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I'm 5ft 3in and weigh about 168-170lbs. My highest...

I'm 5ft 3in and weigh about 168-170lbs. My highest weight was 206 about 10 years ago. I gained alot of weight from being on steroid injections for back pain. I have maintained my current weight for several years and ready for this beached whale belly to finally be gone. Ladies any advice you can give me is greatly appreciated! I'm scheduled for October 8th!

pre op testing

I went for my pre op testing today which consisted of an EKG and CBC Diff test. The whole thing was less than 5 minutes. Hopefully the results come back good to move forward. I'm exactly 38 days away from my surgery date. Feeling excited! I started working out in hopes of losing about 10lbs before the big day. Im down 6lbs so far! I can hide my belly in clothes but sitting still shows my rolls! Can't wait to be part of the flat side. I posted pictures of me with clothes on.

post op testing was good! 24 days to go!

I got the results back yesterday from my post op bloodwork and EKG, everything was normal and I'm cleared for surgery! I have a little over 3 wks left until the big day. Time is flying, it seems like I just had the consultations which was 4 months ago. Feeling excited

paid for my surgery today!

Now is starting to get official, I paid the total amount due for the surgery today! I'm 3 weeks away, yikes!

And the countdown begins!

I can't believe how quickly time flys. It seems like it was just June (4 months ago) when I started researching tummy tucks and actually scheduling consultations. Now I am a week away from my surgery date. I have spent the last month prepping for my pre-op healing process so I hope I didn't forget anything. 7 days to go!!!! OMG this is so exciting!

5 more days!

The surgery center called me this afternoon with my pre op instructions and my surgery time. I have to be at the surgery center at 6:15am on Wednesday October 8th. Yikes, I'm really nervous now but very very excited. She said I'm the first one for surgery that day, yay! I've always heard that being first thing in the morning is way better than an afternoon or last surgery! Wish me luck ladies and send prayers that all goes well! Thank you

55 hours to go!

Well ladies I have exactly 55 hours until Showtime! I spent the entire day cleaning my house and getting everything ready so my home coming us comfortable and clean. I can't believe how quick my date is coming!

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

Ladies tomorrow is the big day! I have to be there at 6:15am! I'll post when I can!

Bye bye jelly rolls

Hi ladies, I made it thru surgery this morning!! Yay!. Im in pain but the meds are helping. Only one picture for today I'll post more when I can. Thank you for ago the prayers and support


Today is my first day after surgery and it feels like I did a million ab crunches. Thank goodness for my mom being a nurse! Just walking from one room to the next takes the wind outta me. It's hard to get on the toilet too.

2 days post op

Feeling a little better than yesterday but still not great! I started my period today too which didn't help. Here are a few pics, I think I'm loving it already :-)

3 days post op

Feeling better each day. I can get up and down on my own now but it still takes time, I'm very hunched over. I haven't had a bowel movement in 4 days but I've been taking mirilax. I'm also dreaming of a shower Thursday and it's only Saturday lol. I can't imagine how good that will feel. When my mom comes over tomorrow I'm going to have her help me take off the binder to finally see what's going on under there. Here's two pictures from today

first peak at new tummy

Well ladies, here it is, super swollen super sore! It's gonna look fantastic when it heals! Thoughts?????

5 days post-op

Standing and walking is getting easier but I'm very very very swollen on the hips and flanks. Finally had a BM this morning. My drains are producing less and less each day.

another before and after

I'm the most swollen today and very uncomfortable. U can see in the after picture today on the right where the binder is cutting into me it looks like a long red line. Im trying to drink lots of water but the way I feel is discouraging!!!

7 days post-op

Can't wait till Dr appointment tomorrow. Please let me get these drains out!

8 days post-op

I've never felt so good! My drains are finally out.....I never thot id see this day. Lol. I went to my first post op appointment this morning. Everything looks good :-) I can finally shower today. I cannot wait!!! Still swollen but so far so good.

after my shower today

I think once the swelling is gone I'll like it! the muffin tops are swelling from lipo (hopefully) :-) from the front is a definite improvement!

compression garment or binder??

Ladies can you tell me what kind of compression garments are best? The dr gave me a flexees maiden form high waistline pantie today. Totally hate it! The leg holes dig into me and im not fond on the hook closure crotch. It's to much if you need to go to pee. I put my binder back on in hopes of some advice so I can order something. Please help!

