEK ago and that my incisions look completely normal and will heal soon with time. I just got to keep that mindset i guess.

I went to be around 9ish, and slept GREAT! Today at work i feel much better (though my chest feels heavy, but it's tolerable). I promise i'll post more pictures soon!!

Thanks for all the comments!!

here's a pic of my incisions...

I've attached a picture of my incisions. They look hugeeee with no clothes on but with clothes on it just looks like I'm wearing old faithful (my old pushup padded bra from Victoria secret). Love em with clothes on...not too big, not too small. However without clothes I'm still a lil grossed out by the incisions... Hah...but they'll heal soon enough. I also feel like my left breast is dropping faster than my right. Hope they even out! :/

Oh I got stretch marks too...but I've had them since I was 15 and developed early so that's no biggie to me...

another pic

Hard to believe i'm 1 week post-op!!

So far today at work I feel great!! I am slightly tired, partly because I stayed up to watch the big brother finale show (that lasted until 11) and partly because sleeping on my back sucks! hah.. really.. i can't waaaait to start sleeping on my sides again! Today i've used no pain meds at all... the pain is very tolerable. The best way i can describe it is it feels like i have on a very uncomfortable underwire push-up bra. Just an annoying pain. However, it's still uncomfortable stretching my arms out and carrying things... BUT it no longer hurts to button my pants (whereas the first day back to work (tuesday).. i sadly couldn't button them.. i had to wear a loose long shirt that covered that. how embarassing!). I did my usual stretching with my co-workers this morning at 8 am (i work for a Jap company, we stretch every morning!) whereas i skipped out Tuesday and Wednesday. My excuse was my back was hurting and i didn't feel good. Everyone has noticed today i feel much better!

Also, i'm wearing a fitted shirt to work today. i love the size of my boobs!!! but i'm having the usual boob greed that everyone seems to get on here hah..... i kindof wish they were a TAD bigger! :) but oh well.. they look very natural in clothes and no one has a clue i had surgery! The only people who know are my BF, my parents, and my best friend (who sent me flowers on my 1 day post op.. how sweet :)) and i plan for it to stay that way (of course you girls know... but you don't know me in real life.. hehe).

i'll try to post 1 week post op photos to keep track of 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and 4 week progress. I doubt my incisions look much better than yesterday but who knows.. i stil want to keep track though :).

I forgot to post a 1 week post op pic :(

i forgot to post a 1 week post op pic but i'll try to do that tonight!

today the discomfort is very low. it's hard to believe i had surgery a WEEK ago! the thing i hate the most is not being able to hug/cuddle my BF :(. It really sucks! Hah. I sleep with 4 pillows proped up and he sleeps with the throw pillows (but i'm using all our pillows!)... it's just weird.... =/ & of course we can't do no funny business either...that may be TMI for some, but hey.. i'm just sharing with you things you may not consider when getting this procedure done!

Another thing i hate is that i can't work out!!! I did intense workouts & hiked every other weekend as much as i could and now i can't do anything at all :(. Hopefully when I go back Tuesday i can get approved to do atleast light exercise (walking/biking at the gym)! I don't wanna get fat and flabby! On the brightside, the day before surgery i weighed in at 133.4 pounds. The couple days after surgery i got up to 141 and EXTREMELY bloated! This morning (1 week, 1 day post op) I weigh 134.6. Aweeesome! Ideally i want to stay below 135...which i barely am! I'm also aware that this is probably musucle i'm losing but i like to think it's fat since i hardly ate anything at all the first few days after surgery. Hmmm.. another consideration you should take before getting a lift.... not being able to workout/be active.

So again, a list of things that have changed for me this week (as opposed to before surgery):

*Simple daily tasks (such as getting dressed, buttoning pants, opening/closing doors, driving, stretching, cleaning, moving objects over 10 pounds, laying on my side, laying on my stomach, sitting up after laying down a long time, etc) have been challenging. Each day it gets better, but theres still hurts... you don't realize how much you actually use your chest until it hurts to use it.

*Hugging/being intimate with my S.O. ~ big change :(

*Working out/hiking on the weekends ... just overall being active

*I need extra time to clean incisions, along with applying neosporin and gauze to my incision sites.

