Getting Ready for BL , BA and TT....My Intro Post to Say "Hello" - Greenville, NC

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I found RS weeks ago and have been reading...

I found RS weeks ago and have been reading profiles on procedures I'm interested in. Let me first say I was 268 lbs my height is 5'6 and I was a 42DD. I had gastric bypass almost 4 years ago in September 2012 along with my husband. My weight has been stabilized at 135lbs now for almost a year and finally told my husband about having my sag boobs fixed which are now a 36c/d.

I lost a lot of volume and have huge areolas with sag. Not very attractive to me. 2 Years ago while attending weight loss group they had a plastic surgeon speak about procedures and what is offered. I trust my group leaders because they are the staff who has been with my husband and I since our w/l journey and they do not just bring in anyone. After the plastic surgeon spoke it took 2 years to really move forward because of cost and just wanting a body I was not given.

I have had 3 kids all grown now and 1 was a C-section.. I was always big chested and never had the pleasure of nice full perky boobs, My boobs always sagged and my areolas were always big stretched out from my weight. So once the weight came off I thought I was happy. Not much loose skin but my boobs went from full to flat tires. My tummy well I have a small muffin top.

I called and scheduled my consultation last month. I wanted to see if the speaker was still doing plastic surgery. Sure enough I found her! I was nervous and scared...My husband went with me and I was greeted as soon as I walked in the staff knew my name.. I waited less than 15 minutes in a very clean and organized waiting room...My consult went very well and I asked her questions and she answered them plus some I had forgotten to ask.. She saw I had done my homework so I proceeded to ask her what do you think about a tummy tuck?

My husband just shook his head but I had to ask her since I was already there! I was impressed she told me what I needed and then had her assistant give me a bra to try on to be fitted with different size implants...Silicone and saline.. I was educated on both and had my husband even feel them. He then asked questions about the squishy noise coming from the He asked about he silicone to that has a warranty for 10 years but requires and MRI every 3 years I believe which most insurances don't cover.. He wants to be involved and know the risks..Tis why he is my husband :)

After about an hour or so of asking questions and fitting sizes in the bra t was time to thank her for her time and the information she had given us. We end by visiting the check-out desk and we got copies of prices for all the procedures I asked about then asked if we would like to speak about our options on financing plans. I did since I was playing on Care credit and entered an open amount and was approved... I also asked what days she did surgery on and what days were open... I didn't set a date but was curious.

I did more research on the surgeon and found good reviews and she is listed on RS. After talking with my husband he called the office back...Yes my husband called to schedule another visit.. I am nervous and still reading RS everyday for tips on how to care for plastic surgery and the scars...

I have a wonderful husband who knows I am wanting to do this for me..His support means the world but Now I am also looking to the RS family to aswer questsions and so that I can help those who may someday need help too.. I am looking forward to support group soon and telling them more about my journey and to help them with questions they may have..

I have done a lot of shopping on amazon for arnica pills and gel creams, wedge pillows, binders, support front open bras, front zipper jackets ( this since it is summer ) This is just a small list but i'm sure i'm forgetting stuff to list that I

I will be adding photos soon....I did forget to mention my age..I'm 43 and have had several surgeries every year do to different reason so my husband and I are not new comers .... lol but this is a whole new ball game for me as it effects my appearance more than a shoulder or back surgery for health.

I am an emotional wreck right now but my next visit with surgeon is June 8th! I post on social media so my family knows and understands..I have several family members who have done weight loss surgery so I hope this helps them... I know it has helped me by reading more on RS than I could of imagine. I love the internet for giving us the tools we need to make the right decisions on who to choose for surgery and what to do or to avoid.. My health is very important to me and safety.. I am happy with my choice and looking forward to movng forward.

Please advise on silicone scar creams? Strips?

I plan to stock up on protein shakes and bars since I am a bariatric patient... I already take daily muti vitamis, iron , calcium and b12 spray :)

I got badage tape , bandages ,gloves , few boxes of laxatives and softerners too since reading RS :)

I also have hospital undies stocked up from my last medical surgery...They are comfy looking boxer!! lol

Thanks everyone here on RS!!!!