9 days post op

Things are moving along slowly but surely. So until my compression garment comes tomorrow I'm still wearing my.binder. I got up this evening to readjust it because I felt my incision itchy. I take my binder off and my belly button was bleeding. It seemed to be pretty dark life old dried blood. Just to b sure I did call my dr. He told me to put antibiotic ointment on it and cover it with gauze. He used surgical glue on my incision no stiches so it's probably coming lose from showering. Has anyone else had this happen?

10 days post op

Belly button has been bleeding and leaking fluid all weekend so I'll be calling my dr. Again tomorrow. Starting to take some shape but still swollen especially from the side

11 days post op

Went to the dr. This morning he said tree drainage I'm having from my bellybutton is normal since my drains were removed. I just have to keep it clean and keep it covered with gauze for another week. Whew! Glad that was nothing serious!

12 days Post Op Photos

Swelling is really going down but still really puffy on my flanks and back where lipo was done. My sides are still tender to the touch also. I've been using Arnica Gel to help with swelling and bruising. I slept in my bed last night but it's still a little difficult to sleep in any other position besides my back with pillows under my knees. Im more of a side sleeper but that didn't go over so well lol. Anyways, here are some pictures from this morning. What do you ladies think so far???

forgot to post the one without my BB dressing

I'm officially 2 weeks post op today!

Can't believe it's already been two weeks since sx. I go back to work in exactly one week from today, I hope I feel good enough! I have a dr. appointment tomorrow which I will be driving myself eeeek!!!! I'm kinda scared to do so even though I got the clear from my surgeon. Ugh hope I can do it. Anyway Im still dealing with swelling but I tried on a shirt this morning that I wore post op and it fits me completely different! Woooohooo. Had a hard time buttoning the jeans from the swelling so they were only on long enough to take a quick selfie! Guess I'll be wearing lose fitting clothes when I go back to work which I know we're supposed to do anyway. I want to follow my dr. Orders so I don't damage my beautiful new tummy.

2 wks today

15 days post op

Well today I had to drive myself to the dr. It was ok but a little rough. Didn't feel great if I hit a bump and I couldn't really sit straight up and down I had to lean the seat back. I have an suv so getting in and out was pretty easy since they sit up higher, it was closing the door that was hard. Overall not too bad:-)

my new compression garment

This is a Vedette Mid Thigh Compression Garment Body Suit 124. even though I think I like my binder that the doctor originally had me in the best this garment is very comfortable. It's soft material and holds you and well with no bumps or lines. The center is hook and eye closure but I particularly like the zipper that goes over that.

17 Days Post Op

Hi ladies :-), so today is 17 days PO. I feel pretty good, slept in my bed again last night and I was actually able to cuddle with my man and not have discomfort! I even laid on my side. Of course im still swelling. I think my bellybutton finally stopped draining fluid too but keeping gauze on it for a few more days just in case.

Trying on some of my pre-op clothes

To ammuse myself, this morning I was trying on some of my pre op clothes since I go back to work in 3 days. I love the way my tops fit and can't wait to buy new ones!!!! Im afraid my pants aren't going to fit me once the swelling kicks in from being up and about a few hours at work. I'm am administrative assistant so it's an office job but even going anywhere now for 2 hours I swell like a balloon. Have to say bye bye to my heels for a while, wah!!!!

20 days post op

I'll be 3 weeks post op tomorrow. Question.... the surgical glue came off my belly button yesterday and now it looks like a coin slot, will the shape change??? I've heard of people using marbles or ear plugs to give it a nice round shape. I posted pictures of my BB 3 days post op and today 20 days post op. Please help!

3 weeks post op

Hello all my RS sisters! Today I'm officially 3 wks PO. I went back to work today, ugh. It was ok at first but after about 3 hours I felt swell hell setting in. I made it thru the entire day but man was I miserable by quitting time! I couldn't wait to get home and lay down. I didn't even have the energy to cook dinner. I hope it gets better soon cuz today was exhausting. I just can't sit in an office chair all day, I took breaks often but still didn't help much. Thanks for listening :-)

22 days post op

Not much going on today, still swelling tired from work but here are a few pictures! Good night my RS ladies :-)

Before & After

I know I'm still very early in the healing process just wanted to post some side by side pictures of before and after.

26 days post op

Hi ladies, last night I was not well from swelling it kept me up all night and I had severe heartburn. Nothing seemed to work. I think I overdid myself because I cleaned the house and did laundry, went to the store and cooked dinner. U kno how we do it! Well my body said a big eff you because come bed time man was I feeling it. Im almost 4 weeks post op so here's a few pictures.

Matching Bra & Panties ~ Woohoo!