HOWEVER, the good things that have changed:
*My confidence has already increased and i'm not even at the final results yet! :)

*I will no longer have to hide my saggy breast with push-up/padded bras which this is a HUGE plus!!! I love that i can wear a plan ol' wireless bra and get a BETTER effect then i did with a push-up/padded bra!

*I can wear just any ol' bathing suit and not have to shop at VS to get padded push-up swim top.

*i might can even wear strapless swim tops & shirts!! WoOOOo

*I can wear different types of clothes without a "double boob" effect from my push-up/padded bras

etc.... overall i'm happy with the results so far :))) i'm just listing the pros/cons of going through with this surgery.

i'll post pictures later!!

have a great day everyone! and to the ladies getting surgery soon .. GOOD LUCK!!! Words can't describe how SCARED i was before surgery (i was almost dreading it because i was so scared and nervous.. i got less and less excited the closer it got... but i'm sooo glad i went through with it!!! thanks to all the other ladies who posted their story as well.... if not for this site i wouldn't have been on the look for:
*Me 2nd guessing myself before surgery "did i just make a huge mistake??" apparently a lot of other ladies went through this phase! glad to know i wasn't alone!
*Bloating/Gaining weight right afterwards
*The emotions of sadness for no reason really
*The recovery time/what to expect
*The "don't judge your results until at least 3 months" .. at first i was like whoooa... i look like a set of boobs and not a person!! they drop more and more every day :)
*That no matter how disgusting the incisions look at first, they WILL heal and they WILL get better each day... and that even some of the worst looking incisions ive seen on here usually turn out to okay looking scars
*etc... that's all i can think of right now :)

Oh, and...

sorry it takes a while for me to reply to comments on here. Internet explorer and this site DO NOT get along for some reason. I'll reply when i get on my laptop that has google chrome!

1 week post op photos

Hello! I've added some 1 week post op photos. My breast is still a lil weird with no clothes on.. and i feel like my nipple placement is not aligned. Trying not to judge since I am only 1 week out. My incisions on my left side seem to be healing significantly better than on my right side (right headed and use it more.. maybe harder on the incisions). Thought i think my breast look weird without clothes i LOVE!!!! them with clothes on!! they look the perfect size and PERKY!!! :-) my bf likes them without clothes on (as much as one can like a frankenboob) and hes the only one to see me naked... hah so i think even if they stay weird looking i'll be alright!! I'll post pictures with clothes on later. About to shower (excuse the hairy armpits in photos, hah) then go out and about!

10 days out

Well I'm 10 days and the pain is pretty much nonexistent. I don't really feel it during the day (except sometimes I feel like a sharp pins & needles pain that last 1-3 minutes) but towards bedtime I start feeling a little sore....like I did tons of pushups. It still sucks sleeping on my back elevated. I really don't even see the point of sleeping elevated still?? The swelling is gone and I still get "morning boob". I'll ask my surgeon about it Tuesday. Also each day my breast start to become a part of me. I no longer feel like I'm carrying 100 pounds on my chest!! Yay! They are also softening up a bit & I can tell they'll feel like real breast tissue soon!!! Very happy so far with results!

Just an update...

Well, yesterday i was feeling really good (even though i slept 13 hours the night before! i still feel tired more than usual =/) and started cleaning the house up. I did laundry, dishes, and cleaned the bathroom. Afterwards i started to feel a little sore so i must of over did it a little (though i thought i was doing just a little bit). Last night i had a horrible time falling asleep! I just couldn't ever get into that deep sleep and my neck/back started hurting pretty bad because of sleeping elevated (it's getting old quick!!) so i took all the pillows off and slept with just 1 pillow. Huge mistake! My breasts were a bit swollen this morning (and it hurt when i got up.. i guess it's the famous "morning boob" everyone talks about) but the swelling is slowly going down. Ahh.. i can't wait to go to bed tonight! and yes i'll sleep with my 5 pillows tonight!

I ended up having to reschedule my appointment. It was suppose to be tomorrow at 10:40 but today someone scheduled a meeting during that time so i called to change it to Friday at 11:40. Hopefully when i go i get the OK to start brisk walking and lower body exercises (along with ensurance that i'm healing okay). I feel so lazy since i haven't got to work out for almost 2 weeks!!! it's driving me crazyyy! I also hope i can start wearing whatever wireless bra i want to and begin my scar therapy!

13 days post op

2 weeks post op!

Hi all! I've added 2 weeks post op pictures.