My supplies that I have ordered

I been reading RS and the supplies one needs for the TT, BA & BL...I just want to say thank you to everyone here that post this ..The post have helped and have me ready to go ... I just don't know if I'm mentally ready but physically yes I am.. I think it is just nerves...

Before photos and why I am doing a BL , BA & TT

I lost 100-120 lbs and I have stabilized from gastric bypass weight loss surgery which will be 4 years this September. I want to be-able to look in the mirror and see myself other than just my loose skin and sag. I am ready for the changes but not the pain of having to go through. Hard work is never easy and I will take it one day at a time and will have my husband to support me and I will need him to go through this just like the weight loss surgery :)

9 Days till my surgery!

I went yesterday the 8th of June and met with my PA again.. I checked to make sure of the size of implants where going to be right for me.. Boob greed is real and I just got to try to ignore it. I have chosen my size and I do have extra saggy skin and tissue so I am nervous about what I chose but It is done :)

457CC Silicone - Under Muscle... BA , BL and TT all the same day...
I am currently a 36C with sag but before weight loss a 42DD.. I was told I might go to a DD or even a DDD which will be nice since I have never had my chest up high and looking

I have my surgery next week on Friday the 17th arrival time 6:50 am .. I have gotten my prescriptions filled , antibiotic cream and compression socks and have ordered 2 zipper bras , The last items to get is yogurt , protein shakes & bars . This is feeling more real everyday.. I know the journey is long and possibly painful but the outcome will be worth it in the end.. I will try to keep busy until surgery but my mind wonders and I keep looking at implant photos knowing no two females are the same and neither are surgeons.

Time to clean house and get things organized to make it easier for recovery. I chose a doctor close to home and I mean close maybe less than 30 minutes away but I don't want to worry about flight travel or long painful rides back and for to my doctor.

I did ask a lot of questions and my doctor was happy to answer them all, I feel comfortable with my decision and looking forward to seeing the end results...

Surgery today ..TT, BA And BL

Had my surgery this morning. .Tummy tuck and breast done...Feeling good and nurse was shocked since I could walk with out cussing lol

Sore but not much pain yet....I hope this continues :)

Day after surgery

Doing well after my surgery, I am up and walking every few hours and I am only wanting 1 pain pill every 4 hours...

My doctor called to check on me and my husband talked with her and she is surprised I have very little pain..My pain is my tummy tuck pain more of a burning when I walk and I really can't feel any pain in my breast area...But im doing good now its time ty o heal :)

2 Days after TT,BA and BL

Haven't really wanted my pain meds and my husband helped me today giving me a sponge bath in areas I could clean..Pain so far is still minimal...My pain maybe a 4 but only when I over do my walking.. I can still manage it with only 1 Tylenol so keeping fingers crossed I can drop off of the pain meds.. I visit the doctor tomorrow so I haven't peeked and I'm leaving the bandages alone until she says its ok to remove..So no photos yet and breat pain is just sore on the sides...Nothing else yet but my drain are doing well and thinning to clear light red fluid.I haven't been draining alot and still keep a record on the amounts coming out from them..

Friday was surgery and today is Monday

I'm not taking any pain meds in less I need to and that will be only Tylenol since I'm not having much pain at all.. I was taking stool softeners and have been able to go to the bathroom with no problem.. I am very fortunate and I had had a very good doctor...

Not much pain at all and my drains are almost running clear with little pink color in them.. I know a lot of the ladies post that they have a lot of pain and stay constantly on their medications I am very fortunate to have had a tummy tuck with my breast done with very little to no pain at all.. I do have a little swelling I don't know what my incisions look like yet I will find out later today when I visit my doctor but all in all everything seems to be going very well.. The day after surgery my husband made me eat only liquids and then I slowly increased my diet. Taking the stool softeners and a light diet helps a lot and I believe that is why I did not get constipated.. I do feel for the ladies we have a lot more pain than me I am just blessed I'm not having the pain.

Follow up with doctor

Had my follow-up this afternoon and my doctor says everything is healing fine.. I have sensation in one nipple and not the other but hopefully soon.. One boob is still a lot swollen and the other has settled and relax.. My tummy tuck scar is looking good and I go back in a week for another follow-up.. I'm glad I did not go any bigger I think I have the right size of implants for me :-)

Day 6

Finally 2cnd shower and husband washed my hair again...This binder from the doctor is no joke..It takes forever to get showered , ointment, gauss and then the surgical binder and bra on....Im thankful for my husband!