Just thot I'd post a picture with matching bra and panties, I can't wait to go shopping! I just need to work on my thighs when I can start exercising again. I'm down 6 pounds on the scale now which is kinda nice but of course swelling sets in then the scale laughs at me lol.

Almost 5 weeks

Hi ladies, I'm close to being 5 weeks and starting to question my results again. I see my PS next Monday for my next post op visit. I'm starting to wonder if the bulge on my right side is still swelling or fat. I wasn't symmetrical before surgery the right side of my belly was bigger and had more fat. Now I'm wondering if what I'm experiencing is residual fat and will need lipo revision at 6 months. I'm definitely going to ask my PS when I go next week. What do you ladies think???

Today officially marks 5 weeks post op

Well so far I am pleased with my results although you'll see in the pictures I've posted that one side is way puffier than the other. In 5 days I'll be having my next post op appointment with my surgeon. I'll be asking what it is. I've continued to wear my CG or binder daily only taking them off to shower. I've even posted my questions about the swelling/one side being bigger on here and not really getting a definite answer. Guess I'll just have to wait the next 5 days LOL! Well it's one of 3 things....residual fat leftover (I really hope not), seroma fluid, or swelling. That's what every single dr. On RS says.other than that seems like everything is getting back to normal. I've been wearing dresses or tights to work because I'm still not in pre op clothes but I'm ok with that. My sex life seems to be getting to normal also woohoo! When I wake up in the morning I'm not completely flat but seeing is way down. I'm having the issue of my CG or binder cinching my belly button too tight leaving a Mark on my skin and making my BB look like a coin slot ,(you'll see in the pictures). Either way, it's still a huge improvement and can't wait to be even flatter. Even if I do need a revision at some point I wanted to get a Brazilian butt lift and inner thigh lipo anyway then I'm done with surgeries. Hope everyone has a great day I'll keep you all posted on what my PS says on Monday!

38 days post op

Starting to fit into my pre op jeans yay. And starting to have confidence that my belly bulge is fluid. I looked at some videos I YouTube to do the test and when I press on my belly it has a "waterbed" effect instead of the jiggly look. Two more days until my dr. Appointment!

almost 6 week checkup

I went to the dr tonight for my 6 week checkup. He addressed my concerns about being bigger on my right side. He said it's probly from sleeping on my right side and I should try to sleep on my back. I asked if it was all swelling or some fat and he said a little bit of both! Nooooooo. He said I should start light cardio line walking on the treadmill then in 2 weeks start doing ab crunches 6 days a week for a month. Told me right now to ditch the binder I only need very light compression like spanx for the next 2 weeks, then nothing at all.He also said if I lose about 15lbs I'm going to really maximize my results and get extremely flat. I asked how long I need to wait for a Brazilian butt lift and he said at 4 to 6 months I should be fine. He can take any fat if there's some left on my tummy at that time with a little lipo. Well it's not bad news and not the greatest news. I'm still happy just have to hit the gym and focus! My birthday is in March so a Brazilian butt lift is going to be a present to myself.

I feel flatter today

when I got home from work today I did some light cardio on the treadmill. I walked one mile at 3mph. It took me about 20 minutes but everything seemed to go okay I wasn't sore afterwards. Why do I feel flatter today than last night? Is this all in my head? Lol why are we so critical of ourselves???I mean worst case scenario like I said yesterday when I do the Brazilian butt lift in March I'll have him do my lower abdomen if I'm not pleased by then the check out pictures from today even after my light workout tell me what you think. I love all my real self sisters you ladiess are all so supportive!!!!!

Just a couple pix

9 weeks today!

Hey ladies, I can't believe it's been 9 weeks already since my surgery! Everything is healing great, exercise is coming along. I was 173 post op now I'm 160! Wooohoo! I'm down one size in some clothes and two sizes in another depending on what it is. For the most part I'm a size 8 now in women's or 11 in juniors! I'm still tender in my ab area most of my feeling has come back also. Im not numb below the bellybutton anymore. U can see it's a huge improvement from my before pix but I still have a little fat on my tummy...no worries I consult with my PS in February!

3.5 months post op

Loving my new tummy. In two weeks from today I'm going back for a consultation to get a little extra lipo on my lower belly and possibly a Brazilian butt lift. Feeling excited!
Greensburg Plastic Surgeon

Dr. John's is wonderful, my TT incision is super low and very straight. He's a perfectionist and I would highly recommend him to anyone! I can't wait to consult with him in the summer 2015 after I'm healed from my tummy tuck to get a Brazilian butt lift! If you choose Dr. John's you'll will not be disappointed! His fees are competitive but still lower than others in the Pittsburgh/Greensburg area.

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