Yesterday I went for an appointment & was given scar cream to massage into my scars 2-3X/day & shown how to massage my breasts to help them drop more. I was a little (well actually a lot) turned off with how rushed my doctor was! I literally had to ask him questions while he was in the hallway to leave ... The questions I had:
*OK to wear another wireless bra? (Yes)
*OK to get my heart rate up? Can I do brisk walking & lower body exercises? (Yes, but wear a super supportive bra)
*Can I sleep on my side? (Yes but it may hurt so use a pillow to put under your arm if necessary)

Happy with the answers!!!! I slept on my side last night... No problems! I can't wait to start cardio again & to find a sexy bra or two to wear! I have basically no pain except ocassionally I'll get a sharp pain that last a minute or two. My breast are also kind of sensitivite from where my nerves are coming back but its not too bad.

Overall I'm extremely happy with my decision!!! They look better & better each day along with feeling better too :-)

post-op massage

Today I went for my post op massage & I must say it felt amazing! It was done in a spa-like setting (dim lights, relaxing music, etc) and she rubbed each breast for about 15 minutes each. I could of fell asleep! Hah. She told me my scars are looking excellent to not even being 3 weeks post op and said to make sure I massage my incisions with the cream they provided several times a day for 5-10 minutes each time. She said that will really help the incisions to flatten and fade. I get to have one more complimentary massage & scheduled it for next Monday. Then I'll have an appointment with Keller on October 16th.

Overall things are going great! The thing I've noticed is that I'm extremely ashy (especially on my breast)??? The lady who did my massage said its from the anesthesia and should calm down soon. Also I've noticed my chest muscles feel nonexistent :-( it's harder to do things then it was before...blah... I just gotta remind myself I'm only a lil over 2 weeks and its still healing ;/

Other than that I feel *almost* normal. I went to a rock concert Saturday and though I couldn't rock out like I normally would I still was able to some:-) slowly healing more & more each day!!

3 weeks post op

Adding pictures from my phone, will update when on computer. Not really happy with my areola shape :-( left is circle, right is oval...ugh!

Life between the 2 week - 3 week mark

Between 2-3 week mark i feel *almost normal*. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.. but i'm still pretty far away from it. I still feel aches and pains but it's nothing too bad. I feel most of the pain at night. I generally wake up around 2-3 AM aching. I walk around for a minute and go back to bed.

As far as everything else...

10 days post op: Slept on sides...(didn't get the OK until 14 days post op though.. oops)

14 days post op: Given ok to wear any bra i'd like that is wireless.

15 days post op: Begin the sex life again :o (i see a lot of women on here ask about that so figured i'd jus tell)

16 days post op: Noticed swelling went down significantly

18 days post op: Begin working out again. I do 40 mins of cardio and squats. I don't do upper body exercises. I do tire out a lot faster now than i did pre-op. I'm going to slowly work my way back up.

Weight gain? My weight generally stays around 135. I was 133.9 the morning of surgery. After surgery i got up to 141 then slowly started dropping back down. As of this morning I weigh 135. It's hard to believe i don't weigh closer to 140 because i have been eating rather bad lately =/. I've NEVER been a healthy eater (hence the pooch i have!) but i worked out every day before whereas during recovery i did zero cardio. I read on one of the Q&A's a doctor said you burn more calories when your body is recovering from surgery. Maybe that saved me from being 140 pounds!

Overall i'm pretty happy with my decision! I look & feel good in clothes. However, naked... i hate that my aerolas are not the same size. My right one is oval, and my left is circle! looks dumb....but i'm hoping they start looking better. As far as scars go... mine are healing really well! I'm so surpised at how thin and light the scars are. I mean... 1 week post op i just couldnt imagine having a thin white/pink scar because my incisions looked so disgusting! But sure enough.. it happened! That makes me pretty happy!

i go monday for another post op massage. i forgot to add in my last update when i went how weird it was at first. I mean.. you're laying there in just pants and your boobs are getting rubbed by another woman.... haha. Since majority of my breasts are numb it wasn't that bad.. i finally just relaxed and enjoyed a boobie masasge! My aswell right? :)

Btw i've noticed my right breast getting a light green/yellow bruise around the nipple... it doesn't hurt at all but i hope it's not a hematoma or anything? Isnt a hematoma a purple/black bruise?

side by side

32 DD!!!!

Got measured today... 32DD (Victoria secret, may be smaller in other store brand sizes)!!!! Craziness! However... i find the whole "32" size to be quiet annoying! Why do people NOT make this size???? the VS store didn't even have my size in wireless and suggested i either buy the "sister size" 34 D or order online to get the 32 DD. Online all the cute bras don't come in my size.. just the basic neutral colors (black, white, nude)

anyone else have this issue?