Second follow up...10 Days out..

Healing really well 1 of 2 drains out and the 2cnd drain may be removed this thursday...

All stitches removed today... I didn't feel the drain or stitches removed. .. I can say I love my doctor and her nurse!!!

No pain pill after day 3 or Tylenol. ... I was not constipated after surgery...I took a stool softener the day before the surgery and religiously the day of surgery when I got home... I didn't take any laxatives....

10 days out no dog ears under my breast and so far my tummy end scars are healing nicely. ...

I will also add as soon as I got home every few hours I was up and walking my whole house, all 3 bedrooms and both living rooms... Walking is the best thing you can do for your body.. If you lay there and take the pain meds your body is not moving and your will become stiff and possibly constipated. ...

My implants are softening up well and I do not have a hematoma under my left breast...I do have a small tape burn...

My doctor doesn't put tape all over and under the breast for this reason she stated today..My small tape burn will heal up but I am happy that I did choose the right doctor who is board cerified and works with our local hospital...

I cannot thank her enough for this experience and helping make the right decisions to look normal after my weight loss. ...

13 days out

My last post 11 days out I had one drain removed. I was going to get my second drain removed if it was below 25 cc but unfortunately I'm leaving it in and may have it removed next Wednesday.. The only downside is I cannot wear clothes that I want to, but I would rather wait to make sure all the fluid comes out then have a needle aspirate the fluid every so often out of me..

My scars are healing nicely. My belly button , my tummy scar and all stitches have been removed.. My implants have settled very nicely , soft and natural feeling.. I love the results so far. I did update a photo on the Red Burn from the tape it looks so much better and I'm putting Neosporin on it and letting it heal.. No dog ears under my breast or on my tummy sides so far so good... I am taking an antibiotic still because my doctor noticed a little pink around my incisions but other than that I'm doing great. I am standing straight and I'm sleeping on my side now.. This is been such a journey and I'm happy with my results so far :)

Follow-up #3

Today I did another follow up and im doing good..I had a few stitches that didnt fall off yet removed today.. My drain is still in and might be removed this friday..

I will be 3 weeks out this friday and my drain is a little over what the doctor wants to see so maybe this friday it will be removed..I was hoping it would be removed today since friday is my 7 year anniversary but its ok..I would rather leave it in a few more days than have problems later..

I was given the ok to start scar treatment which is good news and I am healing nicely..The scars around my nipples is barely noticeable :)

I am happy things are going well..I have been able to shower on my own and get into the binder that I was given...My binder is a 1 pc suit with zippers on both sides and it goes almost down to my knees.

I can sleep without my bra now at night but not sure if I will leave it off yet. It has been amazing to sleep on my side and have been sleeping so much better. ...

I never thought that sleeping on my back in a recliner was going to be a big deal but I love my bed and I am happy to be back in it!

I hope to update this friday with photos .. I am looking forward to getting the drain outm. Itold my husband that i feel pregnant with this drain.. I have to protect it, wear loose clothes around it and watch it then drain

Im almost free of the drains :)

I just really want to get back into my clothes and not this zipper top n loose pj bottoms! I am feeling the drain blues :(

3 weeks and 3 days after surgery..

I was going to post pictures last Friday and got so caught up in having my drain removed and being in my regular clothes plus it was our anniversary weekend.. So here I am posting pictures to show updates on my scars..

Alex Ani in my photos because I just put on scar cream.. LOL

3 weeks Update

I posted an update with photos but Im not seeing it so I will repost with photos... I did get my 2cnd drain removed and have been doing good. I have started scar treatment..

I have not had any bruising or major issues since the surgery. My husband has been wonderful taking care of me.

This has been an experience and im happy that my journey has been pain free and everything has been going well...
Not yet done

Very clean, Very informative the staff and the surgeon.. My husband and I was very impressed... Nervous about a female doctor but she put my mind at ease.. They staff and doctor was very polite and listened to my husband and I... I called and was able to get in for a consult quickly since I had short notice on what day my husband could get off from work... Overall very impressed and will return.

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