1 month post op

Added some 1 month post op pictures :-) really happy with my results so far!! I dislikemy areolas being two different shapes but I guess its OK =\ its done & over and I had a rather speedy recovery... My breast are full and perky and my scars look wonderful so I can't complain too much. I feel back to normal just achey while sleeping & first thing in the morning. Sometimes I ache while working out but its tolerable. This was a well invested $7k!

more 1 month post op pics

Was debating on adding these... A lil bloated from the monthly friend =\ but...

Not too much to update

Well, not too much to update. I see dr. keller thursday. I have to get structures that won't disolve removed then and i guess he'll make sure i'm healing OKay. For the most part i feel fine :-) i don't even realize i have fake boobs until i shower and see how perky they look with no bra.. hah! i still get a little sore if im active all day and in the morning time but nothing untolerable. Overall i have had a good experience and recovered well in 1 month.

tonight i'm going to start back running. i'm going to wear two sports bras and see how i do. ill post to let you guys know if i was successful :)

my run(s)

Well Monday's run was completely unsuccessful. It just felt so weird...very uncomfortable feeling at first and once I started to get somewhat comfortable I got the worst side stitch in the world!!! I guess I was so focused on my chest feeling weird that I forgot to breathe correctly. I ran only 1 mile and theb did abs in hopes my side stitch would go away to run again...nope....still hurt...swear I've never had one that bad!!

Yesterday I ran for about 2 miles before getting another side stitch!! My chest feels so weird when I first start running so I really think me focusing makes my breathing off-track. I did incline walking after that =\

Even though I wore two sports bra I felt like my breasts were bouncing too much and that I was going to damage them. Don't know if I should just ignore the feeling because that's the new "normal" now or if should be concerned with how much they are bouncing and even feeling my implant bounce?

5 weeks post

Well I wrote a lot then when I hit submit it erased everything...ugh so this will be shorter but:

Yesterdays workout = success. Training for the spartan race we ran fast 5 minutes then burned out on squats/sit ups/lunges/etc for 40 minutes. No pain but still felt a little uncomfortable. I only wore one sports bra and had a "light" side stitch but definitely not as bad as Mondays.

At my post op appointment Keller removed some stitches that I there my bottom incisions and I bled a little but it didn't hurt or anything. He cleared Me for all activities and said to come back at 6 months post...YAY

I attached the pre/post op picture they took. I'm happy with the breast shape but not the areola shape. My breasts look great in clothes but I don't really like the areola shape naked :-(. On the bright side my BF said "its hardly noticeable" "they look amazing!!" "Stop being so picky" ... I guess Isshould listen.. Besides myself, he's the only one that is going to see them & he thinks they look great anyway! I healed well and should be happy there were no serious complications & my scars look great...that is what I keep telling myself.

few 5 weeks post pics

Feeling great o:)

So Friday I worked out very intensely and had no issues :-) and Saturday I went to a theme park! I rode roller coasters that just strap on the lap and not the chest area. I'm sure I could have done the shoulder straps but I didn't want to risk it. Overall I have no pain but when I squeeze my boobs I feel the. Implants on the bottom of my breast...I almost feel like I should of saved $1k and went saline instead of silicone because the only way to feel it is squeeze it kind of hard...the top is my real breast issue so ugh...I feel like I wasted $1k :-(

since i skipped 6 weeks, heres a 7 weeks review!

Well my breasts officially feel apart me...they are super soft and squishy!! Very natural feeling :-). I've been exercising with mainly cardio...last night I did some pull ups and though its not a direct chest exercise I could feel my implants move? It was rather weird feeling! Ummm I'm sleeping on my stomach since it no longer hurts. I've been very slack about using my scar care but my scars look pretty decent I guess. Let's see, what else.....well I have day I wish they were bigger, wish they were smaller, wish I spent my $$ on a new car, and days when I'm completely happy with them!! :-) I'm a wishy washy person anyways so don't let that scare you...majority of the time I'm rather happy with them! :-)

few 7 weeks post photos

i changed my doctor review and added more pics

Well my bf said I was way to harsh on Keller and need to update my review. He's right I guess...he delivered amazing results so the bedside manners & professionalism shouldn't stop anyone from going to Keller. I also added front pictures since someone asked from them.

nipple sensation?

Well I'm approaching 2 months post ( which is hard to believe!! ) and I still have no nipple sensation at all :-( how long did it take you guys to gain feeling again??

today marks 2 months!!!

Today is 2 months post!! I still love my boobs but im scared I'm one of the few who wont get nipple sensation back :-( I see everyone else having it back before 2 months and I have no feelings whatsoever there! However, I love my boobs and the fact I don't have to wear padded push up bras anymore :-). Def a great investment even though it cleaned out my savings hah

3 months post op!

I've added some new 3 months post op pictures! I must say I'm extremely happy with my outcome! The only thing I'm bummed about is I still have no nipple sensation :-( hoping it comes back!! :-( but other than that I'm happy with how they look and feel.

As far as size..it depends on what day you ask me as to whether I'm happy with it or not. Some days they look big in shirts and some days they look small. Of course this is because of how the shirt fits not really my breasts size. Overall I like the size...its a huge improvement from my before picture :-)

As far as profile...I LOVE high profile! I love love love love it! Look at my picture in tank with no bra on and you'll see why.

Working out has been going okay. I've started the insanity so I do some pushups. At first it felt

Sometimes I get shooting pains but I heard that's normal & can last awhile. The pain is tolerable but its a reminder I had surgery just 3 months ago.

Overall I'm very happy with my results!!! As always feel free to ask questions and I'll get back to you

added pictures of scar cream

Here's the scar cream I was prescribed. Hardly used it.. Maybe 6 times in total?

2+ years post op!

Well I'm looking into new treatments (non surgical) on here and I figured I'd share some photos to show the change over 2 years and answer a few questions

I never got nipple sensation back in my left nipple. It's completely numb :-(

I have some sensation back in my right nipple. Not quiet ALL of it like before but most of it

I don't wish I went bigger or smaller and I'm glad I trusted my sugeron / his assistant to pick through size best for my frame.

I still have scars and one nipple didn't heal perfectly. They are white scars. They don't bother me at all in all honesty. Just looking in the mirror I can barely see them. And my husband (yea that boyfriend that took care of me became my husband!!!!!) Doesn't mind the scars either. Overall I am very happy with the results!!

Last but least... during this is learned MORE money does not necessarily mean BETTER quality. My sugeron was considerably less $$ than the others I inquired about. Chose the doctor that is an artist and is going to do what is best on YOU!! And not cause you to go to large or too small.

Forgot photos

See attached photos

P.s - I don't know why they uploaded weird in different angles
Greenville Plastic Surgeon

i choose dr. keller after having several consultations with doctors in the greenville/spartanburg area because he had all the credentials i was looking for and was cheaper than the other doctors by almost $2,000. the payment process was very easy for me since i paid cash. the original cost was $7800 but i received a 6% cash discount which got to around $7300. this price included everything such as the surgery itself, scar cream, surgery bra, post-op appointments, and two free post-op massages. as far as spending time with me, keller seemed very rushed during all our meetings so defintely go prepared with a list of questions written down (instead of like me, just in my head) so you can ask them back-to-back before he walks out the door. he answers all your questions, but like i said you must ask them fast before he walks out. i thought keller's bedside manners were very poor. he didn't really speak to me the day of surgery besides to mark me up, and i didn't even see him after surgery, i just his assistant who was very nice and even called me a few days after to check in on me. again, during my post-op appointments he just rushed me in and out so thats why i also think his bedside manners are very poor. the post-op aftercare follow up was great, they see you a few days post-op, 2 weeks post, 5 weeks post, then 6 months post. you also receive 2 free post-op massages that last 15-30 minutes each. wait times were pretty good.. i only waited 30 minutes once, but the rest of the appointments i went back in 10 minutes or so, so i can't complain about that. The staff could have been more professional with and around clients. Overall he delivered amazing results with a low cost (compared to other suergons in the area) but definitely go in prepared with questions in a list written down and be prepared to not get the best bedside manners.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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